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The unique multi functional machines have made great advances on both land and water since the

first machine was introduced in 1996, this being the first of its kind on the market. Its amphibious properties make it the ideal choice for working in and around water. Driven with care and with its minimal ground pressure, damage to river banks and sensitive areas can be minimised making the Truxor ideal for working on golf courses, nature reserves and public parks where larger, heavier machines have difficulty operating. The Truxor is easy to drive and can turn on its own axis in water. The joy stick steering is precise and is ideal for operating in confined spaces such as marinas. The wide range of attachments makes it an ideal tool for a variety of tasks. The quick connection system allows for the easy exchange of most tools. The Truxor can be converted from a reed cutter to a collector in the blink of an eye. Our machines are normally delivered filled with standard hydraulic oil ISO WG 46 or they can be supplied with environmentally friendly biodegradable oil. We are pleased to present two similar looking models whos operating capabilities differ with the size of engine, hydraulic system and optional tools. TRUXOR DM 4700 B is the original which has been continuously up dated and improved since its launch in 1996. We recommend this machine primarily for reed harvesting and the cutting and collecting of aquatic plants TRUXOR DM 5000 is our latest model with a different hydraulic system and a larger engine as the power source for the tool attachments. In addition to its cutting and collecting capabilities this new machine is designed to offer more possibilities for dredging and oil decontamination.


Fast exchange of equipment using a quick-connection attachment .

New machine new possibilities

The result of 15 years development

Truxor DM 5000 is the latest addition to our

product range. This new model has been developed to offer our customers the latest technology and design. Great importance has been placed on a very efficient user friendly hydraulic system. The power is regulated and can be directed to the different power outlets giving a high output for the operation of high volume pumps for dredging or oil decontamination work. The drivers control position has ergonomically designed joysticks for steering and the operation of the tools. The Truxor DM 5000 is the professionals choice for a multi functional machine capable of dredging, reed cutting, excavating, oil decontamination, trash collecting etc.

TRUXOR DM 5000 has been developed on a number of points:

Hydraulic operation of all equipment Improved ergonomics improved instrument panel New Hydraulic pressure gauge (an advantage when e.g. dredging) Load-sensitive hydraulic system allowing for control of the output of
power 34 hp Daihatsu engine with improved placement for easy service A filter system for ventilation of the radiator A design New

Technical Data: Truxor DM 5000

Engine: Daihatsu 35 hp diesel, Environment Class Euro 2 Electric system: 12 Volt, generator 40 Ah, battery 45 Ah Cooling system: Combi-cooler for engines and hydraulic systems. Left joystick: For driving the machine. Hydraulic outlet 1 working pressure 140 bar, adjustable flow 0 - 25 L/min. Hydraulic outlet 2 working pressure 130 bar, flow 16 L/min. Right joystick: lifting, tilting, weight division. Hydraulic outlet 3 working pressure 150 bar. Adjustable flow 0 50 L/min. Drivers cab: Folding cab, ergonomic, adjustable drivers seat with electrically heated seat, adjustable control lever, instrument panel with engine speed, engine temperature control lights, hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic pressure, hour counter and fuel gauge. Driving speed: 0 100 m/min. Front lifts: Lifting power 250 kg, DM attachment for fast exchange of tools. Material: Pontoons made of salt water-durable aluminium. Heat galvanized steel design. Dimension: Length 4,7 m. Width: 2.06 m Height: 2.1 m. Weight: 1,380 kg Equipment: Work lighting, service tool Truxor DM 5000 is delivered CE-marked.

More optional tools Standard equipped with work lighting Many hydraulic outlets for operation of tools. Electrically-heated
driver's seat. Adjustable flow for all functions of the hydraulic system

Truxor DM 4700 B is the popular original

from Dorotea Mekaniska. Since the original machines were sold in 1996 they are now exported and are in use all over the world. When originally introduced the machine was unique in its field. The first amphibious machine capable of reed cutting, gathering, dredging and digging. Today the concept is still state of the art and the Truxor is a market leader in its class. Truxor DM 4700 B is the versatile harvester operated by two joysticks to steer the machine and operate the lift arm when using the various attachment tools. Its amphibious capabilities allow it to travel effortlessly between land and water. The paddle tracks give excellent manoverability in either environment. The connection system on the lift arm allows the operator to easily attach most of the tools quickly and effortlessly. The Truxors lightweight construction and great mobility allows for easy transportation by standard road trailer avoiding the high cost of delivery and cranage. The DM 4700 B is the ideal tool for aquatic weed harvesting, reed cutting and collecting and general marshland maintenance. For larger power requirements we recommend the DM 5000

Technical Data: Truxor DM 4700 B

Motor: Lombardini Focs 1003 27 hp diesel engine environment class Euro 2. Electric system: Generator 45 ampere, battery 45 ah. R Radiator system: Water-cooled with double-cooler for engine and hydraulic system. Left Joystick: For driving the machine, the hydraulic outlet with variable flow of 5-25L/min hydrostatic operation. Right Joystick: lifts, tilts, weight distribution. Driver's seat: Folding cab, ergonomic, electrically heated driver's seat, adjustable steering-regulator with temperature meter, control lights, hour counter. Driving speed: 0-80 m/min. Front lift: Lifting power 250 kg, DM attachment for fast exchange of tools. Material: Pontoons made of saltwater-durable aluminium. The steel construction is heat galvanized. Dimension: Length 4.7 m Width: 2.06 m. Height: 2.1 m. Weight: 1350 kg Equipment: Work lighting-, service tools TruxorDM4700B is delivered CE-marked. Art no. 94-4700B2S

Cutting unit
Doro Cutter 3090/3091
The Doro Cutter 3090 is recommended for cutting of normal aquatic vegetation and is usually the obvious choice in most waters. The cutter is operated hydraulically and is easily connected to Truxors equipment bracket. Cutting depth is 1 m. The knives are exchangeable and the working breadth may be varied from 2.2 to 4 m. The cutter requires water for lubrication during work and is therefore not suitable for use on land. A stone-triggered system protects it from breaking the knives against solid objects. The Doro Cutter 3091 is the same model of cutter, but has an extended cutting depth of 1.4 Both models are delivered as standard with a knife work width of 4 metres.

Technical Data: Doro Cutter 3090/3091

Work width Weight Cutting depth Art no.

4m 61 kg 1m 95-3090T 67 kg 4m 1.4 m 95-3091T


Kn ife kits

2 (off) Work width 2.2 m Art no. 95-70022 2 (off) Work width 3 m Art no. 95-70030 2 (off) Work width 4 m Art no. 95-70040

Weight Work width Cutting depth Art no.

Doro Cutter ESM 2100

For the cutting of reed and larger aquatic plants found in the margins and along river banks. The Doro Cutter ESM 2100 is a frontattached cutter with Busati model doubleaction knives which means that the cutter does not need water as a lubricant when working. The knives do not require water for lubrication and are suitable for use in shallow water and in marshlands. The Doro Cutter ESM 2100 has good capacity and can also be used for thick reeds. Work width 2.1 m and cutting depth 0.5m.

Technical Data: Doro Cutter ESM 2100

Work width Weight Cutting depth Art no. 2.1m 68 kg 0.5 m 90-ESM2100

Cutting unit
Doro Cutter ESM 2200
Doro Cutter ESM 2200 cuts and gathers at the same time making it the ideal tool for working in marinas and small streams where water is constantly moving. If only the cutting function is required the collection basket can be easily removed. Doro Cutter ESM 2200 has a work width of 2.1 m and a cutting depth of approximately 0.8 m in water. The knives are a Busati double-action model which means that the cutter does not require water for lubrication while working.

Technical Data: Doro Cutter ESM 2200

Work width Weight Width Cutting depth Art no. approx. 2.1 m 109 kg 2.25 m 0.8 m 90-ESM2200

Doro Cutter ESM 1700

This cutter is side-mounted on Truxor for cutting along riversides and channels so that the angle of the cutting unit can be adjusted. The knives are a Busati model which means that the cutter does not need water for lubrication when working. Doro Cutter ESM 1700 is equipped with an automatic stone-triggered solution which protects the cutter when motion is stopped due to solid objects. The cutter has a work width of 1.7 m and a cutting depth of 0.5 m. It has good capacity and the Doro Cutter ESM 1700 cuts thick reeds and plant growth without problems.

Technical Data: Doro Cutter ESM 1700

Work width Weight Art no. 1.7 m 75 kg 90-ESM1700

Reed rake, standard
with collapsible side sections; for gathering and transporting plants after reed cutting. The rake can be complemented with strainer plates for gathering of refuse, algae and absorbers (oil decontamination). Work width: Weight: Art no. 2 or 3.5 m. 60 kg 94-22500

Collection - just as important as cutting Cut water plants left in the water act as a fertiliser. We therefore recommend that cut plants always be collected and removed. By gathering water plants and picking them up, you also help to remove part of the "over-fertilisation" from the lake. For those using their reed cutter in different type of water, we usually recommend cleaning the machine between moves in order to prevent spreading undesired water plants to new water systems.

Strainer plates, accessory to standard rake.

Work width: Weight: Art no.

2 or 3.5 m. 60 kg 94-22500

Rake, high tip

This rake has a high tipping height which facilitates loading onto e.g. trailers or barges. The rake is made of perforated steel plating and can gather smaller particles such as litter, algae and absorbers (oil decontamination). Work width Weight Max. lift height in water Max. lift height on land Art no. 2.13 m 68 kg 1.3 m 1.7 m 94-47700

Springing rake
When the waterside is uneven, the material can be removed from the water using the springing rake and then collected using the standard rake. Work width Weight Art no. 2.5 m 30 kg 94-47600

Lift ing rake

The strong construction and heavy duty forks make it an excellent tool for lifting heavier objects such as tree branches, rocks and debris from waterways, canals and beaches. Work width: Weight: Art no. 1.2 m 36 kg 94-68000

Grip bucket & log grab

The grip bucket is used for the removal of silt and submerged objects from canal bottoms or lakes. Using the telescopic arm gives a working depth of 1.7 m. For surface work the standard bracket is used for the bucket or log grab giving a greater lifting power without the telescopic arm.

Technical Data: Grip bucket and Grip

Work depth of telescopic extension 1.7 m. Work depth of mechanical arm approx. 0.9 m. Weight of grip bucket 76 kg Weight of log grab 40 kg Weight of telescope 33 kg Weight of mechanical bracket 9 kg Art no. grip bucket 94-58100 Art no. log grab 94-59500 Art no. telescope 94-58400 Art no. mechanical bracket 94-60600

Dredge pumps

The Doro Pump The Doro Pump is the new addition to our
range of pumps designed specifically for the new TRUXOR DM 5000 running directly from the hydraulic engine. It has a capacity of 10 - 40 m/h. The pump is mounted on a telescopic arm (sold separately). A rotating wheel with horizontal cutters and vertical teeth aerates the sediment and cuts off roots and soft materials to facilitate feeding of material into the pump. The rotating wheel makes the pump easier to maneuveur than its predecessor which had a feeding screw at the pump inlet. The feeding is important to providing an even flow of sediment to the pump; also facilitated by the knives positioned at the inlet of the pump.

Technical data: The Doro Pump

Capacity 10-40 m/hour depending on material, lifting height and the length of the tubing. Weight: 87 kg. Dredging depth: 1.7 m. With extension 2.4 m Diameter drilling wheel: 0.8 meter Equipment carrier: Only Truxor DM 5000 The Doro Pump is delivered with a standard kit. Doro Pump Telescopic arm Art no. 78-2501 Art no. 94-58400

Standard kit for Doro Pump:

Hydraulic drill wheel, 3 m spiral tubing, 25 m flat tubing 100 mm with bracket for transport tubing, 5 floating tubes, 1 end piece, 1 quick-connection, 1 suction funnel, 1 joint coupling with frame bracket, 1 splice coupling 100 mm,1 off 0.7 m telescope extension.

Flat tubing 100 mm (Delivered in lengths of 50 m) Art no. 78-102 Splice sleeve 100 mm Art no. 78-18800 Tube clips 100 mm Art no. 01-110D20

Dredge pumps
Technical data: D redge Pump 2500
Engine: Briggs & Stratton 23 hp, electric start, air-cooled. Centrifugal coupling which protects the pump from overloading. Capacity: 10-40 m/hour depending on material, lifting height and the length of the tubing. Dredging depth: 1600 mm Length: 1950 mm Weight: 166 kg Dredge pump 2500 is delivered CE-marked Dredge pump 2500 is delivered with a standard kit Art no. 78-2500

Dredge pump 2500

For pumping sediment. The feed screw aerates the bottom so that the pump receives an even flow. The pump can also be equipped with a suction funnel which is recommended when the sediment it light and soft. A cutting device at the opening of the suction pump cuts roots and other soft objects. The pump is controlled from a start panel mounted by the driver's seat.


Flat tubing 100 mm (Delivered lengths of 50 m) Joint sleeve 100 mm Tube clamps 110 mm

Art no. 78-102 Art no. 78-18800 Art no. 01-110D20

Standard kit for Dredge Pump 2500

Hydraulic feed screw, 3 m spiral tubing, 25 m flat tubing 100 mm with attachment for float tubes, 5 off float tubes, 1 off end piece, 1 quickconnection, 1 suction funnel, 1 joint coupling 100 mm and 1 off 10 Litre petrol tank.

Sala Roll Pump

Pumps light sediment with a minimum amount of water. The pump works with a strong vacuum and high pressure. This high pressure allows sediment to be transported long distances. The dredging can be carried out without the water becoming discoloured. The dredging pipe is mounted on to the lift arm which can be pressed down into the sediment. Light and soft deposits can be sucked directly from the bottom.

Technical data: Sala Roll Pump Kit for dredging :

1 dredging pipe (mounted on the telescope), 3.3 m suction tube 65 mm, 2 quick connection 65 mm, 1 m pressure tube 50 mm, 1 quick connection 50 mm, 1 connection for flat tubing 50 mm with a frame bracket. Art Nr. 79-3001 Weight: Capacity: Working pressure Max. pressure: Technical vacuum: Equipment holder: Art no.: Accessories: Kit for dredging Telescope 90 kg 12 m/h at 6 bar 6 bar 9 bar -0.95 bar Truxor DM 5000 79-3000 Art no. 79-3001 Art no. 94-58400


The excavator can be mounted on either of the

Truxor models. The unit becomes a floating excavator offering unique possibilities. Ideal for clearing inlets and around sluice gates, digging channels and even cable laying. The excavator is operated from the drivers position with the two lever operating consul connected to a central adjustable bracket. The amphibious nature of the Truxor allows excavation work to be carried out in areas inaccessible to conventional equipment

Technical data: Excavator

Digging radius 3.1 m Digging depth 2.3 m Supporting legs max. depth 1.9 m Weight 330 kg Valve package with a two-lever system for swings, lifts, bucket and poles. The excavator is delivered with a 23-litre bucket and supporting legs (studs). Complete for mounting on a Truxor. Art no. 77-1800


49-litre bucket, work width 0.6 m Art no. 77-11900 Root knife: work depth 0.6 m Art no. 77-13400


The Doro Miller

The Doro Miller with rotary knife

The Doro Miller is used as a restoration miller for wetlands, beaches and lake bottoms.
The miller is available in different work widths; they are exchangeable and can be dismounted from the operating unit. The operating unit is mounted on the lifting arm. When water lily roots and other roots are to be removed, a rotary knife is attached using an extension on the lifting arm which gives a work depth of 1.6 m.

Technical Data: Doro Miller

Operating unit Weight 36 kg, Revolutions 0 - 300 r/min Torque, max 400 Nm Length: 0.9 m Equipment carrier: Only Truxor DM 5000 Operating unit Art no. 72-10000 Millers for the Doro Miller Miller 0.9 m, Weight 33 kg. Art no. 72-10200 Miller 0.6 m, Weight 23 kg. Art no 72-10300 Miller 0.4 m, Weight 16 kg. Art no. 72-10400 Rotary knife for the Doro Miller Work width 0.8 m Weight: 14 kg Art no. 72-10500 Extension for the rotary knife, 0.5 m Weight: 16 kg Art no. 72-10100

Oil decontamination
The new TRUXOR 5000 has been designed to accommodate a new range of products for oil spill clean up. The Doroskimmer 400 can be used with two types of pump for use with heavy or light oil SALA ROLL PUMP can pump heavy sediment or oil without using large volumes of water. This pump can be used independently for dredging or vacuuming oil residue where the skimmer cannot operate. FOILEX is a high capacity pump for use on larger oil spills

Doroskimmer 400
A combi-skimmer used for oil decontamination of heavy or thin oils and algae. The Skimmer is delivered with a brush roller of mixed brush thicknesses which is suitable for decontamination of most type of oils. Combine with Sala or Foilex pumps. Capacity Weight Equipment holder 0.20 m3/h 48 kg Only Truxor DM 5000

Sala Roll Pump

The Sala Pump is a suitable pump for decontamination operations for thick-flowing or polluted substances in hard-to-reach places. A very strong vacuum gives a high suction capacity. The high pressure transports the substances long stretches. The Sala Roll Pump is used separately with a suction piece or in combination with the Doroskimmer 400. Capacity Weight Working pressure Max. pressure Technical vacuum Equipment carrier Art no. 12 m3/h at 6 bar 90 kg 6 bar 9 bar -0.95 bar only Truxor DM 5000 79-3000

Kit for decontamination includes:

Suction pipe 3.3 m, suction tube 65 mm, 4 quick connections 65 mm, 1 m pressure tubing 65 mm. 1 frame bracket. Art no. 79-3002

Foilex pump
A patented low-speed TDS Pump with "Twin Disc Screw" pump technology with a higher capacity than the conventional screw pump. The inlet has cutting knives and can pump both thick and thin substances. A Foliex pump is mounted on a Doroskimmer 400 and can also be adapted for use separately. Delivered with a 3 m pressure tube 100 mm. Capacity: Weight Equipment carrier: Art no. 18 m3/h at 6 bar 35 kg only for Truxor DM 5000 79-4000

Oil decontamination

Oil decontamination has different prerequisites for dif-ferent environments. During the final phase of work, there are usually smaller areas with pools of oil where it can be more practical to use a mobile tank. The Doro Tank is mounted between the pontoons and has couplings for simple connection to pumps as well as a connection for emptying the tank. The Doro Tank is used in combination with a Doroskimmer 400.

Technical Data: Doro Tank

Volume Weight Equip. carrier Art no.

200 L 14 kg Truxor DM 5000 79-6000

Trailer LMT 2500

The Trailer LMT 2500 is specifically designed to transport the Truxor. The trailer tip action and ramps allow for easy loading and off loading of the machines. Guide rails are fixed to the bed of the trailer to ensure the Truxor is located centrally and to avoid movement during transportation. The specially designed chassis of highly durable steel and I beams provide a strong, lightweight trailer. Maintenance is minimal due to the design and quality of the materials.

Technical Data: Trailer LMT 2500

Bed dimensions Total length Bed height Service weight Total weight Max. load Art no. 500 x 220 cm 620 cm 70 cm 630 kg 2500 kg 1870 kg 75-LMT2500

Kit with ramps and clamps Art no. 75-17100

About reed cutting

Our lakes and waterways are overgrown due to overfertilization and much discussed climate changes. The lakes are acidified preventing the flow of water. By cutting and clearing inlets and outlets, the lakes can continue to prosper and in many places cutting is performed to improve the flow of water and prevent flooding. Regular reed cutting allows for increased use of lakes and waterways in the form of available, navigable waterways, access to fishing, more beautiful views and well-kept bathing sites.

Dorotea Mekaniska AB
We are a company specialising in the manufacture of machines designed for aquatic weed harvesting, reed cutting and the management of waterways and wetland habitats. We have been developing and producing innovative machines and accessories for 16 years and are today Swedens and possible the worlds largest supplier of amphibious weed harvesters/ tool carriers. We supply a range of products from small dinghy mounted cutters to purpose made excavators, dredgers, weed and reed harvesters. Good quality and reliability are our motto and through time and experience, talking and listening to our customers around the world we now produce a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for water management. As well as manufacturing in Dorotea we also have a comprehensive spare parts facility and sales office. We have retailers and suppliers around the world and spare parts are also available from our partners Rajo in Belgium. www.rajo.be

At our web site you will always find the latest news! Image galleries, films, brochures, etc.

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