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Life, sad Zuniverse, and Everything ;)

A goddess is:

1. when u both feel Wonderful w/ each other

2. when u both believe in each other as mates

3. when u both believe in each other's dreams

i can't believe it took me 49 YEARS to reach that realization he

(based/founded on inappropriate things)

the more i examine my life (so far) from a 3rd person perspective, the more i realize it's for others not

How many 'bad relationships'

How many years lost going in circles or in confusion :( But

just me (the mass of confusion he, all the night-terrors during childhood, the epiphany at age 7, the booklet Gaian Handbook i wrote back in the 90s, Better Way, the War for Meaning, and even my

personal relationships :) “All has purpose.” my mother loves to quote in my life without purpose! :)

There seems to be not one thing

Advice for men/boys about women:


The brief video above is kind of 'love advice' for men/boys who are dating / interested in dating / sex /

relationships. It was intended to be a brief 'video letter' for a young woman i know but

it several times, i realized there's a lot of great advice about relationships 'encoded' in it

funny/entertaining too

After watching It's a little



not rita pita pocket he – just rita pita pocket ;)~ She has all the earmarks of 'super genius' so i've been

attentive to mentoring her lately

Prime Goddess at work introducing us ;)~ And for my dear friend gug, i want to discuss the difference

between hope and expectation (it still dumbfounds me – that he cannot detect a difference between

them~). i expect to see many penises being stroked on CR. It's a virtual sausage fest he. But i can only

hope to meet a girl as interesting as rita pita pocket there

done properly with any expectations crime to hope for one? ;)

i met this girl on chatroulette – her name's Rita :) My nickname for her is rita pita pocket he (no,

Btw, don't go on CR expecting to meet a genius – it was truly the

Hope is typically 'against all odds' and never

Like my faith in a better tomorrow: i want to know – is it really a

To all the cynics and absolute atheists who refuse to consider my brand of spirituality and anti-religion:


any shape or form: f you

comments or by personally attacking me with labels bla bla bla he

few things and overcomplicated the situation


some guy stealing a goddess from me

begin with he


f you

f you. For those who seem to make it 'their mission' in life to denigrate spirituality in

f you

f you. Don't waste your time or mine by denigrating me in

About Buddha, i think he missed a

Just as Mohammed

Just as the followers of Jesus did

Don't get me started about religions


For some odd reasons, i loathe religions as much as i might

Which is a funny concept cuz if he can, she was never 'mine' to


i cannot OWN anybody

i'd be 'lucky' to spend time w/ ppl i care about / love :) Truly. :)

For any of my consistent readers, 49 is a special year for me cuz during my 'epiphany at 7', i cud not see past 49 huh – go figure ;)~ For those who have not read my previous material on the subject, i guessed i wud probly die between age 49 and 56 ^^ he who knows ;)~ [sigh] There were three concepts that i introduced to rita pita today: relational imagery, multi-phasic creatures/beings, and multi-

consciousness. :) The first is a 'mental technique' you could compare to a form of meditation or perhaps


It's a 'new way of thinking' that i developed for rapid thot

It's totally imaged based

and basically you let one image in your mind lead to another and so on

of thinking is that, if you're a visual person, thot can occur at extremely rapid rates compared to conventional thinking ~ With practice, you can sequence up to 100 images per second! :) What's the point? It's an end in itself; you discover new ways of thinking with this approach, new things about yourself, and new logical connections :) It's simply cool :) The second term comes from Star Trek Next

Generation and refers to creatures that can exist in multiple time-instances simultaneously :) i believe it's a quantum concept and relates to the conventional conception of multi-state atoms and molecules :) So i suppose it's possible but highly unlikely multi-phasic creatures exist within our particular sad

zuniverse ;) he

evidence of 'epiphany at 7' he

phasic entity :) Now let's consider the last term: multi-consciousness :) Imagine your mind containing

many minds simultaneously :) Not really a split-personality

exists, i wud guess She's infinitely multi-conscious. ;) Who really knows ;)

The cool thing about this way

Who knows

Perhaps 'the sass' (an old nickname for me) is a multi-phasic entity with Just a sad joke ;)~ If there is a God, She's certainly a 'full blown' multi-

More like several minds in one :) If God

i gently argued with my Catholic mother that perhaps that's not a bad definition of God: a multi-phasic

multi-conscious ubiquitous entity :)

My bottom line with her is that gifted individuals need to be trained non-pedantically. They need to be introduced very early the limitations of pedantic learning and i wud argue the unlimited potential of the three concepts introduced above :)


final concept that i introduced to rita pita today is pedantic.

[smile] i realize this will be 'gobbledeegook' to many

will realize we live in a very complex/simple world/sad-zuniverse which is governed by a benevolent Goddess who only wants/needs Love :) So devout atheists and religious zealots will never 'get it' :( So sad but true :(

But those few who understand and appreciate

It's no coincidence that the most brilliant woman i've ever met is Rita and that she's a devout atheist :) It's no coincidence my son's mother is also a devout atheist :) It's no coincidence my mother is a devout Catholic (remember all religions are as repulsive to me as communicable leprosy). My epiphany at 7 was not an accident. Better Way based on self-forgiveness is not an accident; it was deliberately engineered. Just as War for Meaning and Before 2012 were not accidents nor spurious thot

[smile] Peace! (a 'private' joke between me and Pat Condell :) Pat, if u can read this with an open

mind/heart, then my life will have Meaning :) he

awareness, then i am about self-awareness and God-awareness :) Be One w/ urself; Be One w/ natural

things (like a tree); Be One w/ ur chosen mate :); Be One w/ Gaia; Be One w/ Her :)

For the rest, if Pat is about political and religious

Don't miss ur chance to live Fully :) Don't miss ur chance to Love :) Find those u love in ur heart and focus on them :) Project ur love as if you can radiate love from ur heart :) U know what? U Can :)