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: JTI Environmental Curriculum

Judicial Training Institute : JTI is a large division being under Office of the
Judiciary. Our main objective is to develop potential of Judges and officials of the courts of justice by providing their knowledge and skills, including ethics and morals thoroughly and systematically. This Institute has performed its tasks well since it was training division in 1974 and was officially established in 1986, in the first period of 14 years it was under Office of the Judicial Affairs in Ministry of Justice . In year 2000, the Court of Justice was separated from Ministry of Justice according to The Constitution of 1997 and now we have the new Constitution of 2007 .Therefore, after the separation JTI has became Judicial Training Institute from year 2000 until now.

Organization Structure
JTI is divided into 4 sections and 3 academies ,
Supporting Section Financing Section Policy and Development Instructional Technology Planning Section Section Judicial Staff Training National Academy of Criminal Justice Academy

Judge Training Academy

Its official management is shown in the following chart for those 4 Sections and 3 academies


; is responsible for planning , developing and Implementing training programs for Judges in all levels of their position , such as Judge-trainees , Judges and Chief Judges in the Courts of first instance, the Courts of appeal and the Supreme Court , and conducting more than 7 annual courses for Judges training development plan as well.

Judges Career Path & Learning Step

Career judges : Thai Judges are recruited by the Judicial Commission and are appointed by His Majesty the King. Besides having certain qualifications such as being of Thai nationality, passing the examination of the Thai Bar Association to become a Barrister-at-law, and having not less than two years working experience in legal professions, a candidate must passes a high competitive examination given by the Judicial Commission. Once the candidates are recruited, they have to be trained as judge-trainees for at least one year. Those candidates who complete the training with satisfactory result will be approved by the Judicial Commission and tendered to His Majesty the King for royal appointment to be a judge. A solemn declaration before His Majesty the King is also required before taking office as a judge. Therere seven annual courses for program of Judges training development plan. Some courses takes short period for training such as five days for senior Judge training course , or two weeks and some takes a month . The longest period is Judge-trainee course for one year, this training program, is divided into four parts of learning process , first period for learning in class room for 1 month ,

after that, going to practice at civil court or criminal court for 3 months and then come back in class again for one and a half months , then do practice and evaluation. All of the process in training programs for judges is arranged , edited and controlled by the steering committee of Judge development training courses.

Seminar at JTI

Environmental Curriculum

In year 2009 , we arranged 2 Seminars in Environmental Curriculum as following; 6 of August 2009 , one day seminar in topic Environmental Legal Development : in Global Warming Crisis 400 audiences from several government agencies and Private Sectors , such as judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, Ministry of natural resource, Forest Department, and Pollution Prevention Department 22 26 of Jun 2009 , five days seminar in topic New Approaches on Development of Environmental Judicial Process consisted of three activities , first activity was two days symposium of 50 audiences for the issue of Legal Development in Environmental Code for Court of law, second activity was one day public conference of 400 audiences for the issue of New Direction in Environmental Justice System Development last activities was one day focus group meeting of 20-30 Justices of Environmental Division in the Supreme Court for sharing experiences and exchange their opinions. JTI regularly expands knowledge of environmental issues, such as related law and case process into our annual courses provided for judges, we have 3 Hours Lecture in all 7 annual Judge Training Programs Course for Senior Judges* Course for the Supreme Court Justices Course for Research Judges in the Supreme Court* Course for Presiding Judges in Court of appeal & Regional Courts of appeal Course for Judges in Court of appeal & Regional Courts of appeal

Course for Chief Judges in Courts of the first instance Course for Judges in Courts of the first instance Course for Junior Judges Course for Judge-Trainees * These two courses are not stipulated in our amendment regulation for Judges training and development program.

Policy and Development Planning Section, Judicial Training Institute, Office of the Judiciary , Court of Justice of Thailand Tel. 66(0) 2512 8040 , Fax. 66(0) 2512 8041 , Email-Address : orasa1904@gmail.com ; Date : 30 November 2009