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XFB / XFL / XTL / XTF Range

Warning lights and beacons

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Lightweight and robust Static or flashing Visibility 360 5 colours choice 2 or 3 light traffic versions


Product characteristics
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Heliport/Helideck Traffic signals Marine warning lights Offshore platforms

Marine aluminium alloy body Yellow polyurethane paint Stainless steel screws Polyamide globes red, yellow/orange, blue, green, clear Light sources available: incandescent, fluorescent or xenon flash Electronic gear tray for xenon flash version Power supply: standard 230V 50/60 Hz (other voltages see options) One 3/4 NPT entry cable gland supplied on request
CERTIFICATION STANDARD: CENELEC EN 50014, 50018 EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE: under the new directive 94/9/EC: Awaiting approval (certificate LCIE 84.6066) II 2 G EExd IIB T6 to T4 according to version Conforms to OACI recommendations and IMCO regulations tested by STNA Ingress protection: IP66 Shock resistance: IK09 10 Joules Glow wire test: 960C



Z.I. - Avenue Henri Beaudelet B.P. 27 - 77831 Ozoir Cedex - France - Tel. +33 (0)1 64 40 27 26 - Fax +33 (0)1 64 40 20 11

Technical specifications Enclosure

Marine grade aluminium alloy type AS10GY30 Yellow polyurethane paint RAL1003 Offshore option: 3 coats of paint Globe in 3mm thick polyamide Aluminium reflector Sealed with epoxy resin Ingress rating: IP66 (EN60529) Stainless steel screws

Cable entry
Standard: One 3/4 NPT entry cable gland supplied on request Options: One M20 entry One additional entry

Zone 1 + zone 2 EEx d Flameproof

Terminal block
Up to 6mm2 Terminals supplied for L, N, PE

Ambient temperature: -20C to +40C Surface temperature classification:T6 to T4 depending on version (see table)

Supplied on request for the following versions: - incandescent: lamp with E27 base 40 or 60W - fluorescent: compact fluorescent lamp with integral electronic gear and E27 base 7W or 11W Mounted for xenon flash versions Xenon flash lamp rating power 30 joules Flashing rate: 45 to 60 per minute

Photometric data

Protection class: I Rated voltages

Incandescent version: according to lamp rating, from 110V to 240V AC/DC Fluorescent version: according to lamp and electronic gear rating (220V to 240V, 50/60Hz) Xenon flash version: Standard: 230V 50/60Hz Options: 110VAC 24VDC 48VDC 110VDC

Other options
Sun guard for XTF/XTL versions Globe colours: Clear - yellow/orange - red - blue - green Stainless steel wire guard Induction lamp 55W QL: please enquire
For 1000 lm

Installation and maintenance instruction leaflet NT 37 available on request


Rating (in W)



Weight (in Kg)

Temperature class

XFB60P XFB60PL XFL30P XTL260 XTL360 XTL211 XTL311 XTF230 XTF330

40, 60 7, 11 30 joules 2 x 60 3 x 60 2 x 7, 11 3 x 7, 11 2 x 30 joules 3 x 30 joules

E27 Standard GLS lamp E27 Compact fluorescent with integral electronic gear base board Xenon flash E27 Standard GLS lamp E27 Standard GLS lamp E27 Compact fluorescent with integral electronic gear E27 Compact fluorescent with integral electronic gear base board Xenon flash base board Xenon flash

3.5 3.5 3.5 9 12 12 18 14 20

T4 T6 T5 T4 T4 T6 T6 T5 T5

Spare parts





L001 L002 L003 L004 L005 L006 L011 L012

Closing screws Ex/proof sealed globe, red Ex/proof sealed globe,amber Ex/proof sealed globe,blue Ex/proof sealed globe,clear Ex/proof sealed globe,green Lamp* Reflector

L012A L013 L014 L015 L019 L020 L021 L022

Reflector for PL lamp E27 lampholder Earthing terminal Terminal block 2 x 6 Fixing bracket Screw for fixing bracket Xenon flash lamp Electronic gear tray*

*Please define rating and voltage 67