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Father of Torrens System in the Philippines A WORDS FROM THE PUBLISHER: Students, researchers, media practitioner and in fact

the whole gamut of the stakeholders admonition in registering their concerns in ensuring that their interests, is a direct affront versus vested groups and mercantilists who thinks, acts and behave and after the Second World War, (WW II). Not anymore, these revelation of the truth history of our aborigine race was being persuade by deception from the Traitor American and the Royal Crown of Spain that the entire Filipino people where being FOOLED and MANIPULATED by evil interest due to economic abundance of our natural resources. Hopefully, the publisher, the editors and the men and women in whose hands this book came into being, must feel a self-realization of having the opportunity to contribute their talents to have this book addressed to the right person and policy makers. They will make the difference and possibly make and unmake the issue. Dr. Alvin Alvincent Almirante G. Bersales, Ph.D. President / Chairman

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