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Welcome to Part 19 of your post Workshop follow-up training! Today we’re going to use the USPS mail
account you set up in Part 12.
But first, did you order your bandit signs, go to Home Depot and buy your stakes and nails to get them
ready to put out and find someone to outsource your sign placement to?
If not, then go back and complete your Action Steps for Part 18. If so, then read on…
The Action Steps
Action Step #1 – We’ll be using your USPS account to send these letters, but you have to do a little
research and preparation first. The first step is to go to your local Yellow Pages or online directory and
find a list of divorce attorneys for your area.
Divorce attorneys can be a great source of deals because they are continually dealing with clients who
are liquidating their assets to divide them up in a divorce. Sometimes, clients have to get rid of the
properties quickly and they are usually emotional about it, which can create opportunity for you.
Action Step #2 – Select the first 25 attorneys from the list you found. If you have not found that many,
then look also for other types of attorneys who may be able to refer you property deals. This includes
probate, bankruptcy, real estate, business and tax attorneys. Pull at least 25 to create your mailing list.
Action Step #3 – Now that you have a list of the attorneys you want to mail, you need to put it in a
format that you can upload to your USPS account. We use Excel as the fastest and easiest format. Type
each attorney first name, last name, address, city, state and zip code into your Excel spreadsheet and
then save it on your desktop where you can find it.
Action Step #4 – Go and login to your USPS account. By the way, the first time we tried to login to our
account after setting up, it somehow forgot all of our info and we had to re-register. Here’s the shortcut
link to get to your account… If your username and
password don’t work, just set up your account again.
Action Step #5 – You’re going to be doing a mail merge, so there are a few steps you’re going to need to
take to make it happen. First, you need to read how to get your list uploaded into the program. You can
do that at this link…
Action Step #6 – Read the information at the link and then upload your list to your account.
Action Step #7 – We’re going to be creating a letter to send to attorneys, so click on the “Letter Regular
& Reply” button.
Action Step #8 – On the next page, you’re asked to select a letter. Since we’re keeping it simple, just
click on “Basic.” Now click on “Use This Document” on the “Letter 8.5x11 Separate Address Page in Flat
Envelope” document.
Action Step #9 – Use Mail Merge to create your letter. You can click on the little mail merge help button
on the middle right side of your screen. It’s the question mark button beside the words “Mail Merge”
and a screen will pop up with the following instructions:
What are merge fields, and how do I use them in my document?

Merging is the process by which fields (information items pulled out of mailing list records) are inserted into your
document, customizing the document for its reader. Although frequently used for simply merging addresses onto
form letters, mail merging within C2M’s document editor will allow you to personalize your documents with
variable information fields such as Customer Name, Salutation, Account Number, Balance Due, Appointment Date,
Discount Rate and Preferred Store Location.

To incorporate merge fields in your document, you must already have uploaded the merge fields’ data (your mailing
list) before you create or upload a document. For more information on uploading a mailing list, please see How do I
upload a Mailing List?

To insert merge fields into your document:

1. In the Document Editor, expand the Mail Merge section in the right panel.
2. Check the Use Mail Merge checkbox. Wait for a few seconds. The Mail Merge section will display a drop-
down list of mailing lists you have already uploaded into Mailing Online. If you have more than one mailing
list, select the correct mailing list to use.
3. Click the Insert link above the document editing area to display the Insert palette/toolbar, if it is not already
4. Click the Text Box button ( ) on the Insert palette/toolbar to insert a textbox in your document. Position
and size the textbox to your desired location and size.
5. Double-click the textbox to enter edit mode.
6. Choose merge fields from the Mail Merge Fields drop-down list. As you select them, they will automatically be
inserted into the textbox. To remove a field, you will need to select the field name and the curly braces ( {} )
that surround it, in the textbox, and delete that text.
7. Update the textbox, and exit edit mode, by clicking the Save icon.
8. To preview your document with merge fields inserted, click the blue Next Step: Preview button. You will be
taken to the Document Preview page, which displays a preview of your document as it appears with your
newly-added mail merge fields, but without doing a mail merge.
9. After your preview, move on to defining the recipients for your mailing. Click the blue Next Step: Recipients
button. The Define Recipients section is displayed. By default, the mailing list you had chosen for your mail
merge will be checked.
10. To view your mail merge data, click the blue Next Step: Proof button. The Document Proofs page displays the
mailing list fields merged with your document. You can navigate to all the recipients' records using the Previous
Record/Next Record arrow buttons.

Read these instructions and set your letter up to mail merge the attorney list you created into your
Action Step #10 – Now use the following letter, which you can copy and save as a document to upload
into your account, or you can just copy it here and paste it into the letter field:

Dear <AttorneyName>
[I/My (wife/husband) and I] are real estate investors in the [Your Area] area. We buy and sell houses in
[cities or areas of your market segment].
I know that every now and then, you have clients who have real properties that need to be sold for
various reasons, and I hope that the next time that happens, you’ll give [me/us] a call.
I can promise your clients there will be no real estate commissions in their transaction and I can get
them a written offer within 48 hours of going out and taking a look at their property.
[I’m not a/We aren’t] real estate agent[s], and don’t work for a real estate office. [I’m/We’re] just
investing in real estate for [myself/ourselves] and [I/we] usually try to buy between 3 and 8 houses
every month. These are houses just like you’re clients probably have.
I can promise you a quick closing because [I/we] have access to a large amount of private money, which
eliminates the need for a long and drawn out approval process since there’s no bank or mortgage
company making the decision. There’s just me.
We can handle all the paperwork and agreements, so your clients can move their property and move on
with their lives.
[I/we] look forward to working with you and your clients and know that by working together we can
meet their needs and objectives.
Please feel free to call me directly at (xxx) xxx-xxxx any time you have a property that your clients would
like to dispose of quickly.
[Your Signature and printed name, address, contact phone, fax and e-mail. The more ways they have to
reach you, the better.]
[Optional if you have a website] P.S. You can find out more about [me/us] at [my/our] website at [Your
web address].

Action Step #11 – After you’ve made the changes to your document, click the “Save” button at the
bottom of the text box you were just typing in.
Action Step #12 – Click the “Next Step/Preview” button at the bottom of the screen.
Action Step #13 – Review your document and make any changes you need to make, then click the “Next
Step/Recipients” button at the bottom right of your screen.
Action Step #14 – Click the “Upload Mailing List” button and upload the Excel file of attorneys you
created previously.
Action Step #15 – Click the “Next Step/Proof” button. Proof your document, make necessary changes
and follow the remaining prompts to send it out.

Action Steps Completed

1. Find a list of attorneys to mail to.
2. Use your USPS account to create and complete a merge letter.
3. Mail the letters to the attorneys.

There you have it. You’ve just completed your first direct mail campaign to attorneys.
This concludes Part 19 of your post workshop follow-up. In the next installment, you’re going to talk to
other real estate investors who are trying to wholesale deals to expand your network and see if there
are any good opportunities you should make an offer on.
Yours In Success,

Bob & Jayme

Bob Leonetti & Jayme Kahla