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We are going to form a partnership business to conduct our operation in Bangladesh. We are hoping to set up our product as a harmony of the childrens health. So we are producing Hello herbal tea for babies. Herbal tea for the child will help the children to grow up to the full extent. We have 5 partners and we have equal shares. All of us will work as a full employee for the organization. Our head office is in the Nikunja and some local distributors and retailer will act as the intermediaries. Our target market is the small babies and to start our business we are just focusing in Dhaka city now. There are no existing companies who supply this type of organic tea. Yet there are only some imported herbal baby products and some local company who can hardly be our competitor. So we are going to be a first mover in the market. We are hoping to attain our breakeven point within 2 years. Our total investment is 50 lakhs.


For an organization to exist with high potential in a market, the organization must have: Effective Management Strong Financial Backbone Interpretation of Market & Smart Marketing Strategies Impenetrable Channel Distribution System Make strong & profitable relationship with business associates Innovative Research & Development Department If we consider the market as a sea, and our organization as a ship, then our purpose of the business would act as compass in the sea, and SWOT analysis would help us to act smoothly in ups & downs of the market, just like rough waves in the sea. So, to understand our condition & standing in the Market, we need to set our objectives & do SWOT analysis.



Mission Statement
Healthy present will gift you healthy future. Our herbal product will make your babies healthy and fit for the future. We will achieve our business along with shaping a healthy generation.

Mission Objective

We have some mission objectives that we are wishing to achieve in nearer future and now. We want to see our business in following way: Stay in business & make it profitable; Improve & Maintain Standard Quality organic tea for babys; Come up with innovative & attractive promotional concepts, so that we could retain dominance in customer market & furthermore, attain more customers in the whole country; and came up with more new baby product in the market development. Make strong & profitable relationship with business associates, to minimize cost and maximize profit; Our intention is to make the right information available to the right target customers. We will ensure that our products' prices are favorable to our consumers. Seek & establish deep consumer-relationships by means of active participation of consumers, like invitation of customer advice & experience, and tend to use our consumers for promotions. Expanding our market share throughout the country initially, and if possible, we would release Hello in the global market as well.


These days parents are becoming more conscious about their childs health. They want their baby healthier and to make their babies perfectly fit for their future. In Bangladesh there are hardly any products like these which the parents use for their child beside milk and other things. We have great prospect for this product. We can easily make our market wide by giving proper publicity and promotion for the organic baby tea. And that will help the parents of Bangladesh to get know about the new product and necessity of the product for their babies.

Product Positioning
Product positioning is the way that product is defined by consumers on important attributesthe place the product occupies in consumers minds relative to competing products. We must plan positions that will give our product the greatest advantage in selected target markets, and we must design marketing mixes to create these planned positions.

Positioning Maps:
In marketing strategy we have to maintain the three steps of differentiation and positioning tasks which is Identifying a set of possible customer value difference s that provide competitive advantage upon which to build a position,

Choosing the right competitive advantage, and Selecting an overall positioning strategy

Competitive Advantage:
To build profitable relationships with target customers, marketers must understand customer needs better than competitors do and deliver more customers value. To build a competitive advantage, we have to differentiate the product, deliver the promised quality and service. We can also differentiate the product along the line of product, services, channels, people and image. Our BABY TEA is product differentiation which we differentiate on quality, performance, features and design. GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

Choosing the right competitive advantage

We have segmented our competitive advantage into 2 basis parts- Quality and performance. Quality- BABY TEA is a product with high quality, nutritious, suitable and reasonable price. We are dividing our product into babies ages and their growing level with the highest level of expectations of the mothers. It is products full of vitamins, nutrition that will help a baby grow up with a healthy body and mind.

Creativity: BABY TEA is brand for baby choice and color. We follow and try to choose the best for the new born babies and infants. We try and follow consciousness on the making of the product. we are making this product with colors as baby likes the colorful things and we also try to on the ingredients of this product such as We give some healthy, digestive ingredients which helps baby to eat. We can make this product in many different packages in the need of the babies need at different age. We can segment our marketers in many ages and needs. We also natural element and having no side

Positioning statement Developing

Company and brand positioning should be summed up in a positioning statement. The statement of our productTo baby, infant and kid consumers who are fully depended on milk and starting eating some hard food, BABY TEA is the brand for baby food that gives them more quality based tea than any other brand because it has all the natural element for making their bones strong, healthy and has the highest quality in a reasonable price. With BABY TEA, baby can get rid of antibody, be healthy, fit and keep going ahead even when they haven been able to eat before and their mother havent use it before.



Company Objectives:
Quality product. Fulfilling Customer satisfaction. Providing service with best usefulness. Retaining qualified employees through providing incentives.

Consider the customers demand along with company requirement


- Successful businesses in Developed Countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Germany etc. - We are new marketer in the country. - We are the market leader and we dont have any competitor now. - Qualified and skilled workers with knowledge - Convenient location of stores - Innovative packaging and Use of high quality contained technology. - Baby tea, itself is new in the market, so high number of early adopters is expected. - Baby teas purely Herbals Teas, which are low in tannins, and are free of caffeine, preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings, and good for babys health too.

- We are the only one in branding baby tea in the country, so we would easily make an image in the consumers mind. - Demand for the babies, infants and grown up kids. GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

- For unrivaled and as an innovative brand in this product line, we can expect to supply our product to all over the country and promote it highly for the babys. - Attitude to the new dimension.

- As a totally new item in the market, baby tea is not popular among the people of this country. - Concept of using teas for the babys and its importance is not common among the people. - Among all of the early adopters, only a handful might know how and what is the health effect of taking baby teas.

- Though we are fully new baby product in the Dhaka city in Bangladesh, so it is quite time consuming to establish trust in the customers mind. - Its a new product with a very new concept for market, so we have to take a huge risk with a big amount of financial budget for launching the product.

Now that we know about the situation of the marketplace & position we want to reach, we would set up the organizational structure for effective control over the business.

Market Positioning
Since we are the only one in branding baby teas in the country, we would easily make an image in the consumers minds. But the problem is it could either be a positive impression or a negative impression. Obviously, to stay in the business, an organization must create a decent impression upon the consumer. In order to do so, packaging, branding, labeling and product attribute must make an impact in the consumer mind; these are the first impressions of a new consumer and also, the last attempt to make a consumer buy the product. Once the quality is proven to the consumer, and the consumer is satisfied with it, then he might turn into brand loyalist of that product. At this point, the whole packaging would make distinctive GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

recognition of the product among product of same type in that particular consumers mind. Packaging is not the only factor in positioning in consumers mind; equally important is advertising and promoting.

Developing the value proposition and positioning strategy:

Value proposition: Our vale proposition is more for less as we are offering our customer high value in less price then our competitors. We are providing high value to our customer by providing high quality, creativity, tailoring service, customize design and fashion consultant in low price compare to our competitors.

Positioning Strategy: After deciding which segments of the market we will target, then we have to decide first the value proposition and how it will create differentiated value for targeted segments and what positions it wants to occupy to those segments.

Product positioning: Product positioning is the way that product is defined by consumers on important attributes- the place the product occupies in consumers minds relative to competing products. We must plan positions that will give our product the greatest advantage in selected target markets, and we must design marketing mixes to create these planned positions.

Positioning maps: In planning differentiation and positioning strategy, marketers often prepare perpetual positioning map, we have to indicate our brands perceived positioning on two dimensions- price vs. orientation. In marketing strategy we have to maintain the three steps of differentiation and positioning tasks

PRODUCT Herbal baby tea is popular in outside countries. So now we want to introduce this product in Bangladesh as a new thing for the children in Bangladesh. GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

VARIETY: This tea is only suitable for a certain age level because this product only focuses on the health of children.

QUALITY: This tea is scientifically examined and is only designed for the development of child health and recreational activities. This tea comes from natural source, no extra flavor is added into it and this tea is not like any tea that you drink in everyday life. It does not also have any side affects and is scientifically examined for helping in the natural growth of human child. It helps in strengthening of children bones; it reduces the chance of cold related diseases like pneumonia. And it acts as a defensive mechanism for heart related disease, cancer and diabetes. The main concern about these drinks is that, as well as undermining a breastfeeding womans milk supply, they could be detrimental to a babys growth and weight gain if offered frequently in place of milk feeds. Some are also over-sweetened for the underlying bitter taste. However, if your baby is over six months offering him the occasional drink of an unsweetened baby tea should do no harm.


PACKAGING: In order to stay in business, we need to attract customers using vibrant packaging; branding, labeling and product attribute must make an impact in the consumer mind. These are the first impressions of a new consumer and also, the last attempt to make a consumer buy our product. So we made two packet format , one in 200g that is going to last for 15 days per baby, and the other one is 400g and is going to last for 1 month. Product weight 400g 200g Total Working hour per day 8h 8h Packet hour 300 400 per Total packet per Weight of tea day 2400 3200 5600 faculty-MdH 960kg 640kg 1600kg


Labeling: Cute baby, Healthy future Net Weight: 200gm, 400gm 100% Halal and Natural, Mfg. Date, Use within 6 months, Store in 8 C Keep in cool & dry place Coloring: Packet > Yellow-Green & Red Fonts > Black, Dark Blue & White Packet: Plastic pack, Aluminum Foil covers with sticker affixed.

SERVICE: This tea is doctor recommended and we try to market this product in such a way that it will be available in all the shops.

Product weight

Raw materials (Tk)

Packaging cost(Tk)

Labor Van & sales Bank cost (Tk) representati ve cost (Tk) (Tk)

Manager Profit per unit (Tk)

Total cost per unit


loan & cost(Tk)

400gm 200gm

120 60

5 3

1 0.5

2 1

2 1

1 0.5

4 4

135 70

160 90

PRICE: We fixed an affordable retailer price of taka 160 for 400gm and taka 90 for 200gm.



LEAST PRICE: As a new product we are offering this at a reasonable cost so that it can be affordable to all taking in concern of the all the children in the country.

DISCOUNT: We offer such discount for the retailers so that they get inspired to sell this product. One box consist of ten 200g packet, if a retailer takes five of these box we offer them a 200g packet absolutely free. Total Packet Per Unit Price (Per Total Price Day 5,600 Less (rent=50,000) Less(other utility expenses=10,000) Total 5,00,000 Tk Packet) 4.00 22,400 Per Month(6 days Total Profit in a week) 25 5,60,000

So, the total profit will divided between 5 partners. So each of them can get 1, 00000 each.

Place: We will distribute our product only in Dhaka city. To make the product available for the consumer will divide the Dhaka city into five following zoneZone 01these areas. Zone 02- Zone two includes Uttara, Nikunja, Badda, Khilkhet and some areas besides these. We will cover the maximum shops of Nikunja and Uttara and all the super shops of Badda and Khilkhet GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

This zone includes he area of Banani, Banani DOHS, Gulshan, Baridhara,

Baridhara DOHS and some area besides these. We will cover every shops and super shops of

Zone 03- This zone include Mirpur, Shaymoli, Cantonment and the small areas beside these. Our main focus will be the super shops of these areas. We will also try to cover all the departmental shops of these areas. Zone 04- Jatrabari, Saydabad, old Dhaka, Wari, Azimpur, Puran Paltan and some small areas beside these areas will include this zone. As usual we will cover all the super shops and the departmental stores of these areas. Zone 05- This zone includes the area of Dhanmondi, Jhigatola Hazaribagh, Firmgate, Lalmatia and some small areas also. Our main focus will be the super shops like Agora, Mina Bazar, Nandan, PQS, Almas, Shapna of all zones. And then we will try to cover the departmental stores of these zones. We will distribute our product everywhere in zone one cause our maximum customers are from this zone. The company will not hire any distribution company for the distribution process because it will be more costly for the company rather the company will distribute the products by its own. For distribution the company will buy 5 rickshaw vans. There will be two people with each van- one is the van puller and another person who will take order from the seller. The whole distribution team with the 5 vans will go to these zones once a week like on one Saturday the team will go to zone one and they will cover the whole area on this day and they will go to this zone on next Saturday.

The promotion of any product has been a key success factor in the modern competitive business world. Since our product target consumer is so we have to very cautious to use the promotion tools. We use following tools for promotion purpose Advertising Public Relation & Personal selling The main purpose of advertising is to sell the product. So the advertisement should come out the process of making tea carrying message of it would be safe far baby. Advertising also can carry expert suggestion. We can use billboard, posturing, leaflet to give the positive message of baby tea will be presented in a distinctive manner. The day care center, school GROUP NAME- MARKET LEADERS MKT202.3 faculty-MdH

and amusement parks used to introduce the baby tea to it target market. Pharmacy used to get the best exposure of the market. Since our ultimate customer is baby but the buying decisions will come from their parents. So there should maintain strong communication with parents. It can be done by arranging many events in specials occasions and sponsorship come from us. Thus it can create positive word of mouth and it has been the most effective way to introduce our products. Certainly it helps to catch market and maximize the share. Personal selling has been one of the most useful ways of promotions. It can be done by motivating doctors through the representative. We will go every home and told them the positive side of our baby tea. Thus it will certainly increase the sale of the products