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Where Learners Connect

Connect your students and teachers to one another and to classrooms around the globe with ePals. ePals hosts the worlds largest K-12 social learning network and provides safe, learning-centered communication and collaboration solutions for schools and districts. ePals classroom projects and safe collaboration platform globally inspire and promote meaningful learning. SchoolSafe role and group policies govern all ePals communications for a COPPA, CIPA and FERPA compliant environment.





Safe Email

Cloud-based email for safe, next generation school communications.

SchoolMail365 is the only scalable, enterprise-grade email solution designed for K-12 with SchoolSafe technology, language translation and embedded student learning support. Integrated with Microsofts Live@edu infrastructure.



Social Learning

A social learning platform for school communities to connect and collaborate.

LearningSpace is a customizable platform for sately connecting students, parents and educators online. Create groups for classes and projects with collaboration tools like blogs, forums, media galleries, wikis and dropboxes. User roles, permissions and policies set by the district or school govern all communications.

25 Million Students and 25 Million Students and Teachers Worldwide Teachers Worldwide

The worlds largest K-12 social learning network.

Reaching 25 million students and parents in 200 countries worldwide, the ePals Global Community enables learners to discover quality curricular content and match with classrooms around the world for collaboration and authentic exchanges.




A common core eMentoring program.


Students in grades 3-5 are matched with adult pen pals to read 5 books in parallel and exchange teacher-monitored online letters about the texts. The program provides standards-based professional development and is facilitated by resource-filled websites for students, teachers and eMentor pen pals.


How To Start Using ePals For English Language Learning, Projects and Global Connections

STEP 1: Join ePals. Go to: http://www.epals.com and click on:

Fill in the information about you and your school. Choose a username and password. You automatically get 30 student email accounts. (Request more if you have more students.) To get your whole school set up with email accounts, email jmartin@corp.epals.com.

STEP 2: Find a project for your students. We recommend The Way We Are. Your students can share information about their school, life and community and read messages written by other students. Engage students in authentic practice of English with a peer in an English-speaking country. http://bit.ly/WayWeAre
Other ePals projects: http://www.epals.com/projects/info.aspx?DivID=index

With ePals LearningSpace, we are creating a new kind of learning community with the potential to fix what is broken with traditional education...Students and teachers learning together in a safe social networking community helps students compete with themselves instead of against other students.
Ken Graham Asst. Superintendent and Tech Director Hauppauge Schools, NY

STEP 3: Find partner teachers. The Way We Are Teacher Forum has teachers looking for partners for The Way We Are project. http://www.epals.com/forums/132.aspx
Also search for teachers in the ePals Global Community. Thousands of native English-speaking classes are in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. http://www.epals.com/search

ePals can create the ideal community and technology platform for ensuring that students and educators at IB World School can safely communicate, collaborate and learn with their peers regardless of geographic, cultural or language differences.
Jeffrey Beard Director General of the International Baccalaureate

STEP 4: Students practice reading English. Your students can read, ask or answer questions from other students in ePals Student Forums. Many students learning English post in The Way We Are Student Forum. http://www.epals.com/forums/131.aspx
Your students can get weekly emails in English from the Smithsonian Institution through ePals. Topics include science, art, social studies, and Fun Facts. Teachers choose which ones they get. http://www.epals.com/projects/info.aspx?divid=smithsonian_home

Ive been a teacher for 22 years and Id have to say that ePals is one of the most powerful teaching tools that Ive come across.
Dorothy A. Teacher, New York

STEP 5: Students listen to English in student-made videos. See how other students learning English and native speakers demonstrate their oral language in videos and podcasts in the ePals Student Media Galleries. http://bit.ly/StMedia
When your students create a video introducing your school, or other digital documents, share them.

Schools and teachers must integrate email into the writing and content curriculum to effectively prepare students in powerful ways for their college and workplace futures...

Donald J. Leu, PhD Director of New Literacies University of Connecticut

For more information, sign up for the ePals 101 webinar: http://bit.ly/ePals101 For help with ePals SchoolMail, contact: smsupport@epals.com