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Honeypot Careers, a part of Honeypot IT Consulting came into existence specially to cater the needs of the Contemporary World

of Students with Complete Career Guidance Honeypot Careers has been established with a Vision to bridge the gap between the Institute and Corporate and will aim at transforming the talented graduates from knowledgeable individuals to Corporate Ready professionals We are committed to provide better careers Honeypot career believes 360 Degrees learning with absolute professionalism, which is marketable as company Honeypot having 42 employees includes Software developers, Marketing team we follow the core practices, we would like to inform you that we facilitate real-time project opportunity for student at Honeypot. We assure you that those student undertaking projects got a better feasibility to lean more about the industry, We bring out the perfection and efficiency from the students who work on projects Internship Report (Research/ Problem based) Introduction / Objectives Methodology Knowledge/ Comprehension of the problem/ issue & critical Discussion of relevant literature Analysis of Issues & Problems Data handling Conclusions / Recommendations, Future Implications Presentation & Organization Presentation & Viva Diary Faculty/ Student Contact Case Study Synopsis Internship proposal Mid Term & Final Evaluation (Including invitation for corporate Meet)


I am providing sample list of HR, Marketing projects for your consideration, welcome any project ideas from your students we love innovation, we respect those students come with new project ideas we believe Honeypot will provide great platform for explore,

HR Effectiveness OF Training in Honeypot IT Training & development programme at Honeypot IT Employee satisfaction with performance appraisal system existing in Honeypot IT Employee motivation conducted at Honeypot IT Measure the stress level of the employees of Honeypot IT A study of hr policies at Honeypot IT Recruitment practice and its impact on attrition rate with special reference to the Honeypot IT Effectiveness of recruitment and selection process at Honeypot IT A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Competence or skill development of Honeypot A study on competency mapping and assessment of the executives of Honeypot IT A study on absenteeism at Honeypot IT Personnel management and its functions HoenypotIT

General topics Attrition rates at different sectors Study of training needs across different industries A study of best HR practices in service industry Recruitments and selection process

Analysis of attrition in IT and ITES sector Performance Management Best practices in the field of HR Job design model of motivation Cross cultural training for software professionals Employee satisfaction survey Training & Development Attrition Stress Management Employee Grievances Retention Strategies

and live project available on following Employee Compensation & Benefits, Employee Compensation & Benefits, Performance Appraisal Management ,Safety & Health, Motivation & Improvement, Business Knowledge & Information Management ,Organizational Development, Employee Management, Employee Training & Development, Industrial Relations , Organizational behavior, Organizational Development


Brand building strategies of A study on market competition and customer attitudes in Webdevelopment Consumer Perception towards Online shopping Emerging trends in web marketing Marketing strategies in brand building on the internet Brand loyalty of in Hyderabad Students Consumers level of satisfaction with regard to Honeypot IT IT professionals perception of online shopping versus offline shopping A Study On Market Penetration of local web portals Market research on application of E-commerce A study on the brand awareness of IT Professionals perception of online versus offline shopping Comparison of internet through broadband, cable and wireless in Hyderabad A market study on brand awareness and brand preference of Free SMS providers Marketing strategy towards Social Networking sites Market Potential for Needs of business community for the automation/computerization of their business processes Pre Market Analysis Of Introduction E- Learning sites Customers Perception Towards The Marketing Mix and live project available on following like Marketing Concept, Indian Marketing Environment, Role and functions of marketing department

Relationship Marketing, Pricing strategies, Marketing plans for services

General Topics Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector Study on creation of luxury brand Changing trends in FMCG industry in India Study of consumer behavior in automobile industry Customer buying behavior towards insurance products Promotion strategies followed in Insurance sector Study on "impact of advertising in B2B marketing Marketing in FMCG sector Impact of promotional activities at mall on consumers behavior at shopping malls Managing of luxury brands Study of consumer behavior related to different soap brands Impact of small car segment on two-wheeler industry Influence of branding on consumer purchasing behavior Choosing retail locations for shopping in India Study on "impact of web 2.0 technologies on B2B marketing Analysis of the role of outdoor advertising and establishing strategies for managing space

Finance Working capital and ratio analysis at Honeypot IT A study on risks, opportunities and hedging process in commodities market with reference to Budgeting and budgetary control - systems & procedures, a study made at Honeypot Evaluation of financial performance of Honeypot IT private limited A study report of ratio analysis Honeypot IT private limited A study on changing business profile for Working capital management of Honeypot Trend analysis of IT industry actively traded stock A report on activity based costing for Effectiveness of cost control with special reference to Honeypot Financial statement analysis conducted on behalf of the Honeypot Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry Non performing assets in IT Company Sensitivity analysis of stocks in information technology, Portfolio Analysis Honeypot IT

General Topics Product strategies of private life insurance companies Risk management in foreign exchange Asset liabilities management in Indian banks Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis Risk management through derivatives

Investment banking (Fin) (retail banking in India) Risk management in Indian banks Measurement of financial efficiency Fundamental analysis of financial sector people issues in mergers and acquisitions Study on human resource costing Asset liability management of life insurance companies Non Performing Assests Ratio Analysis Analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE Sensex Derivatives & Options Online Trading Mutual fund analysis

and live project available on following Budgeting, Cash Flow,Strategic Planning,Strategic Planning,Venture Capital,Asset management,Profitability


A Study On Indian Software Product Industry and Honeypot Role of case tools in the various activities of the software development process Determining the market potential of Determining the market potential of Honeypot IT Consulting Existing IT Infrastructure Management System in the Honeypot IT A Study on Security Analysis for selecting Appropriate security Analysis of factors that causes oftware Project Time Overrun Export Performance, Challenges and Prospects of Technology Industry in India Positioning strategy for IT Infrastructure Management Foreign Exchange Practices & Hedging Tools used by the Software Industry Design and Development of Information System for Honeypot IT Private Limited

General topics Effectiveness of e-crm in insurance industry by mobile service A study on effectiveness of online social networks and user perception ERP implementation strategies (systems) A Study on Web development Life Cycle Web 2.0 Technology penetration in Manufacturing Units Google Applications in Business Scenario Acceptance of Wireless internet using mobile devices

IT in Different HR Functions like recruitment, payroll system E-commerce Role of IT in security system ERP in logistics management MIS SAP FICO projects

We assure project training exposes students to new analytical and technical skills to communicate with and to seek information from the professional people. 8 Weeks Intense program Direct Interaction with Professionals 100% Practical learning We look forward toward to meet you for a fruitful relationship with you , We assure you that our association will be beneficial to both our concerns please feel fee to call us for any clarification & information .

Yours truly, P.Kasyap Product Manager Honeypot IT Consulting Private Limited email : Mobile: 9396533666