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NATIONAL DAY: 19th August

Festivals in Afghanistan
Popular Festivals
Ashura 10th Day of the month of Muharram

Nau Roz (New year Festival)

January-March (Date variable according to Islamic calendar)

Melaad un Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)

Date variable according to Islamic calendar

Labour Day
1 May (Annual)
Labor Day is the legacy of Soviet era. It is a national holiday.

Jashn-e-Afghan Day (Independence Day) 19 August (Annual) Ramadan Date variable according to Islamic calendar

Eid e Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Eid e Qurban

Food in Afghanistan
Afghan Specials
Qabli Pulao: It is the most popular dish of Afghanistan. It is steamed rice with chops of raisins and carrot. It is often served with lamb. Other variants of pulao are also available in Afghanistan. People eat it with meat, vegetables or beans. Kababs: Lamb kabab is a favorite of the Afghans. Afghan kabab is mostly served with naan, and rarely rice. Lamb chops, ribs, kofta (ground beef) and chicken kababs are served in good Kabul restaurants. Qorma: Qormas are very popular among Afghans. Onions are fried and meats, fruits, spices or vegetables are added. Mantu: Mantu are steamed dumplings fattened with minced onion beef. Shorma: Soups made of variety of items are very popular in Afghanistan. These soups are locally known as shorma. Variety of Breads: Usually, Afghans consume three types of bread. These breads are locally called Naan, Obi Naan and Lavash. Naan is made of wheat and is thin, long and oval shaped. Obi Naan is shaped like a disk and is thicker than naan. Lavash is very thin bread and used as plating for meats and stews. Rice Dishes: Afghans put in plenty of time and effort to prepare their rice dishes. One popular rice dish is chalow. Chalow is fluffy white rice with each grain separated. The Afghans love to eat chalow with Qormas. Khameerbob: Khameerbob (pasta) is a popular native dish. is prepared for special occasions at home. Mantu is an Uzbek dish while Ashak is a Kabul dish.


Band-e Amir

Band-e Amir (Persian: ) is a series of six deep blue lakes separated by natural dams Band e Ameer Bamyan, Hazarajat Afghanistan is the most visited place in Afghanistan, after the Buddhas of Bamyan.
Hazarchishma Natural Bridge

Hazarchishma Natural Bridge (Persian: ) is a natural arch located in central Afghanistan, and world's 12th largest natural bridge.[1] The bridge spans 64.2 meters (211.0 feet) across its base, and its elevation is 3,100 meters (10,000 feet) above sea level; making it one of the highest large natural bridges in the world. It also ranks among the largest such structures known.[