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Launching Campaign Of Jollibee In Bangladesh


Prepared for:

M.A. Sadat Shimul

Lecturer Promotional Management (MKT-337) Section # 03 School of Business Administration North South University, Dhaka. Prepared by: B M Sazzad Hossain Rasel ID# 081-128-030 Humaira Taskin ID#083-042-030 Sayeda Tasniya Ahsan ID#083-404-030 Anika Nawar ID#092-0550-030 Manzur-E-Mowla ID#091-0625-030 Mizanur Rahman ID#092-0043-030
Executive Summary:

Jollibee is a Filipino food chain operating since 1975. Jollibee has been a success story in all the countries it has entered and currently has 600 stores in Philippines and more than 50 international stores. Jollibee has been appreciated wholly every time it has opened a new store oversees. And therefore, they are planning to open 12 outlets all over Bangladesh with an aim to serve them quality food. Fuaad Food Bangladesh Ltd. (FFBL) has got the franchise contract to launch Jollibee in the Bangladeshi market. We are here to design a promotional campaign of this huge launch. The aim of the promotional campaign is to establish Jollibee as the countrys leading food chain and delight people with its scrumptious food. The promotional campaign will last for two and a half months. The Gala launching of Jollibee will be held on 31st June, 2011. So, the promotional campaign will be divided into periods (pre-launching and post launching). In the pre launching period, we wish to inform as many people as possible about Jollibee and create hype among every one. And in the post launching period, we wish to continue advertising to boost sales and continue to relate peoples lifestyle to Jollibee. The target audience for our outlets is mainly people who earn money and belong to the upper and middle class group. Teenagers, university students are also our target customers. We will use print, electronic, outdoor, internet and public relations to reach the target audience. For outdoor media we will use small banners, billboards, the bee will be used as a mascot, for the gala opening we will use posters and transport will also be used to promote Jollibee. For electronic media, we will advertise in some tv channels, BTV, ATN Bangla, Channel I, NTV and RTV and Radio Foorti. For print media we will use many national and local newspapers like: Prothom Alo, Daily Star, Rajshahi Barta etc. We also concentrated on few magazines too, but number of magazine is low because in our country people are not use to it. Internet and Personal Relationship also get high priority throughout the report. The budget is quite high for the promotional campaign; however we feel that it is justified to give Jollibee maximum exposure. The total budget for this campaign will be Tk. 20111500.

Major Target Market Segments:


Geographic: Jollibee is planning to establish 12 outlets for 8 major cities in Bangladesh that almost cover the whole Bangladesh. Country: Bangladesh City: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Comilla and Coxs Bazar. Demographic: Fast food restaurants are becoming popular with the change of time. As there is no age limitation for any fast food restaurant, Jollibee chose people who are above 12 years and there is no end of the age limitation for age group. Kids bellow 12 years are consumers for sure but they are not able to purchase from Jollibee. Income is another important factor to consider. We target people whose income is at least 10,000 TK and above it. Our major target group is young people but older people and kids are also included in our target consumers. Age Group: 13-19, 20-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 40 and 40+ Income: 10,000-20,000, 21,000-30000, 31000-40000, 41000-50000, 50000 and above Occupation: Home maker, Service holder, Students, professional and technical, managers. Gender: Male and female Family size: 1-2, 1-4, 4-6, 6+ Family Life Cycle: Kids (above 12 years), young, single, married, older, newly married couple, married couples with children, older people with children. Education: School, high school, college graduate, undergraduate and graduate, Behavioral Factors: It is not necessary to consider that all users are regular one or not. Non-users, ex-users, firsttime users can also have the taste of various fast food items. Usage rate depends on their preference level, mood and occasion. If people are coming after watching the outlets, we can assure that people are loyal toward our restaurant and to get their positive attitude toward our service we should deliver them the best service with all those benefits as we can.


Occasions: Regular occasions, social occasions and special occasions. Inclination Stage: Unable, aware, informed, interested, intention to buy, actual buyer Benefits: Quality, service, friendly atmosphere, versatile menu, reasonable price Attitudes Toward Product: Enthusiastic, positive, indifferent, negative, hostile Buyer Status: Non buyer, potential buyer, first-time buyer, regular buyer. Loyalty Status: None, medium, strong. Psychographic Factors: Jollibee targeted people who are from upper background to middle class. So people from all these aspects of life are welcomed by Jollibee in their leisure time to enjoy with their friends and family with the wide range of delicious food items. Social class is an important factor that will give us some idea about which group of people we are targeting. Social class: Upper class, middle class, upper middles, lower uppers,



Electronic Media:
Television: 7|Page

We will start advertising on the electronic media from the middle of May that is 15th of May. Jollibee is a foreign company and therefore most of our customers are not aware of the name and brand. So, our aim will first be to make the name JOLLIBEE prominent and then to promote how it will serve people. We will advertise in few TV channels such as BTV, nTV, ATN, Channel I and Rtv. In BTV, the advertisements will be continuously for everyday because as we are approaching people from all over the Bangladesh with eight outlets outside Dhaka, it is important to advertise on a medium through which we can reach our target customers in an efficient way. The advertisements from May 15th to June 15th will be of 10 seconds and from June 15th to July 31st will be of 30 seconds. The advertisements will be changed from time to time. The time schedule on which we wish to advertise is given below: It is wise to choose the peak hour in BTV as we are considering it as the main vehicle to reach the mass audience. So, the advertisements will be shown on peak hours (from 7:00 pm), Just before the news, during breaks in films and news (we are giving 30 sec ads during this time).

The Channel I news at 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm are very popular so we will choose the spot just before these three news and mid breaks in news.

The prime time when the popular soap operas take place is the time when advertisements will be shown on Rtv and ntv. Mid breaks in drama and films is the spot we want to advertise. And for ntv we would like to advertise before the news and mid breaks in news also

For ATN we will advertise in its news breaks and before or after programs.

TVC Content: May 15th to June 15th As this is the initial stage, we would like to create hype among the people at this stage for the 8|Page

brand. The short 10 seconds advertisements will show a BEE buzzing in and out of the television screen humming obscure songs, and then the BEE sits on the logo of Jollibee. Then we will show a text coming soon. June 15th to June 31st After one month of advertising, we assume that the hype has been created among people and now it is time to inform people about JOLLIBEE. We will approach our audience with two sets of advertisement.

The first will be to show how festive Filipino people are and how they celebrate their little moments of happiness with Jollibee as it is the leading restaurant chain in the Philippines. After the advertisement this quote will appear: Festive Always

The second set will be to encourage our people to go to Jollibee

This set will contain: We will show different people celebrating their joyous moments in Jollibee. For example, a group of friends just came out of the exam hall finishing their finals. A voice will tell Done with exams? Celebrate at Jollibee. Then we will show how the people enjoy their time at Jollibee and will also showcase Jollibees stuffs friendly nature. Then again the same sentence will appear Festive Always.

21st June is the Fathers day, and we wish to focus on this event. An emotional advertisement will be created showing the bonding of a father and a child. The advertisements will show how busy the children get when they grow up and the father feels lonely at home. And then on the eve of Fathers Day, the children give their father a surprise at Jollibee, tears come out of the fathers eyes and we show how Jollibee can make you happy.

Another advertisement will be about different kinds of people coming all together to celebrate their time at Jollibee. These different types of people will include friend groups, old people getting nostalgic at Jollibee and quality family time spending at Jollibee.


July 1st to July 30th This is the period after Jollibee will start operating. We wish to keep the same advertisements broadcast during the second period (June 15th to June 31st). This is logical because by this time we will be able to create an image of Jollibee in peoples minds and we want this image to last for a long time. By this time, the frequency of the advertisements will be less because we are assuming that people already know about Jollibee.

RADIO Fm radio has recently been getting popular among everyone. It is a great tool to reach mass audience at a lower cost. The budget for the TVCs is very high so we wish to keep a less expensive budget for the radio. The leading FM radio channels are Radio Foorti, Radio aamar and Radio Today. We will focus on these three radio channels and special importance will be given to Radio Foorti as it has only one advertisement during any break so the people are less likely to change the channel are and more likely to be exposed to the advertisement. The radio schedule will also be divided: May 15th to June 15th The same buzzing and humming of the bee will be broadcast for 15 seconds. The humming will get louder with time and in the end a voice will say JOLLIBEE COMING SOON June 15th to June 30th This is the period we want to inform the people about the grand opening of Jollibee. The Gala night will be held on 30th June so radio is the medium we want to use for informing people about this night. We can use RJs and sponsor programs for that. At the same time we will use jingles to promote brand awareness. July 1st to July 31st: This is the period after the opening of Jollibee. The advertisement contents will be same as the advertisement contents of the TVCs. So, these advertisements will be the audio version of the TVCs being broadcast. We can also reduce frequency assuming most of our target customers 10 | P a g e

know about the brand. These advertisements will be of 20 seconds.

Print media is the one of the wide ranges of medium to reach mass people. It may be one of the oldest forms of marketing tools but holds an important position in the marketing mix till now. Jollibee, one of the famous brands in Philippines is planning to expand their business in Bangladesh. As a result they are planning to gain more customer attention through marketing mix. Here we will provide them some suggestions of various print media promotional campaigns and plans in details with research statistics. In an average everyday 5people read one newspaper in our country. As a result we can say that this print media plays a vital role in our country.


Newspaper is a media through which an advertiser can send his/her message to the mass people. As a result the owners of Jollibee will also go forward for print media to reach the maximum number of people of our country in a cost efficient way. Thus, in the proposed advertising campaign, a large and substantial part of budget will be occupied by print media. There are several valid reasons for considering using print ads in Jollibees marketing plan. The print media will help Jollibee to create a favorable public image in the mind of a customer. Because most of the people in our country still believe that, whatever is in newspaper is always true. It is also a very cost efficient way to reach huge number of people in one short. Through printed ads you can play with readers emotions and create a brand image in their mind. The effective and efficient advertisements will hold out the promise of betterment to a reader. We can achieve this only through creative and professional advertising design, including color sense, layout, positioning, and language.

11 | P a g e

Print media is one of the strong mediums in our country to reach huge number of people. In newspapers we can customized our ads by providing various instruments to gain attentions from customers. Printed medium can also be used to measure how the ads really effecting people. For example: coupons through newspapers can be used to measure how many people we have reached throughout some particular ads.


Newspaper is one of the greatest sources of print media to reach huge number of people. Here our proposed print media plan will be constituted of 3 months. That includes May, June and July. During these 3 months we are going to use several print media vehicles all over the country. As Jollibee will be opening up 12 outlets in Bangladesh, this proposed campaign will consider every outlet area and thus will advertise according to that. But our main considerations will be Dhaka and Chittagong as they are the most developed cities of our country, and people living there like to go first food shops for many reasons.

Media Vehicles used:

District Name Dhaka News Paper Name 1. The Daily Star 2. The Daily Prothom Alo 3. The Daily Amar Desh 4. Kaaler Kontho 5. Bangladesh Protidin Chittagong Sylhet The Purbakon The Suprobhat Bangladesh Daily Sylhet Bani 12 | P a g e Magazine Name 1. GEN Next 2. Chhutir Din 3. Star Magazine

Rajshahi Khulna Barishal Comilla Cox-Bazar

Rajshahi Barta Kulaurar Dak Shahnama barisal Daily Rupasi Bangla Cox's Bazar Barta, Sagar Bani

The print media plan for each month is described separately below. May 2011: In May 2011, our main objective is creating awareness about Jollibee through print media. Jollibee, one of the famous first-food chains in Philippines, is franchising their outlets here in Bangladesh for the first time. Jollibee is a brand that very few people of our country are actually aware of. As a result, our first months objective is to let the people of Bangladesh know about this world class brand and to do so here we are concentrating in print media as vehicle of spreading awareness. Here we are planning to put few advertisements in printed newspapers. Because from the very next month we are planning to go for huge advertising as all stores around the country will be opened from 1st July 2011. We are planning to publish advertisements in the newspapers on a continuous basis after 15th May. Here in this month we are planning to put ads on Friday and Saturday, because most of the people stay home at that time and usually spend their time by reading newspapers. This will help us create brand awareness to them. During this period our main purpose will be creating a little suspense among the people. This will help us to create interest in the readers mind as a result they will look forward for the advertisement. However, this will be done in a part by part basis to generate customer interest. For example on 20th of May, the advertisement will show only a burger image, and then on 21st there will be burger and hotdog. After that one week pause, then suddenly on 27th there might be 13 | P a g e

some people eating those burger, hotdog and pizza in very joyful mode, after that on 28 th we will advertise the environment of the shop along with the previous picture. By this way we are planning to finish our first months printed advertisement on newspaper. June 2011: In this month our main objective to put more ads in newspaper to create more brand awareness among the people. As a result to make our job easier we are planning to divide this month into two time segments. Here we are also dealing with the odd days only. June 1st to June 15th plan: Here we are taking only odd days, which are 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th 11th, 13th and 15th of June. These advertisements are to be positioned in the third and last pages of the national dailies mentioned above. Here in this month until 15th June we are going to keep that suspense (started a month earlier) among the general people. But this time we will use more frequent ads than before. As a result we are expecting customers will be more interested to our ads to see what is coming up next. For this reason we will add many more elements to that picture (the ad started from 20th May) day by day till 13th when there will be a complete image of a scenario where people are eating fast foods in a very healthy environment and kids are playing in kids zone but in this ad we will put a big happy bee on the top left corner. This ad will put the readers in more suspense. Now on 15th May we will advertise a picture of a very big bee along with the name of the company, JOLLIBEE.

June 16th to June 30th plan: In this period we are planning to publish all the ads on odd days of June. That is 17 th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th of June.

14 | P a g e

On 17th of June 2011 will simply show a full page with the Jollibees logo and its tagline plus one statement Coming soon in your City. After this our main aim will be to inform people about the company and in Bangladesh where we are going to open our fast food shops. As a result the next two days ads will be little bit different plus a little bit informative. After that will show them various snapshots of different lifestyles where people eating fast foods seems part of the whole. For example on 23rd the newspaper advertisement will show an image of a young couple sharing one glass of Pineapple Juice with two straws. On the 25th for example, we will show them a group of friends hanging out in our music lounge and enjoying our quality foods. We are going to position the ads on the last page of the newspapers and sometimes in the lifestyle pages. Additionally, the advertisement on 27th and 29th of May will provide them some discount coupons which will give them enjoy Jollibees quality foods on a discount. Furthermore, these advertisements will also provide information about the gala night and hotdog eating competition that is to be held on the 30th of June, 2011 in the 4 outlets of Jollibee in Dhaka and 2 outlets in Chittagong. We are also planning to supply leaflets along with the daily newspapers, outlining the detailed information regarding the menu, gala night, hotdog eating competition and Jollibee in Bangladesh as a whole, in few selected areas. This will help us to collect the attention of the local people.

July 2011: From the very begging of July, our aim of advertisement is to create brand recognition and illustrate the market offering and the product benefits among the people. These will include the information of the outlet, where Jollibee outlets are located and also the different product lines, etc. On 1st of July all of the outlets of Jollibee will be opened country wide. As a result we will include some changes in our advertising plans. Now our plan is to give continuous ads on every 15 | P a g e

newspaper (national and local) for 5 days to inform people that, we are open and ready to serve you at any time. After this the frequency of the advertisement will be lowered from every day to every three days. Here we are especially considering Fridays and Saturdays for our advertisement, because in these days we will be able to collect more customer attention than any other days. We will publish an ad of Jollibee on lifestyle pages every week. Here our aim to communicate peoples about, in the June advertisements, the original Jollibees signature image and why they are here. Now lets consider the color combination of the advertisement on news paper, here we will follow their international standards, because this will help local people to learn more about this international brand, and the message that will be conveyed in every advertisement will be, the tag line company already using. Here we will show them how the foods are processed, friendly environment, and the strong interiors. We will also show them how people are enjoying here. For example: one ad will show friends or couples or celebrities hanging out in Jollibees first food outlets. This might create an urge to go to Jollibees fast food shop among the people. These advertisements are going to be printed in three major national dailies, namely Prothom Alo, Daily Star and Amar Desh.

We are not planning to put huge number of ads in magazines, because people of our country are really not that much user friendly with magazines. However, we are going to advertise in the three magazines stated by name, i.e. GEN Next, Chhutir din (Prothom Alo) and Star Magazine, in a regular intervals. Here we are advertising in magazines because it will help us to reach the high class segments of Bangladesh. We will do these types of advertising only in Dhaka and Chittagong.

May 2011: 16 | P a g e

The month of May is our pre launching period. During this time our aim is to make Jolli bees name popular among our target customers. We will try to create the hype so that our customers start to wait eagerly for our grand opening. Banner: We r going to put small banners with the lamp posts on which the smiling jolly bee will be waving its hand. There will be no detail of us. Only the bee will be visible. We are going to cover the lamp post of busy areas like shantinagar mor, mirpur road, pantha path to farm gate, kemal atartuk avenue. We will mostly focus on the area around our outlet. For the outlets outside Dhaka we will use Banners only. Banners must cover 2mile area around each outlet. Mascot: We plan to put the Aerial Mascot (bee) on some road dividers. Mascots will be only in the middle of busy roads and must be within peoples eyesight. The mascot will be just as the banner. Billboard: In the pre launching period we just want to make Jolli bee familiar to our customer. In this regard we are going to put the bee in a billboard. A facebook page will be visible in the billboard and the bee will ask for a friend request. The page will be similar to the add request page. In the additional message the bee will say I am Jollibee from Phillipines. Add me to your life & Make it always festive. This billboard will be there until June 15. June 15, 2011 Fifteen days left for the Gala opening. This is the time to prepare our customer for the grand celebration. Poster: 17 | P a g e

Poster will take position of the banners. There will be detail information of Jolli Bee gala opening. It will contain information like: JOLLI BEE fast food chain (its location), gala opening venue & time, the performers name of the program.

Mascot: Mascot will be same. But it will not be the aerial anymore. It will be placed on the road divider. It will carry a banner with it displaying the information of the gala opening. Billboard: Billboard will also provide the information of gala opening. There will be picture of the delicious food items as well to make the customer ready for the new taste. Gala Opening: The Gala opening will be at Dhanmondi Mohila Complex . There will be a concert which will start off with a presentation on the rich history of Jolli bee in Phillipines. Stars like Artcell, Mila, Shunno, lalon will perform in the concert. There will be several sessions of Stand up comedy as well in between the singers performance. We want our audience to enjoy some quality moments with us which they will remember forever. There will be a food corner where the audience will be served food items of Jolli bee. The entry fee of the concert will be 150 TK. Food items will be priced at a discounted regular price. July, 2011: By this time the outlets are open. Our target is to make the brand popular among the customer. We will try to remind them of our delicious taste in regular interval.

Banner: Banner will be again included in the promotions. It will show the picture of the mouth watering foods. Banners will be located only around the outlet area.

18 | P a g e

Wrapped transport: The buses which travel around the outlet area will carry the delicious pictures of Jollibee food items. It will remind and encourage the customer to take their lunch or dinner at Jollibee. Billboard: Billboard will present the image of the recent TVC. From July the billboard will showcase the idea Others: To make the brand popular we will focus on our logo. The bee itself is an interesting logo and we look forward to a strong popularity of the logo among the children. We plan to arrange several visits by the mascot in different schools. The bee will give the kids free stickers and will take photo with the students. Be the first to throw a treat on different celebration

As we develop a popular brand in Bangladesh we will concentrate on our corporate social responsibility. As a part of it we will provide tiffin to the students of the Jaago foundation school once in every month.

Internet and Interactive Media:

Internet and interactive media are important tools for promotion in this modern age. Jollibee has already its original website (www.jollibee.com.ph/) which is well designed. As we are launching it in Bangladesh for the first time, we have to develop a website regarding this. Anyone can get all information about stores, menus, prices by just clicking the website. Advertisements will be uploaded in YouTube for publicity. And the good news is it will take no 19 | P a g e

expense at all. Facebook is more efficient interactive way to communicate Jollibee with people. Banner advertisement in face book is provided during the beginning of May. Official fane page is also opened in face book which will help to remind the people about Jollibees offers by uploading photos, sharing their service and videos. This will send a cyber vibe throughout the Internet users and do publicity. This too does not involve any expenditure. Gala night at women complex and its information are going to be available in facebook and website. People can buy their tickets through our website.

As we all know, public relation has always been one of the most influential part of the IMC and an important part of the organizations promotional mix for promoting any type of products or services. For Jollibee, it is an inevitable part of the marketing mix because of its product category. There are many well renowned fast food companies that are competing against each other. Entering in a market full of competitions will take a lot of effort especially in PR. We have proposed a detailed plan for handling the PR activities for Jollibee for the month 20 | P a g e

of May 2011 to July 2011. PR Plan for the month of May 2011 As this is the first month of the campaign, we propose Jollibee /FFBL to negotiate with the event management firms about holding concerts and different types of other promotional events in different locations. Before introducing officially in the market and promoting its products and services, Jollibee should think about selecting a brand ambassador for promoting them. As Jollibee is a fast food chain for people of all ages, it could be a bit tougher while selecting the right ambassador. Therefore, we propose to introduce dummies that will be the same as a bee shaped. In the first month, Jollibee will organize a trip throughout the entire Dhaka city in schools, colleges and universities for promoting. For the whole month, Jollibee will be visiting the leading schools, colleges and universities and organizing concerts participated by the students themselves and some well renowned bands as well. In the mean time, Jollibee will serve the audiences with their food items in a discounted price and also free beverages for the students. During this tour, people will get leaflets of Jollibee along with the prices for every food items that they are providing. This will get Jollibee a full disclosure among the young generations.

PR Plan for the month of June 2011 In this month, Jollibee will continue its trip to the educational institutes and promoting there. The Gala opening will be at Dhanmondi Mohila Complex . There will be a concert which will start off with a presentation on the rich history of Jolli bee in Phillipines. Stars like Artcell, Mila, Shunno, lalon will perform in the concert. There will be several sessions of Stand up comedy as well in between the singers performance. The ticket price is suggested to be 150 taka per person for regular seats. The concert is to commence at 5 pm till midnight. It should be noted that the concert is scheduled to be exclusively sponsored by Jollibee, FFBL along with media partners. In this event, prominent celebrities and journalists are going to be invited. The invitation to the journalists will create the scope for publicizing the launching of Jollibee in the market in the electronic and print media. At 12:01 a.m. a massive and elegant firework show is 21 | P a g e

suggested to be carried out in the Dhaka skyline outside the open space of the gala night venue, i.e. Dhanmondi Mohila Complex along with the 12 specific outlets of Jollibee all across the country. The fireworks will be carried out for 10 minutes and will start at the exact same time. Thus Jollibee will get a huge attention and it will help them get a blast while entering the market. People will notice the blast of the fireworks which illustrated the name of Jollibee and FFBL at the night and the very next morning they will have an outstanding outlet of a quality fast-food chain in their neighborhood.

PR Plan for the month of July 2011 For Jollibee, PR activities in the month of July are very crucially important as it is the first month of their operation in the market. Therefore we propose to give up to 25% discount on each and every item and also free T-shirts for the first 250 customers in each outlet. It is obvious that people will be attracted to the discount rate and also they will wear the T-shirts as well. By this way, Jollibee will get a full disclosure without making any extra cost. In this month, Jollibee will complete its tour to the schools, colleges and universities and finally it will organize a cultural competition where schools will be competing with each other, colleges will be competing with other colleges and the same with universities. At the end of the month, it will announce the champions of the competition and the prizes will also be sponsored exclusively by Jollibee. Another thing that we propose Jollibee to execute is road signs carrying the names of the street, avenue or place will be situated in different locations for commuters, citizens and people at large to know the name of the place and sense the city better. These road signs will have the names of the places in both English and Bengali and clearly depict the Jollibee logo where the bee will indicate the way to the location. It should be noted that these road signs should be placed in all the major streets and near the hotels of the cities that Jollibee has opened its outlets. The beneficial side of this activity is that these road signs will stand for a long time even after the 3 months campaign that we have proposed and discussed here.

22 | P a g e

Proposal for continuous ad campaign:

Electronic Media As far as TVC is concerned, the paper proposes the continuity TVCs projecting its key food items. This is proposed to continue even after the May 2011 to July 2011 campaign. The paper also recommends FFBL/Jollibee to take into consideration special occasions that will come up in the future, for example the friendship day on the first Sunday of the month of august, 15 th august etc. while telecasting its advertisements in the electronic media, particularly in television. The lifestyle advertisements are recommended to be innovated and shown in television after the initial campaign is over. This paper suggests that after the initial campaign, Jollibee should try to emerge as a community for the youngsters that complements friendship, family life and many other relationships that exist in the society. It should strive through its promotional management to project itself as the community that is associated with memories, nostalgia, social communication and care under the same roof. It should be said that as the summer season is going to be over, Jollibee should advertise specific beverages and snacks that it also sells instead of plain fast food. As far as the RDC is concerned, the paper proposes to use it strategically and after intense research. Jollibee should find out the programs that are relevant to the image of the product (i.e. burgers, sandwiches, different types of soups etc) which is associated with memories, nostalgia and social communications.

Print Media: The proposal regarding the print media for the future for Jollibee is that it has to keep up advertising by featuring different food items in each ad. These print ads should project people rejoicing their fun moments over bites of Jollibee fast food items. Furthermore, it should also feature some special offers for special occasions. 23 | P a g e

Jollibee should advertise in magazines and newspaper supplements that feature the youth, the friendship and family as well. The proposal is also that Jollibee should also access the reading materials of all the people as it is providing its products at reachable prices.

Outdoor: The outdoor media advertisement is proposed to be limited in putting banners in the main roadsides. Universities, colleges and schools are suggested to be brought under the exposure of Jollibee posters. This will create an appeal and communicate with many people.

Public Relation: As far as public relation is concerned, the paper proposes that this media be slightly shrunk. This is because a great deal has been done in the time period starting from May 2011 to June 2011. However, putting road signs with the names of the places, streets and avenues sponsored by Jollibee/FFBL is suggested to be expanded in the cities and highways. Beautification and installing sitting places in the city and open urban squares respectively under the sponsorship of Jollibee is recommended in the future.

Internet and Interactive Media: It is proposed that advertisements be given in social networking sites such as Facebook and Bangladeshi web sites visited by Bangladeshi citizens which include Click BD and others. Cyber cafes could be set up in the outlets of Jollibee. This may promote Jollibee to a higher degree.


24 | P a g e

Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011
Details Total Print Media Budget: Total Electronic Media: TV RADIO Total Outdoor Budget: Total PR Budget: Grand Total: 6048000 1133500 8800000 595000 20111500 Taka 3535000

Although it may seem like a huge advertising budget, but to us it is very practical and well justified budget. This advertising plan will help Jollibee to capture a strong segment in our country with their existing international image.

Reference: 1) Principals of Marketing, 12ed by P. Kotler 2) Contemporary Advertising, 13ed by William F. Arens 3) www.jollibee.com.ph

25 | P a g e

26 | P a g e


Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011 Details Newspapers: National Newspaper Back Page (TK.11,500/day) X 11days X 5newspapers Third Page (Tk. 9,500/day) X 5 days X 5newspapers MAY JUNE JULY


632500 237500

51750 0 23750 0

27 | P a g e

Local Newspaper (estimated cost) Front Page (TK.5000/day) X 16days




Magazine Weekly Magazine Front Strip (2 inch X 7.75 inch) (Color) (Tk. 50,000/week) X 2weeks X3 Back Cover (Color) (Tk. 75,000/week) X 2 weeks X3 Total: Total Print Media Budget: 250000 3535000

300000 450000 1700000

30000 0 45000 0 15850 00

Notes: Here we took Prothom-Alo's advertising rate for our calculation.

Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011 Details TV Ads BTV 30 sec (15000/-)X 4times MAY 24000 0 JUNE 84000 0 JULY 60000 0

28 | P a g e

Cable TV 30sec (Tk.13, 000)X 4times X3 channels min. Total: Total TV ads Budget: Notes: Here to calculate cable tv ad cost, we took ATN's ad cost as a base.

62400 0 86400 0 60480 00

21840 00 30240 00

15600 00 21600 00

Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011 Details 15 sec ad (BDT 1,150) X 10times a day 20 sec ad (BDT 1,400) X 15times a day Total: Total Radio ads Budget: Notes: Here took Radio Furti's ad cost as base cost. MAY JUNE JULY 17825 1782 0 50 1260 6510 00 00 17825 3042 6510 0 50 00 11335 00

Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011 Details MAY JUNE JULY

Banner Mascot Billboard Poster Wrapped transport Others expenses Total: Total Outdoor Budget:

1,50,000 50,000
1875000 50000

2,00,000 50,000
3125000 75000 3125000 (estimat

50,000 ed)
21,25,000 88,00,000 3250000

(estimat 50000 ed) 34,25,000

29 | P a g e

Advertising Company Budget for the months of May, June and July, 2011 Details MAY JUNE JULY (estimat ed) 5000 0 1500 0 5000 (estimat 0 ed) 1800 00 2950 00

concert cost (in Dhaka and Chittagong) Hotdog eating competition

Discount Cards Fire-works

6,000,0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 300000 0 300000 5950 00 60tak a

Free T-shirts for the first 250 buyers in each outlets City Beautification Total: Total PR Budget: Notes: T-shirt cost

30 | P a g e

Radio Furti Limited Rate Card

S/N. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. S/N. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Duration 60 Seconds 40 Seconds 30 Seconds 20 Seconds 15 Seconds Duration 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 120 Minutes Endorsement (Maximum 20 Sec/7 to 9 am & 4 to 6 pm) Endorsement ( Maximum 40 Sec/Other than peak time as mentioned above) Spot Rate (ALL NATIONAL) BDT 4,000 BDT 2,667 BDT 2,000 BDT 1,400 BDT 1,150 Slot Rate (ALL NATIONAL) BDT 30,000 BDT 55,000 BDT 95,000 BDT 4,000 BDT 4,000

Terms & Condition

1. We are at your service 24 hours round the clock. 2. Commercial airing schedule will be fixed after negotiation with radio furti sales people. 3. All commercial materials (includes RDCs, scripts and schedules) need to reach us at least 48 hours prior to the airing time. 4. The materials need to be accompanied by a written/email request. 5. All cancellations need to be informed at least 48 hours earlier. 6. Flat rate to be applied across billing. 7. In case of fraction in seconds for air time, it is to be rounded up to next full digit. 8. 100% premium to be charged for fixed spot booking. 9. 50% payment should be made in advance with order and rest need to be paid within 15 days after submission of Bill in favor of Radio Furti Limited by A/C payee Check/PO/DD. 10. Radio Spot production cost for 30 sec is BDT 15,000.00 (Tk. Fifteen Thousand only). 11. In cases of endorsements, Radio Furti will confirm the time availability beforehand. You are requested to book the endorsement spots based on our availability schedule.

31 | P a g e

12. VAT & Agency Commission is not included with this rate.

Radio Furti Limited Landmark (8th floor), 12-14 Gulshan North C/A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212 Tel:+880-2-8835747-8,Fax:+880-2-8835746

ATN BANGLA 1. Rates for Spot Advertisement. Spot Duration Peak Hour 5.00pm to 01.00am Normal Specific Choice Middle Break in Before Drama/Film program Tk. 4,500.00 Tk. 6,000.00 Tk. 7,000.00 Tk. 9,000.00 Tk.12, 000.00 Tk. 14,000.00 Tk.13, 000.00 Tk.18, 000.00 Tk.21, 000.00 Tk.18, 000.00 Tk.24, 000.00 Tk.28, 000.00 Tk.22, 000.00 Tk.30, 000.00 Tk.35, 000.00 Tk.27, 000.00 Tk.36, 000.00 Tk.42, 000.00

Before News

10 sec 20 sec 30 sec 40 sec 50 sec 60 sec

Tk. 4,000.00 Tk. 8,000.00 Tk. 12.000.00 Tk.16, 000.00 Tk.20, 000.00 Tk.24, 000.00

25% discount on spots for PSA/Social awareness commercials. This discount is not applicable on news related spots. 50% discount on spots between 1.00AM to 5.00PM.

2. News Spot Rates for 7pm, 10pm & 12am Peak Time News. Spot 1st Mid Break 1st spot of 1st Duration ATN Bangla M.B. ATN News Bangla News Only one spot 10 sec Tk. 11,000.00 ----20 sec Tk.22, 000.00 ----30 sec Tk.33, 000.00 Tk.36, 000.00 40 sec Tk.44, 000.00 Tk.48, 000.00 50 sec Tk.55, 000.00 Tk.60, 000.00 60 sec Tk.66, 000.00 Tk.72, 000.00 2nd Mid 1st spot of 2nd Break ATN M.B ATN Bangla News Bangla News Only one spot Tk. 8,000.00 ----Tk.16, 000.00 Tk.18, 000.00 Tk.24, 000.00 Tk.27, 000.00 Tk.32, 000.00 Tk.36, 000.00 Tk.40, 000.00 Tk.45, 000.00 Tk.48, 000.00 Tk.54, 000.00 Just before ATN Bangla News Only one spot --------Tk.37, 500.00 Tk.50, 000.00 Tk.62, 500.00 Tk.75, 000.00

5 Sec. Super Mid Break Spot for Peak Hour News = Tk. 15,000 per spot.

32 | P a g e

3. Off Peak Full News & Hourly News Spot Rates. Spot Mid Break Mid Break Just Before 2am, Mid Break Hourly Duration 2am, 2pm, & 7am & 10am 7am, 10am, News 8am, 9am, 6pm (English News 2pm, 6pm 11am, 12noon, News) (English News) 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, Only one spot 5pm 10 sec Tk. 5,000.00 Tk. 4,000.00 Tk. 3,000.00 Tk. 3,500.00 20 sec Tk. 10,000.00 Tk. 8,000.00 Tk. 6,000.00 Tk. 7,000.00 30 sec Tk.15,000.00 Tk.12,000.00 Tk. 9,000.00 Tk.10,500.00 40 sec Tk.20,000.00 Tk.16,000.00 Tk.12,000.00 Tk.14,000.00 50 sec Tk.25,000.00 Tk.20,000.00 Tk.15,000.00 Tk.17,500.00 60 sec Tk.30,000.00 Tk.24,000.00 Tk 18,000.00 Tk.21,000.00 Just Before Hourly News Only one spot

Tk. 3,500.00 Tk. 7,000.00 Tk.10,500.00 Tk.14,000.00 Tk.17,500.00 Tk.21,000.00

4. Telecast Fee for Package Program/Tele Film & Short Films with Sponsorship. Program Duration 22 MTS 45 MTS 90 MTS 90 MTS CM Time 4 MTS 8 MTS 12 MTS 16 MTS Telecast Fee Extra commercial time TK. 40,000.00 TK. 70,000.00 TK.1,00,000.00 Extra commercial time may be allowed only on additional payment as per spot TK.1,20,000.00 rate.

30% Extra for Branding of Program


33 | P a g e

Duration 10 20 30 40 50 60

Fixed Mid Break in Before Ordinary Position Films/Programs NEWS 4500 9000 13500 18000 22500 27000 5500 11000 16500 22000 27500 33000 6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000 7000 14000 21000 28000 35000 42000

Just Before NEWS

1st 1st Mid 1st Spot 2nd Mid Spot in 1st Mid in NEWS 1st Mid NEWS in News in News 10000 20000 8000 16000 24000 32000 40000 48000 22000 17000 33000 25500 44000 34000 55000 42500 66000 51000

25500 34000 42500 51000

30000 40000 50000 60000

*( Peak Hours are 5:00 PM up to 12:00am from Saturday to Thursday and Full Transmission hours on Fridays and Special Days )

STANDARD PACKAGE OFFER Booking a month for 30 mins (5:00 PM to 7:20 PM 15 mins & 7:20 PM to 11:30 PM 15 mins) at a Static package rate Tk. 6,75,000/SUBSTANDARD PACKAGE OFFER Booking a month for 30 mins (7:00 AM to 5:00 PM) at a static package rate Tk. 3,00,000/VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) 15% Value Added TAX (VAT) to be paid on the gross value of all advertisements. AIT (ADVANCE INCOME TAX) 10% Advance Income Tax (AIT) to be deducted from agency commision of all advertisements. RATES FOR SPONSORSHIP OF PROGRAMS Rates to be determined from program to program on negotiation, depending on the duration, Timing and selection of program. Commercial time allowed for the sponsorship will be as follows : Program duration 25 minutes : 300 sec commercial time is allowed (With two mid-breaks). Program duration 40 minutes : 420 sec commercial time is allowed (With three mid-breaks). Program duration 60 minutes : 600 sec commercial time is allowed (With four mid-breaks). NAMING RIGHTS Rate for naming rights and branding for sponsored programs can also be negotiated. PAYMENT All Payments are required to be paid in advance of transmission by Bank Draft/Pay Order in favor of International Television Channel Ltd. only. INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION CHANNEL LTD. (NTV)

BSEC Bhaban (7th floor), 102 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh Phone : 9143381-5 Fax : 880-2-9143386-7, e-mail : mkt@ntvbd.com (Effective from July 01, 2010) Rates for Spot Advertisements in BDT (Peak Hours*)

34 | P a g e

Duration Ordinary 10 20 30 40 50 60 4500 9000 13500 18000 22500 27000

Fixed Position 5500 11000 16500 22000 27500 33000

Mid Break in Films/Programs 6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000

Before NEWS 7000 14000 21000 28000 35000 42000

Just Before NEWS

1st Mid in NEWS 10000 20000

2nd Mid in NEWS 8000 16000 24000 32000 40000 48000

1st Spot 1st Mid in News

1st Spot 1st Mid in News

22000 33000 44000 55000 66000

17000 25500 34000 42500 51000

25500 34000 42500 51000

30000 40000 50000 60000

*( Peak Hours are 5:00 PM up to 12:00am from Saturday to Thursday and Full Transmission hours on Friday and Special Days )

STANDARD PACKAGE OFFER Booking a month for 30 mins (5:00 PM to 7:20 PM 15 mins & 7:20 PM to 11:30 PM 15 mins) at a static package rate Tk. 6,75,000/SUBSTANDARD PACKAGE OFFER Booking a month for 30 mins (7:00 AM to 5:00 PM) at a static package rate Tk. 3,00,000/VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) 15% Value Added TAX (VAT) to be paid on the gross value of all advertisements. AIT (ADVANCE INCOME TAX) 10% Advance Income Tax (AIT) to be deducted from agency commision of all advertisements.

BTV (Dhaka) a) Peak time: (From 7.00 pm till end of transmission & Friday Saturday-transmission)

all transmission except morning

Duration 10 Seconds 20 Seconds 30 40 50 60 Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds

With 50% With 80% Surcharge for Surcharge for General Rate any fixed just before or position after News Tk. 5000/Tk. 10000/Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 15000/20000/25000/30000/Tk. 7500/Tk. 15000/Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 22500/30000/37500/45000/Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. ----------27000/36000/45000/54000/-

With 100% Surcharge for mid-break in films Tk. 10000/Tk. 20000/Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 30000/40000/50000/60000/-

With 200% Surcharge for mid-break in News Tk. 15000/Tk. 30000/Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 45000/60000/75000/90000/-

35 | P a g e

b) Early time: (Up to 7.00 pm for all days and Friday and Saturday- morning transmission) With 100% With 50% Surcharge Surcharge for Midfor any fixed position break in films Tk. 3750/Tk. 5000/Tk. 7500/Tk. 10000/Tk. 11250/Tk. 15000/Tk. 15000/Tk. 20000/Tk. 18750/Tk. 25000/Tk. 22,500/Tk. 30000/-

Duration 10 20 30 40 50 60 Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds

General Rate Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 2500/5000/7500/10000/12500/15000/-

Chittagong TV Center Rate for spot advertisements

Duration 10 20 30 40 50 60 seconds seconds seconds seconds seconds seconds

General Rate Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk. 1500/3000/4500/6000/7500/9000/-

With 50% Surcharge With 80% Surcharge for any fixed position for Mid-break in Films Tk. 2250/Tk. 2700/Tk. 4500/Tk. 5400/Tk. 6750/Tk. 8100/Tk. 9000/Tk. 10800/Tk. 11250/Tk. 13500/Tk. 13500/Tk. 16200/-

36 | P a g e



1st Spot 2nd Mid & Last Break Spot of in News 1st Mid in News 6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000 18000 27000 36000 45000 54000 1st Spot & Last Spot of 2nd Mid in News 15000 22500 30000 37500 45000


Duration Fixed Mid Just 1st Mid Before in Ordinary Position Break in Before Break News Seconds [Program] Drama News in News 10 20 30 40 50 60 3500 7000 10500 14000 17500 21000 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000 24000 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000 20500 27300 34166 41000 7000 14000 21000 28000 35000 42000

*(Peak Hours are 5:30 PM onwards from Sunday to Thursday and full transmission hours on Friday, Saturday and special days) PEAK TIME SPECIAL OFFER FOR ORDINARY SPOT ADVERTISEMENTS (6:00 PM to 11:30 PM) Minimum 30 mins. Booking a month for 3 months at a special package rate during peak time: TK. 3,00,000/- per month. OFF-PEAK TIME SPECIAL OFFER FOR ORDINARY SPOT ADVERTISEMENTS Minimum 30 mins. Booking a month for 3 months at a special package rate during off-peak time: TK. 1,50,000/- per month. SURCHARGE & DISCOUNTS 25% discounts on PSA/ Social Awareness commercials. VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) 37 | P a g e

15% Value Added Tax (VAT) to be paid on the grows value of all advertisements. AIT (ADVANCE INCOME TAX) 5% Advance Income Tax (AIT) to be deducted from agency commission of all advertisements.

38 | P a g e