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CS1. Mr. Datta owner of small textile plant approached Mr.

Naidu was young officer in a nationalized bank, for a loan of Rs.50000/- the bank branch manager Mr. Jamal who saw no future in textiles, was shocked at the loan transaction. He told Naidu to stay close to Datta until the money was paid back. Naidu stuck close that he became Dattas financial advisor. The loan was repaid by Naidu became Datas partner & resigned his bank job. Within 5 years, Datta set up another plant and appointed Naidu as a manager for his new textile company, after two decades his textile unit became second largest growing textile company in the state. To his employees Naidu was friendly and highly visible boss. He always worked around the plant and called vast number of workers of their first names. He preferred to lead by example rather on telling people how to do their jobs. However, Naidu committed a big mistake of not grooming a successor. Therefore, there was a vacuum at the top when he had severe heart attack and died. 1. Identify the nature of problem for the above case. 2. Do you think Naidu a successful manager?

CS2. Mr. Kumar aged 52 was the senior most, conscientious, hardworking employee in a major transport company. His manager Mr. Muthu recognized his service and gave him the choice of work assignments. A problem developed when Muthu employed Hari aged 23, a personable, intelligent and diligent employee. He was hard work routine rapidly. Tension developed between two employees. One day Kumar practically pulled Hari on the front of Muthus desk and demanded. Will you please tell me once and for which projects are mine and which are for Hari? The office became quiet as everyone waited for Muthus reply. The adrupt confrontation made further procrastation impossible. 1. What the above case depicts? 2. How Muthu respond to the demand of Kumar?

CS3. Mr. Pedro the lead manager of production molding machines noticed that one of the man from another department has been coming over to this machine and talking to one of his man [not in break time]. The efficiency of Pedro seems to be falling off and there have been more rejects due to his inattention. He thinks that he detects some movements among the rest of the employees. 1. State the nature of the above case. 2. If you are Pedro, what is your action against the man of yours and another department? State the reason for your action.

CS4. Mr. Madan has been promoted as supervisor in plant manufacturing knitted rayon underwear. Before his promotion he had been a loom fixer for 5 years. His work has consistently been a supervisory caliber. Madans co-workers wished him well on his new job. For first 2 weeks most of them had been cooperative and even helpful while he was adjusting to his supervisory role. During end of 3 rd week Madan faced a disturbing incident. He saw two of his employees washing up in mens wash room. He immediately said that there are 15 minutes more to work or quit. Hence get back on the floor and will what I saw in here. One of the employee namely Prakash said that, you used to slip here surely yourself on Friday. Just because you have been promoted dont think you can act tough with us to this Madhan replied things are different now. Both of you get back to the job and I will make trouble both of them said nothing and returned to the shop. After that incident, Madhan as superior faced trouble, Prakash and his colleagues gave him the silent treatment. The loom operator seems to forget how to do the simplest things, every few minutes there was a machine shutdown. By the end of the month madhans department was showing the poorest record for production. 1. How would you think Madhan should have handled the washroom incident? 2. Do you agree with the treatment given by Prakash and his Colleagues to Madhan? State your opinion.

CS5. Mr. X the president of XYZ Ltd recently, it was decided that Board of Directors that it would be profitable for the corporation to open its own marketing department. Mr. X directed to pick up a person who he feels is capable of heading department, and then putting this person who he feels is capable of heading the department on its feet. After considering number of good factors Mr. X narrowed the field down to 2 possible choices: Rajesh and Pramod. Rajesh has good track record with the company for 8 years. He has shown good ideal of drive and initiative in all his endeavors. He is an aggressive young man, he seems to be more concerned at times with ends rather than means, he is very efficient and he is considered a good leader by those who work under him. He is also created with accepting full responsibilities in all cases and makes quick decision when action is called for. Whereas, Pramod been with the company for past 11 years. He is well liked by all in his department and his work is first rate. His leadership style is different from Rajesh, where he is not an aggressive and quick to act as Rajesh. Before making decision he generally consults others who he feels can contribute further information on a given subject. This often includes those who work under him. The atmosphere of participation produced by him really encourages their utmost individual output while on the job. This can be seen by production increase which soon occurred. 1. If you are in the place of Mr. X, whom would you select as head of marketing department? Why?

2. Will you give weightage to the years of service? Why? CS6. Vishal ltd. Manufactures wide range of automotive components. It has workforce of 1500 including 250 supervisors and executives. Performance appraisal conducted for supervisors and executives by their respective superiors annually. The parameters used were sense of responsibility, superiors dependability on subordinates, initiative, regularity, punctuality, community development, potential for development to take higher position all these factors given equal weightage. Their performance appraisal has 3 objective viz., to grant annual increment, to determine promotobility, to assess training needs. In 2008-09 some supervisors and executives not given any increment due to community activity and potential for development which were given equal weightage along with other factors as affect the aggrieved supervisors and executives represented their case to managing director of company and contended that the entire performance appraisal system was faulty. They were very much against the inclusion of community activity and potential for development in performance appraisal meant for giving pay raise. They argued that all aggrieved supervisors and executives should be given regular increment and time bound promotions. The system would be more objective, fair and free from undue biases. 1. Should there e separate appraisal criteria for appraising supervisors and executives? If yes, where such difference needed? 2. As HR, how will you defend the existing performance appraisal system of company? Will you like to incorporate changes? If yes, what changes would you bring? Why?

CS7. In a company the following incident took place in personnel department. There was a supervisor who had risen to his position by way of his hard work and sincerity. In his good old days, when he worked as a clerk in the company for 15 years before becoming supervisor, he had been a staunch active and dynamic unionist. After becoming supervisor, in response to change in his responsibility he was forced to drift away from union activities. However, it must be noted here, that his being promoted to a supervisory job was not a buy off. He was promoted because he really deserved that but union leaders for reasons best known to them did not like the clerks promotion to the supervisory post. Although with excellent interpersonal skills that the supervisor had, he could somehow manage to do his work satisfactorily. On one fine morning he assigned some work to the peon of his department but he refused to do the same. There was exchange of heated arguments, a lot of people gathered around and at a certain point of time, the supervisor offensively gesticulated towards the peon. The basic issue remained aside and everyone around started accusing the supervisor for his offensive gesticulation. The whole of the department refused to work unless the supervisors apologize for this behavior and the trade union was also brought into the picture.

1. As HR, What role you are supposed to play in this situation? 2. As HR, How will you resolve this problem?