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Natural Health Natures Finest would like to thank you for inquiring about becoming a HIJAMA therapist.

Please read the information provided, fill in the forms and return them to the following address: NHNF, 11 Ellora Road, Streatham, London, SW16 6JG Please note that there is a limited amount of spaces available. Please return your form early to avoid disappointment.

Natural Health Natures Finest is launching the first ever Hijama therapy distance learning course that will begin on September 1, 2008. This course is approved by the CMA (Complementary Medicine Association).
Why become a Hijama therapist? Hijama has been used for over 5,000 years throughout the world. It is now one of the most talked about therapies in the industry. Most importantly, people are seeing its amazing results for nearly every ailment. It is also a powerful natural preventative alternative. If you are already a practitioner, you are now in a position to learn how to do exclusive treatments and be ahead of your competitors. For more details about this course please see the flyer attached below: Course essentials 1) Please provide a copy of your passport and national insurance number. When you become a certified therapist you must register with HMRC for self-employment. 2) Attend all practical sessions; (Obligatory sessions will be held in specific locations around the world and students will be notified of the times and places. Other general workshops will be available for overseas students on DVD.) 5) Examinations Practical examination will take place at the workshop. Written examinations will take place after the completion of all units. FEES: There is a deposit to be paid to ensure placement. The remaining fees may be paid in interest free monthly installments. Please contact: info@naturalhealthnaturesfinest.com to make a payment agreement with the administration. Total cost: students in the UK 400. Overseas students 500. Deposit: required is 100

Please note that all fees must be paid before material is sent out.

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Hijama Courses Syllabus.

The course work will take 6 months New units will be sent out monthly

Month one: 1. Definition of Hijama. 2. History of Hijama and ancient healing methods. 3. Hijama throughout the world, up to the present day. 4. Hijama in religious medicine. Month two: 5. Benefits of Hijama. 6. Equipment. 7. Methods of Hijama. 8. Safety, procedures and precautions. Month three: 9. Understanding the anatomy of the body, including meridian points. 10. Understanding orthodox medicine. 11. Understanding health, disease and causes of ill-health. 12. Hijama, detoxification and the immune system. Month four: 13. Hijama and other alterative therapies. 14. Hijama and common aliment. 15. Wet practical. Month five: 16. How to diagnose, make case studies and treatment plans. 17. When and when not to treat, whom and whom not to treat. 18. Treatment techniques, health and safety. 19. Emergencies and first aid. Month six: 20. Patient practitioner development. 21. Code of ethics. 22. Management skills.
At the end of the course there will be two written exams and one practical exam. Students need to submit a total of 10 detailed case studies (form provided) as well as having completed 100 hours practise. On completion of the course students will have obtained knowledge of Hijama and well as the following:

Understanding and acknowledgement of traditional medicine from ancient worlds. Understanding and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, understanding of natural health and diseases. Understanding and respecting different cultures, races and beliefs, so as to help treat each person as an individual. Understanding communication skills and gaining the academic ability to record case studies and notes for research and treatment development. Recognising and structuring a treatment plan for individual needs from case studies. Knowing how to perform each session correctly with care and sensitivity for the patients needs and safety. Knowing how to diagnose and treat patients using traditional diagnostic methods. Knowing how to tend to patients physical, emotional and spiritual needs when assessing, planning and treating. Providing extra information when needed, for example: diet, lifestyle, stress, and exercise. Acting professionally and keeping the patients personal information confidential, except when referring to other health-care therapists.

Providing written information for records. Communicating with other practitioners. Gaining necessary literacy skills, for example, IT and communication skills as well as the ability to produce data and

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Working as both a team member and working independently. Understanding the necessity of practicing natural health and living. Understanding the necessity of being a confident, compassionate, committed, caring and ethical practitioner. Understanding the necessity of being reliable, having the ability to handle others emotional stresses, and manage time in both personal and work life.

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Hijama Form
Please fill in, sign and provide all required documents.
Full Name __________________________________________________________________________ Contact address _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Home Telephone __________________________ Mobile___________________________________ Email ___________________________________ Martial status ____________________________ Date of birth ____/_______/_______ Ethnicity ______________________ Do you have children? Yes/No Age _________ Citizenship_______________________________ If yes, how many do you have? ____________________

Do you smoke? YES / NO

Do you drink alcohol? YES / NO

Why you want to become a Hijama therapist? ____________________________________________________________________________________


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What skills do you have that could help you become a Hijama therapist? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Do you suffer from any medical conditions? YES/ NO? _____________________________________

If yes, please state what kind: ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Please use this space to mention anything we need to know that will help your application. _______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ I declare that the information provided is true. Signed Date _____________________________________________________ ___________________

You may send a cheque to NATURAL HEALTH NATURES FINEST.

NHNF (Hijama Therapist) 11 Ellora Road, Streatham, London, SW16 6JG

Or make your payment to: Alliance & Leicester Account no: 5310849 Sort code: 72-00-00

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