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Uni e al G o p in Se e 2003

Uni e al G o p in Windo
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Se e 2003' Uni e al G o p ? pa ingl and onl fo ne ing

P ofe ional : U e Uni e al G o p o he g o p . Ama e Ama e Local

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: U e onl Uni e al G o p and ne e Global o Domain

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Domain Local G o p (The e

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Global G o p
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Uni e al G o p
A U Y . T P B , . ' . T . U , ? T (NT 4.0 BDC' W 2000 D ).

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Global Ca alog Implica ion

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inside the global groups are not replicated.

Uni e al G o p in Se e 2003

In Windows 2000 the situation is that one change of membership to a universal group causes the whole list to be replicated, thankfully that changed in Server 2003, now only incremental changes are replicated not the whole list. Another Interesting Group are Quer -based Distribution Groups. Do nload m Jumbo Litmus Test eBook $5.95

Over 40 of Guy's litmus tests. Have fun while you learn about Windows Server 2003. Stacks of ideas to check your servers, networks and security. Your eBook has printer friendly pages and lots more screen shots.

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