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13th AYALA YOUNG LEADERS CONGRESS 2011 SMC-MTC, Alfonso, Cavite February 8-11, 2011

Batch Commitment Presentation
Presentation Flow: I. Entrance of lighted candle (background: bell toll) II. III. Explanation of Kislap Presentation and explanation of Commitments Raphael de Honor Kaan Bautista Xian Antiquiera Franz Dizon Edward Evano JP Peol Gab Umadhay Tian Sorongon JP Peol 81 delegates D Dimla Don Jaime JAZA FZA Papa Monch Sir JP Franz Dizon

IV. V.

Pledge of Commitment Signing of Individual Pledge and Scroll a. Explanation of Scroll b. Turn-over of the Scroll


Proclamation of Batch Name: KISLAP

Symbols Used: 1. Lighted Candle It takes only a single lighted candle to enlighten a dark room. The light of our very selves is meant to be shared to others to enlighten them. 2. Bell Like a bell, our little voices could be heard in vastness of the country. 3. The Scroll The Roman Empire used scroll to promulgate decrees. Ancient formal documents and correspondence were also written in scrolls meant to last for long because of its sturdy material. The scroll is our symbol for our long lasting commitment. The 81 faces (of delegates) in the scroll symbolizes our effort to make a sturdy, unwavering response to the call of our commitment. We hand on the scroll to the Founders of AYLC as a sign of our appreciation to the legacy they are making through AYLC. They also serve as witness to our commitment.


KISLAP We believe that change cannot be done in a snap of a finger. It is an arduous process that could take time. Thus, we commit ourselves as Kislap as sparks that will try to ignite a fire first in our very selves, then on our own schools and community. In due time, we hope that this fire would flare up the whole country; a fire that would burn the evils of society and that would change our ways for a better future.


Significance: Seven, in the old scriptural tradition, based on the Hebrew numerology means PERFECTION. KISLAP does not promise to make the world perfect but we promise to perfect our goals by constant action Practice makes perfect. Thus, we create our own little effort to contribute to the communal effort of perfection in the community. Our batch was identified as diesel group because we start sluggish but eventually our energy increases till we become highly spirited. Thus, we take automobile as analogy for our commitments. WE, THE AYLC 13TH BATCH KISLAP COMMIT OURSELVES TO: 1. Overhaul Repair the damages, change broken parts. Form ourselves integrally towards total transformation. 2. Fuel our minds with knowledge and continuous learning Continue grasping diverse education so as to read the signs of the times and respond to its needs. 3. Release the Breaks, Step on the gas Stop talking, start moving Be a transformational leader which goes beyond traditional leadership behaviors, behaving smoothly by sensing what is important. 4. Drive to where we are needed Be a part of the solution for the sake of others without personal interests. 5. Drive Cautiously respect your environment Stimulating sensitivity in the community in pursuit of understanding progress and development with due respect to different cultural orientations. 6. Carpool drive others toward change Be professionally competent, serving the community for sustainable development within youth and society. 7. Steer towards excellence Bring ourselves to our goal of excellence: MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Prepared by: SEM. JOSEPH FRANZ DIZON Convenor, Group 4, Batch KISLAP Immaculate Conception Major Seminary

Addendum: By Franz Dizon SUGGESTED LITTLE STEPS TO FULFILL THIS COMMITMENT: 1. Overhaul Stop and reflect for at least ten minutes a day. 2. Fuel our minds Dont let the day pass without reading the papers or browsing through your yahoo news. 3. Release the Breaks, Step on the gas Breathe in and breathe out then smile after a stressful meeting. (be proactive) 4. Drive to where we are needed Help a person you do not know personally. 5. Drive Cautiously Try reviewing our Philippine History and research on the culture of indigenous people. 6. Carpool Create your own support group to whom you can share your principles with. Empower one another by constantly sharing your thoughts. 7. Steer towards excellence Do an act of change everyday. (e.g. wake up 30 mins. earlier than your usual rising)