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The Physics of Zombies IV: Madore`s Zombie War Doctrine

David Madore,
Robert Madore

1. The Necropology Institute, Email: davidnecropology.com
2. The Necropology Institute, Email: robertnecropology.com
JOAN. The Journal of American Necropology, 2011, I (I): 55-80
This Iile version: December, 5, 2011
I. Abstract
Madore`s Zombie War Doctrine states that no predator has withstood the onslaught oI human
cognition without either being destroyed or managed. Madore`s Zombie War Doctrine
recognizes that zombies have lost their human credentials and thus must be lower than humans
on the predatory scale. A new Zombie War Doctrine has emerged that returns humans to their
Apex predator status and recognizes zombies as a dangerous, but manageable, pest. The doctrine
is based upon an elementary discovery oI a basic disabling tactic to utilize against zombies. In
turn, the new tactic allows a new strategy and doctrine to emerge. We must move beyond
headshots and into a managed zombie-pest control program.
eywords: Zombies, War, Doctrine, Strategy, Tactics, Behavior, Weapons, Cohesion,
1. Introduction to Doctrine, Strategy and Tactics
2. Tactical Discovery
3. Zombie Behavior and Reaction to the Tactic
4. Towards a New Strategy
5. Conclusion: Towards a New Doctrine
II. Addendum: Weapons oI the New Doctrine
We encourage readers to read our Iirst paper 'The Physics oI Zombies: Madore`s Rules oI
Zombie Cohesion, etc. beIore reading this one. While it is not essential to understanding and
enjoying this paper, we will use terms and concepts that are drawn Irom our previous research.
The paper is available here: http://scribd.com/doc/57439058/

. Introduction to Doctrine, Strategy and Tactics
We have been asked to apply our considerable knowledge and research skills to Iind and
document the most eIIective ways to combat zombies. We have taken this challenge and present
to you with the Iirst Iormal and scientiIic expression oI Madore`s Zombie War Doctrine. We will
begin our discussion with a brieI explanation oI the three categories oI war planning and action.
Simply stated, Doctrine is the overall obfective oI the group. War doctrine is the overall
objective oI a group should it ever become engaged in, or threatened by, combat operations with
an enemy.
An Example: For a nation, the War Doctrine objective might be as simple as 'preserve the
homeland. This might be Iurther expanded to 'preserve the homeland`s borders, the population,
the way oI liIe and political system oI the homeland. II one then adds the Doctrinal objective
oI 'never Iighting on Ioreign soil the doctrine points at the objective oI assuming a purely
deIensive posture with troops never leaving the homeland Ior adventures in other nations.
A counter example: A nation might decide that its War Doctrine is 'preserve the homeland AND
spread the ideals oI the homeland across the globe through territory acquisition. This would
point at a combined deIensive and oIIensive posture by the nation. Under this doctrine, a
nation`s soldiers might invade a country, stay at home or a combination oI both. Options are
wide open.
At this point it is instructive to note that neither example explains precisely HOW those
objectives should be reached. Doctrine is the goals and objectives, not the means to achieve
those goals and objectives. The start oI the application oI those goals to reality comes through
Simply stated, Strategy is the practical guidance one Iollows to achieve one`s doctrinal
An example: A nation`s doctrine calls Ior 'the peaceIul existence oI the homeland one`s strategy
to achieve that might be to ring the country in impenetrable deIensive structures and Iences.
Additionally, the nation might stockpile Iood, medicine, Iuel and other items (so called 'strategic
reserves) to see it through a century long siege. Further, the nation might seek out powerIul
allies and utilize their perceived strength to scare enemies away Irom attacking the combined
nations. These are strategic operations to achieve the doctrinal goal.
A counter example: A nation`s doctrine calls Ior the 'peaceIul existence oI the homeland and its
strategy to achieve that goal might be to eliminate all enemies oI the homeland! This might
include pre-emptive strikes, spies, assassination and the complete militarization oI the homeland

population. The nation may enter into centuries-long warIare to achieve its goal oI 'preserving
the homeland. These are strategic operations to achieve the doctrinal goal.
Thus, one can see how the same doctrine may have several competing and contradicting
strategies to achieve the same goal. Once one settles on a doctrine; the strategy Iollows the
intentions oI the doctrine but are not bound by them into singular Iorms. In the same vein, once
one settles on a strategy, the tactics used to achieve them begin to Iollow.
Simply stated, Tactics are the practical applications oI the strategic guidance.
An example: A nation has decided that its doctrine is 'preserve the homeland and its strategy is
to 'stop invading Ioreign troops Irom stepping on to homeland soil that nation might decide to
employ the tactic oI blowing up all bridges, roads and entry points to the nation. The tactic is to
destroy all means oI easy travel into and through the nation and stopping or slowing enemy
troops in support oI the strategy.
A counter example: A nation has decided that its doctrine is 'preserve the homeland and its
strategy is to 'stop invading Ioreign troops Irom stepping on to homeland soil that nation might
decide to keep all roads and bridges intact, however, its tactic is to set up snipers all along the
border and shoot anything that moves.
A counter, counter example: A nation has decided that its doctrine is 'preserve the homeland
and its strategy is to 'stop invading Ioreign troops Irom stepping on to homeland soil that nation
might decide to place 'plague inIection signs all along its borders and give out Ialse news
reports that everyone in the nation is sick and dying in the hopes that no one would be Ioolish
enough to enter the homeland. No troops are deployed and no shots are Iired. The tactic is
psychological in nature and without direct violence.
In summary, a war doctrine is the overall objective oI the group. The strategy is the practical
guidance used to achieve the objective. Tactics are the practical application oI the guidance.
Now let`s talk about zombies and how all oI this applies!
First, we will ask a simple question:
What is the general state of Zombie War Doctrine, Strategies and Tactics currently?
urrent Zombie War Doctrine: Survive as a human as best you can.
urrent Zombie War Strategies: Survive by avoiding encounters. II you can`t avoid zombies
then kill the zombies. II you can`t avoid or kill the zombies and you are bitten by a zombie, kill
urrent Zombie War Tactics: Hiding, headshots and suicide.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our cold-hearted assessment oI the current state oI zombie warIare
is that we are comIortable with hiding, headshots and suicide!
Is that what we as humans crawled out oI our caves Ior? Waiting Ior the occasional desperate
headshot? Hiding in caves again? Being swarmed by monsters and committing suicide when
they reach you?
For shame, humans! For shame! umans are apex predators and it is time to recognize and
build upon that Iact in the Iight against the zombie scourge.
What we have discovered is that there exists a tactic that reduces lethality oI all zombies by
many orders oI magnitude. This new tactic Iorces a 'bottom up review oI the whole dynamic
that exists between humans and zombies. This new tactic allows Ior a new strategy and a new
doctrine that brings humans back to where they`re supposed to be. the apex.
Let us now turn our attention to the tactic that turns zombies into manageable pests!
. Tactical Discovery
In modern war, hitting the beach and going hand to hand with the enemy receives all the glory.
Sniping, shooting, throwing grenades and inIantry assaults take the cake as Iar as action hounds
are concerned. However, in reality, getting that enemy in your sites and delivering a death blow
oI some sort is actually the Iinal piece oI war planning.
Long beIore the troops hit the ground, the jets are in the air targeting command and control
systems oI the enemy. Radar systems, radio communications and ground control are all targeted.
The goal oI the Iirst wave oI contact with the enemy is to deny the enemy 'eyes and ears on the
In war, there is truth to the old saying 'In the land oI the blind, the one eyed man is king.
On the battleIield, a blind man is a dead man.
Time Ior a Newton`s Apple story:
We here at Necropology enjoy Iield studies as a way oI testing our modeling and research. In
that spirit, we devised a relatively simple test to judge our own ability to survive a 'cell attack
oI zombies closing in on us Irom one direction.

A cell ls Lhe baslc unlL of organlzed zombles as used ln our flrsL paper hLLp//scrbldcom/doc/3738/
LssenLlally a cell ls a small group of zombles focused on Lhe same LargeL

Here is what we did: We tested the survival odds oI a single human being armed with an
accurate handgun in handling the smallest Iorm oI organized zombie pursuers. To that end, we
armed ourselves with a single 14 shot 9mm semi-automatic handgun and attempted headshots on
8 human sized targets Irom a starting distance oI 30 meters. Here are the basics oI the
xperiment 6uipment
A single 9mm handgun that is capable oI Iiring 14 times beIore needing to be reloaded.
Eight paper targets; human-sized and with marked head areas.
14 shots Iired only and no reloading allowed.
30 meters (approx. 100 Ieet) starting distance Irom the targets to the shooter.
The shooter must continually walk Iorward towards the target at a normal walking pace. This
pace and movement towards the target simulates the advance oI the zombies on a non-moving
target. Essentially, with the shooter walking towards the zombies it is nearly the same as the
zombies walking towards a standing shoot. The shooter may Iire at any time during the
approach; however, he/she must not stop walking and all shots must happen 'on the move.
Goal / Objective
A minimum oI one headshot per target to consider the target eliminated. II the shooter reaches
the target area without getting a headshot on each target at least once, the shooter is zombie Iood
and considered dead.

We died every single time, and this, despite over 30 years oI recreational and trained shooting by
the shooters participating. We Iailed to get a headshot on every single target no matter how
slowly we walked towards all eight targets. Sadly, at least one or two zombies remained every
single time we reached the target area.
No shame in it. It`s hard to get headshots consistently.

We used a mm handgun for Lhe LesL however we are aware LhaL Lhe mm even wlLh a wellplaced shoL ls noL
exacLly ldeal for peneLraLlng Lhe skull and desLroylng a zomble's braln lL ls a handgun / small arm pro[ecLlle and
provldes llmlLed personal proLecLlon capablllLles LssenLlally we're noL cerLaln LhaL even Lhe headshoLs we dld
achleve would have sLopped a zomble Poles ln paper" are one Lhlng flnlshedoff zombles are anoLher

We have never made it to the stage we envisioned we would, where the targets would be coming
at us at a running pace (i.e., shooter running at targets) and we would be making 100
headshots. We realized long beIore that came about that we wouldn`t be able to do it and that we
would not need to do them.

Now Ior a big bite oI Newton`s Apple.
On the same day we ran the zombie-headshot experiment, we had also planned on shooting skeet
(clay pigeons) aIter we Iinished with the zombie Iield test.
So, as it happened, we had also had several shotguns with us Ior use. Thus, aIter our last handgun
attempt, we took aim at the targets one last time with a .12 gauge pump shotgun loaded with #6

We were not attempting the same test birdshot will not readily penetrate a skull - we brought it
out in sheer Irustration at our earlier results and simply wanted to put some holes in the targets.
Let`s just say that a shotgun loaded with birdshot will send a lot oI little pellets at a target very
satisIactory results iI 'holes in paper are your goal!
Thus we took aim, started walking and beIore we had taken Iour steps we had blasted a Iace Iull
oI bird shot into each oI the Iirst six targets and with a quick reload, target the 7
and 8
had dozens oI small Iace area holes. (We allowed reloading oI the shotgun since it only holds
six shells and we had eight targets.)
AIter securing the weapons, the Necropology team walked up to the targets and observed: 'Well,
they aren`t dead no penetrating headshots, but, these suckers are sure going to have a hard time
chasing us down with their eyes. dripping. down. their cheeks. Irom being. hey..
Wait a minute!!
Newton`s apple hit us hard on the head that day!

Some readers who are crack shoLs" may flnd Lhls an easy feaL Lo accompllsh we do noL CuLslde of zombles we
have been LaughL and pracLlce hlLLlng cenLer mass" and know LhaL headshoLs are a luxury and unrellable Cnly ln
zombles and preclslon snlplng ls Lhe headshoL elevaLed Lo musL do" proporLlons lf Lhe reader ls capable of 1
headshoLs under all clrcumsLances we applaud you and encourage you Lo conLlnue uLlllzlng your amazlng sklll

We do noL advlse suggesL or supporL anyone repllcaLlng or aLLempLlng our LesL unless under Lhe dlrecL
supervlslon of Lralned professlonals We followed many safeLy procedures and sLandards ln conducLlng our
experlmenL LhaL are noL llsLed ln Lhls paper 1he Madore 8roLhers have more Lhan 7 years comblned flrearms
experlence uo noL do Lhls aL home!
ShoLguns blrd shoL and Lhelr use are descrlbed furLher ln Lhe addendum So lf you're unfamlllar wlLh Lhem [usL
keep readlng we'll come back Lo Lhem

The shotgun produced eight -3/ zombies in just a few seconds of firing!
$imple observation: headshots are hard. We Iound it impossible Ior us, even with training, to
pull it oII in any manner let alone suIIicient Ior a desired survival rate above zero.
$imple observation: blinding zombies is easy. We Iound it a simple matter to send dozens oI
eye-popping birdshot pellets into the eye area oI our zombie targets.
We repeated the experiment with two additions: human sized eyes drawn on the zombie targets
and the shooter ran towards the targets.
Results: We ran at the zombie targets, Iiring a pump shotgun at the Iaces. Each attempt netted
100 zombie blinding every time. That is, every zombie target had pellet holes in each eye oI
each zombie target. No zombies with eyes remained at the end oI each run!
This result made us ask hard questions about Iighting zombies:
Why go through an armored box (the skull) to hit a zombie`s oII switch?
Why not target and destroy the two small and utterly vulnerable bags oI water on the Iront Iace
oI the zombie?
Why are we humans not Iocused on destroying the zombie`s targeting system Iirst?
Why not go Ior the eyes? Why not deal with blind zombies missing their eyes than deal with a
miss on a headshot that leaves the brain intact and the zombie Iurious?
As we stood in the Iield, examining 'eight blinded zombies that were still at a distance oI more
than 20 meters Irom every shooter, we realized that perhaps there might be a new way to combat
the zombie horde: blind Iirst them Iirst and then neutralize them.
The human eye`s main component is the sclera. It is the 'meat oI the eye. The sclera is
approximately 1mm thick. A .12 gauge shotgun can send out a cloud oI birdshot that can
penetrate several centimeters at over 50 meters. A cloud oI birdshot is almost certainly not going
to provide a skull penetrating headshot at that distance; however, it is more than suIIicient to
cause complete loss oI both human eyes at such a range.
As we stood in the Iield we were Iaced with an astoundingly simple Iact that needs no Iurther
argument: a human set oI eyes on the outside oI the head are much easier to destroy than the
brain inside an armored box like the skull.
The Iirst step in modern war is to destroy the enemies` ability to see on the battleIield. We take
this literally with zombies. The Iirst step is to destroy the zombie`s ability to see.

That`s it, Iolks. Here is the reason you are reading this paper: 'Blind the zombies 1789!
That`s the discovery. Now let us turn to how blinding will aIIect zombie behavior and then move
on to strategic and doctrinal implications. Blinding zombies at the outset is itselI a simple
notion; however, it has major implications in the struggle.
Please note: For those interested in even more commonsense methods/equipment Ior blinding
zombies we have included an addendum that expands on commonly available non-Iirearm
weapons and tactics at the end oI the paper. Shooting at them is just the start.
Now though? It`s time Ior blind zombie behavior!

3. Zombie Behavior and Reaction to the Tactic
As the Necropology team discovered experimentally, blinding shots are much, much easier than
headshots. AIter coming to grips with this notion, the team began to dive deep into the various
methods and actions that could be taken to destroy zombie`s ability to target prey.
First we examined and dismissed the methods that humans use to temporarily blind human
attackers as being less than useIul on zombies, namely, chemical, pain-based weapons. Humans
oIten employ selI-deIense weapons such as CS-Tear Gas, Capsicum Pepper Spray, and other
chemical agents that cause temporary blinding. These gases and sprays are typically 'pain based
irritants in that they cause severe pain reactions in the person being sprayed such that an
overproduction oI tears/watering occurs in the eye to Ilush out the irritants. The eyes close,
vision is blurred and a person cannot see properly until the irritant is Ilushed away Irom the eyes.
Zombies have muted and/or non-existent pain reactions. Pain based blinding agents are unlikely
to work on a zombie.

It is our belieI that blinding must come in one oI two Iorms to be eIIective:
A) Destructive this is simply the permanent destruction oI the eyeball.
Examples: Shotgun birdshot, a spear poke to the eyes, knitting needles to the eyes, etc.
B) Obstructive this is simply the permanent or temporary blocking/restriction oI vision.
Examples: A gallon oI paint thrown into the Iace oI a zombie, spray paint sprayed directly into
the eyes, a canvas bag or hood thrown over a zombie`s head, etc.

Slmllarly women's selfdefense classes ofLen Leach LhaL Lhere are Lwo maln LargeLs on a human male assallanL
Lhe groln and Lhe eyes 1he groln ls a palnbased aLLack and won'L work on a zomble 1he eyes are sLlll falr game

This is all Iairly easy to understand. The implications, however, are complicated.
II one simply pokes a zombie`s eyes out, the zombie cannot see. II the zombie cannot see, the
zombie cannot eIIectively Iind you to bite you.
II one simply dumps a gallon oI paint on a zombie`s head and Iace, the zombie cannot see (at
least temporarily) and cannot eIIectively Iind you to bite you.
Those are the immediate results. However, there are questions remaining as to how a zombie
will react to blinding and how other zombies react to a blind zombie. At this point we will be
drawing heavily Irom our Iirst Physics oI Zombies paper and the Rule oI Cohesion Ior possible
scenarios arising out oI a zombie blinding.

II you have read the Iirst paper then you are aware oI what Iorces a zombie into action: either
directly spotting prey or receiving a signal Irom another zombie (or zombies) that they have
spotted prey. That is, they either see a human target themselves or hear/sense that other zombies
have spotted prey.
When a zombie has spotted prey or is acting in concert with others who have spotted prey, they
themselves give oII a prey alert signal to other zombies. They moan, they chase and they Iocus
on the prey (typical zombie stuII, right?).
When a zombie has not spotted prey they either wander around or stand motionless scanning
their environment Ior their next victim.
We believe that the prey state the zombie is in beIore blinding is important to their reaction to the
blinding. Also important is the method employed to blind the zombie, this will aIIect the state the
zombie will be in aIter blinding.
A zombie that is actively attacking or chasing prey beIore it is blinded will stay in that prey alert
state aIter blinding. A zombie that is simply monitoring its environment beIore blinding will
stay in that state aIter blinding unless given other stimuli that provokes it into a prey alert state.
Let us look at a Iew thought experiments to understand what we are driving at here:
Prey alerted, Locked-Room Zombie
You enter a large room and across this room is a zombie. You are armed with a shotgun loaded
with birdshot. The zombie sees you and immediately charges Ior an attack. You aim the

1he 8ule of Coheslon ls based on Lhe facL LhaL zombles call Lo each oLher when Lhey spoL prey 1hls call ls
lrreslsLlble Lo zombles who hear lL and Lhey Lend Lo gaLher and form grouplngs LogeLher around Lhe caller lf
you're lnLeresLed lL's here hLLp//scrbldcom/doc/3738/

shotgun, pull the trigger and destroy the zombie`s Iace and eyes. You quickly change position in
the room and the zombie continues the charge towards the location it last saw you. You circle
behind and around the zombie and as it thrashes around the room you slip out the exit, locking
the door behind you.
What happens to the zombie?
The zombie is 'prey alerted it saw you and will remain in that state until it is satisIied that it
has attacked and bitten the prey it last saw (you). Further, a zombie that is prey alerted will give
oII prey alert signals that attract other zombies to its location. A blinded, prey alerted zombie
will give oII prey alert signals indeIinitely.
Non-prey alerted, Locked-Room Zombie
You stand outside a large room with a zombie in it. You do not enter the room. The zombie has
not seen you and is unaware that humans are nearby. Inside the room you have previously
placed several thousand Iish hooks hanging Irom Iishing line at eye level. As the zombie
wanders around the room it continually comes into contact with the Iish hooks and they catch in
its eyes. AIter suIIicient contact between the Iish hooks and its eyes, the zombie`s eyeballs are
punctured and destroyed.
What happens to the zombie?
The zombie has not been prey alerted it is no more enraged by the presence oI the Iish hooks
than it is by any other natural obstacle it encounters in the outside world. That is, a zombie does
not become prey alert when it snags an arm on barbed wire in a Iarm Iield, rather, it will simply
pull away Irom the snag. Similarly, a zombie that is blinded while not in a prey alert state, and
without seeing the human blinding them, will remain non-prey alerted unless given other reason
to become prey alert. It will simply continue to wander around the room, blinded and relatively
quiet. However, iI one were to re-enter the room and yell at the zombie, the zombie will become
prey alert and stay in that state indeIinitely much the same as a zombie who saw prey directly
beIore blinding.

We borrow a noLlon from Lhe lnsurance lndusLry here and Lhlnk of Lhls Lype of damage Lo a zomble as acL of
god" damage 1haL ls as zombles wander Lhrough Lhls world Lhey wlll encounLer naLural obsLacles and condlLlons
LhaL wlll brlng damage Lo Lhelr form 1hey wlll noL respond Lo Lhls Lype of damage wlLh a change ln Lhelr
demeanor unless Lhe damage comes from an ldenLlflable human agenL lor example a zomble caughL on a fence
LhaL rlps hls own arm off geLLlng away from Lhe fence wlll noL be ln prey alerL" mode as lL does noL recognlze Lhe
fence as prey 1hey are noL alerLed Lo damage unless lL comes from a human 1hus bllndlng a zomble wlLhouL Lhe
zomble seelng a human do Lhe bllndlng wlll be reacLed upon as an acL of god"

One can thus ask and answer the Iollowing question about what a blinded zombie will do aIter
Q. Was the zombie prey alerted before blinding?
A. Yes, it saw the human who blinded it. Thus, it will remain prey alerted and actively seeking
the source oI the prey alert and giving oII its own prey alert. It will be an enraged fuggernaut.
A. No, the zombie was simply monitoring its area beIore blinding and did not see the human
agent oI the blinding. Thus, the zombie will remain non-alert and continue to explore its
environment as a groper. II, aIter blinding, this zombie is given direct stimulation suIIicient to
cause it to believe that prey is present it exits groper status and becomes a juggernaut.
A juggernaut is an enraged zombie that is prey alerted beIore/during blinding. A zombie in this
state may never be satisIied that it has caught, killed and turned the prey that it has been alerted
to. It will remain active in its search Ior prey and will continually give oII prey alert signals that
attract other zombies.
Juggernauts cannot see. As juggernauts must rely on their other senses (touch, hearing, etc.) to
determine Iriend Irom Ioe, they may attack other zombies that come into contact with them.
They will attack anything that gets within reach and 'Ieels like prey. They will Iocus on noises
that may or may not be coming Irom prey. They are Irenzied and prone to movement in erratic
Whats a bright side to fuggernauts? One can simply walk up behind a juggernaut and put it out
its misery with a single, close range headshot. It`s blind. It can`t see you. Kill it.
Whats another bright side? As long as you avoid the snapping jaws oI a juggernaut, one can do
anything one wants to it. One can simply stick out a Ioot and trip a juggernaut. One can give a
juggernaut a Ilying soccer kick to the head. Have Iun, but, be careIul.
What do you do after you have blinded a zombie?
The most obvious Iollow up tactic to blinding a zombie is to control its movement and then
'deIang it with a blow oI some sort to its jaw.
Pest Control Example:
A zombie hunter/pest control oIIicer receives a call Ior a zombie wandering around in someone`s
home garage. The zombie hunter arrives and spots the zombie in the garage. Through an open

window the oIIicer Iires a series oI short blasts oI paintball markers at the zombie`s Iace.
He is
using oil-based paint in his paintballs and applies a liberal coat oI paint to the zombie`s eye area.
The enraged zombie keeps receiving blasts in the Iace until it is clear that its vision is obscured.
The oIIicer, with proper bite protection clothing and a cleared area, approaches the zombie
through the now open garage door. He delivers a Iinal blast to the zombie`s Iace the zombie
now turns toward the direction oI the new attack. The oIIicer circles behind the paint-blinded
zombie, unslings a 'catch pole (a rod with a rope noose on the end) Irom his back and loops the
end oI it around the zombie`s neck. The oIIicer inches his way up the pole with one hand and
with his other hand takes a swing at the zombie`s jaw with a Iive pound sledge hammer. The
hammer smashes the zombie`s jaw with tremendous Iorce and, at minimum, dislocates the jaw
and at maximum unhinges and removes it. The zombie is now blind and jawless.
Are there additional options aIter blinding the zombie besides smashing the jaw?
Yes. The zombie can be Iurther, permanently blinded by the oIIicer or leIt to recover Irom the
blinding. A screwdriver will do the trick Ior permanency.
Yes. The blinded zombie can also be immediately executed by the oIIicer instead oI jaw
removal. A small caliber riIle or handgun at close range should do the trick.
Yes. A blinded zombie could also be bound, placed in a canvas bag and brought to the lab Ior
We are ready to put zombies in the same realm as cobras, tigers, killer whales, bears, wolves,
crocodiles, alligators, lions and any other animal that has a potentially deadly bite. More
properly stated, they all have potentially deadly bites iI one were Ioolish enough to approach
them without proper preparation and tactics.
The proper preparation and tactic Ior zombie contact is to Iirst blind the zombie.
We are also ready to realize that this new tactic, or combination oI tactics, must lead us to new
strategies Ior dealing with zombies. We must move beyond the strategy oI 'avoiding encounters,
killing when we have to and suicide when we screw up.
Let`s see iI we can take the Iight to them!

We geL much deeper lnLo palnLball makers" also known as palnLball guns" ln Lhe addendum LssenLlally
Lhough Lhey flre small gelaLln capsules of palnL LhaL break on lmpacL spreadlng Lhelr conLalned palnL

. Towards a New Strategy
The war on zombies is an asymmetric war. One side (zombies) has the numbers and tireless
Ierocity. One side, us, has the technology and cognition. The two sides are not equal in what
they bring to the battleIield one side outweighs the other in some aspect oI the Iight.
Our strategy must reIlect our strengths on the battleIield. Where the zombie is Ierocious, we
must be calm. Where the zombie has numbers, we must hold the technological edge. Where the
zombie is tireless, we must be eIIicient.
Where the zombie is dead, we must be alive!
Alive in our minds! Alive in our hearts! Alive in our human spirit!
We must remember that they are not us. They are pests. They are stupid, dangerous pests and we
must exploit that lack oI cognitive ability to its Iullest.
II you have read our Iirst paper, you will be Iamiliar with the concept oI a 'zombie black hole
this is zombie stupidity at its worst (worst Ior them, worst Ior humans). Zombies are attracted to
prey alert signals Irom other zombies. They will persist in responding to the signals such that
they may lose sight oI the prey that caused the original signal to emanate while still contributing
their own alerts to the general signal. This signal will cause resonance and continue to attract and
hold all the zombies in the area on a speciIic geographic point. At this point, a zombie black hole
has been created and is an endless attractant to zombies. It will continue to grow in mass until no
wandering zombie capable oI receiving the signal remains Iree-roaming.
A blind zombie is the perIect zombie to start a black hole. More precisely, a fuggernaut is the
perIect zombie to start a black hole. A juggernaut is enraged, cannot Iind its prey and is giving
oII prey alert signals without end. A juggernaut that has been blinded and leIt in a location in its
undead state will be a powerIul attractant to other zombies.
Zombies attracted to this juggernaut will:
A) Travel to the source and immediate area oI the juggernaut`s prey signal
B) Search the immediate area oI the juggernaut to discover the prey source oI the prey alert
C) Add its own prey alert signal to the din (as they themselves now believe they actively
hunting a human another zombie has spotted and alerted upon)
D) Move around and away Irom the area near the juggernaut in its search Ior the elusive prey
E) Upon Iinding no discernible prey in the area, return to the juggernaut`s immediate
vicinity as it is still giving oII prey alert signals

F) Repeating steps A-E indeIinitely, the zombies will pulse in and out oI the immediate area
oI the alerting zombie, never straying too distant.
Normally, a zombie hears a prey alert and arrives on the scene to see what`s going on. It checks
what the other, alerted, zombie is Iocused on and joins in with that zombie on the Iocus point.
They 'join Iorces and go aIter the prey.
However, a blinded zombie is without Iocus it is
searching with its remaining senses Ior the source oI the blinding/prey in a disordered Iashion.
This leads the arriving zombies to also be in a disordered state none oI the zombies have a
speciIic notion as to where the prey may be hiding. However, the pull oI that alert, according to
the Rule oI Cohesion, will keep zombies in the area oI the alerting, but blind, zombie.
Thus, one could, iI one desired, create a zombie black hole at will with the blinding oI a
single zombie.
This might be part oI a new strategy: the intentional creation oI black holes away Irom human
habitations so as to carry the Iight away Irom human centers.
Sun Tzu, in his Art oI War, is highly in Iavor oI choosing the time and place oI battle. The
intentional creation oI a zombie black hole is an eIIective way to lock the enemy into a location
Ior a later battle. Locking an enemy into a speciIic location allows one to choose the time and
place oI battle.
Any new strategy Ior dealing with zombies should be as creative. Humans are smart, zombies
are dumb. They are also tenacious. Strategic thinking requires a clear objective.
Questions and answer time:
Q. Do humans have a clear objective in their Iight against zombies?
A. Clearly the initial objective is to reduce the lethality oI zombies, control their movement and
eliminate or capture Ior holding all zombies that are encountered. This is eminently achievable
with the new tactic oI blinding. It immediately reduces lethality, allows Ior controlling oI
movement and elimination/capture.
Q. Can humans go on the oIIensive, maneuver, use economy oI Iorce, choose the time and place
oI lethal battle and ultimately control the battleIield?
A. Blind zombies control nothing except their mouths. Humans control the Iield.

Zombles do noL ever acLually [oln forces" so much as Lhey [olnLly and selflshly go afLer any LargeL LhaL has been
alerLed upon by anoLher zomble lL ls more a case of Lwo or more creaLures seeklng Lhe same Lhlng aL Lhe same
Llme lL only ff LhaL Lhey are worklng ln concerL lL's an llluslon

Q. Does this mean the new strategy is within our reach?
A. Yep
Q. What is it?
A. We already told you! The new strategy is to reduce the lethality of :ombies, control their
movement and eliminate them and/or capture them for study. It really is that simple. The tactic
allows it.
It`s high time Ior a new doctrine based on the tactic and strategy it allows.

. Conclusion: Towards a New Doctrine
War doctrine is the philosophical Ioundation on which a nation goes to war. Zombie war doctrine
is the philosophical Ioundation on which the human species goes to war with the zombies.

To date, the doctrine has been one oI simple survival.

For too long, humans have been intimidated by the asymmetric nature oI the war on zombies.

Zombies have the numbers, the Ierocity, the tenaciousness and ability to absorb massive damage.
Humans have cowered Ior too long under the shadow oI the green death. We have done so
simply because we have had the wrong approach, the wrong tactic, in bringing down our zombie
Ioes. Only the most skilled marksmen, under the most Iavorable conditions may take down more
than a handIul oI the bastards with a headshot.

We have learned, through practical experimentation, that it is Iar better to attack the eyes the
targeting system oI the zombie than to take impossible amounts oI headshots.

A blinded zombie is a much less lethal adversary than one with sight. A blinded zombie can be
taken down, eliminated or captured much more easily than one who retains its sight. This is
common sense. What is not common sense is that humans have not adopted this method, en
masse, and developed tactics, strategies and a new doctrine based upon that Iact.

It`s high time Ior something new.

Out with the old:

Old Tactics: Headshots and suicide
Old Strategy: Avoiding encounters, killing out necessity and suicide.
Old Doctrine: Mere survival and watching humans cower and dwindle.


In with the new:

New Tactics: Blinding and capture/kill less lethal zombies.
New Strategy: Reduce the lethality oI zombies by destroying their targeting capabilities and gain
control the battleIield movement and timing.
New War Doctrine: Return humans to their apex predator status.

Given the asymmetric war between humans and zombies, it is no surprise that our initial reaction
to an undead army with an armored 'oII switch was intimidation. It is time to move beyond
mere survival and on to pest control as a doctrine. The tactic exists. The strategy exists. The
doctrine has existed Ior millions oI years it is time to return to it in glory.

Common sense will prevail. Take your time. Digest this inIormation and make it a part oI your
personal tactics, strategy and doctrine. You will be rewarded with success.

Best oI luck,
The Madore Brothers and Necropology.com

The Madore Brothers would like to thank the Iollowing people Ior their suggestions to this
paper: Sarah James, Alexander Madore and Storm Madore. Alex pointed out the most obvious
way to deliver blinding paint to a zombie at a distance the paintball gun and gave us technical
insight into their modern Iorm. (Old timers, Bob and Dave, could only come up with spray
paint!). Storm devised and conducted his own '10/30 minute house run to discover home
weapons that could be used to blind a zombie in a hurry this was an eye opener and is a major
part oI the list oI weapons in the addendum. The Brothers would also like to thank all oI our
Ians, Ioes and others in challenging us to develop a practical method to stop the horde. The
support is appreciated and all Ilaws in our writing and conjectures is our own.

II you think we`re on to something with all oI this, drop us a line with your opinion or
suggestion. II you would like to include our work in your own, please give credit and let us know
how it is working out Ior you. Folks, give love get love. We truly believe that.

II. Addendum: Weapons of the New Doctrine
Welcome to the addendum we are pleased that you made it this Iar!
Here we will be expanding the tactical discussion oI how to blind and subdue and/or terminate a
zombie. We do not mean this to be a complete list oI all the ways this might be achieved; rather,

we view it as a jumping oII point Ior the reader`s imagination. When you get right down to it
this is humanity`s strength in this battle: imaginative cognition.
Let us begin by separating the two types oI blinding available to humans, destructive and
obstructive. Destructive, deIined, is simply the weapons/methods that destroy a zombie`s eyes.
Whereas obstructive is anything that blocks or obscures a zombie`s eyes either temporarily or
permanently. Obstructive leaves the eyes intact but unusable.
As mentioned in the main body oI the paper, we are dismissing any item or method Ior blinding
that is 'pain based. Irritants such as so-called 'tear gas or other chemical sprays meant to
induce pain into the victim so as to cause intense crying and resultant blurring oI vision simply
won`t work. Zombies don`t Ieel pain and won`t react to these items.
To blind the eyes must either be destroyed or blocked with a substance/covering.
Something to keep in mind on destructive weapon use/construction: You are NOT a
making/using a illing weapon. You are NOT trying to get through the skull and into the brain;
you are going to pop the eyes. Thus, a weapon that may be too Ilimsy to get into a skull may just
save your liIe iI used on the eyes.
Maim, not kill.
Eye shot not headshot.
The human eye`s main component is the sclera; the meat oI the eye. The eye is a 1 millimeter
thick membrane ball. II your destructive weapon can Iully penetrate a Iresh grape it can
penetrate an eye and destroy it.
Let`s begin.
Shotgun loaded with bird shot
We believe this is the primary Iirearm and load to use Ior blinding zombies. 'Bird shot is the
common name Ior a variety oI shotgun ammunition. Bird shot derives its name Irom its use in
bird hunting. 'Shot simply reIers to any type oI multiple projectile loads Iired Irom a
smoothbore (no riIling) Iirearm or cannon.
In this instance, the multiple projectiles are Iired Irom a shotgun in a conical cloud that spreads
as it leaves the shotgun`s muzzle. Multiple projectiles sent at high velocity at a moving target
increase the likelihood oI one, or several, oI the projectiles impacting the target on its path oI
travel. 'Bird shot usually contains anywhere Irom a Iew dozen to hundreds oI projectiles and
are used to shoot down birds in Ilight a diIIicult Ieat with a single projectile, hence, multiples.

Bird shot loads are typically not capable oI penetrating a human skull and destroying the brain
(unless at close range or in rare circumstances where it penetrates through the eyes/nasal
cavities). However, bird shot can easily provide a swarm oI high velocity particles that will
impact the entire Iace area and destroy the eyes at appreciable ranges Irom the shooter.
In other words, a person armed with a shotgun loaded with bird shot may not be able to headshot
and terminate a zombie, but he or she will most certainly blow the zombies Iace to a pulp, taking
the eyes with it. The cloud oI projectiles also enables the shooter to take a relatively 'un-aimed
shot at the zombie at least relative to a single projectile.
To test your shotgun`s ability to blind a zombie at various ranges we suggest the Iollowing:
First, make a paper silhouette 'cut out oI a pair oI human eyes. Simply draw two human sized
eyes on a piece oI paper that are one eye width apart (typical human eye spacing) and cut them
out oI the paper together in one piece consisting oI both eyes.
Next, place paper targets at various distances Irom the shooter. They do not need to be human
head targets Ior this you`re testing the shotgun`s 'spread so any paper target will do as long
as it is large enough to be hit by all the pellets.
Then, Iire your shotgun with your Iavorite bird shot load at the targets.
Finally, aIter securing the Iirearms and saIely retrieving your targets, place the targets on a table
and slide the eye-silhouette across the surIace oI the targets. Ideally, when you slide the
silhouette across the surIace you will Iind that there is no place on the target where one eye oI
the silhouette is on a puncture hole and the other does not have a puncture under it.
What you now look Ior are spaces in between the puncture points that two eyes may Iit without
both eyes having a puncture. That is, when one eye is on a puncture there is no gap in the pattern
oI holes such that the other eye remains untouched. The un-punctured eye can still see you!
II there are gaps then you cannot consider that load to be 100 eIIective at that range. You
might want to consider increasing the number oI pellets used, or, Iiring at a closer range to
tighten the pattern. You are looking Ior a lot oI holes per square inch; every inch oI the target
should have holes in it.
II there are no gaps and you cannot put either eye in the silhouette on a puncture hole without the
other eye also resting over a hole, you have an eIIective load at a known distance Ior that load.
You will blind zombies with this load, that`s the good news however, shotguns do come with
some negative aspects.
Downsides oI a shotgun:

They are loud and attract attention. Firearms, in general, are noisy beasts and will attract
attention Irom neighboring zombies. II you start shooting, remember that sound travels and
without proper scouting/recon you will soon have a bunch oI unwelcome visitors.
They require ample training. All Iirearms are dangerous in the wrong hands. The 'wrong
hands are any that lack training, maturity and the proper mental and emotional state to use them.
Practice makes perIect while lack oI practice makes death and injury to the user and allies.
They lac a large ammunition capacity. Most shotguns are limited to between one and eight
shotgun shells in the magazine. Meaning, the shotgun has to be reloaded Irequently during a
Iight with more than a Iew zombies. Proper training may make this a non-issue; however, even
the best trained shot-gunner can be overwhelmed iI the number oI Ioes is extremely large.
That said we still have to give the nod to shotguns over any other Iirearm Ior the purposes oI
blinding zombies. Go Ior the eyes!
Spears and eye gougers
The Iirst weapon humans developed (aIter simply bashing someone with a rock) was the
sharpened stick the spear. This is still a great idea. While attacking the eyes, the key is to keep
the zombie`s mouth away Irom your body. A spear does that it keeps the zombie at least arm`s
length away. Keep in mind that you are not going to be spending a long time on each zombie
you encounter when spear Iighting a quick jab to each eye socket is all that`s required.
'Spears can be made Irom just about anything. A sharpened stick, broom/mop handles, split
boards, garden rakes, etc. One can even Iashion a short spear Irom a tightly rolled newspaper
that has bamboo cooking skewers packed and taped tightly into the end. Keep in mind that a
spear that might be too Ilimsy to kill might still be eIIective at taking out the eyes.
This is an old weapon, almost as old as the spear. Today`s slingshots are made oI synthetic
materials and powerIul elastics. A modern sling is capable oI Iiring high velocity steel/metal
balls capable oI penetrating and destroying an eye. They are also relatively silent and are
unlikely to attract other zombies to the area.
Other Destructives
The list oI things that can be pushed, jabbed or shot into the eyes is limited to the imagination.
Knitting needles, car antennae, high-heeled shoes, Iorks, knives, spoons, Iish hooks, a baseball
bat with spikes, etc. are all eIIective, used correctly, to blind a zombie. We leave the rest oI the
list up to you, the reader.

The goal in using obstructive items and methods is pretty simple: block the zombie`s vision
either temporarily or permanently. This is usually achieved by applying a substance to the
zombie`s eyes that covers the eyes, sticks to the eye area or coats the eyeball. This method only
diIIers Irom destructive methods in that the eye`s structure remains intact and may be useIul Ior
the zombie in the Iuture.
One consideration in obstructive measures is the longevity oI the blinding. A bag slipped over
the head oI a zombie will only last as long as it takes the zombie to remove it. Meanwhile, a
gallon oI paint dumped over a zombie`s head will last only as long as the paint remains over the
eyes and/or coats the zombie`s eyeballs.
Obstructives, in general, are not permanent or at least as not permanent as destructives. Again,
pain-based irritants should not be used as zombies do not Ieel pain. A true obstructive is a
substance that a zombie cannot see through, once it is placed on or in the eyes it must obscure the
light that passes into the eyes. Let`s get into some speciIics.
Paints and Adhesives
Throw a gallon oI paint or glue into a zombie`s Iace and cover/coat the eyes. This is the most
obvious notion, but it comes with considerations. Will the paint stick to the zombie? Will it get
into its eyes? Oil based paints are preIerable to water based paint. Oil based paints are, in
general, thicker and tackier than water based paints. Any paint used to block a zombie`s vision
should either clump up so thickly that the eyes may not be opened or coat the eyeballs
themselves in such volume that no vision is possible.
When using paint as an obstructive one should, iI possible, strike while the zombie`s eyes are
open. A zombie with closed eyes might be able to open them aIter a paint attack and have
unobstructed vision. It depends. In general, however, zombies do not blink with any known
Irequency and the likelihood oI an 'open eye paint attack is high. This is especially true when
the zombie is in 'prey alert mode and staring at the potential victim with vicious desire.
Downside to thrown paint: Pretty obvious, you have to be close to the zombie and you might
miss. This is a diIIicult situation iI you lack the nerves or iI there are multiple zombies. Take
Paintball markers / guns
The most obvious method Ior delivering paint to a zombie`s eyes while maintaining a saIe
distance is the so-called 'paintball gun also reIerred to by users as a 'paintball marker. A
paintball gun is a device that uses compressed gas (typically CO2) to propel a gelatin ball that
contains paint at a target with the ball breaking and spreading paint on impact. They are used

recreationally in competitive events wherein two or more teams compete to mark each other with
paint, with those marked counting as 'elimination.
A single paintball, at close range, may not only break and spread paint directly across the eye it
may also actually burst the eye itselI. While they are considered non-lethal sporting equipment
they are dangerous and proper eye protection must be worn by the user while handling them.
To use a paintball gun to blind a zombie, simply aim at their Iace and lay down some Iire. Aim
Ior the eyes and hit the area with several shots. II the zombie cannot see you`ll know because
their path oI travel will become erratic or halting. In other words, shoot at their eyes and iI they
can`t see you, you`ll know.
Please keep in mind that the eIIect is temporary (unless you`ve managed to also burst their eyes
with the rounds, which, well, can happen) care should be taken with this zombie vision might
be restored at any moment.
Paintball guns provide a major advantage over 'dumping/throwing in delivering paint to a
zombie`s eyes Ior a variety oI reasons:
Range the average paintball gun is capable oI Iiring a paintball and having it reliably break on
a target at ranges up to 30 meters. Beyond that, it gets iIIy. Even so, it is much better than
standing right in Iront oI a zombie and dumping paint on its head.
Accuracy a paint bull gun can be aimed and Iired like a Iirearm. Indeed, some modern
paintball guns come equipped with laser sights and targeting systems! Seriously!
Fire Jolume Per $econd Here is where paintball guns come into their own as devastating
zombie stoppers. Modern paintball guns are capable oI Iiring 12-15 paintballs per second (on
average) in automatic Iiring mode. That`s a hell oI a lot oI paint to be throwing at the zombies!
Ammo capacity commonly available 'hoppers (paintball ammo magazines) can hold between
100-200 rounds oI paintball. ReIilling is as easy as popping the top and dumping more balls into
the hopper.
A paintball gun, in trained hands, can deliver a blistering amount oI paint Iirepower into a
zombie`s Iace at range, accurately and relatively silently. A zombie encountering a trained
paintball team is doomed.
Downside: Sometimes the balls don`t break. II not properly stored and maintained, paintball
ammunition has a short shelI-liIe. Essentially, they dry up and won`t break on impact, or, iI they
do break the paint is not liquid enough to cause the splatter/cover eIIect desired. Range and
velocity decrease with each shot (the gun loses stored compressed gas with each round Iired).
The eIIect is minor during the Iirst Iew shots; however, it can drop oII to such a point that the

ball won`t even leave the barrel. Gas can be re-supplied by changing out, or recharging the tank
non-electric, hand-powered charging pumps are available.
Major Upsides: Paintball guns are relatively silent. One cannot compare the soIt 'puII-
whoomp sound oI a paintball gun to the resonating *boom* oI shotgun and not realize that
paintballs are a stealth weapon in comparison. Another upside is that they are relatively non-
lethal to users and allies oI the user. Accidental discharge oI a paintball gun usually results in
nothing more serious than a large, painIul welt on the body but you`ll live. Again though,
proper eye protection should be used when handling one which, basically is the point, they`re
dangerous to eyes!
Special Note: At this point, despite our love oI Iirearms the Necropology team is considering the
paintball gun superior to Iirearms in its blinding ability and support oI the new tactics oI the new
doctrine. We suggest that everyone who has a 'zombie preparedness kit to have at least one
paintball gun in stock even iI they have to choose it over a Iirearm. OI course, iI you are 'dual
purposing the weapon, as in, you need to hunt with it too we`re going to give the nod to the
shotgun. However, iI you`re simply using this to blind, given the silence, non-lethality to users
and other Iactors, a paintball gun is superior to a Iirearm. Trust us - that took a lot oI thinking
and soul-searching Ior us to admit. We love Iirearms.
Certainly, nothing replaces the 'headshot Irom a Iirearm IF ACHIEVEABLE in stopping a
zombie. However, a silent attack by a paintball team (with Iollow up blind zombie termination)
is a heck oI a lot quieter than a team armed with shotguns. For that reason alone we give
paintball the nod.
Okay, now Ior some Iun stuII!
Unusual and Temporary Obstructives
We have also considered a whole host oI temporary blinders that might be used in a pinch to
blind a zombie: Fire extinguishers, shaving cream, a pie in the Iace, pancake mix, raw Ilour,
motor oil, mud (iI it sticks to the Iace/eyes or gets into and covers the eyeballs), wet cement or
One may also 'blind a zombie by slipping a garbage bag over its head Irom behind. It won`t
last long, but, hey, it might last long enough to run the hell away!
We have also considered hairspray. Here are our thoughts on it: MAYBE.
We have used hairspray to immobilize hornets and other pesky winged insects it coats the
wings and stops movement long enough Ior them to be eliminated. The same might also work
Ior coating and covering the eyeballs and/or sticking lids together iI the zombie blinks aIter
application. The problem is iI it doesn`t cause the lids to stick, enough spray must be put onto

the eyeballs that obscuration oI vision is achieved. We suggest that aerosol-based hairspray be
used because it spreads better, has a Iurther range than non-aerosol based ones and tends to be
loaded with 'stickier chemicals. Good luck!
lame or eat-Based Attacks
In general, we`re against them. Fire is hard to deal with in a saIe manner. You know it, we
know it. However, in a pinch, dumping a gallon oI gas on a zombie`s head and lighting it on Iire
might do the trick to blind it.
Here are your considerations in blinding a zombie with Iire:
$afety are you going to burn the zombie or the whole damn house down doing it?
Burn time the Iire/heat you apply to the zombie has to remain in place long enough Ior you to
either block its vision while you escape/eliminate the zombie. For permanent blinding, one must
maintain the heat on the eyeballs long enough to scorch and distort the zombie`s eyes such that
proper vision cannot be achieved aIterwards. One need not 'burn up or 'burst the eyes with
Iire in order to make them unusable, rather, a simple scorch will do the trick iI it messes up the
lensing ability oI the eyes.
Again, we do not advise the use oI Iire on zombies except in the most dire oI circumstances or
when the user is a saIe distance Irom the Iire.
lash Bang Grenades
It has been suggested by several oI our pre-readers that so-called 'Ilash bangs be used to blind a
zombie. We disagree. Flash bangs are grenades used by law enIorcement and military Iorces to
temporarily blind/stun humans. They work through the use oI a powerIul concussive charge (the
bang) and a blinding Ilash oI light (the Ilash). They cause sensory overload in humans: 'white
out vision and temporary deaIness Irom the explosion. Therein lays the problem. We do not
currently have inIormation on the sensory recovery time oI zombies Irom such an attack. A
zombie may very well ignore the noise and their vision may not even be vaguely aIIected by a
Ilash. They might just be too stupid to notice or be dazzled by them. Flash bangs do not cause
direct damage to the eyes and provide no lasting obstruction to vision.
In addition, by their very nature, Ilash bang grenades are loud as hell and will pull in zombies Ior
miles around.
We advise against them.
Additional Support Gear

When heading out to blind zombies, the smart hunter will be clothed in bite prooI clothing
(multiple layers, leathers, synthetics, etc.)
II planning on capturing zombies Ior later disposal make sure you have ample rope, binding gear,
bondage gear, canvas bags, garbage bags, tape, twine, etc. to deal with the blinded zombie.
II planning on immediately killing a blind zombie, a silent 'Iinisher should be used. A spiked
hammer, axes, crowbars, etc. should be used. Also, one might keep a small caliber pistol or riIle
handy Ior point blank (muIIled) Iinishing headshots.
What to do after blinding?
Short answer? Anything you want. They`re blind. They can`t see you!
Okay, seriously, you`ve blinded a zombie, now what the hell do you do with them? That`s up to
you and your individual or group`s conscious and situation. We can only oIIer general advice.
The Necropology team is proceeding along the Iollowing path in its own actions against blind
First, once a zombie is blinded iI at all possible change positions. That is, take advantage oI
their lack oI sight. II a zombie sees you in position A when you attack, you should move to
position B so as not to be there when the zombie continues its rush to that spot (even blinded).
OI at all possible, stay behind blinded zombies. Their biting mouth awaits you in the Iront.
One a zombie is blinded, bag them. Place a tripled-up industrial sized garbage bag over their
head (Irom behind) this will serve as a temporary muzzle to cover the zombie`s mouth. A
tripled-up garbage bag is hard as hell to bite through, and, by the time it does you will have
moved on to more binding/elimination procedures.

Once a zombie is blinded and bagged, it`s time to either bind them or bash them. This is
obvious, you either capture them or bash their head in get through that skull and set them to
'oII. So, thus we have: Blind-Bag-Bind or Blind-Bag-Bash. It`s your call.

One more note? One Iinal note? In either BBB scenario, make sure you either stay away Irom
the jaw or smash it with a hammer to Iinally reduce the zombie`s lethality to zero percent.
That`s it Iolks. Have Iun. Be careIul. Use your head.
We are AP! Remember that!