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erformance management of reta|| sector |n Dhaka c|ty

SubmlLLed by Mohammad Mahmudul karlm

lu 2010210337
8achelor of buslness admlnlsLraLlon

SubmlLLed Lo Salma AkLer
Senlor LecLurer
laculLy of buslness admlnlsLraLlon
LasL WesL unlverslLy

Letter of Transmittal

Salma akLer
Senlor lacLurer
LasL wesL unlverslLy
Sub[ecL prayer for recelvlng Lerm paper
uear madam
WlLh a greaL respecL l amlnformlng you LhaL l have prepared a reporL of case sLudy on
1he erformance appralsal sysLem of Agora" and Mlnabazar" lor Lhe pro[ecL compleLlon l have
selecLed a rlveL LlmlLed Company Mlna 8azar" and agora" l feel greaL pleasure for submlLLlng Lhls
reporL Lo you whlch wlll deflnlLely help us Lo be successful ln our fuLure llfe and Lo compleLe Lhe 88A
programuurl ng Lhe preparaLl on of Lhl s reporL l have experl enced a l oL LhaL wl l l greaLl y
hel p us ln our furLher sLudles and carrler llfe lL has enllghLened my pracLlcal knowledge abouL
ManagemenL pracLlcesl n Lhe pracLl cal worl d of busl ness Lhe sLraLegl es Lhey fol l ow Lo
mal nLal n Lhl s probl em l n LheorganlzaLlon alLhough Lhe employees Lhe experlenced we goL from
here wlll help me Lo conLrlbuLe Lhese Lechnlques ln my pracLlcal llfe l Lrled my level besL Lo develop a
good reporL

l would llke Lo Lhank you for glvlng me such an opporLunlLy Lo do Lhls reporL on Lhls Loplc

l en[oyed worklng on Lhls pro[ecL

1hank you
Slncerely yours
Mohammad Mahmudul karlm


Compiling a Research paper is a rewarding task that requires both mental stamina and attention
to detail. The varied nature oI the matters dealt with has entitled reIerences too many sources,
starting Irom books, Internet and to all oI these we gladly acknowledge our indebt ness Ior the
ideas and inIormation they have provided.
First oI all, I would like to thank almighty Allah, who gave us the ability and strength to carry
out this report. Then I would like to convey my gratitude to Salma Akter our course instructor,
Ior instructing us to do this report in proper way.
I am also very grateIul to our Iamilies who always give us constant support and encouragement.
Not to mention our Iriends who also inspired and helped us to Iinish our work.

@ab|e of content
1 Cover page 1
2 LaLer of LransmlLLal 2
3 AcknowledgemenL 3
4 1able of conLenL 4
3 LxecuLlve summery 3
6 8esearch ob[ecLlve 6
7 8esearch meLhodology 6
8 LlmlLaLlons 6
9 Cvervlew of Agora 7
10 Cvervlew of Mlna 8azar 9
11 8ecommendaLl ons 10
12 Conclusl ons 10

ecut|ve Summery

shopplng Lhrough Lhem So ln course of Llme andwlLh Lhe growLh raLe of populaLlon and
also appeal for hlgh sLandard llvlng Super Super SLore buslness ls one of Lhe popular buslnesses
ln Lhe world eopleare conslderlng frequenL SLore buslness ls growlng ln a hlgh pace
1he purpose of Lhls reporL ls Lo deLermlne Lhe consumer's cognlLlve behavlorand aLLlLude Lowards dlfferenL
Super SLores 1hese aLLrlbuLes used ln L LhlsreporL dlrecLly or lndlrecLly lnfluence Lhe consumers when Lhey
lnLend Lopurchase producLs as well as Lo geL Lhe servlce provlded by dlfferenL supersLores 1he aLLrlbuLes
consldered here are CuallLy rlce roducL varleLyroducL AvallablllLy and LocaLlon Cn Lhe basls of Lhe flve
aLLrlbuLes we havedeveloped our quesLlonnalre and surveyed among Lhe sLudenLs AfLer geLLlngLhe evaluaLlon
from Lhe sLudenLs we follow Lhe expecLancy value model Lomeasure Lhe consumer percelved value accordlngly

kesearch ob[ect|ve
CusLomers are noL much happy wlLh Lhe collecLlon of varlous producLs 1hey also wanL Lhe well
organlzed physlcal envlronmenL ln super shop and our maln concern ls Lo flnd ouL Lhe physlcal
envlronmenLal facLors and whlch facLors are more lmporLanL for LargeL cusLomers We are also Lrylng Lo
flnd ouL for whlch facLors are more lmporLanL for selecLlng a super shop

Resear. Metodology:
analyzed our data with 30 people`s given inIormation.
Secondary Data: Secondary date we are help on past research and internet.
Primary Data: In our paper we used Excel Ior data analysis and made a questionnaire Ior survey within 30
peoples. We have
restrictions within the problem.
Absence oI some inIormation regarding data collection: While making the survey Ior data collection,
some oI the inIormation, which was really essential, might be hard to collect.
Cost: This report is also suIIered by the cost limitation
We Iaced several problems while preparing this report. Some oI those as Iollow -
Unavoidable conditions: Some oI the unavoidable conditions might have a deterring eIIect on preparing
the report. (Like, strikes, timing with the group members etc.)
Restriction within the problem: Non-cooperation Irom the customers in Iilling the survey Iorms, hiding
inIormation might be the

n Overview of gora

RahimaIrooz Superstores Ltd. (RSL) made a breakthrough in the urban liIestyles by launching
the Iirst retail chain in the country, Agora`. Currently there are Iour Agora outlets at Gulshan,
Dhanmondi, Moghbazar and Mirpurin Dhaka. With many more coming up at important locations
in Dhaka and other major cities, Agora is endeavoring to IulIill the everyday shoppingneeds oI
the urbanites through Iair price, right assortment, and best quality.Agora mainly Iocuses on Iood
items ranging Irom a wide variety oI Iish, meat, vegetables, Iruits, bakery, dairy, and grocery
it also carries a vast array oI other household, grocery, personal care, and miscellaneous
products. At any point in time, there are nearly 20,000 diIIerent products available at Agora`s is
committed to sustaining and growing as the most trusted, loved, and Irequented retail chain.
!rodu.t Categories
Baby products
Basic Households
Paper accessories
Agora has Iour outlets all over Dhaka situated in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Mirpur, and Moghbazar.
It has placed its outlets in the prime centers oI city which seems to bemuch convenient to
customers. Agora has also started their journey in Chittagong and Sylhet too.

Agora has some Promotional activities which maintain its appeal to the existing andpotential
consumers. It has regular promotion oI services, existing & new products indaily newspaper to
keep consumers aware oI the available products. Also Agora has some exclusive seasonal
oIIer, price reduction, sales promotion to attract the consumers as well. Many exclusive
products like perIume, households and Iresh basic Ioods are available in Agora which is priced
higher than traditional market. Mainly Agora supplies many unusual unseasonable items which
they priced higher because oI the product unavailability in outside.

n Overview of Meena Bazar
Meena Bazar, which started its journey in 2002, has already extended its business to Khulna. The
company has taken up a three-year plan to open outlets in Chittagong and Sylhet and at eight
points in Dhaka. Positive customer response is inspiring more investments in the thriving
sector, said Kazi Jamil Islam, executive director oI Meena Bazar .

!rodu.t Categories:
O Beverage
O Fish
O Fruit
O Meat
O Vegetable
O Basic household
O Exclusive shirt, tie, shoes
O Accessories
O In house product like sweet, yogurt, herbal product.

Outlet :
At this moment, Meena bazaar is operating eight branches in Dhaka. InKhulna, they have opened
another branch.
Meena Bazar is sometimes oIIering Ior their customer on various occasions.

The goal oI a super shop is to give the consumers good services. But in today we are not getting
that kind oI services Irom all the shops. Some oI the super shops have achieved goodwill Ior
doing better work. Like Agora, Nondon, PQS, Mina Bazar etc. The other shops can Iollow their
Some super shop`s service is so bad and this inIormation we gathered Irom our respondents. One
oI them Shopno, their product quality and service is not so good and that`s why they can`t earn
customer satisIaction. So we are suggest and recommend all super shops management iI they are
improve their super shop`s physical environment they can archive success.

Super Shops is a most important part in our daily liIe. People are more easily shopping through
them. Super Shop business is growing in a high pace But they are maintain quality.