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Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report for

Salvador Dali
May 11, 1904 8:45 AM Figueras, Spain

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In the pages which follow, you will see descriptions of your character traits, relationship potentials and challenges, as well as career potentials, and even more. All or most of these sometimes intimate descriptions will be linked in some way with your past lives and your experiences in the planetary realms between lifetimes (the interlife). Yet, you may ask, how can this information best be used? First, HELP YOURSELF. The enclosed uplifting commentary can only be truly beneficial if you see it as a means of self-help and self-transformation. So to get the maximum practical benefit out of each page of this report, focus on connecting what you read with what is going on in your life now. Next, LOOK FOR PATTERNS. When you see repeated references -- for instance to similar careers, pursuits or vocations -- you should consider these references seriously. They demonstrate a positive karmic connection which you now have with these same career-related potentials from past life endeavors. So, because of prior life success, these areas of expression should be easier for you to find rewarding or to succeed in, as compared with in other areas. Also, pay close attention to REMEDIAL MEASURES. For instance, you may be given an affirmation to use in meditation (or a prayer). Or you may be given a crystal/gemstone to wear. These means of balancing out challenging vibrations can indeed be very helpful, especially if used in a hopeful manner. Finally, this report is a synthesis of past life and planetary interlife interpretations originally given clairvoyantly by Edgar Cayce, for individuals with your same planetary patterns at birth. So in applying this report to your personal life, you should RESPECT INNER GUIDANCE -through dreams, meditation and past life regression for example -- as primary resources for this kind of information; and most important, RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL! You alone must choose and know what is really best for you.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. Astrologer Ry Redd calculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who received readings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. By studying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influences were most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases the astrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward. From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with the computer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your

birth chart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would have interpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted over many years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:
Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Asc. MC position position position position position position position position position position position position is is is is is is is is is is is is 20 2 23 4 25 16 20 29 4 19 22 3 deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. deg. 13 28 29 35 11 52 40 24 01 29 15 11 min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. of of of of of of of of of of of of Taurus Aries Taurus Taurus Taurus Aries Aquarius Sagittarius Cancer Gemini Cancer Aries

Tropical Zodiac Standard time observed. GMT: 08:45:00 Time Zone: 0 hours West. Lat. and Long. of birth: 42 N 16 2 E 58 Sidereal Sun position is 27 deg. 42 min. of Aries Sidereal Moon position is 9 deg. 57 min. of Pisces Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: Opposition : Square : Trine : Sextile : 8 7 6 7 5 Deg. Deg. Deg. Deg. Deg. Applying Applying Applying Applying Applying and and and and and 7 6 5 6 4 Deg. Deg. Deg. Deg. Deg. Separating Separating Separating Separating Separating

Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition Your Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Sun is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn. You tend to seek out new ideas and try new things yourself even if others have questioned their value. You are likely frequently to be undertaking specific projects which have good financial prospects and potentials for popularity and helpfulness. Yet more often than not, at least until you reach middle age, they have not materialized. Along with these challenges you may at times have a rather broad negative attitude toward life in the earth plane, as well as a low selfimage.

When disturbing factors come into your experience you are likely to turn and seek a new direction, to start over again. This is a tendency from your indwelling as a soul in the Saturn dimension between earth lives. When these tests and soul trials arise, it would be well if you heeded the injunction to stand steadfast and see God's glory within you. These disappointments and frustrations are probably returning to you from past life experiences in which you were responsible for bringing similar challenging experiences into the lives of others. At times, your longing for changes in your associations has resulted in considerable daydreaming. Visualizing ideal situations and possessions or relationships which you might be engaged in, especially materially and financially, is an avenue you may often use for venting your frustrations. As you learn patience and longsuffering -- out of a sense of seeing these obstacles and delays as opportunities for soul growth and giving rather than out of duty, doom or destiny -greater will be your inner peace and spiritual development. [487-1] Your Sun is conjoined with Mercury. From former lives when you were involved in oral and written communication as a teacher and scribe, you are a very high- minded individual with a strong desire for information and knowledge. You have considerable creative ability, especially to write -- or even act in -- a good dramatic mystery or a suspenseful screenplay. You have a marked capacity to describe characters and situations in an unusual way. DO write. In addition, you have special capacities to teach others through your abilities as a writer. For instance, you have marked abilities involving attention to detail, literature, educational factors and especially historical subjects. You could therefore write a good historical novel or help produce a documentary/docudrama which would be a source of inspiration to many. In fact, you may have a great deal of interest in communications, the media and literature, especially that of an unusual or intuitive nature. Were you to apply yourself, you would make an excellent historian or journalist. With spiritual direction if you chose to do so, you would also make an excellent speaker, particularly on spiritual subjects. You are also gifted in languages and especially in relationship to teaching not only English but also a foreign language. You would be rewarded through any teaching or ministry involving history, color and natural music, such as the songs of birds, the sounds of whales and the sea. Mentally, you tend to seek objective results, even in more personal value-laden areas like religion and spiritual philosophy. Your mind is practical, worldly, self-confident and independent, with a marked tendency to categorize and analyze. Your previous Mercurian lifetime prepared you well for the exercise of authority, yet inclines you to be somewhat dictatorial at times in how you communicate with others. That is,

you have high mental abilities but with a tendency occasionally to be rather hardheaded and to want to have your own way. Apply your will toward the ideals of humility and flexibility. Also, try not to take yourself so seriously. In sum, you are very high-minded, mentally well balanced, with an intellect which is healthy, optimistic and vigorous. You are capable of making for yourself a career in such fields as finance, politics or religion, especially teaching and the ministry. [137-4, 560-1, 759-1, 308-3, 1230-1, 1671-2, 3020-1, 1742-2, 369-3] Your Sun is conjoined with Mars. You probably lived on the American frontier in your previous life, perhaps in Kentucky, Tennessee or Texas, where Daniel Boone and Sam Houston later became folk heroes. Or, a few centuries earlier, you may have been a Viking or Norseman: long before Columbus, you may even have crossed the Atlantic with the likes of Eric the Red! You are able to make yourself felt in any environment or situation through the impressions you leave on others. Of course, it is not what one thinks or would have one believe that one thinks, but it is what one does that counts. Being very much the doer, and also very willful, your very presence is influential in many situations. By who you are and what you do, you leave impressions upon others; yet remember that what you are and do may speak so loudly sometimes that people do not hear what you say. In Mars is found afterlife experiences in consciousness or in spirit which give you executive abilities. Therefore, in whatever line of endeavor you might engage in, or in whatever activity you may undertake, you could, in fact you WOULD make a success of it. In addition, you are not one to act toward another as if they didn't exist or to behave in an entirely detached manner toward ANY experience which might be yours. Your development has been so energetically directed toward the Whole that everything you do -- whether good or bad, mental or physical -- must influence the next thing you do. Learn, then, the first lesson: TOLERANCE. Hardships may be your lot until you gain the vision of the necessity or purpose of SPIRITUAL expressions in your relationships with other people. In Mars is found inclinations for there to be differences of opinion with others, as well as for your own personal purposes or desires to be magnified at times, rather than seeking the common level upon which cooperation may be had with other people. As you seek more and more for a greater knowledge of those things that govern your purposes, or your desires and wishes from the spiritual angle for the experiences of others, more and more will your abilities incline towards those of a successful leader. [1450-1, 2681-1] Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune. In coming into the earth's plane in the present, you came under adverse influences in Moon and Neptune. That is, Neptune, the dreamy planet of spirituality and mysticism, is adversely

aspected with your Moon's emotional forces. This challenge brings you tendencies to be misled by others, as well as urges to delude yourself. The watery world of illusion and fantasy will also tend to mislead you unless you live out your unique individuality, your true soul identity, rather than in your outward personality. Now, the Moon is the realm of the subconscious mind and past life emotions. Because of its inharmonious pattern with Neptune, you are likely to face personal challenges -- such as difficulties -- such as difficulties with delusion, deception and illusion -- largely through your insecurity and inferiority feelings. While you are not fully conscious of these feelings, strange, unusual and mysterious people from previous lives may be attracted to you. Having high ideals and therefore trusting them -perhaps indiscreetly at times because, after all, they probably trusted you in your cosmic past -you may well experience difficulties through their deception of you. Also, because your mercilessly high standards you may attract souls this lifetime who may simply take advantage of your vulnerability. Applying these idealistic, perfectionist standards to yourself as well as to others, discontent, complaints and frequent fantasy are likely to be the results. Moreover, special caution should be exercised in your dealings with the opposite sex. Such souls -- again from past life links -- are the ones you are likely to be emotionally involved with and trust the most. And your parents, particularly your mother, are likely to be souls from previous lifetimes who may bring you, for instance through some form of separation, particularly painful emotional challenges at times. Through karmically attracting these relationships from your past lives, you will be giving yourself special spiritual and emotional growth opportunities, especially if you consistently engage in serious self-analysis. For instance, study your dreams, pray and meditate, and even explore the benefits of counseling, all with the goal of knowing and accepting yourself in the deepest possible sense. Above, all, know your spiritual ideal and try to set it in the light of the Christ. On a regular basis affirm your ideal in positive ways, such as through self-suggestion and guided imagery, to convert each of these obstacles into opportunities for greater wholeness and soul development. Moreover, do follow through with rigorous dream and self analysis, along with careful work with clearly Christ- centered ideals. By such means as these, you can force your will to overcome your tendency toward inner passivity and laziness on one hand and, on the other, your difficulty in discerning what is fact from what is fiction. By willfully overcoming your reluctance to act positively in your search for truth you will find yourself more and more satisfied and successful in life. Also, inclinations toward confusion which arise in your life due to the urges that come to you from your dreams, intuitions and psychic experiences -- while they provide balance and reassurance in other ways -- tend to confuse you and challenge you to know in whom as well as

in what to put your trust. Once your ideal is firmly set in the Christ, just be sure to keep your activities in the area of the psychic and spiritual rather than in the occult and spiritualistic. In fact, practicing spirituality rather than spiritualism should be a helpful key to remember. Also, while you will have the desire to transcend earthly interests, spiritualistic practices should be avoided entirely, as should excessive use of alcohol or drugs in any form. Moreover, in your likely preoccupation with death, the spiritual world or the afterlife, use your power of reason rather than being ruled by your emotions. For instance, carefully study and try to apply the approach to reincarnation and planetary experiences between death and rebirth described in this material. Also, spirituality rather than spiritualism, self-acceptance rather than escapism, should be helpful keys to remember. As for remedial measures to employ in your meditation and prayer life, consider using the following, either as a prayer or rephrased in your own words as an affirmation to use in meditation: "If I am emotionally vulnerable, Lord, if I am easy prey for those who would beguile or deceive me for their own selfish reasons, I earnestly pray for Your protection. Teach me how to prevent others from manipulating me by their smooth talk and apparent friendship. Help me perceive lies and falseness before a harmful situation develops. In all my involvements guide me, Lord, that I may learn to distinguish between what is fact and what is simply my own wishful thinking." [39-2, 2401-1, 1431-1, 4286-3, 2855-1] Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Uranus. Uranus is the Atlantean planet, the dimension of originality and extremes, and the Moon is our "way station" between planetary sojourns. As such, the Moon is our reservoir of past life emotion and karma. You chose a birth time when your afterlife soul experiences in the Moon and Uranus dimensions were in conflict through the difficult aspect pattern between them. This challenging aspect calls forth from your akashic chronicle challenges to face in your emotional life. The most likely original roots of this emotional karma lies in a long-ago lifetime in Atlantis. Having an intense, strong-willed, independent personality, you are likely to be drawn between experiences that are extreme. Hence there have probably been periods in your life when financial or material things could be described as having been very good and very bad, very pleasing yet very often sad. You may often be ruled by judgments concerning financial matters, yet there are other times when such judgments appear not to matter at all. In other words, you may often be financially preoccupied, yet allow generosity toward your friends and family to override rational decision making. There may be, then, an instability at times, when you are motivated by sentiment or friendship without even the appearance of reason. Because of these tendencies, it will be very important for you to set your personal spiritual goals and ideals regarding your relationships, then stick to them. Your choice of companions throughout your life will be as critical as your choice of ideals to help you stay on the right track. First study yourself inwardly, through prayer, meditation and dream work. Know your

motives; that is, what are the real reasons which prompt you to do the things you do with your fellow man. If they are selfish motives and are not prompted by the desire to be a better channel, a better expression of the Creative Forces through your own relationships or activities with others, know that they must eventually bring confusion in your life. You might use self-suggestion via auto-hypnosis and guided imagery. This may help you to be more centered and spiritually attuned. Try to combine these exercises with prayer and affirmations which assist you in turning within for guidance, rather than relying entirely on your own independence and willfulness. Above all, pray for the resolve to be consistent in applying your ideals as set in the Christ. Prayerful study and contemplation of Jesus' promises in chapters 14-17 of Saint John's Gospel would be a priceless resource. [1175-1] Your Mercury is conjoined with Mars. Your participation in spats or arguments can become very disturbing through the anger felt. At times you may even like to argue. You are very self-determined yet with high mental abilities. You are nonetheless one that can be easily reasoned with. You will resent any strong criticism or undue pressure being put upon you in requiring you to do things. You are not only exceptionally intelligent but at times somewhat power hungry. There is the likelihood of feeling intellectually self-important as a result of your high mental abilities. This inclines you to desire positions of fame and power. We should always be reminded that power in our hands when we do not consider the Source of all power can be worse than an albatross around our neck: it can be a millstone which drowns us. A past life as an astrologer-soothsayer or powerful priest in ancient times, say in Persia or Egypt, may constitute the karmic roots for your tendencies intellectually to overpower and manipulate others with your knowledge. Long ago you may have used your position for personal gain with the result that in the present there may be tendencies toward self-exaltation. Present misuse of mental -- specifically higher consciousness -- powers, is probably rooted in just such a selfish lifetime long ago. Since then, your likely sojourns in the consciousness dimensions of Mercury and Mars have brought your occasional intellectual power-tripping into the present. One way to keep such urges under control is to hold fast to an ideal founded neither in earthly or exclusively intellectual things. Instead, set an ideal rooted not only in spiritual applications of your own remarkable mental gifts, but also in that of others. You are exceptionally well balanced mentally and physically. You are prone to giving and demanding much detail work both from yourself and from others. You have a strong striving for detail as well as an overall practical orientation of your strong mental energies. You are inclined toward the study especially of historic subjects. You have an open mind, apparently, on any question, yet you make all final decisions for yourself. The major challenge to these potentials is what could be your mild hang-up on being mentally high and mighty. That is, you are probably very determined in your purposes, perhaps

going at times to extremes to gratify personal wishes which are unexplainable to others. You are one that might do well to heed the injunction, "Mind not high things but humble yourself to men of low estate". In a past life in ancient Egypt in the Court of the Pharaohs for instance, you were probably of high estate. Before that you may well have been a teacher in India, where your present extraordinary mental powers and dexterity had its origins. [1635-3, 1334-1] Your Mercury is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn. You have high mental desires yet are influenced at times by things that would be quite objectionable to others. Feeling that another try would be better you often wish for a change. This comes from your Saturn experience, where you learned on the deepest level to blot out the old and replace it with new beginnings. However, you may put too much trust in things that take wings and fly away. And you are especially likely to face discouragements with your relatives and social relationships as well. Particularly in such situations your mental attitude may be too easily depressed or undermined by just one unkind word. Trusting, however, in things which are eternal, you can instead be constructive in response to life's challenges by giving good even for evil. Dealing with people in the world of commerce would be well for you, especially in sales. In fact, you have exceptional mental abilities in the handling of business. You are able to make many sales, being a REAL salesperson. Your adverse Mercury -- from Saturn's experience -- is interpreted with minimum emphasis on your shortcomings and maximum stress placed on your virtues. You are sensitive to a fault, at times even suspicious and mistrustful of others. So, you may often jump to conclusions before your reasoning force has had the opportunity to put things in perspective for you. Yet you can be loved into seeing alternative actions to follow, but seldom will this change your opinion unless you have been able to reason everything out. Therefore you are likely through your strong mental reasoning forces to reach your own conclusions for yourself in virtually all areas of your life. However, your limits in lovingness and understanding may continue until you allow -through applying your will -- for your Saturn upswing side of redeeming renewal to work through faith. Your experience of Saturn brings changes of every nature which must be met through will's application, for it is through the application of will that we each develop or retard. Therefore you will be able to overcome a great deal of depressing conditions this lifetime by the choices you make. Choices are especially necessary in setting an ideal, whether it be as to citizenship, parenthood, neighborliness or your spiritual life as such (like your manner of church service). You are one that has probably found the vicissitudes of life especially challenging in your personal relationships, whether marital or friendships. While many of your saddest experiences

may have come through the breaking up of relationships, many of the happiest and peaceful ones have come through these relationships. Perhaps as a result of such disappointments, your intuitive forces at times bring you periods of moodiness. These are likely to be times of self-condemnation and belittling your abilities. Facing these personal challenges, you can either make considerable spiritual advance, or fall into a "don't care" attitude. Do avoid developing this attitude in any area of your life, for you -- like all of us -- has a niche, a special place that none other may fill. When you seek to meditate, say in your viewing of nature, there is a tendency for you to become nervous from being in one place too long. Wearing the blue lapis stone --particularly the lapis lingua -- will not only be an aid in calming you during your meditation periods. Lapis will also be a helpful influence for you in developing a FORGETFULNESS to life's hardships, especially the hard things said or done by others. [1565-1, 963-1, 674-3, 1745-1, 369-3, 1858-1, 1918-1, 2421-2, 608-7] Your Venus harmoniously aspects Neptune. You have a gentle, unassuming yet refined attitude to your friends and loved ones. Together with your outstanding integrity, these positive character traits are likely throughout your life to attract people who want to help and support you, though not necessarily in a material sense. Except for bringing attunement and resources by being near or traveling over large bodies of water -- and innately have the seashores, lakesides and riversides often called to you as a place to live -- Neptune's blessings are primarily spiritual and well beyond the three dimensional plane. You may have been a devoted priest/ess or nun in a not-so-distant past life, and before that, a seer-diviner in the Holy Land during the time of Jesus. Your sacrifice and loving service then earned you interlife experiences in the planetary realms of love and spirituality, Venus and Neptune. So at the time of your birth, you chose to re-enter the earth when your soul flight paths from Venus and Neptune were in a very favorable angle. More important, your past life of loving, nurturing and serving others together with this opportune time of rebirth will bring you a major opportunity this lifetime to manifest a deep love bond. This will probably be with another soul who is on a similar spiritual path. You also have latent but strong musical and artistic talents, along with powerful intuitive, even at times mystical and psychic gifts. Were you to develop these abilities, especially with your love of the arts, you could become an inspired artist/musician who lifts the spirit of all who experience your creativity and inspiration. Most important, a greater and greater influence in your life will be found by being QUIET within. This is best done by listening to the still small voice in your body-temple, where the Christ has promised to meet all of us who seek to know and walk with Him. He has also promised to be your counsel, your guard and protector: hold fast to your faith in Him. Do remember the Christ prayerfully also in your joys, as well as your sadness; in your pleasures as well as pains.

Hence, in your past lives you counseled and gave strength to many people. In this life, as before, you can share -- after attuning yourself for instance through voices, musical sounds, the sounds of the sea and wind -- a strength in the Christ that will keep you in your way while helping you in counseling others. These latent and manifest inner talents and outward opportunities are a result of your past lifetimes and soul travels between lives in the spiritual dimensions of Venus and Neptune. However, no urge is greater than your own individual choice. Therefore, as to whether or not there is overall development toward Oneness in this life depends entirely on what you hold as your IDEAL, and even more important, on what you do mentally and physically RESPECTING that same ideal. Once a soul has advanced to the level of ideals which you hold, then having a sincerity of purpose in what you do is far superior to ANY urges, whether they be from past lives or from the planets. [963-1, 99-6, 1222-1, 2444-1] Your Venus is trine Uranus. Your experiences in Uranus and Venus between lifetimes bring you unusual talents along with renewed contacts with unusually talented souls you knew in your cosmic past. Knowledge about your interplanetary afterlife associations -- such as souls you knew during a Venus sojourn -- is revealed to you through your dreams. They come as INNATE influences; that is, mental experiences, day dreaming, visions or dreams -- as you are given to having. And too often, you may tend to disregard them, or too seldom pay attention to them. As said in the Scriptures, not of yourself alone may you do it, but in love, in truth, in honor you may. For these are your helpmeets, if you hold fast to them. They arise from the influence of your afterlife associations in the Venus sphere. In other words, accurate premonitions of future events are frequently symbolized in your dreams. How often have you envisioned through symbols or dreams those very things that happened to you later! For from the Uranian influence you are naturally inclined to these things that are mystical in nature, and you love to delve into these things. In fact, your intuitive faculties make it easy for you to express through color, music and lyrics, harmonies which are certainly beyond this three dimensional world. Your creative talent is a resource which only awaits your willful development. This is very much like having a mother lode of gold running beneath your house. It only needs to be dug up to be of considerable, immediate value. Uranus is the EXTREME influence, making for tendencies to be an extremist. Yet much of this is tempered by the Venus influence. Hence music, social activities and a temperament that may be brought out by gentleness, kindness, patience, or similar virtues attributed to love in its pure form, all make for benevolent, positive influences in your life. Uranus especially brings a love of mystery as well as a love of spirituality, while Venus makes for a love of children and the home. Creative, inspirational writing for children would be an excellent outlet, then, for these gifts of yours.

For instance, in helping children and adults with emotional problems art or music therapy is an area in which you might excel. Therefore your abilities in creating or writing stories related to activities in these directions might be developed successfully, from your Venus and Uranus afterlife experiences. Yes, your ideas are as original, and deep, as your creative outlets are varied. Yet do look within yourself regularly. There will be tendencies for you to have great imaginative powers pertaining to things in the spiritual world which are unseen by others, especially concerning your abilities to gain from unseen sources those lessons, those visions, those pictures for others that may bring understanding to many people. In manifesting this will you gain the most in soul growth this lifetime. Also, know that this inner study and directed contemplation will bring you understanding and helpful influences which in turn will bring you the harmony and peace as promised in the Christ. This is not the peace which the world recognizes under that name, but a deeper peace which gives without asking, loves without hating, is patient and never jealous. Happiness, honor and a genuine joy in life can stay with you through seeking this peace within. At the same time be mindful of those who have lost hope in the material things of the world which so easily fade away. Do share your spiritual upliftment as well as your own material and financial resources with others more needy, as you are likely to attract them all throughout your unusual life. [444-1, 2450-1, 1923-1, 2530-1, 2175-1] Your Mars is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn. Mars is the consciousness dimension experienced between earth lives which prompts us toward action and applying energy (whether aggressively, athletically, competitively, militarily or wrathfully). Saturn is the realm of heavy changes and basic soul reprogramming. You chose a day of birth when these two planets were inharmoniously squared off or opposite each other in the zodiac, as seen from the earth. This is a challenging pattern which creates a tendency for you to be pulled often in opposite directions: for instance, you may have urges to act yet feel equally strongly the necessity not to act. These conflicting, if not erratic, influences have been fed by your interlife soul activities in these planetary heavens, with the challenge wherein you "blow hot, then cold." This results in dissatisfaction frequently entering into areas of your life -- especially your career -- in which your physical energies are directed. So special effort will be needed at such times for you to exert your will force to control your temperament. This is particularly likely to be true of urges toward anger and a tendency toward hastiness in drawing conclusions and judging others. This is usually because others are not in accord with a specific desire of yours to impel them to think the same way as you do. In your previous life you may well have been an American pioneer or pilgrim, perhaps acting as a soldier of fortune, or as one of those who condemned spiritualism in New England (which was then called witchcraft). While the action of your will regarding personal ideals of

love and unity override ALL astrological and karmic influences, it may appear at times that you take advantage of others, pursuing things which are satisfying to you at the moment. If and when such conditions manifest, bear in mind that you are part of a larger whole, part of a family, a city, a body of laws, a country, a part of the Body of Christ. Unless you are as considerate of others as you are of yourself, in this natural holistic relationship just described, there will come turmoil and strife. Remember too that soul growth does not necessarily come from some mighty act of courage or grand purpose to carry out through some spectacular experience. And do bear in mind that true spiritual progress comes through what you THINK in your heart day by day. In fact, anyone is blessed if they have the good fortune -- as you can have through exercising your free will --to turn those forces that seem to block your constructive thoughts and actions into opportunities to revive your soul's purpose in this lifetime. And it is this very lack of a definite higher purpose that probably drives you through such restless, often self-centered changes and varying interests. Instead, center your purpose in the Christ and prayerfully study and personalize His promises in the Scriptures, especially in chapters 14-17 of John's Gospel. Above all, know what your ultimate standard, your true purpose, your guiding ideal really is way down deep: that is, determine within yourself, for instance through studying your dreams or other forms of self-analysis, whether your ideal is spiritual, truly creative, or merely for enhancing your ego and for self-gratification. The choice can only be made by you. On the more resourceful side, you have a naturally good business sense and with application of your will toward tempering your temperament, development of your soul forces -bringing you contentment and satisfaction -- is likely to come near the middle of your life. [1977-1, 3630-2, 1757-2, 4835-1, 1587-1, 1978-1] Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Saturn. You are patient, persevering, honest, sincere and inclined toward the arts. At the same time, you have marked executive abilities with a somewhat masculine mind in your ability mentally to project goals and physically to carry them out. Yet this rather Saturnian frame of thought is almost always tempered with your Jupiterian urge to seek higher, ennobling influences as the criteria for a more spiritual life. From your experience in Jupiter, were you to apply your natural sense of good judgment in counseling others, you would be successful in helping them to straighten out their mental and emotional problems. This you could best do through a practical integration of imagination and deeper soul visions while visualizing the positive psychological effect being created. One way such healing could be carried out is through guided imagery and group prayer. In such ways you could accomplish a great deal for yourself and for others. Through this kind of application, you are able to share with others in need a safe, sane

understanding of what you uniquely know, believe, dream of or envision and hold deep within yourself. Yet do not forget that while to know and not to do anything with what you know can count against you in soul development, to not know yet to do the best that you know, feel and experience within is counted as true spirituality and righteousness. Jupiter's influence also tends you to have relationships with groups and larger numbers of people, rather than isolated individuals. Saturn's influence makes for many specific projects and activities which are full of financial and social prospects but often do not materialize to the fullest extent possible. These instances should be seen as clear opportunities not for longsuffering in the sense of duty but for developing a higher patience as an opportunity for soul growth, peace and harmony within. This is that patience through which you know and therefore most truly possess, your own soul. Now, your experience in Saturn is one to which you cast yourself as being insufficient in earthly terms and in the present, you have the opportunity to rebuild, remold or resuscitate your inner soul forces in line with your outer objectives. From Jupiter you have a truly philosophical and religious spirit behind your Saturnian, worldly ambitions. Because you are willing to apply what you know and work for what you want, you will achieve success. In the application, then, of your own talents will come a contentment that you are living up to your ideal, regardless of how others may criticize you. Above all, do not criticize or condemn yourself. Instead, act in such a way that you will always do the very best with what you have in hand at any given time. Let the consequences be in Christ's keeping. [1728-2] Your Uranus is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune. Because Uranus and Neptune are farthest from the Sun, they move very slowly. As a result the aspect patterns formed between them operate for a longer time than aspects between other planets. Therefore many souls made their flight from these realms to begin a new earth life when this challenging aspect pattern between these two planets was in effect. In entering the earth plane, then, you along with many others came when these planetary influences were adverse. While having gained in soul development in past lives, the outcome in your present life depends entirely upon the application of your will. Your independent, at times extremist urges from Uranus and mystical intuition from Neptune give you psychic-intuitive powers which can either be destructive if used selfishly or constructive if your powers are used to serve others. It is absolutely necessary then that you set and apply the highest possible motives and ideals of service this lifetime. If you control your inclination to go to extremes, you can go very far in soul development. When your mental forces are constructively balanced with the spiritual, growth MUST come. However, when your mind is attuned to selfish motives irrespective of others, the result MUST be destructive in the final analysis. Moderation and balance is also needed between your emotions and your will, between feeling and logic, for the extreme tendencies from your experience in Uranus set them at cross purposes. A form of spiritual fanaticism can be one result of this lack of equilibrium, while

another can be an edgy, touchy temper, with considerable nervous tension at times. This tendency to be high strung in turn may have adverse effects on your health. Of equal importance is the need to be guided by the Christ Light in your seeking for spiritual truths. Otherwise, deceptive, perhaps disturbing, mystical or astral experiences may be the result. It is far better to rely upon the guidance of your own heart attuned to the Christ or God-consciousness within than to rely upon any spirit entities or self-proclaimed spirit guides. In these special pursuits always be sure to emphasize spirituality rather than spiritualism, service rather than self. [2799-1, 1735-2, 4415-1, 543-11]

NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac. Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon position, being the same as the Sun position, does not need to be interpreted in this case.

Your Sun is in Taurus (Tropical zodiac). Taurus' influence inclines you to be somewhat headstrong, with a very set and determined manner. Hence you are not always understood in everything you try to do, or in things which you know yourself to be true. Yet long-lasting are the influences you make on others with whom you have deep associations from previous lives. Remember, success or accomplishment in life is not a matter of some great force or influence. Just as taught by the Master, it is not the power of the storm or of the earthquake or of great noises and the like. Rather it is the still small voice speaking from within you which becomes the influence through which movements of truly great forces really arise. Since your childhood, being outdoors and living close to nature is probably more significant to you than to most others. This love of nature and the great outdoors is from one or more past lives spent on a farm or in nature settings. For ages countries on the Mediterranean such as ancient Egypt, Greece and virtually all of the ancient Mideast lived in close contact with nature. So did the Native Americans of pre-Columbian America. And surely you were one of them. Farming, fishing and hunting then, are among your familiar pursuits (even if they only involve occasional outdoor activities like gardening, boating or indoors, tending flowers and plants). You also probably have greater confidence in holistic, natural healing approaches than

in modern medicine's "advanced" yet artificial technology. Now, Venus is the planet which rules or best symbolizes the essence of the sign Taurus. Of course, Venus symbolizes the female sex. Centuries ago in oriental cultures women were more feminine -- and experienced much more respect -- than today. A lifetime in Asia and lands like China, then, are also a likely part of your past life experiences.[1149-1, 1641-1] Your Moon is in Aries (Tropical zodiac). From Aries are found inclinations often to be considered by others as being headstrong. You may also be very hard to convince alongside judgments you have made which have been the determining factors in your experience. Yet once you are convinced of something, you become very determined in that particular direction. This tendency toward self-determination and being headstrong is probably rooted in at least one lifetime in ancient Palestine. Your likely link with the tribal nomads known as the Hebrews is expressed in your urge either to be a powerful yet somewhat dogmatic leader or to be inclined to follow someone with strong leadership qualities. Also, living in large or extended family units dominated by a strong director or leader (whether male or female), having special admiration for winners, or even being totally submissive to another person who you feel is somehow in charge of you and your life are characteristic inclinations from similar experiences long ago. Of course, Mars is the primary planet which symbolizes or rules the sign of Aries. This makes Mars and martial urges of special significance to you this lifetime. Therefore, depending on whether or not you apply your will, responding to conflict situations with directness and force are likely to be among your subconscious urges. These urges are from your prior experiences in the realm of Mars and from one or more past lives in the harsh, ancient desert culture of Israel and neighboring Arab lands. Also from Mars, the Ram influence and this past lifetime in ancient Canaan and Palestine you may feel a need not only to be a leader or director but to excel in your career or in more physical endeavors like exercising or a competitive activities such as sports.[279-4, 340-15, 1804-1] Your Moon is in Pisces (Sidereal zodiac). Coming under the influences of Pisces, water and religion or spiritual matters are likely to have an untold influence on you. Of course, this depends upon the way you respond to these kinds of experiences, for they have probably played an important part or at least have been innate in your experience through many lifetimes in the earth. Pisces means or symbolizes what is naturally, or by its very nature, representative of influences of the higher soul or higher spiritual level. Hence those things of the spiritual nature should preferably be the way in which your judgments are drawn, as to whether this or that

activity should be your impelling influence. Not that you should become lost in motives or in influences impelling your actions: just use those things of the spiritual import as the measuring rod of your activities and experiences. In light of this, the period around the birth and ministry of Jesus, the Christ, is the clearest past life for you to recall and build upon in the present. You may even remember a lifetime as part of Roman culture, where priority was placed upon position in society and in the military. Another early Church memory might be stronger for you: the hills around Galilee and the desert near the Dead Sea where the Essenes and others gathered to meditate and study. Then too you may be emotionally drawn to painful scenes of being among early Christians who were martyred for the courage of believing in the Messiah. Regardless of specifics, you are quite likely always to be dominated by a sense of expectancy and mystery. In later lifetimes since the early Church period, you were probably celibate, as a nun or monk of a leading religious order. Noble, compassionate Jupiter and spiritual, mystical Neptune are the two rulers or key symbols for the sign of Pisces. From Neptune comes the intuitive forces, the mystical or mysterious influences in your experience, whether you allow them to be mentally or consciously active or not. Another influence of these planets as expressed through Pisces is that although you have a great deal of compassion, you may be too passive in expressing your personal energy and soul force. Also, it will probably be much easier for you than for most people to suppress your sexual desires because of the memory of one or more past lives when you set aside your personal concerns for the good of the entire community. [816-3, 1506-1, 997-1]

Your Past Life Decanates According to an ancient Vedic astrology method still practiced in India, Past Life Planets are realms in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes. They are identified through the position of your sidereal Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a onethird division of a zodiac sign; each is ruled by a planet). Any patterns involving these Past Life Planets are therefore of special importance. Pay extra attention, then, to any sections of your Report which interpret these planets. NOTE: If your Sun and Moon are both located in a decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon's decanate position, being the same as the Sun's, therefore does not need to be interpreted.

Your Sun is in Sagittarius Decanate Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter as Past Life Planet points to a prominent soul journey between earth incarnations in the realm of Jupiter, called Brahmaloka in Vedic astrology. Your Jupiter sojourn demonstrates that you have reached a high level of development toward a universal consciousness among all men and women. Your special Jupiter sojourn also indicates you have a strong inner commitment to faith, optimism and group causes potentially affecting large numbers of people. Past lives in humanitarian or spiritual service and ministry, religious, royal and priestly affairs are likely, especially lifetimes in Egypt and the Holy Land. Your Moon is in Pisces Decanate Your sidereal Moon is in the decanate of Pisces, which is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. This points to prominent soul journeys in the interlife realms of Jupiter and Neptune, and to one or more parallel lifetimes in which you were dedicated to spirituality, humanitarian, healingoriented and spiritual, mystical endeavors. Your experiences then may have brought you prominence or notoriety in spiritual causes ranging from the Essenes and Gnostics around the time of Christ to Eastern temples and ashrams and later, medieval or modern monastic life. Of likely special interest to you in your present life are mysticism, spirituality and most movements toward Oneness and the mysteries of Life and Nature, including dreams and mystical kinds of music and art. These interests and urges are intensified from lifetimes where the sea or large bodies of water played a large role, as well as from your soul experiences between earth incarnations in the realms of Neptune and Jupiter.