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Saint John’s Cherry Brook Zoo Inc. is requesting an operating grant in the amount of its projected
2009 deficit, $175,000.00 with a 5% increase in funding for each of the following four years, 2010-
2013. (See attached budget figures and detailed rationale)

• The 2009 request is only $28,750.00 more than the City grant of $146,250 that the zoo
received seventeen years ago in 1992. A majority of Zoos in Canada and the United States
that receive municipal funding are currently seeking additional funding to offset inflationary
growth of costs, both operational and capital.

• Cherry Brook Zoo has the lowest operating budget of any Accredited Zoo in Canada even with
the budget request. (See attached comparison chart). The Zoo raises two thirds of its operating
budget and is asking for one third from the City.

• The majority of accredited Zoos in both Canada and the United States that are not private
institutions receive municipal and/or provincial/state funding.

• The Cherry Brook Zoo was the first accredited Zoo in Atlantic Canada. For direct comparison
purposes, the only other currently in the region is the Moncton Zoo which has an operational
budget, fully funded by the City of Moncton, in the amount of $1.5 million dollars plus an
annual capital amount of $100,000. Cherry Brook Zoo is and wishes to remain, an
incorporated not-for-profit as opposed to a municipal operation thereby contributing to its
uniqueness, significant cost-efficiencies and, assuming a stable operational budget, the ability
to leverage other funding sources.

• This budget submission is also presented in response to the National Accreditation

Commission requirement that we illustrate financial security (see CAZA letter). The
Commission recommended that we present to our municipality a request for funding to ensure
an adequately funded Accredited Facility for the five-year period of accreditation and beyond.

• International Species Survival Programs (SSPs), including those of the Smithsonian Institute
and the Brazilian Rehabilitation Center, as well as other SSPs require specific assurances for
certification that the highly endangered species entrusted to the Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint
John, New Brunswick are secure and that long term financial plans are in place.

• Cherry Brook Zoo is requesting that the City of Saint John invest in a national accredited
facility that is regularly cited as one of the city’s Top Ten tourist attractions.

• Much like the city’s aging stadiums and arenas, the Zoo’s 30-year-old facilities are in need of
repair and, in some cases, replacement. Common Council has recognized the need to invest
in existing recreational infrastructure. The Zoo has neither received nor requested capital
funding from the city. Rather, by the providing stability to its operational budget, the city will
enable the Zoo to once again begin significant capital projects that have been put on hold,
leveraging the city’s contribution to secure additional funding sources, both public and private.
(See attached capital projects list.)

• The Zoo’s request for funding reflects the City’s priority list of providing support for recreational
facilities and cultural spaces. (Note: Cherry Brook Zoo, including Vanished Kingdom Park, is a

member of the Canadian Association of Museums.) As well, the Zoo reflects the City’s priority
on conservation and can provide educational support for the City’s efforts in this regard.
Saint John’s Cherry Brook Zoo will commit to:

A) Financial recognition of the support provided by city tax dollars:

• Provide Free Group Admissions to the Zoo for all City of Saint John’ Leisure Services
Children’s Summer Programs.

• Provide a $50.00 credit for residents of the City of Saint John to be applied to the annual family
membership fee of $150.00 applied thereby reducing their cost to $100.00.

• Provide a $25.00 credit for residents of the City of Saint to be applied to the Junior Zoo Keeper
Camp Fee of $150.000 thereby reducing their cost to $125.00.

B) Support of the City of Saint John’s assets and priorities by providing:

• A debt free, nationally accredited facility, currently worth over 2M dollars (not including animal
stock) that includes extensive, high-interest and educational walking trails plus an outdoor
miniature golf course.

• An outdoor recreational facility, attractive to both residents and tourists, which have been
shown to have a high cross-generational appeal.

• Global recognition of the City of Saint John through:

a) continued participation of Saint John’s Cherry Brook Zoo in international conservation

(b) links to the City through the Zoo’s website and planned web cams.

• Expansion of the Zoo and thus enhancing the city’s assets by embarking on a strategic capital
building plan that will incorporate additional public and corporate funding sources/partnerships.

• Enhanced real estate values in the city. (Letters from businesses to follow)

• A quality of life indicator that will enhance the City’s efforts to attract new residents.

• Visible confirmation of the city’s commitment to conservation on a world-wide basis.

• Continued support to both public school and post-secondary institutions through educational
programs and relevant work experience opportunities.

• An affordable admission rate that will generate necessary revenue while, at the same
time, making the Zoo accessible to the greatest number of residents possible. (See
comparison chart on Family Rates.)