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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals College of Industrial Management (Department of Finance and Economics)

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) (Corporate Banking Department)

Progress Report 3

Co-op Advisor: Co-op Examiner:

Dr. Mohammed Ramady Dr. Ali AL-Elg

Mohammed AL-Tuwaijri ID # S200632640

6 August 2011

CO-OP Progress Report 3

INTRODUCTION As mentioned in the previous progress reports that I worked in the head office of The Saudi British Bank (SABB) in Riyadh. I have just finished working with the global banking team (GB) in the Corporate Banking Department. In this progress report the past period of the co-op program will be discussed until the 3rd of August 2011.

WORK ASSIGNMENT Throughout my training period I noticed that all of the RM's daily deal with the Treasury department and Risk Management department. As promised, Mr. Ahmed arranged for me attachments in these two important departments in order for me to get an in depth
understanding of each department and how it assists our division.

During the Risk Management attachment, I met Mr. Saad AL-Awami (who also was a KFUPM graduate). He taught me the proper way of reading the financial statements and using them in understanding a company's situation. Also, he trained me in using Moody's financial analyst software. This software allows us to calculate different financial indicators such as the ratios and positive and negative indicators. It also allows us to simplify the different financial statements into a one acceptable format (Called: Spread) which is reported back to the RM's with some comments made on some indicators. After that we worked on the Risk Rating Project. This project gives us a Credit Rating (CRR) for every client, as an outcome from the inputted information. The inputted information is

provided by the client's RM. This rating is then used to give us an indicator of the client's risk, and is used as a base for the pricing of any facilities requested.

My Treasury attachment was only for one week. During my attachment I met Mr. Nathmi Bukhary who gave me a background on the department and explained the most important products and services provided by the treasury department. The treasury department was divided into teams. Every team offers a specific product or service, which ranges from basic foreign exchange and interest rates to money market operations, precious metals and government bonds. I noticed that the treasury department at SABB is small compared to the other local banks, and this is because everything is done back to back with HSBC. In conclusion over my training period I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in practice which is related to my major.