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Phan Ngoc Hien Grammar school THE EXAMINATION FOR MASTER STUDENTS OF ENG LISH Class: 10 Duration: 150

minutes PART I: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR I> Give the correct tense or form of verbs in brackets: 1- In the last six months, I (complete) .. two English courses. 2- I rushed to the station and found that I (miss) .. the train. 3- I (reach) .. school just in time this morning. The bell (ring) .. when I (walk) .. into the classroom. 4- Before ten years ago, we (not know) .. about AIDS. 5- As I (run) .. to the station, I met the Browns. 6- He detests (have) .. to get up early. 7- She cannot help (make) .. mistakes. II> Fill in the blanks with the correct article if necessary: 1- Last year he went to . United States of America. 2- He likes . green. 3- My father is . honest man. 4- This is . useful book. 5- He is .. one-eyed man. 6- When do you hope to go to .. university ? 7- My father went to .. sea when he was 15. 8- Im going to stand for .. Parliament at the next election. 9- Have you ever heard of . . . . lasted cure for . . . . colds ? III> Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions: 1- When I arrived .. the station, the train had already left .. London. 2- Well be ready .. 5 minutes. 3- He is still living .. his parents and he always asks them .. money. 4- Dont spend too much time .. doing difficult exercise. Read .. the test and choose the easy ones to do first. 5- I dont want to argue . You that matter this time. PART TWO: READING COMPREHENSION
I> Read the text carefully and do the exercises below: STRAFORD UPON AVON

No visitor to Britain should go home without spending some time in STRAFORD UPON AVON. Situated in the heart of England, it is a town rich both in history and in culture. STRAFORD is a busy market town with a population of twenty three thousand, and contains many streets and buildings unchanged since medieval times. Its surrounded by some of the prettiest countryside in England, and is an ideal base for those wishing to visit such places of interest as Warwick Castle, or the beautiful modern cathedral in Coventry. Without doubt, STRAFORD is best known as the town where the playwright Shakespeare (1564 1616) was born and died. Here you can visit his birthplace, and other buildings associated with his family. These houses are splendid examples of Tudor architecture and there are many other fine, historic buildings well worth visiting in the town. Visitors to STRATFORD will find no lack of evening entertainment. There are restaurants to suit all tastes, and in the evening the Royal Shakespeare Theatre offers an exciting and varied repertoire, giving you the chance to see some of the best actors in the country, on stage. There are also poetry readings, music recitals and many other entertainment available. Choose a holiday in STRATFORD and you will never forget the experience ! Book now to avoid disappointment. A> Find the word in the passage that has the meaning: 1- The center of a town or country . 2- Period of history from about 11th 13th century . 3- A shortage of (not enough of) . 4- A program of plays being performed at a theatre . 5- Performance of music by a soloist or small group . B> True or false ? 1- STRAFORD UPON AVON lies in Wales. ___ 2- STRAFORD is an industrial city where cars and computers are manufactured. ___ 3- In STRAFORD , you can visit the house where W. Shakespeare was born. ___ 4-STRAFORD UPON AVON is a very quiet city where you cant find anything interesting in the evening. ___ 1- In STRAFORD UPON AVON , there are wonderful examples of Tudor architecture and historic buildings. ___

II> Cloze test: Fill in the blanks of the following passage with ONE most suitable word: John Lennon was born in Liverpool in 1940. He was always of music and played in pop groups school and Art college. John got married Cynthia in 1962 and they had a son, name 2

was Julian. At that , John was a member of a group The Beatles. Many beautiful songs written by John and wherever the group went, crowds of fans gathered to see them. They scream and faint when The Beatles played, and lots of people their cut hair in a Beatles style. Soon everyone had heard of The Beatles and John was richer than he had ever Having achieved world-wide success, John started to make records his own after 1968, and it was in the same year his marriage to Cynthia to an end. He had met Yoko Ono, a Japanese artist, he married the following year John lost weight and grew his hair long as can seen on the vovers of the record that he made with Yoko. They up home in the United States and had a son called Sean. Many people consider John Lennon to be the most talented of all The Beatles. He sang about peace and love and so when he was murdered one of his fans, outside his New York apartment, the world was shocked. More than 50 000 fans turned to a special ceremony in his memory. He was only forty when he died. III> Rearrange these sentences in the correct order to make a meaningful story: 1- She goes to the pet shop 2- I am eating it right now. Her mother said. Its delicious. 3- It cost fifty dollars. 4- The rich woman buys the bird. 5- A rich woman wants to send her mother a very nice birthday present. 6- She sends the bird to her mother. 7- She sees a beautiful bird. 8- The next day the rich woman called her mother on the telephone. 9- The bird can sing. It can also speak seven languages. 10- Mama asks the rich woman, Do you like the bird? PART III: WRITING I> Sentence transformation: 1- We didnt go on holiday because we didnt have enough money. - If ........ 2- Nam and Lan have been married for three years. - It is ...... 3- I had only just put the phone down when the boss rang back. - Hardly ...... 4- To live on my salary must be hard. 3

- I find it ........ 5- Because she behaves well, everybody loves her. - Because of her ...... 6- Some of Toms expressions make me think of my sister. <REMIND> - Some of ...... my sister. 7- The candidate I interviewed appeared to lack ambition. <SEEM> - The candidate I .... ambition. 8- His father condition has deteriorated significantly. <SIGNIFICANT> - There has .... in his fathers condition. 9- Would you like to contribute something to our campaign ? <MAKE> - Would you like ... our campaign ? 10 Technical skills are needed to operate this new machinery. <DEMAND> - Operating .... technical skills. II> Find out and correct ten mistakes in the following passage. The first one is done for you:

The scientists and engineers had become key figures in our modern industrially society. And this is only a down of their heyday. Scientific progress are constantly opening up new horizons, bring new methods, new opportunities. In this era of mass product there is virtually not industry which do not require the skills and services of engineer. In this era of technology, I have hear it said, engineering furnishes the basic training for almost any industry career you can mention. And that is emphatically true. Answer: 0: had have 1- . 2- . 3- . 4-. 5-. 6- . 7- . 8- . 10- . 10- . III> Write a short passage (no more than 150 words) about this subject: Does money make man happy? Why ?