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Greek Logical Positivism A Legal Opinion By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd.

, Coif Member of the United States Supreme Court Bar And Anthony Blackstone And Anthony Faber Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American People and The People of God as a Public Domain Perpetual Copyright and Patent. Greek Logical Positivism is a secular philosophy which utilizes an epistemology and an ethics and morality, and a philosophy of science which is religiously neutral. Although it is admitted that there is a First Cause, Uncaused Cause and an Unmoved Mover, it is not asserted that this is a Supreme Being such as God who is All Powerful and All Knowing. The Positive of Greek Logical Positivism is The Good, and The Good is the Positive. That which is Positive is that which can be positively described using words that have a reasonable definition, and also is positive in the sene of involving Positive Values which are both objectively valid and are valid in terms of a reciprocity analysis. Now, the Legal requirement for the teaching of a philosophy or academic subject matter area in the Public Schools in America is that the subject matter material must be religiously neutral. In other words, the approach taught is basically Agnostic. See generally, Engel vs. Vitale, 370

U.S. 421 (1962) (Holding that the Anti-Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution requires that Public Schools be religiously neutral as to its activities, including its curriculum). Since Greek Logical Positivism is religiously neutral, it can be taught in the Public Schools without violating the Anti-Establishment Clause. The major teachings of Greek Logical Positivism are as follows: 1. Following Aunitary Quantum Field Theory, Reality is Aunitary. 2. There are Three Metaphysical Quidities which comprise the Tao or Reality Process, and they are, Being, Logos, and Substance. 3. Being is the Unmoved Mover, The Good, an Unrestricted Act of Understadning. 4. Logios is Reason or Logic, and is Substantial Form and Creative Form. 5. Substance is Absolute Substantial Relational Love. 6. Greek Ethics involve the Four Ethical Principles of: Reciprocity, Utility, Proportionality, and Equity 7. Greek Morality involves the Higher Moral Values of : Your own: Liberty or Authonomy, or Freedom or Freewill Your own: rational self interest Your own: Self-Actualization

Your own: Cognitive Authenticity 8. Following Aunitary Quantum Field Theory, Meaning Affects Reality. 9. Philosophy of Science, applying Aunitary Quatntum Field Theory, shows that Reality is at most, 99.999999999% Real. 10. Philosophy of Science shows that the only valid Standard Deviation for Science is .0000001 or .00001%

11. Logical Positivism is defined as: Reality is best known through the cognitive operations of: Experience and Logical Reasoning thereifrom. 12. 13. The End of a Person is The Good or the Individual Good. Evil is eithr a lessening of The Good or is the Opposite of The Good..

14. A person should see to do Good and to avoid Evil. 15. The good is found using practical intuition or practical wisdom. 16. Reality is a Dao of Good and Evil as apposite Principles or Quiddities. 17. A Quiddiity is that which Manifests Quod Est, a such, Ex Nihilo. 18. The Tao of Being, Logos, and Substance is an Unmoved Mover, Manifesting Ex Nihilo 19. A Straight Line is 180 degrees.. 20. The Four Interior Angles of a Square total 360 degrees. 21. The Three Interior Angles of a Triangle total 180 degrees. 22. A Right Angle is 90 degrees. 23. Facts are best known through the cognitive process of: Experience, Understanding, Judgement and Reflection. 24. Reason is a composite of: logic, love, and intuitionj 25. There are Four types of Logic: Concrete Logic, Analytic Logic, Analogical Logic, and Probalistic Logic 26. An Analogy is defined as occurring where two or more subjets and or objects have three or more characteristics or attributes in common. 27. Logic is defined as that which is not illogical. 28. That which is illogical is defined as that which does not involve a

logical contradiction such as attempting to assert that A and not A can exist in the same time and in the same place.

29. An illegal, immoral and unethical act of sophistry, which is a violation of The Law of Logic (Sheriffs Law) takes place when a person or existant purposely engages in falacious or fraudulent conduct or speech involving such principal fallacies such as the Fallacy of Shifting Ground or the Fallacy of Hypocrisy. 30. The Fallacy of Hypocrisy takes place where there is a contradiction between statement and performance by a person or existant. 31. The Fallacy of Shifting Ground takes place where a person or existant unreasonably asserts that Statement A is true in the morning, for example, and not true in the afternoon. 32. That which is positive is defined as that which is good for a person, such as: good food, good clothing, good home, good recreation, good entertainment, good education, good and enjoyable hobbies, good transportation, good Self-Actualization Projects, good health, good medical treatment, good teeth, good dental treatment, good vacations, good and fulfilling work, meaningful happiness, autonomy or liberty, reason, logic, intutiion 33. Intuition is defined as that cognitive faculty or ability which produces insights. And, further, intuition is defined as high speed, unconscious or preconscious analogical

thought processes which produce Insight. 34. The Basic Emotions and Values are normative, and the Higher Emotions and Values are to be taught Aspirationally, and the Base Emotions and Values are to be taught as immoral and are to be discouraged as such.

35. The Basic Emotions and Values and talents, include: courage, fortitude, will, will power, friendship love, familial love, skills, talents, knowledge, craftsmanship, rational self interest, hunting, fishing, hiking, athletics, scouting, farming, good business management, marksmanship, creative art, creative design, engineering, architecture, the trades, philossophy, wisdom law, medicine, practical wisdom, science, alchemy, Self Esteem, religous studies, Psychology of Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, etc

36. The Higher Emotions and Values and Talents include: Unconditional Parental Love, Intellectual Love, Compassion, Practical Wisdom, intuitive omniscience, Altruism

37. The Base Emotions and Values and talents which are evil and are to avoided and punished, are greed, objectifying lust, hate, avarice, selfishness, selfish love, torture of another, arrogant unwarranted pride, rape, murder, betrayal, treason, unfaithfulness, unreasonable destructiveness, cannibalism, incest, bigamy

38. As you judge, so you shall be judged.

39. As you treat others, so you shall be treated. 40. The Ethical Principle of Reciprocity states that : Treat another as you would wish to be treated in similar cirucumtances 41. Utility is the Ethical Principal requiring Maximization of Value. 42. That which is Valued is that which is reasonably held to be valuable or important.

43. Proportionality is defined as that which has a proportional ration, such as 1 to 1. The Ethical and Legal principle of proportionality requires that when a person si unreasonably harmed, then that person or existant is entitled to a payment of damages proportional to the harm endured. 44. That which goes around comes around. 45. As you do, so it will be done unto you. 46. A person or existant who does equity is given equity. 37. Equity is a equity does. 38. Equity favors the person or existant in genuine need. 39. Equity does not favor a person or existant who has chosen evil as his or her or hae end, and thus has unclean hands 40. A sophist has unclean hands. 41. As a general rule, equity favors the poor over the rich. 42. As a general rule, equity favors the elderly over those of middle age. 43. As a general rule, equity favors the young in age over those of middle age. 44. As a general rule, equity favors the physically and mentally handicapped over those who are not handicapped. 45. Equity favors those who are physically ill over the healthy

46. Equity favors those who choose some aspect of The Good as their End, over those who choose Irrational Evil as their End.. 47. The only real mental illness are those who are defined as schizophrenic who have been found guilty of illegal acts of sophistry and who claim that they are incapable of understanding and using logic., and