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Duration: - 5 Minutes.

Objective: - To invoke a thought among the participants, helping them to differentiate between the Area Of Concern vs. Area Of Influence.

Timing Of Activity: - At the Start of the workshop or when participants start raising issues which are not under the direct control or while explaining the circle of influence.

Activity: Ask the participants to stand facing the wall at an arms length. Now, ask them to close their eyes & push the wall with full strength. The trainer here should generate excitement, motivating the participants to keep pushing the wall with all their strength. The trainer can also add humor to the entire activity by telling everyone that the wall is actually moving. After 2-3 minutes the trainer asks the participants to relax & open their eyes. Once the participants are back to their respective seats, the trainer now takes the feedback whether the wall has actually moved or not. The answer here would be obviously NO". The trainer now takes the participants to the importance of focusing on the Areas of Influence.

The wall here denotes the Area Of Concern/Area of NonInfluence. Trainer here should state that one should try to focus on Area of Control & Influence rather than spending time on issues on which we have no control.

Duration: - 5 7 Minutes.

Objective: - Understanding the importance of Standardization. One team One goal.

Timing Of Activity: - Post Lunch. This activity can also be useful while explaining the sales process The need for following the sales process of Bharti Axa Life Insurance.

Activity: The trainer divides the entire batch into groups( 4 5 per group) Each group is asked to select a song of their choice. Once each group has finalized their song, all of them are asked to start singing the song very loudly at the same go. There will be total chaos in the training room since every one is singing their own song. After 2 min. the trainer requests everyone to stop singing & ask the participants randomly if they were able to identify the songs sung by the other group. Result: Probably no one will be able to do that. Step 2: The trainer now gives a common song to all the participants/ groups (preferably a motivational one) & now ask them to start singing once again for a minute or so. The groups will be much organizes this time.

The trainer should now ask the participants to analyze both the situations. Result: Participants will themselves understand that every one should be on a single thought or platform while performing a common task. The trainer here also need to built upon the need for every one to be focused on one goal of the organization since otherwise it will become a Khichdi

Duration: - 5 7 Minutes.

Objective: - Realize your Potential.

Timing Of Activity: - When doing Goal Setting.

Requirements: - 1 White Chart Paper + 3 different color markers. The chart should be pasted at a height of the wall.

Activity: Call for 3 volunteers & ask them to put their initials at a comfortable height on the chart. Once every one is through ask them once again to put their initials higher than the earlier attempt. This time the trainer should motivate the volunteers to stretch themselves a bit. The activity will be repeated the third time with the trainer still motivating them to reach still higher. At the end of the third attempt the trainer will now ask the audience to judge the winner out of the three. Majority of the people will vote for the volunteer as a winner who has put his initials at the highest level. However, the trainer will announce all the three as winners focusing on each persons quest to go still higher with each passing attempt.

Learning: At the first instance many people dont realize their actual potential but when they put the efforts, nothing can stop them from delivering the best.