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East Coast Curling Club

Event Manager
Quick Start Guide

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide

Event Manager eliminates the tedious process of administering manual entries and provides you with a turnkey
solution to manage any size event. Event Manager handles all the specific needs of organizers at local, regional
and international levels.

For admin technical support visit www.compete-at.com/support

The event wizard walks you through six short steps to establish the very basics of a curling event.
You can change any configuration you set while using the wizard at a later time using the main admin interface.


After logging into your account, begin by clicking the “Create New Event” on the home page of your
club account. You then are asked to start from scratch or clone a previous event.

TIP: To save time, you can clone an

existing event. This will create a duplicate
event and pre-fill the wizard steps for
you. Then you simply need to modify
dates, fees etc.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


The next screen provides a short form to enter some general information about the event; Name, Dates,
Location, etc. Itʼs important to set the correct Time Zone to ensure your registration is turned on and off on
the dates you specify at the correct time.

TIP: The Event URL field is a

pointer to where your event will
reside on our system. You should
not enter a website address here.
Example: If your event is called the
“2008 Invitational”, you should enter
“2008invitational” in this field.

TIP: “List Event” will publicly display

this event. It is suggested that you
do check this so you can preview
your event but then later disable it
until you are ready to go live.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


Check the appropriate boxes to indicate how you will be scoring the event.


Divisions allow you to logically group participants, apply different fees for each division and also restrict
entry based on age, gender, citizenship, etc. Event Manager will check the registrant during the entry
process to make sure they can enter based on your criteria. Divisions are also available during export.

TIP: Using the division form on the

left will suggest a division name for
you to help you keep them
organized. You can always edit
division names later.

TIP: Use age and gender restrictions

and let Event Manager validate the
that the user can enter that division.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


Decide which information is important for your event and simply turn-on the appropriate forms. You can create and
edit custom waivers if needed. This info can be edited at any time.

TIP: “Needs Approval” means that you

want to check each individual entry for
this requirement. This essentially
places entries in a pending state until
you approve each one. In most cases
you do not want to check this.

TIP: Waivers can be fully edited to

meet your own needs. You can create
additional waivers as needed.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


Next, you can simply click to turn on specific web pages. You can always change this later if you needs
change. After you have completed the wizard, you can then edit the content for each page.

TIP: Signup Page - this enables new

registrants to enter your event.

Login Page - this enables existing

registrants to login to update their entry
and fulfill requirements.

TIP: We encourage you to use the

online gallery. You can enable it so that
anyone can post images from your event.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


The fees page in the wizard allows you to set up payment type and basic event fees such as entry fee,
late fee, optional fees, etc.

TIP: In “Payment Type” enable “Allow Skip

Payment at Signup” during testing. This will
allow you to register for your event to test,
without having to pay. Be sure to uncheck
this before going live with your event.

TIP: Late fees are automatically added to

entrants with an open balance after the
specified date OR any one who registers
late. You can also set early discounts.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide

After the last step you will see a confirmation page and a link to the event homepage. The wizard is
designed to walk you through the basics of the event. Now you can spend time editing web page
content, adding advanced fees, custom requirements or waivers etc.

East Coast
East CoastCurling Club
Yacht Club

TIP: The Setup menu will present

screens to further configure fees,
2008 Cashspiel
Offshore Challenge requirements, etc.

Quickly search for entries.

TIP: Just click a webpage to start adding

content or change visibility.

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Event Manager Quick Start Guide


Included with Event Manager is a curling time clock and comprehensive draw library.

The time clock is point-and-click easy and ready to go.

Simply enter in team names, colors and other event
specifics and click “Begin Game”

The draw library is a free resource. Draws are

available for download in common formats and we
encourage all clubs to submit draws to update the list.

Copyright © 2008 Compete-At.com v5.2008

Event Manager Quick Start Guide


On the “Fees” page in the “Set Up” Menu you can create additional fees, that werenʼt available via the wizard.

TIP: “Custom Fees” gives you great flexibility to

establish fee options for users that are unique to your
event. With Custom Fees, you label the name of the
group and then add the options for the user to choose.
If you select “Req” then the registrant must choose
one option before completing their registration.

Notifications allow you to send
emails to groups of registrants
based on any requirement or
payment status. You can send
notifications on-demand or set them
up to run at a predefined date.
Example: Create a balance due
notice and send it two weeks prior to
your event to all registrants who
have not paid in full.

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Event Manager FEES

Costs and Payment Options for Registrants

Standard - 5% of Entries
Compete-At offers a very simple fee structure that requires NO up-front costs, maintenance costs or tiered
pricing. We retain a 5% convenience fee for each entry. This cost is often passed directly back to the entrant
during their registration as a “convenience fee” or “processing fee” so in essence, you can use the system at
virtually no cost. If you are a member club of one of our partners, inquire about your discounted rate.

Example: You charge registrants $50 to enter your event. Compete-At retains $2.50* and distributes $47.50 back
to your organization. Your collected entry revenue are distributed every 2 weeks. (*excludes any credit card transaction

Event Manager Fees 5% of entry fees

Setup Costs Free
Website Hosting Free
Technical Support Free
Online Photo Gallery Free
Crew Finder Forum Free
Online Store 2% of sales plus credit card fees
Budgeting & Reports Free
Email Notification Engine Free

Junior & Charity Events - FREE*

Compete-At is dedicated to promoting the sport of curling and proactive in increasing involvement. Therefore we
waive our standard convenience fee for eligible youth and charity curling events.(*Please note: Free pricing for youth and
charities is a promotional offer valid through 2008. Contact your account rep for details.)

Online Credit Card Processing

If you decide to offer online credit card payment as an option to registrants, you simply turn it on. Unlike most
online systems, you do not need your own merchant account. Credit card processing fees will be passed back to
you and average approximately 3%.

Offline Payment Types - Check and club account

You can offer one or multiple payment options for registrants; credit card, mailed check or club account. With
offline payment types such as a mailed check, Event Manager allows the registrant to enter the event and
indicate that payment has been mailed. Once you receive the check, you simply update their payment status in
the system and their entry is complete.

Accept Donations
Additionally, you can configure online donations to help increase contributions during the registration process.
Allow for open dollar amounts OR predefine contribution levels.

Copyright © 2008 Compete-At.com v5.2008

Event Manager Quick Start Guide


1. Test your event. If the fees, divisions, requirements etc. make sense to you, then it will make sense to your
registrants. To register yourself as a test, simply click “Allow Skip Payment at Signup” on the fees page. When
youʼre done, delete your entry and donʼt forget to uncheck the skip payment box before going live.

2. View FAQs. Check out the Event Manager blog located here: http://compete-at.blogspot.com and tutorial
videos here http://www.compete-at.com/support

3.Enable Signup and Login pages early. Make sure to enable the Signup and Login web pages when you
are ready to start receiving entries. Setup > Website > Site Setup > check "show" on the desired buttons >
Click Update

4.Create a link from your existing website. A link builder is available at http://www.compete-at.com/curling/
resources.html . To find all friendly urls for your event go to Setup > Website > Site Setup > and you will see
friendly urls on the right of the page.

5. Use the gallery. Turn on the photo gallery page and set up a specific gallery for public posting.

6. Create a buzz. Send out a press release announcing your event and let the public know that registration is

7. Simplify when possible. Only ask for requirements that are absolutely necessary. Event Manager makes it
very easy to capture a lot of data on multiple forms for your event. First time users often turn on all forms to
capture a lot of registrant data. Although this may sound like a great idea, the effect can be frustration from
your registrants.

8. Combine waivers. If you have more than one custom waiver we encourage you consolidate them into one
to make the registration process less cumbersome

9. Create and post events in advance. Create your events in advance, and have a complete season
schedule online. On each event site the registration buttons will appear automatically on the date you specify
so you can set it and forget it.

10.List your event early. Once the basics of your event are configured, go ahead and list it online. While your
event is listed, you can continue to configure requirements notifications, etc. Make sure to check off “List
event” in general setup to your event on our calendar and our partnerʼs website calendars. Setup > General
Information > check "List event" > Click Update

11. Keep everyone informed. Provide as much information as possible in a timely manner by uploading
documents and adding news items to your event website.

12. Upload Results ASAP. We recommend you publish your results ASAP, even preliminary results. The
system allows you to overwrite an existing document, or hide a previously uploaded document. So, adding
results in stages or as they become available is a simple process

Copyright © 2008 Compete-At.com v5.2008

Solid as a Rock.

Hassle Free Online Management for Your Curling Events

Compete-At offers a new approach for curling clubs and associations looking to
manage events more efficiently. Event Manager is designed to alleviate the
headaches of managing an event while handling all the specific needs of organizers
at local, regional and international levels.

The Compete-At platform helps transition clubs from historically manual

processes to a streamlined online process to create maximum business value to
you and your end-users. It eliminates time-wasting tedious paper entries.
Start streamlining and simplifying your registration process today.

Self-Service Registration Point & Click Easy Nothing to Install No Up-front Costs
Curlers enjoy the benefits of a Everyone, regardless of their 100% hosted solution so there Compete-At offers a pay-as-you-
secure online profile and simple computer skills, can set-up a fully are no headaches for you to deal go payment service. A small
streamlined registration to all functional bonspiel website online with. Support is available to you convenience fee is retained for
events in the system. in just a few minutes. and your curlers for all events. each registration you receive.

How much will it cost my curling club to use Event Manager? Compete-At Partners
In reality, Compete-At’s Event Manager can be used at no cost to your club.
Compete-At offers the complete system with no up-front costs to you. We provide a
pay-as-you-go payment service, whereby a convenience fee is processed at the time of
event registration. It's up to you whether to pass this convenience fee back to
registrants, absorb the cost yourself or split it in any proportion.
This fee is three percent (5%)* for all event registrations. In effect, online registration
through Compete-At can be set up at absolutely no charge to you.
Fees for junior and charity events are waived.

• Set-up Costs & Support - Free

• Online Photo Storage - Free
• Event Specific Websites - Free
• Monthly Hosting Costs - Free
• Technical Support - Free
For more product information and to
• Email Notification and Promotion Tools - Free
schedule an online demo, contact:
• Budgeting and Reports - Free Brian Parsons 240-497-0037 x204
* Excludes credit card transaction fees

www.Compete-At-Curling.com B r i a n P a r s o n s 2 4 0 . 4 9 7. 0 0 3 7 x 2 0 4
Solid as a Rock.


Personal demos can be scheduled with you or a larger group and

conducted via a web browser.

Brian Parsons
Tel: 301.251.8570 x204
Fax: 240.395.0799

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