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R-711 KILN USER MANUAL (Please do not use this kiln before carefully read this instructions) INTRODUCTION:

R-711 kiln is probably simplest and most useful compact kiln in the world. It is very simple in use and is especially designed to work with metals, some clays & PMC with firing temperature around 850 C (1562 F), fusing glass and enamels. Maximum working temperature is between 850 C 900C (1562 F - 1652 F). This kiln has a secure switch under the door that automatically disconnects this kiln from a power supply if this door is open. To switch this kiln On just close the door and connect this kiln to a power supply. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: MODEL VOLTAGE (EU / USA versions) POWER HEATING TEMPERATURE (MAX) SAFETY SWITCH WEIGHT INTERNAL CHAMBER DIMENSIONS (MM) AVERAGE HEATING TIME (850 C ) CONTINUOUSLY HEATING TIME (MAX) R711 UK or R711 USA 220V - 240V or 110V 120V 400 Watt 850 C 900 C (1562 F 1652 F) YES 1.2 Kg 120(W) x 80(H) x 60(D) 45 minutes 90 minutes

PREPARING FOR USE: Please take this kiln out from its original packaging and connect it to a power source. Now your kiln is ready for work. IMPORTANT: We have tested each kiln BEFORE we have sent it to our customers, but in any case, when you wish to use it for the first time please heat up this kiln for approximately 5 minutes only to allow water, oils etc to evaporate (light smoke or light smell is possible in first heating as well) from the chamber and the inside of the kiln. Now let the kiln to cool down before you start your works. If this kiln is used less than once per month please repeat this process each time the kiln is used. SAFETY AND HEALTHY: Always make sure that the door is closed properly to speed up a heating process and to reach high possible temperature inside the chamber. This kiln has a secure switch under the door that disconnects the kiln from a power supply in case the door is open so always make sure that the door is closed properly! Always use heat resistant gloves when using the kiln. Do not pick up the kiln by the red handle and do not leave it to cool down with the door open. Do not place a hot kiln on any flammable and/or combustible materials as it will be extremely hot on high temperatures and may cause a fire. Keep out of the reach of children as the body of the kiln gets very hot from the high temperature inside the chamber. When the kiln is in use please never leave it unattended because of the high temperatures reached. 90% of heating processes take less then 1 hour (usually 40-60 minutes). Please never heat up this kiln continuously more then 1.5 hours (90 minutes). If this kiln is not in use please disconnect it form a power supply. This kiln should be fixed on a ceramic (tile) or metal top for easy operation of the door and to provide good heat resistance between the working kiln and the surface it is positioned on.