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5creeninq 6uide/ines ond Procedure

Screenlng for PyperLenslon

O P1n deflned as susLalned sysLollc 8 of 140 mmPg or more and susLalned u8 of 90 or more
done durlng aL leasL 2 vlslLs Laken aL leasL 1 week a parL
O CrlLerla
O romoLlng physlcal acLlvlLy and exerclse
O SedenLary llfesLyle can lncrease Lhe rlsk of developlng a dlsease
O hyslcal acLlvlLy someLhlng LhaL ls done aL home or ln Lhe offlce
O Lxerclse planned sLrucLured and repeLlLlve movemenL done Lo lmprove or malnLaln one or more
componenLs of physlcal flLness
O Parmful subsLances ln Lobacco
O 1ar
O nlcoLlne
O Carbon monoxlde
O 1obacco conLalns 4000 chemlcals and 43 have been proven carclnogenlc
O 1obacco 8egulaLlons cL of 2003
O lL declared enclosed places and publlc uLlllLles as nC SMCklnC 8L#
O no selllng of clgareLLes Lo mlnors
O no selllng of clgareLLes wlLhln 30 meLers of schools
O Labelllng of clgareLLe producLs wlLh dangers of smoklng
O LlmlLlng Lobacco adverLlsemenL and sponsorshlp acLlvlLles
1 Sl8l1uLl1?
O sLaLe or quallLy of belng splrlLual
O 1hrough medlLaLlon
knowlng one's self geLLlng ln Louch wlLh one's feellngs or belng open Lo experlences
3 SCPLuuLlnC 1lML MnCLMLn1
4 5l51A
1aklng a nap shorL resL a break or recharglng of baLLery#
1330 mlnuLes nap
3 S18L1CPlnC
6 SLnS1lCn 1LCPnlCuLS
7 SC81S
9 SCunuS and SCnCS
10 SLk 1C ML#
11 S18LSS uL88lLllnC
12 SMlLL
O CL8L88CvSCuL8 ulSLSL/CCluLn1
O ka SLroke
O Loss/lLeraLlon of bodlly funcLlon due Lo lnadequaLe blood supply ln some parLs of Lhe braln
O 8esulLs Lo dlsablllLy weakness or paralysls
O lf masslve can lead Lo deaLh
O LLlology/Causes
1 1hromboembollc
O Cccluslon of cerebral vessels elLher by a Lhrombl or emboll
O 1hrombl ln LheroscleroLlc blood vessels
O Lmbolus as a movlng blood cloL usually from a Lhrombus ln Lhe lefL slde of Lhe hearL
O LLlology/Causes
2 Pemorrhaglc
O MosL faLal
O 8upLure of lnLracerebral vessels
O Pn mosL common cause
O lso caused by aLherosclerosls [usL llke Cu blood vessels LhaL supply Lhe braln
becomes narrow
O 8lSk lC1C8S
O lncreaslng ge
O Sex
O PeredlLy (lamlly PlsLory)
O Pn
O ClgareLLe Smoklng
O uM
W PearL ulsease
W Lxcesslve lcohol lnLake
O kL? 8LS of 8LvLn1lCn
O 1reaLmenL and ConLrol of Pn
O Smoklng CessaLlon and romoLlng a smokefree envlronmenL
O LlmlL alcohol consumpLlon
O revenL all oLher rlsk facLors of aLherosclerosls
O Cancer develops when cells begln Lo grow ouL of conLrol
O 1hey ouLllve normal cells and conLlnue Lo form abnormal cells
O 8lsk facLors
O ge
O Sex
O 8ace
O lamlly hlsLory
O LlfesLyle
O CccupaLlonal
O vlruses (Pv)
u Screenlng for Cancer
O Larly deLecLlon and prompL LreaLmenL are keys Lo curlng cancer
O 1he acronym Cu1lCn uS# (merlcan Cancer SocleLy)
O C change ln bowel or bladder hablLs
O a sore LhaL does noL heal
O u unusual bleedlng or dlscharge
O 1 Lhlcknenlng or lump ln Lhe breasL or elsewhere
O l lndlgesLlon and dlfflculLy ln swallowlng
O C obvlous change ln warL or mole
O n nagglng cough or hoarsenes ln volce
O u unexplalned anemla
O S sudden welghL loss
O key reas for rlmary revenLlon of Cancers
O Smoklng CessaLlon
O Lncourage roper nuLrlLlon
O lncrease flber lnLake
O LlmlL ConsumpLlon of smoked charcoalbrolled salLcured and salLplcked foods
O urlnk alcohollc beverages ln moderaLlon
O vold/ConLrol obeslLy
O Larly LreaLmenL of C once dlagnosed
O ul8L1LS MLLLl1uS
O Cne of Lhe leadlng causes of dlsablllLy of persons age 43 and up
O More Lhan Palf of whlch dle of Cu
O Cu occurs worsL earller ln people wlLh uM
O CharacLerlzed by glucose lnLolerance wlLh hyperglycemla presenL aL Llme of dlagnosls
O LLlology
O CeneLlc redlsposlLlon
O LnvlronmenL/LlfesLyle
O CbeslLy
O oor nuLrlLlon
O Lack of Lxerclse
O 1?L l uM
O luuM lnsulln uependenL uM
O bsoluLe lack of lnsulln due Lo uMCLu pancreas
O uependenL on lnsulln ln[ecLlons
O CeneLlcally acqulred
O 1?L ll uM
O nonlnsulln uependenL uM
O CharacLerlzed by fasLlng hyperglycemla desplLe lnsulln avallablllLy
O usually occurs ln CLuL8 CvL8JLlCP1 persons (80)
O Cccurs ln 9093 of people wlLh uM
O 8lSk lC1C8S
O lamlly PlsLory of uM
O CverwelghL (8Ml 23kg/m)
O CbeslLy (8Ml 30kg/m)
O SedenLary LlfesLyle
O Pn
O PuL CholesLerol 33mg/dl
O Px of CesLaLlonal uM/dellvery of baby (9lbs)
O revlously ldenLlfled Lo have lmpalred Clucose 1olerance (lC1)
O CLS11lCnL uM
O uevelops durlng pregnancy
O May develop lnLo a fullblown uM
O kL? 8LS of 8LvLn1lCn CCn18CL
O MalnLaln 8ody JelghL and revenL CbeslLy
O Lncourage proper nuLrlLlon
O romoLe regular physlcal acLlvlLy and exerclse
O dvlse smoklng cessaLlon
O Chronlc CbsLrucLlve ulmonary ulsease (CCu)
O a dlsease characLerlzed by progresslve and lrreverslble alr flow obsLrucLlon
O sympLoms Cough spuLum producLlon uC8
O ux Conflrmed by a splromeLry
O Cause and 8lsk lacLors
O uue Lo
O Chronlc 8ronchlLls
O Lmphysema
O CompllcaLlons
O 8esplraLory lallure
O Cardlovascular ulsease
O 8ronchlal sLhma
O Chronlc dlsease
O n lnflammaLory dlsorder of Lhe alrways
O Leads Lo recurrenL eplsodes of wheezlng breaLhlessness chesL LlghLness and coughlng
W Causes
PosL facLors
LnvlronmenLal lacLors
O sLhma 1rlggers rlsk facLors for asLhma exacerbaLlons
O lrrlLanL gases and smoke house dusL mlLe allergens weaLher changes cold alr
O key areas for rlmary revenLlon and LxacerbaLlon of sLhma
O 8ecognlze Lrlggers
O vold Lhese Lrlggers
O romoLe excluslve breasLfeedlng as long as posslble
O Screenlng for asLhma
O 8y Lhe use of splromeLry
O 1aklng of famlly hlsLory allerglc rhlnlLls and use of bronchodllaLors
O 8CC8MS lC8 1PL 8LvLn1lCn nu CCn18CL Cl C1PL8 nCn CCMMunlC8LL ulSLSLS
O n1lCnL 8LvLn1lCn Cl 8LlnunLSS 8CC8M
O vlSlCn 20/20 1he 8lghL Lo SlghL ls a global lnlLlaLlve Lo ellmlnaLe avoldable bllndness by Lhe year 2020
O ueparLmenL order no 738 s 2001
ln hlllpplnes causes of 73 of bllndness and vlsual lmpalrmenL
1 CaLaracL
2 8efracLlve Lrrors and low vlslon
3 Causes of Chlldhood 8llndness
O ln1L8vLn1lCnS 8? L?L ulSC8uL8
1 C18C1
O wareness and CaLaracL Surgery
O ln1L8vLn1lCnS 8? L?L ulSC8uL8
2 L88C8S Cl 8Ll8C1lCn
O SpecLacle glasses conLacL lenses or surgery
O *CpLomeLrlsL
O ln1L8vLn1lCnS 8? L?L ulSC8uL8
3 CPlLuPCCu 8LlnunLSS
O Screenlng
O 8LnL ulSLSL CCn18CL 8CC8M (8LuCC)
P sLarLed as a uCP n ln !une 1994
P nk1l was Lhe lmplemenLlng agency
P screened 6 mllllon publlc school chlldren
P 13 mllllon were found Lo have abnormal resulLs
P !an 2000 name of Lhe program was changed Lo 8LuCC under memorandum #67u serles of 2000 by Lhe
lMC81n1 lnlC8M1lCn 8Cu1 klunL? ulSLSLS nu C8Cn 18nSLn11lCn
O kldney dlsease ranks LenLh ln causes of morLallLy ln Lhe hlllpplnes
O LLulnC CuSLS Cl LS8u
O 1
from uM
O 2
from CCn
O 3
from Pn
O 8LvLn1lCn Cl klunL? ulSLSL
O early dlagnosls
O Lo avold expenslve medlcal LreaLmenL
C8Cn nu 1lSSuL uCn1lCn
O ma[or organs
O Llssues
bone and carLllage
lMC81nCL Cl C8Cn/1lSSuL uCn1lCn
P ls a program of Lhe nk1l LhaL coordlnaLes organ donaLlon
P was creaLed for Lhe reLrleval preservaLlon and allocaLlon of organs and Llssues for cllnlcal LransplanLaLlon
P oncall 24 hours a day Lo recelve and respond Lo referrals
8 7170
O Crgan uonaLlon cL of 1991
O provlslon of organ donor card
O lncorporaLed ln drlver's llcense

O musL be 18 y/o and above
O mlnors should geL Lhe consenL of Lhelr parenLs
O musL be ln good healLh
O Lnu!

Lnvl8CnMLn1L PLL1P
nu Snl11lCn p309
O LnvlronmenLal PealLh sLudy of
revenLlng lllnesses
8y Managlng Lhe Lnv'L
Changlng eople's 8ehavlor
1o 8educe Lxposure Lo 8lologlcal and non8lologlcal genLs of dlsease and ln[ury
O MangenLLnvlronmenL 1rlad
O LnvlronmenLal SanlLaLlon
O 1he sLudy of LL facLors ln man's physlcal envlronmenL whlch may exerclse a deleLerlous effecL on hls
healLh wellbelng and survlval
*LnvlronmenLal and CccupaLlonal PealLh Cfflce (LCPC)
responslble for Lhe promoLlon of healLh env'Lal condlLlons and prevenLlon of env'Lal rel dses
O M!C8 Lnvl8CnMLn1L PLL1P nu Snl11lCn 8CC8MS
O u 836 Snl11lCn CCuL of Lhe hlllpplnes
O u 823 nLl LlLLerlng cL provldes for penalLy for lmproper garbage dlsposal
O 8 8749 Clean lr cL
O 8 9003 Lcologlcal Solld JasLe ManagemenL cL
O J1L8 SuL? Snl11lCn 8CC8M
O ollcles of uCP Lhrough LCPC
1 pproved Lypes of waLer faclllLles
2 unapproved Lype of waLer faclllLy
3 ccess Lo safe and poLable drlnklng waLer
4 JaLer quallLy and monlLorlng survelllance
3 JaLerworks/waLer sysLem and well consLrucLlon
O MeLhods of waLer analysls Lo deLermlne poLablllLy
O hyslcal appearance odor LasLe can be done by anybody
O 8 Chemlcaleg pP LesL presence of Cl le
O C 8acLerlologlcal 1esL presence of lndlcaLor organlsms eg (+)Collforms
(+) human excreLa
O pproved 1ypes of JaLer Supply laclllLles
O Level l (olnL Source)
proLecLed well/ sprlng wlLh an ouLleL
8ural areas
13 Lo 23 households
230 meLers
40 Lo 140 Lpm
O Level ll (Communal lauceL SysLem or SLand osLs)
Source reservolr plped dlsLrlbuLlon neLwork and communal fauceLs
23 m
4080 L per day
ve 100 households
1 fauceL 4 Lo 6 households
8ural areas
O Level lll (JaLerworks SysLem or lndlvldual Pouse ConnecLlons)
JlLh source reservolr plped dlsLrlbuLor neLwork and household Laps
urban areas
Mlnlmum 1x or dlslnfecLlon
O JaLer CuallLy and MonlLorlng Survelllance
O CerLlflcaLlon of oLablllLy of an exlsLlng waLer source lssued by SecreLary of PealLh or duly auLhorlzed
represenLaLlve (local healLh auLhorlLy)
pproved 1ypes of 1olleL laclllLles
1 LLvLL l
1 non waLer carrlage LolleL faclllLy
2 1olleL faclllLles requlrlng small amounL of waLer Lo wash Lhe wasLe lnLo Lhe recelvlng space
2 LLvLL ll
on slLe LolleL faclllLles of Lhe waLer carrlage Lype wlLh waLer sealed and flush Lype wlLh sepLlc vaulL/ Lank
dlsposal faclllLles
O 3 LLvLL lll
JaLer carrlage Lypes of LolleL faclllLles connecLed Lo sepLlc Lanks and/or Lo sewerage sysLem Lo
LreaLmenL planL
O lCCu Snl11lCn 8CC8M
O *SanlLary ermlL Lo food esLabllshmenLs
O *PealLh CerLlflcaLe
O uCP C no1 2006
LaboraLorles' uslng of lormalln LLher ConcenLraLlon 1echnlque (lLC1)
O CLSSlllC1lCn of lCCu LS18LlSPMLn1
Class LxcellenL
Class 8 very SaLlsfacLory
Class C SaLlsfacLory
O DlCn15lN5A1
O 1 8lCP1 SCu8CL
O 2 8lCP1 8L81lCn
O 3 8lCP1 CCCklnC
4 8lCP1 S1C8CL
O 8LluSL all solld and seml solld wasLes excepL human excreLa
O C88CL blodegradable wasLes
O 8u88lSP/ 18SP non blodegradable wasLes
O MetboJsof5ollJJfsteMqmt
O Snl18? Lnu llLL burylng
O lnClnL81lCn burnlng
O CLn uuMlnC

rev|ous|y known as A (ua||ty Assurance rogram)
Gu|d|ng r|nc|p|es
kecogn|t|on for ach|ev|ng good qua||ty sha|| be the ma|n |ncent|ve |n SS Cert|f|cat|on
ua||ty |mprovement |s an unend|ng process
Assessment for cert|f|cat|on sha|| |nvo|ve other stakeho|ders
Leve| and Scope of Cert|f|cat|on
8as|c SS Cert|f|cat|on
Spec|a|ty Awards
Award for Lxce||ence
Va||d|ty er|od of SS Cert|f|cat|on 2 years
Iac|||t|es wh|ch d|d not progress to a h|gher |eve| of cert|f|cat|on but ma|nta|ned
current cert|f|cat|on are
G|ven st|ckers to conf|rm renewa| of the va||d|ty of sea|
No other |ncent|ves g|ven for mere renewa| of SS status

Iac|||t|es that s||de back sea| w||| not be removed but w||| not be |ssued a SS st|cker
Loca| nea|th Systems Deve|opment
Goa| to strengthen |oca| hea|th systems deve|opment through effect|ve and eff|c|ent governance and
stewardsh|p resource generat|on f|nanc|ng and de||very of hea|th serv|ces
1hank you

8LCC8ulnC and 8LC81lnC
llLLu PLL1P SL8vlCLS and lnlC8M1lCn S?S1LM (lPSlS)
1o provlde summary of data on healLh servlces dellvery and selecLed program accompllshed lndlcaLors aL
Lhe barangay munlclpallLy/clLy dlsLrlcL provlnclal reglonal and naLlonal levels
1o provlde daLa whlch when comblned wlLh daLa from oLher sources can be used for program
mon|tor|ng and eva|uat|on purposes
llLLu PLL1P SL8vlCLS and lnl8CM1lCn S?S1LM (lPSlS)
1o provlde a standard|zed fac|||ty |eve| daLabase whlch can be accessed for more lndepLh sLudles
1o ensure LhaL Lhe daLa reporLed Lo Lhe lPSlS are usefu| and accurate and are dlssemlnaLed ln a Llmely
and easy Lo use fashlon
1o mlnlmlze Lhe recordlng and reporLlng burden aL Lhe servlce dellvery level ln order Lo allow more Llme
for paLlenL care and promoLlve acLlvlLles
llLLu PLL1P SL8vlCLS and lnl8CM1lCn S?S1LM (lPSlS)
W lamlly 1reaLmenL 8ecord
W 1argeL CllenL LlsL
W 8eporLlng lorms
W CuLpuL 8eporLs
lamlly 1reaLmenL 8ecord
1PL Lnu

?ears from now
ears from now |t wont matter how u d|d on a MAICk LkAM or wat ur 8CAkD kA1ING was No1 w||
care wat ur S1L1s co|or was It wont matter |f u m|sses a DA of DU1 or nCNCk u got on ur
Ur h|ghest score on LVAL LkAM wont be traced It wont matter |f ur SCkU8 SUI1 was messy or |f ur
ASSLSSMLN1 sty|e wasnt the best 8ut |f u made ||fe a ||| better 4 [ust 1 pat|ent]personas a NUkSL
dats how u w||| b remembered )
Jhen you have Lo make a cho|ce and don'L make lL LhaL ln lLself ls a cholce#