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*Sprgsml 1.

With the globalization of markets, the tastes and preferences of consumers world-wide are: [0.00] becoming similar to the tastes and preferences of American consumers. [0.00] being encouraged by multinational organizations to become increasingly similar. [1.00] converging upon a global norm. [0.00] so different that they can be ignored by international organizations. *Sprgsml 2. 2

The main advantage of a differentiation strategy in international markets lies in that: [0.00] imitators cannot reduce margins. [0.00] it enables brand stretching and extension. [0.00] consumers in foreign markets pay less for the same product. [1.00] the focus is taken away from price. *Sprgsml 3. 3

One of below choices is not a strategic opportunity for fast innovators: [0.00] Expand current market [0.00] Create new markets [0.00] Penetrate new markets [1.00] Manipulating consumer market *Sprgsml 4. 4

Services are [..]. Unlike goods, they cannot be seen, touched, tasted or smelled. [..] also causes problems for the [..]. Which set of words would fit the blanks in above text?

[0.00] Homogeneous homogeneity - consumer. [0.00] Homogenous heterogeneity consumer. [1.00] Intangible intangibility supplier. [0.00] Homogenous intangibility - supplier. *Sprgsml 5. 5

Which one of below statements is wrong?

[1.00] The demand for product A will increase if its complimentary products price has been increased.

[0.00] The demand for product A will increase if the price of its substituting product has been increased. [0.00] The demand for product A will decrease if its price has been increased. [0.00] The relationship between the demand and the disposable income is usually positive. *Sprgsml 6. 6

The goals of international marketing are to: [0.00] expand business activities abroad. [1.00] create and retain customers in global markets. [0.00] eliminate competition in international markets. [0.00] gain market share and increase profit. *Sprgsml 7. 7

Distribution is a major source of competitive advantage. Companies that can offer immediate availability and fast service can get better prices and win new []. The task of management is to achieve effective customer service without excessive [] on distribution. Which set of words would fit the blanks in above text?

[0.00] orders advertising [0.00] customers advertising [0.00] advantages attention [1.00] customers expenditure *Sprgsml 8. 8

An organizations unique bundle of skills that permit it to offer a sustainable competitive advantage is called

[0.00] Complementary skills [0.00] Final edge marketing [0.00] Market positioning [1.00] Core competencies *Sprgsml 9. 9

Which of below is not a characteristic of services?

[0.00] Heterogeneity [1.00] Homogeneity

[0.00] Intangibility [0.00] Perishability Sprgsml 10. 10

The marketing concept requires more than being able to meet customer needs it requires meeting them better than []. Customers choose those suppliers that offer the best value. If a company does not have a competitive [], it will lose market share or have to cut prices and profit margins to retain it. Which set of words would you choose to fill the blanks in above text?

[0.00] competitors - understanding [0.00] customers distribution [0.00] suppliers understanding [1.00] competitors advantage *Sprgsml 11. 11

Segmentation is an art rather than a science. The task is to find the variable or variables that split the market into actionable segments. Segmentation variables are of two types: []. Customer needs are the basic criteria for segmenting a market." Which of below would you choose to fill the blank in above text?

[0.00] Demographic and geographic [0.00] Geographic and psychographic [1.00] Needs and profilers [0.00] Profiles and profilers *Sprgsml 12. 12

Industry structure analysis provides the means for evaluating whether an industry is potentially profitable for the firm. The best known model is that of Michael Porter. This analysis is called

[0.00] SWOT analysis [1.00] 5 forces analysis [0.00] Marketing research [0.00] Value chain analysis *Sprgsml 13. 13

Companies in todays world make use of many different types of sales promotional activities. Among them, sale or return, delayed invoicing, training, reciprocal buying, range bonuses are studied under the category of

[1.00] Trade promotions [0.00] Consumer promotions [0.00] Sales force promotions [0.00] Target advertising *Sprgsml 14. 14

. In the long run, innovations that offer [] superior value are the only way to achieve better prices. All the other routes are one-off or limited opportunities that eventually erode market share. New product development is the most obvious source of innovation. But marketing [] in the form of new varieties, new presentational formats, and new services are equally important.

Which of below would you choose to fill the blanks in above text?

[0.00] Stakeholders strategies [0.00] Employees - strategies [0.00] Competitors - innovations [1.00] Customers innovations *Sprgsml 15. 15

Pricing is one of the 4 issues in marketing mix that should be handled in a professional way. Pricing strategies are classified and named according to the level of quality and the price compare to the products of the competitors. Which one of below statements is false?

[0.00] High pricing, when quality is relatively low, is called rip-off strategy. [0.00] High pricing, when quality is relatively high, is called premium strategy. [0.00] Medium pricing, when quality is relatively medium, medium-value strategy. [1.00] Low pricing, when quality is relatively high, is called poor-value strategy. *Sprgsml 16. 16

What is developing and delivering products or services that offer benefits that customers perceive as new and superior?

[1.00] Innovation [0.00] Product differentiation [0.00] Customer satisfaction [0.00] Invention *Sprgsml 17. 17

Buying behavior of the customers are classified accordingly how much rationality it is shown before and during the purchasing process, and the level involvement that can be defined as how bonding the purchasing

decisions are. You read 3 statements below: I Low level of involvement and high level of rationality are the characteristics of extensive problem solving in terms of buying behavior; such as every day purchasing decision made by the purchasers in many technical companies. II Impulse purchasing decision are those customers make with little involvement and little thinking, i.e. low rationality. III Low rationally purchasing decisions are classified as image purchasing if the degree of involvement is high such as buying an expensive German car.

[0.00] All three statements are true [0.00] I and II are false, III is true [0.00] I and III are false, II is true. [1.00] I is false, II and III are true. *Sprgsml 18. 18

In the literature, learning economies can be achieved regardless of the scope and scale economies. Learning economies occur for 4 reasons. Which one of below choices is not a source for learning economies?

[0.00] Managers [0.00] Labor [0.00] Engineering [1.00] Customers *Sprgsml 19. 19

Which of below statements is false?

[0.00] Costs can be divided into two as fixed cost and variables cost. [0.00] Expenses can be categorized as controllable and uncontrollable. [1.00] Service expenses and warranty payments are part of overhead costs. [0.00] Sales commissions paid to own sales people are part of cost of goods sold. *Sprgsml 20. 20

Break-even point is achieved when: [1.00] total costs equals to total sales revenues. [0.00] total variable cost equals to total fixed cost. [0.00] unit variable cost equals to unit fixed cost. [0.00] unit variable cost equals to zero.

*Sprgsml 21. 21

Assets, liabilities, accounts receivables, retained earnings, taxes payable and inventory are among the terms used in a [1.00] Balance sheet [0.00] Income statement [0.00] Sales budget [0.00] Sales statement *Sprgsml 22. 22

Inventory turnover and accounts receivable turnover are [1.00] Financial ratios [0.00] Distribution terms [0.00] Sales force efficiency calculations [0.00] Overhead cost calculations *Sprgsml 23. 23

The portion of the selling price of an item that remains after variable costs and expenses are paid is called:

[0.00] Gross profit [1.00] Contribution margin [0.00] Net profit [0.00] Sales revenue *Sprgsml 24. 24

Financial statements alone do not provide with the possibility of comparing the organisations and thus the finance people developed many tools for that purpose. You read 2 statements below: Statement 1: Comparison of income statements to prior years can be revealing but comparison of balance sheets from year to year is relatively meaningless. Statement 2: Various financial ratios are meaningful only if they can be compared to industry averages or prior years operations.

[0.00] Both statements are true [0.00] Both statements are false

[1.00] Statement 1 is false, statement 2 is true [0.00] Statement 2 is false, statement 1 is true *Sprgsml 25. 25

Which of the following is NOT included as a basic idea in the definition of marketing concepts? [0.00] Total company effort [0.00] Profit [1.00] Productivity [0.00] Customer satisfaction *Sprgsml 26. 26

_______________________ is defined as the difference between the benefits a customer sees from a market offering and the costs of obtaining those benefits.

[1.00] Customer value [0.00] Satisfaction scale [0.00] Profit margin [0.00] Competitive benefit *Sprgsml 27. 27

Which of the following is NOT included in the marketing management process used by the marketing manager to achieve its objectives? [0.00] Planning marketing activities [1.00] Raising funds to finance the marketing projects [0.00] Controlling marketing plans [0.00] Directing implementation of the marketing plans *Sprgsml 28. 28

Which of the following parts are included in the marketing mix? [1.00] Product, place, promotion, and price [0.00] Competition and customer satisfaction [0.00] Buying, selling, transporting and storing [0.00] Profit, distribution, and advertising

*Sprgsml 29. 29

____________ is defined as communication with large numbers of customers at the same time. [0.00] Personal selling [1.00] Sales promotion [0.00] Mass selling [0.00] All of the above *Sprgsml 30. 30

In a ___________________orientation, the role of marketing research is to determine customer needs and how well the company is satisfying them. [1.00] Marketing [0.00] Production [0.00] Both of the above [0.00] None of the above *Sprgsml 31. 31

When a manager focuses on making whatever products are easy to produce, and then trying to sell them, that manager has a ___________________ orientation. [0.00] Marketing [1.00] Production [0.00] Sales [0.00] Profit *Sprgsml 32. 32

Which of the following is NOT consistent with a manager having a marketing orientation? [0.00] Inventory levels are set with customer requirements and costs in mind [0.00] Customer relationship focuses on customer satisfaction before and after sale, leading to a profitable long-run relationship [1.00] Focus of advertising is on product features and how products are made [0.00] Packaging is designed for customer convenience and as a selling tool *Sprgsml 33. 33

The controllable variables a company puts together to satisfy a target group is called the ____________________.

[0.00] Marketing strategy [1.00] Marketing mix [0.00] Strategic planning [0.00] Marketing concept *Sprgsml 34. 34

Which of the following would generally have unlimited liability? [0.00] A limited partner in a partnership. [0.00] A shareholder in a corporation. [1.00] The owner of a sole proprietorship [0.00] A member in a limited liability company (LLC). *Sprgsml 35. 35

Which of the following statements is correct for a sole proprietorship? [0.00] The sole proprietor has limited liability. [0.00] The sole proprietor can easily dispose of their ownership position relative to a shareholder in a corporation. [1.00] The sole proprietorship can be created more quickly than a corporation [0.00] The owner of a sole proprietorship faces double taxation unlike the partners in a partnership. *Sprgsml 36. 36

What are core competences? [1.00] Resources which critically underpin competitive advantage and that others cannot obtain. [0.00] Activities and processes needed to meet customers' minimum requirements and therefore to continue to exist. [0.00] Key skills required for success in a particular business. [0.00] Activities that underpin competitive advantage and are difficult for competitors to imitate or obtain. *Sprgsml 37. 37

The value chain attempts to identify those activities which add value to: [1.00] The organisation's stakeholders. [0.00] The senior strategic managers in the organisation.

[0.00] The organisation's shareholders. [0.00] The customer or final user. *Sprgsml 38. 38

The value chain is composed of primary & support activities. Which answer below provides the correct components for primary activities? [0.00] Service, human resource management, marketing & sales, operations and outbound logistics. [1.00] Marketing & Sales, Operations, Outbound Logistics and Service. [0.00] Procurement, Firm Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development and Marketing & Sales. [0.00] Inbound Logistics, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Marketing & Sales and Service. *Sprgsml 39. 39

The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to analyse: [0.00] The business environment in which an organisation operates. [1.00] The strategic capability of an organisation. [0.00] The business environment and the strategic capability of an organisation relative to its competitors. [0.00] External and organisational environments. Sprgsml 40. 40

Which of the following statements is correct regarding inventory if there were an inventory outage? [0.00] Customers of our firm will likely be irritated (or disappointed) if their purchases are late or delayed because an inventory shortage slows production at our firm. [0.00] The firm will possibly need to layoff workers temporarily if there is an inventory shortage. [0.00] The firm will likely lose sales today via cancelled orders or future sales because of past customer experiences if customers do not receive their orders as expected and agreed upon. [1.00] All of the above answers are correct Point: 17Procent score: 43%Kommentarer til besvarelsen: Ingen kommentarer