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Wells Fargo Hrcrr,e lvlortgage MAC X23O2-C)19

l-.Home Campus Des lvloines, Il\ 50328-OOO1



James L. Ford rzr Maple Dr. Greer, SC 2965r-4409 Dear James L. Ford:


Loan Number 7o8-r:1968gSSgg

ived. correspondernce

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM presented and would like to provide you

irrg this

n. I have rr::viewed the inforrnation

the details of rny

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM) izes it is your corntenti thaLt we ve not responderl to you in a timely r;ial Reform Act. manner, according to the Do'rld-Frank Fi be advised the trod{-Frank Financial Reform Act will not gor into elfect until a date. Per the lReal nt Proceclurrils Act (RESP.A), vre are e iSe'btle required to send you written acknowledg ys olithe t witlhin zo business ipt of vrri.ulen correspondence. We are also required to research and provide written rspons@ to you hin 6o ness days <r,f the receipt of a written inquiry. Our records reflect that acknowl nt was senLt to you nL October 2011. Our response to your written inquiry is being sent to you orn November 7,2OLL. I would first like to provide s,ome ba
the loan as well as our procesises. At the c of Trust, which secures the named pro

i.nformation lrr ensu

nL,1ilrey ex

y asthe M. Ford as the "Borrower" anLd Franklin nder". \Alh,era using a Mortgage for the security instrument, therr: is no Trust ished; there:fore, thi loarn has n named flrulirtee or Trustor. I have your ref'erenc. enclosed a copy of the Mortgage and the ote, as well as any additi I riclers The Mortgage provides for ttre terms and servicer. Please refer to Pagers r-2, of the thatthe sale ofaloan onthe secondary involves the transfer of the loan servicing

iing of tJre borrower's I ers collaLteral for the loa .Mortgag;e

Tlter M

is esttrblisihe,rl negarding tlhe te,rms of a Mortgage ratherthan il Deed names Jiames L. Forct andlAshlev

itions of the lrran, inc

ortgage for additional i ket is common practice
, so,lcl

ing the

hin the
to the Bo

to sell. the Note or change the loan n addlition, I woul:d like to reaffirm rtgalge indurstry ernd unless the sale



usuallv sea

I can confirm that the borrower's loan have been maintained bv WttHM since fulfills the borrowers obligatiion to repay
agent, all correspondence reliated to the

on the secondary


acqruiredlthe loan on Feb e ilebt thev incurred bv

:28, in1;


must be directed to


or; how,r:ver,'the servicing rights sale in no way afilects or ote and Mortgage, As the sen'icing will resp,oncl. on behalf of the

5. The

Enclosed you will find the fol.lowing docu
Pa5rment History/Customer .,f\ccount Acti

A description of Sltatement


is inclucled for vour reference.

The Customer Account Activitv zoog,through the date of thiis letter. The loan, and any distributions made from t balances of the unpaid princiLpal, escrow, charges were assessed, any arnounts paid Fees are reported on the annual mortgage have been applied to the unapplied accou do not represent the full monthly mo applied.

(CAAS) neflects a cCIm pilyment t$ u'ere reflects when loan. The CAAS p a descrioti f'ee a,ccou nerpplied and oubstandi rd ttrese fees, and wa t Balance stat,ement. llhe lJnappli t. P'ayments can fbe appl to the prayment due, or if is irrot in

istoqy for thr: perliod of Novernber 04, ivecl, how t.hey were applied to the n for eaclh fi'ansaction and ru,nning It ialso inLcludes the dal.e f'ees and of theser fer::s is aJso reflectecl. Late lumn refi:rences the funds that mav lierd accorunLt if the fun,ils rerceived rmecl of where thLe paymenlt is to be

Tirgether we'll go far

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of W:lls Fargo Bank, N.A.