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vote the whole ticket!

Local Democratic candidates also need your vote.

Voting by mail is a secure We need effective, fair governance in our county and our state
and convenient way to cast as well as in Washington, D.C.
your vote in Eagle County. Any
registered voter can vote by
mail as long as they request a COLORADO STATE SENATE
Mail-in Ballot from the Eagle Campaign finance laws prohibit listing DISTRICT 8
County Clerk by October 28 the candidates for national office.
 Ken Brenner, Democrat
(see important Election Dates).  US President / Vice President
 No worries about missing  US Senator COLORADO STATE HOUSE
work, bad weather or sick kids
 US Congressional District 2 OF REPRESENTATIVES
 Easy for handicapped and (Eagle River Valley)
elderly voters in the comfort of LOCAL RACES  Rep. Christine Scanlan,
their own homes EAGLE COUNTY COMMISSIONER Democrat
 More time to read about the (Vote for both) STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 61
ballot issues and candidates. Although Eagle County Commissioners (Roaring Fork River Valley)
are nominated by district, every voter  Rep. Kathleen Curry,
A Note About can vote for both (at-large). Democrat
Provisional Ballots! District 1
Vote on a provisional ballot only  Commissioner Peter Runyon
as a last resort. It is better to Democrat COLORADO UNIVERSITY
vote in the correct precinct or to District 2 REGENT (CD2)
correct your voter registration on  Jon Stavney, Democrat  Joe Neguse, Democrat
election day and vote a normal
ballot. If you are given a provi-
sional ballot, call the Clerk after
election day to follow up to be ECD 2008 POLLING LOCATIONS
sure that it is counted. If you are not sure which precinct you are in, contact the Eagle County Clerk at 970.328.8715
or see the precinct map online at http://www.eagledems.org/id24.html.
Precinct # Polling Location and Address Precinct # Polling Location and Address
1 Red Cliff Town Hall, 10 Burns Baptist Church,
400 Pine Street, Red Cliff 22545 Colorado River Road, Burns
2, 12, 13, 14 Donovan Park Pavilion, 1600 S. Frontage Road, Vail 11 McCoy Community Center, 26 McCoy Road, McCoy

3 Minturn Town Hall, 302 Pine Street, Minturn 15, 19 Avon Municipal Building, 400 Benchmark Road, Avon

4 Homestead Court Club, 17, 18 Eagle-Vail Pavilion,

0400 Homestead Drive, Edwards 538 Eagle Road, Eagle-Vail
5, 16 Eagle County Building, 20, 21 Singletree Community Center,
500 Broadway, Eagle 1010 Berry Creek Road, Edwards
6, 9 Gypsum Town Hall, 0050 Lundgren 22, 28 Edwards Elementary School,
Boulevard, Gypsum 0022 Meile Lane, Edwards
7 Basalt Town Hall, **23, 26 Road and Bridge Maintenance Facility,
101 Midland Avenue, Basalt 3289 Cooley Mesa Road, Gypsum
8, 24, 25 Eagle County Community Center, **27, 30 Brush Creek Pavilion,
0020 Eagle County Drive, El Jebel 909 Capitol, Eagle
**29 Berry Creek Middle School,
1000 Miller Ranch Road, Edwards