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The Naval Leader



PN BoA Welcomes New Member

PF and PMC gives updates on Sail Plan Alignment
he PN Board of Advisers convened for the fourth time this year last 06 October 2011 at the 19th Hall, Philippine Navy Golf Club, Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig City. The said meeting was presided by the PN BoA Chairperson, Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, with the Flag Officer in Command, PN, VADM Alexander P Pama, heading the Officers of the PN who were present. They witnessed the oath taking of the newest member of the PN BoA, Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho, President and CEO of Magsaysay Group of Companies. She committed to assist the PN in establishing a career path for the Navy officers and in promoting their welfare through training and housing projects. The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) and the Philippine Fleet (PF) presented the updates in their respective Balanced Scorecards. RADM Jose Luis M Alano, Com-

(SEA) to save the environmander, Philippine Fleet, tonio Oposa entitled Environand MGEN Rustico O Guer- mental Security is the Greatment. Atty. Oposa also prorero, Commandant, Philip- est Form of National Security: pine Marine Corps, both posed several measures that What the Navy Can Do to must be taken by the PN in gave reports to the PN BoA Hasten the Healing of the order to build more sustainregarding their initiatives and Sea. able bases and communibaseline measures which are His lecture emphasized currently being reviewed that security in our life ties. He encouraged the members of the PN to beand aligned with the FOIC sources, namely land, water PNs Balanced Scorecard. come environmental advoand air, is the highest form of cates themselves. The lecRecognizing the chal- national security. He also ture ended with a pledge lenge of cascading the Sail presented the advocacies from all the participants to Plan and the FOIC, PN Score- and action done by his do their share in saving our card down to the last Sailor group at the School of the and Marine, the two Unit Sea and Earth Advocates life sources. (NDLR) Commanders assured the PN BoA that action plans are being taken to ensure that cascading will be successfully done as soon as practicable. The meeting ended with The 4th PN BoA Meeting for CY 2011 convened last 06 October 2011. Highlights of the Meeting were Sail the lecture Plan Cascading Update from Philippine Fleet and the Philippine Marine Corps, the oath-taking of Ms. of Atty. An- Doris Magsaysay Ho (Inset, Top-Right) and the Lecture by Atty. Oposa (Inset, Bottom-Right).

Maritime Security Expert Visits PN

tion by Dr. Mark Valencia, a Senior Associate of the Nautilus Institute, last 13 October 2011 at the Headquarters Philippine Navy Conference Room, Naval Station Jose Andrada, Roxas Blvd, Manila. Dr. Valencia is an internationally renowned maritime policy analyst, political commentator Dr. Mark Valencia, a renowned maritime policy analyst, gave a very timely lecture focusing on and consultant the issue on the West Philippine Sea during the closed-door conference hosted by the PN. The Philippine Navy (PN), through the initiative of Dr. Aileen SP Baviera of the PN Board of Advisers (BoA), had the privilege of hosting the lecture entitled Intelligence Gathering: The South China Sea and Freedom of Navigawhose focus is in Asia. He is also a Senior Associate of the National Bureau of Asian Research. He has published over 150 books and articles and is a frequent contributor to public media such as the Far Eastern Economic Review, International Herald Tribune, Asian Wall Street Journal and Washington Times. His lecture for the PN covered the various maritime issues that confront the West Philippine Sea, the Law of the Sea, and the series of events that (back page)

Navy 2020: Strong and Credible

Elements of a Balanced Scorecard: Strategic Objectives
We have discussed the different concepts involved in the cascading process of the PN Strategic Sail Plan 2020 in the past three issues of The Naval Leader. These are 1) the Value Chain, 2) Customer Value Proposition, and 3) Strategic Shift Agenda. Once these are identified, the unit/ organization will now be able to formulate its balanced scorecard. One of the elements of a balanced scorecard was already identified as part of the strategic shift the Strategic Objectives. Strategic Objectives are action statements that clarify how an organization will

Maritime Security Policy

(from front page)
transpired between the Philippines and China. He also suggested action plans that might help mitigate the disputes between these two countries. Maritime experts from various government agencies, the academe, and the other branches of service participated in the said lecture. Some of the participants include Atty. Jay L. Batongbacal, Prof. Herman Joseph Kraft, Prof. Rommel Banlaoi and Dr. Renato V. De Castro from the academe. The other attendees are Ambassador Patricia Ann V. Paez, Mr. Neil Frank Ferrer, Ms. Teresa Lazaro, Mr. Noel Novicio, Mr. Antonio Morales, and Mr. Edwin Santos of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Atty. Elma Christine Leogardo, a maritime lawyer, and Ms. Kristina Camille Cablayan of the Department of National Defense. Mr. Jarius Bondoc of the PN BoA also attended. (NDLR)

implement its strategy. They are statements of what the strategy must achieve and what is critical to its success. They define the specific goals to be achieved towards the attainment of the organizations vision. In the case of the PN, there are 12 strategic objectives that are employed to achieve the vision of becoming a

strong and credible Navy that our maritime nation can be proud of. Shown above are the PNs strategic objectives grouped according to the perspectives they fit in. The FOIC,PN Balanced Scorecard also specifies the Staff that is primarily responsible for overseeing the achievement of each of the Strategic Objectives. (JMRDC)

Center for Naval Leadership & Excellence


Cascading of the Sail Plan: Updates

Alignment of the APB Deliberation with the Sail Plan. Besides the cascading process of the Sail Plan to all PN units and personnel, alignment process of the Sail Plan also involves the integration of the organizations strategy with the annual budgeting process. To ensure that all PN Units and Offices will contribute in paving the way for the PN to be a strong and credible Navy by 2020, the Center for Naval Leadership and Excellence (CNLE) and the other members of the HPN Staff worked handin-hand during the Annual Plan and Budget (APB) Deliberation for CY 2012. Members of the Budget Working Group (BWG) were keen in assessing the proposed programs, projects and activities of all PN Units and Offices against the strategy laid out in the PN Sail Plan. More details on the APB Deliberation and BWG will be discussed on the next issue of The Naval Leader. FMRF Cascading of the Sail Plan Conference. Members of the staff of the CNLE, headed by LT Laurence M Calimag, Chief of the Sail Plan Monitoring Branch of the Center, attended the Fleet-Marine Ready Force (FMRF) Cascading of the Sail Plan Conference as resource persons last 26 October 2011 at the Headquarters FMRF, Cavite City. The workshops objective is to revalidate the FMRFs outputs during the April 2011 Revalidation of the Second Level Scorecards Workshop (customer analysis, value chain, strategic shift, and Commander, FMRF balanced scorecard) among FMRF Key Staff and Personnel.

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