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Death is a friend to nobody. No one would love to make friendship with death. No one loves or desires to die.

Some people have started up a good journey but ended up dying; reaching their destinations as corpses. People die every second People die every minute People die every hour People die every day In fact, one is dying now as you are reading this tract. Death does not respect age or personality. The rich die, likewise the poor The young and the old die alike Black men as well as White men die Friends and enemies die. Some die even when they are healthy Some die after a protracted illness Some die through motor accidents Some die through plane crashes Some die by committing suicide Some die on land, some die in the sea DEATH IS DEATH, NO MATTER THE WAY YOU DIE. ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE? You might at this point be in a car, bus, train, ship, plane or you are on foot travelling to a destination. You might be at funeral right now, crying or

rejoicing over the death of some one. Are you yourself prepared to die? You might be the next in line to die. Are you really prepared to die now? This is a tough question many people do not want to ask themselves or even answer. Whether you like it or not, death is sure. Death is an appointment. There is a time to be born and a time to die; and the wages of sin is death. HOW DO YOU PREPARE TO DIE? Dear friend, be prepared to die. You can do this by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Savior from sins. You can do this right now by praying a simple prayer of faith, and Christ will come into your life. Here is a suggested prayer. Read it carefully and if it expresses the desires of your heart, you can do it right now and Christ will come in to your heart as He promised. LORD JESUS, I AM A SINNER. I COME TO YOU JUST AS I AM. HAVE MERCY ON ME AND FORGIVE MY SINS. I BELIEVE YOU SUFFERED AND DIED FOR MY SINS AND ON THE THIRD DAY YOU ROSE FROM THE DEAD. COME INTO MY LIFE LORD, AND MAKE ME A NEW PERSON. I REPENT OF MY SINS AND PROMISE TO WALK WITH YOU. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYER, AMEN. REJOICE AND CELEBRATE Have you prayed for Christ to come into your life? If you have prayed this prayer sincerely from your heart, know that even if you die now, you shall live again with Jesus Christ. He is the resurrection and the life. You can now rejoice and celebrate. If you do not attend a church where Christ is preached and his words honored, I advise you to take the initiative to join one so you can continue to grow in your new relationship with Christ. This tract is produced by Nfor Wilfred Tamfu. Its free and not to be sold.

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