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SWOT analysis

In SWOT analysis we consider two types of factors 1. Internal factors 2. External factors

Internal factors
It includes two types Strengths Weaknesses

External factors
It includes two types Opportunities Threats


BRAND LOYAL CUSTOMERS The customers of NurPur are very much brand loyal and they do not switch over to other brands for any reason like sales promotional campaign, price or any other factor. Because its customers are taste and quality conscious and they are satisfied with the quality of NurPur products. COMPETENT & MOTIVATED WORKFORCE Noon Pakistan has a well competent and motivated workforce. Company gives salary and fringe benefits to its employees, which are lucrative in industry. Due to this fact company is able to attract competent people in its workforce Noon Pakistan also conducts training workshops to motivate and teach new skills to its employees.

Efficient and effective management

Management of Noon Pakistan are very efficient and effective in there actions as they remain in touch with environment and always try to cope with new challenges of the market and always try to adopt new technologies and always take correct decisions according to the need of time

Brand leader in some products

Noon Pakistan is brand leader in butter and cheese and its competitors are failed to provide a competitive quality in these brands and the customers of these brands are loyal to these products. Haleeb and Nestle launch their butter but failed.


Noon Pakistan is putting more efforts on merchandising as compared to its main competitor. Noon Pakistan is focusing heavily on merchandising the retailer shops and is in position to control the retailers.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY The manufacturing factories are equipped with latest technology and equipment available. The top management continuously seeks for new innovative technology and plant equipment to remain cost effective and competitive in market. BETTER COMMUNICATION Noon Pakistan maintains strong communication with its employees, distributors and customers. Due to the fact that working environment is very friendly and cooperative, any employee can give suggestion regarding improvements. Also due to strong communication employees have clear understanding of their responsibilities and what is expected from them. Similarly distributors and management of Noon Pakistan work closely to solve the problems being faced by any partner. ENVIRONMENT KNOWLEDGE Noon Pakistan has in depth knowledge of every market that they are serving. Company management always takes care of environment factors such as competitors, customers, legal and others factors.


Company always tries to fulfill the requirements of its customers and in such situation they always try to launch new brands.

They launch new products Light milk or the customers who are fats conscious Flavored milk to approach the children segment Soft drink launched this year and received a heavy positive response


DISPLAY PROBLEM Nurpur is facing of display problem because of low finance. As each and every retailer demands a big amount.

\ DEPEND ON FEW BRANDS Noon Pakistan relies heavily on few strong brands for its revenues and contribution margin. Especially NurPur is relying heavily on Butter Cheese

Weak in marketing activities

NurPur is not focusing on marketing activities and due to this reason a major portion of market is not familiar with the features of the products and in some arias of its market even customers are not familiar with the brand. The company is utilizing a few methods of promotional schemes and mostly only use sales promotional schemes and the most important and effective way of electronic and print Medias are not used.

Lack of finances
Noon Pakistan has lack of finances and due to this reason company is fail to cover its whole market and to compete its competitors

Weak in transportation

Noon Pakistan is weak in transportation and the transportation is very important in this sector as collection of milk from rural areas depends on this source and then proper distribution is also effect due to this reason

Limited Distribution system

Distribution system is very limited and only covers a limited are of its market. A lot of areas in the market of this sector have no distributors of NurPur. And similarly most of the cities are not in their target market.

UNRELATED DIVERSIFICATION Noon Pakistan can opt for unrelated diversification to reduce risk associated with dairy business due health coconsciousness.

RELATED DIVERSIFICATION Nurpur can diversify its products by offering fat free free products in Pakistani market for fat conscious people.

Expand distribution
Company can expand its distribution system by a little effort and can approach those areas which are not yet explored and get the benefits of big market.

Financial opportunities
In these days banks are providing finances easily company can get the benefits of this opportunities and can over come the problem of lack of finances.


GOVT. REGULATIONS Government regulations also pose a big threat to all sectors as there is instability in government sector and there remains always remain the threat that policies of government can change at any time STRONG COMPETITION Strong competition is also of concern to dairy products manufacturers as it initiates the battle for survival. Due to strong competition, prices decrease and profits are foregone. Only that manufacturer will survive who will be efficient and effective. And the competitors of NurPur are very strong.

Political instability
It is also a great threat to the business

Unreliable dairy sector

This sector is natural so there always remain the threat that there may come the problem of availability of milk