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Animal Farm Essay Animal Farm by George Orwell, represents the Russian Revolution in almost a fairy tail way.

The animals say they are tired of being mistreated and overworked. When the animals rebel, two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, are the leaders of the farm. Napoleon wants to take power and he runs Snowball away from the farm. This is just like when Stalin killed Leon Trotsky to become the dictator of Russia. Napoleon is a typical dictator and he kills anyone that opposes him. There are many similar stories in the real world that can relate to Animal Farm. The French Revolution took place in the early 1790s. At the time, King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were enthroned. King Louis and his wife were more concerned about their social lifestyle than they were of the people of France, who were starving to death. In the 1780s, the harvests were poor and food shortages became a major concern. King Louis XVI represents Mr. Jones because of the way they rewarded themselves, and how they treated their people. Marie Antoinette represents Mollie because they were vain and did not care anything about politics. The people of France began an uprising and Maximillian Robespierre took power of France. He became a similar leader to Napoleon. The people of France eventually killed him. Two people that can be related to Animal Farm are Fidel Castro of Cuba and Joseph Stalin of Russia. In the book, Orwell used Napoleon as a representation of Stalin. Both Castro and Stalin made themselves appear as underdogs. They gained respect quickly as young men and were cunning enough to become leaders. Fidel Castro was a very good speaker but Stalin was not. They both had ways of using power to undermine and kill anyone who opposed their beliefs. Stalin killed 60,000,000 people and Castro killed over 30,000. Likewise in the book, the pigs had their opposition executed.

A third person that can be related to Animal Farm is Muammar Quadaffi of Libya. The Libyan rebellion began in 2011 when people of Libya began protesting for their freedom. Quadaffi has been terrorizing Libya for almost 40 years and the Libyan people are fighting for their freedom. The Libyans also want a new leader who is not a dictator. When the protests began, Quadaffi tried to use his military power and secret services to repress the rebellion. The uprising quickly spread throughout the entire country of Libya. This rebellion is still ongoing. In conclusion, Animal Farm is a perfect example of a typical dictator becoming a harsh, unfair and cruel leader while hiding the truth behind an iron curtain of lies and secrecy while giving themselves special privileges and protection. People like Castro and Quadaffi used the same types of propaganda to become leaders. The French revolution is also like animal farm where the leaders lived lavish and rich lives while the peasants do the work and suffer.