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Capital IQ Campus Document


1. The Company Profile (www.capitaliq.com) Capital IQ, a Standard & Poor's business (a McGraw-Hill Company), provides Highimpact Information and Workflow Solutions to over 4200 client firms including many of the world's most successful investment banks, investment management firms, private equity firms, consultants, and corporations. Founded in 1999, we are headquartered in New York City with offices located in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, London, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. Our solutions are based on the Capital IQ Platform, Compustat, ClariFI, and AlphaWorks products through which we offer an array of powerful applications for desktop research, screening, real-time market data, back-testing, portfolio management, financial modeling, and quantitative analysis. We help clients access deep information on companies, people, securities, industries, and markets worldwide. Our solutions are provided through our web and Excel-based applications as well as client-side systems. People strength- 4500+ 2. About the Job: I. Designation: Research Associate II. Role & Responsibilities: The role of a Research Associate is to create value added Research data pertaining to: Global Public/Private companies Critical Business Information Financial News Mergers & Acquisitions Private Placement Transactions & Public Offerings Key Executives and Directors The role would require the Research Associate to utilize our Internal and External databases and other Research Tools on the Internet, participate in time-sensitive activities and take collaborative initiatives with colleagues in Gurgaon, New York, and London. III. Candidate Profile: Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Willingness to work in shifts (no overnight shifts). Well versed with Internet searching and Microsoft Office. Domain Knowledge: Familiarity with the global Business environment, Databases, international/global Research sources and Content. Ability to work in fast paced environment on multiple tasks simultaneously and also as part of a team but still be able to function independently. Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and deliver with regard to fast deadlines. An inquisitive and investigative nature. A Positive attitude, strong interest in research, flair for writing and an eye for detail. Ability to interact with many levels and to face and deal with issues in a mature and professional manner. IV. Work Location: Gurgaon, India V. Work Timings: We work 5 days a week- Monday to Friday. The work timings are divided in 2 sections: Shifts: There are 2 shifts, 6 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 10 pm.



Regular Work Timings: 9 am to 6 pm. o The Company provides transportation to ONLY those employees working in shifts. Employees working in regular timings will have to make their own arrangements for travel and the company will NOT provide transportation to them. o Work timings are assigned to an employee based on company requirement, so the person should be flexible with all timings. Probation Period: Employee will be in probation for a period of first 6 months. The probation can be extended in case of performance issues Compensation: We will pay INR 4,19,136 Per Annum (Not Negotiable). In addition You and your spouse will be covered under a Group medical insurance cover of INR. 1,00,000 per annum Accident cover of INR. 2,00,000 per annum.

3. Terms and Conditions for the Off-Campus Activity I. The campus must ensure that when Capital IQ is conducting their recruitment process no other company should be conducting a parallel process II. If another company is running a parallel process on that day then the campus should inform us about the same while finalizing the schedule III. The details of the students as per the Applicant Data Sheet should be sent to Capital IQ at least 3 working days prior to the date of the Off-Campus Activity. (We shall grant exception only in extreme situations) IV. Campus should provide a written undertaking that the students appearing for the recruitment process of Capital IQ have not accepted offer from any other company. Campus should provide a written undertaking that the students appearing for the recruitment process of Capital IQ have not accepted offer from any other company. The campus should follow only One Offer Policy. If incase we discover that a student who has appeared for our process has another offer in hand, that would lead to blacklisting of the institute in the future. V. Campus should provide the following information: Campus Recruitment schedule Tentative Exam schedule and Date of Joining Offer policy number of offers a student can hold before accepting the final offer 4. Proposed Campus Dates/ Slot Date of Campus Visit to be finalized on mutual consent 5. The Recruitment Process (Steps Involved): I. Capital IQ shares the Job Description and other details like Compensation, Work timings, Place of work etc. Also shares the initial selection criteria for the interested candidates. The following Criteria should be fulfilled: Class X- 70% and above Class XII-70% and above Graduation- Aggregate of 50% and above MBA/Masters- 60% and above II. The Placement Coordinator has to fill in two sheets provided along with this document, namely, Applicant Data Sheet and Campus Data Form, and send back to us within the stipulated time mentioned, in the same format. III. The Placement Coordinator does the initial screening as per the percentage criteria given above. The details of the students with their photographs who are eligible to sit for the CIQ process have to be sent to us in the Applicant Data Sheet. Only those


candidates who fulfill all the criteria should be allowed to sit in the presentation and consequently the Hiring Process. IV. Hiring Process: o Day I o Students who qualify as per the criteria will appear for a telephonic round of interview o Students who clear the Telephonic Round will appear for the Aptitude Test on Day II. o Day II o Aptitude Test at Capital IQs Office o Students attach a copy of their CV with a photograph (mandatory) with the Aptitude Test o Company Presentation o Shortlisted Candidates via aptitude test go through an HR round of Interview o Candidates from the HR round undergo a Level II test o Day III o Candidates shortlisted from Level II Test undergo TL/Manager Level round of Interview at Capital IQs Office o Candidates shortlisted from TL/Manager Level round of Interview undergo Director level round of Interview o Final List of HIRES communicated to the Placement Coordinator o Process Closed (Please note that Day I, II and III need not be consecutive calendar days) Note: Every CV should contain a photograph (mandatory). Please make sure that the candidates follow the following formats for their Education Background, Internships/Trainings and Work Experience (if any): Education Background:

Degree/ Education Level 10th Standard 12th Standard Graduation Post Graduation Miscellaneous

Course Name


University/ Board

Start & End Date


Marks/CGPA/ Percentage


Company Summer Internship Industrial Training

Start & End Month/Year



Work Experience:

Work Experience (Do Not Include Internship Details) Start & End Roles & Company Designation Month/Year Responsibilities

Candidates who do not follow these formats will not be allowed to sit for the process.


Capital IQ Disclaimer

All information provided here is for reference only. The information provided is subject to change without any notice, or any reason thereof.