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Mr Vinod Sharma General Manager ( Exports) Abhiasmi International Private Ltd.,is holding a meeting with you, a Delhi based MTO company, prelude to his presentation to the Board, proposing to change their shipment handling agents to a Multimodal Transport operator. Mr Sharma is heading the Export Department of M/s Abhiasmi International Private Ltd.,Panipat, Haryana, part of PALIWAL group , well known in international markets as a quality supplier of Home Furnishing from India. Mr Sharma explained to the MTO his companys backround and his expections which are as under: Company Profile: Ahhiasmi International Private Ltd., Panipat, Haryana, established in 1975, is part of well known Paliwal Group, with an Export turn over of US $ 75 million covering markets in North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan & East Asia in the ratio of 55%, 25%, 10%, 5% and 5% respectively of their export Turnover. They have marketing offices in Newyork in USA and Paris in France. They also have tie ups with leading International stores like Walmart, Ikea etc, ensuring (a) world class product quality, (b) competitive price and (c) prompt delivery. The Group has been receiving many awards from Government of India consistently. Range of Products : Abhiasmi offer the entire range of Home Furnishing, viz. Bath matts,Rugs,Carpets,Towels, Blankets, Curtrains, Durries, Kitchen and Dining textiles. Manufacturing facilities: Abhiasmi has integrated manufacturing facilitiy at Panipat over a total area of 1.6 million Sq.ft ( 149, 000sq.meter), which includes besides manufacturing area, storage of Raw material, Dyeing area, packing and material handling facilities. In case of excessive orders beyond their capacity, Abhiasmi gets processing done from their group companies too in order to cater to such seasonal requirements which peaks during Christmas- New year.

Following machineries asper latest technology are installed: Handloom Pitloom Punjia Loom Powerloom Braidery machine Bath matt Tufting machine Computerised and Manual embroidery set up High quality dyeing faclility Quality control and testing facilities

Delivery requirements: Abhiasmi exports mostly by Sea to all their customers. In case of emergency they also despatch by Air. They also send samples of new products as well to new customers by Air. Panipat has a C.F.S, connected by Road to Delhi hub, but yet to pick up in full speed. The next close dry ports are in Delhi ICDs, which are well developed and connected by Train to gateway ports (Both Concor and Private container train operators).Delhi also has international airport. They import essesntial chemicals for their dyeing facilities.

QUESTION FOR DISCUSSIONS 1. As a MTO, draw up a plan for undertaking their entire range of shipments for Exim. 2. What are the risks involved for you as MTO and how will you protect your organisation. ***************************

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