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Filming has wrapped on upcoming horror movie SUCK, which will feature cameos by classic rock stars, including Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Carole Pope of Rough Trade and Alex Lifeson of Rush. And for the first time ever, Cooper (playing a sinister bartender) will appear opposite his daughter, dancer Calico Cooper, who plays a barmaid. A television show based on the Tracii Guns-led version of L.A. GUNS is currently being shopped to different networks. The guitarist stated in an online posting, Our label paid to have the show made. I saw the first six episodes fucking hilarious! Once the show is sold, then we find out the air dates, then we start marketing dollars for the release of the [groups new studio] record, so as of now its a waiting game. He added, The name of the band will not be L.A. GUNS for this TV show and album, but we will do some nostalgia shows and festivals as L.A. GUNS basically just having fun and playing tunes. Marilyn Manson has unveiled a witness wish list that includes his ex-wife Dita Von Teese and NINE INCH NAILS mainman Trent Reznor to testify on his behalf in an upcoming court showdown with estranged keyboardist Stephen Bier. Bier, better known by the stage name Madonna Wayne Gacy, sued Manson in August 2007, seeking more than $20 million. The musician alleges Manson deprived him of his partnership share.



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Its always a surprise just how much content we manage to squeeze into an issue of Slaughterama... well this issue I think is some kind of record for us. Not only do we have full page profiles on each of the 13 great bands featured on Slaughteramas first ever compilation disc, we also manage to interview WEDNESDAY 13, GRAVE DIGGER and also LEGACY OF DISORDER. Whew! Im sure you will enjoy the covermount CD. It is a milestone for us to release one, and I really like all of the songs featured. Now if you see these newer bands performing live, youll already be familiar with a song or two! Make sure you support the bands you like the most by going to their shows and/or buying their CDs. Enjoy! Brendon Williams EDITOR


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ly in


Graveyard focuses on basic catchy song writing centred around evil themes, ignoring the aspects other bands concentrate on too much, such as over-polished production value and showing off how good at guitar you are. The result is stripped down evil designed to stick in your head and pollute your mind. Criminally Insane is about having an evil heart which pumps black blood to your evil brain. myspace.com/thegraveyardband



Seeking The Truth

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This project started out after going to the GTaranaki festival this year. I had always been recording with different people, but seeing the people play live inspired me to try and do something with this music. On this particular track everything was written and done by myself. An American guy by the name of Andrew Chu took an interest and did the drums for me. He appears on a couple of my tracks. The song is about figuring things out

for yourself, make up your own mind, dont follow a crowd just because its the cool thing, do what you want to do. Dont give up, support your local Metal even if you dont like them much, it can only be a good thing to support and open doors for other bands to gain some attention. Spread the word, party hard and take care of you and your friends. myspace.com/robisinsane


fire for amber

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We are a 4 piece metal band from West Auckland due to release our debut EP Means to an End. Fire For Amber is about religious apocalyptic obsession, an apocalypse which becomes all too real when enough people believe in it and stop caring about bettering our situation here and now. Antireligious. We are doing some dates with Subtract in

January supporting their Winning Hearts and Minds tour Look out for the EP release date early 09. It was recorded at our home studio with Zorran Mendonsa and mastered by Evan Short from Subtract, Cobra Kahn, Concord Dawn, with artwork by Damian Alexander from Blindspott. myspace.com/setonend


v1.7 For A Short While

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Three mental patients currently residing at the Ward 10 Hospital for the Insanely Insane with a whole host of psychological issues including believing that they are actually a band! Claiming to have been creating a unique blend of face pounding metal, electric cello, massive beats, samples and inspired randomness since 2002. An alledged debut album - Curing Those Who Are Normal was recorded in 2007 in an attempt to stop the voices in our heads with an accompanying video and World Tour of the North Island. With supposed killer new material the band claim 2009 will be a good vintage for them! V1.7 For A Short While is about sitting on the brink of sanity/insanity and wondering if it would be possible to have just a taste and be able to return. Check us out if youre looking for something a bit different and hit us up! Gimpys top tips for the new year; 1) sex is always better in a gimp mask! 2) sex is always better with pain! 3) its not the sex, its how were doing it! 4) use adequate protection, some rug burns never heal! 5) buy our album so I can feed my son! www.ward10.co.nz myspace.com/ward10band


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foetal regurgitation
We like music. beer, women and Foetal is a song about tolerance and what you can and cant handle morally, all delivered in a vile and inhuman package, shock therapy! Support your local metal scene or we will kill you and eat your unborn babies.. myspace.com/coffinfeedernz


Epic Symphonic Midi Power BATtle-Metal for World Domination! The song Invasion Of The Mutant Space Bats Of Doom is a rather spontaneous creation that was completed within 30 minutes, and I still hold this in highest regards as the best song I have ever composed, and nothing I have created in my other projects can compare. Many others share this similar viewpoint, and as soon as I spammed this song all over the Internet, it received an instant cult following, literally within hours it had stormed through message boards, forums, user profiles, msn and chat rooms, much to the annoyance of some, but

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I managed to enlighten thousands of people with this urgent message of forecoming doom! Spread the Invasion, Plague Bringers of Doom! myspace.com/iotmsbod www.iotmsbod.tk www.soundclick.com/invasionofthemutantspacebatsofdoom


He breaks his fast upon a feast of falsehood

The Disciples of Zoldon started as a satirical studio project aimed at making fun of religious Metal stereotypes. Zoldon is the name of a fictional deity otherwise known as the God of Heavy Metal and features in all of the song lyrics. There have been three full length studio albums and one EP so far. The project is the work of one person (Luke Brimblecombe) but all recording is done by another person. Theres a little-known Australian Christian Death Metal band called Ethereal Scourge (long since disbanded as far as anyone knows) who have a line in one of their songs that goes They gladly feast on a banquet of falsehood. The line refers to humanity in general, in particular the trend towards secular/nonchristian ideals & beliefs. I just thought this line is hilarious and He breaks his fast upon a feast of falsehood is a parody of that. The song is essentially about my fictitious God of Heavy Metal deity Zoldon throwing a feast in celebration of evil and in particular: deceit. Theres a lot of very unique and interesting music out there if you look hard enough. Dont put up with the same boring repetition all the time just because its new, flashy, or trendy! It doesnt have to be Metal either. Also, if youre into computer gaming, check out my youtube page at www. youtube.com/user/ vaulsc ! www.solvere.co.nz/doz

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freedom in exile
SIXDAYWAR is Kiwi Thrash Metal with a lyrical focus towards war / politics / society. Freedom In Exile is about Helen Clark and her mendacious ways. Thanks for those whove come to our shows, thanks to Slaughterama for your continued support keep it Metal! www.sixdaywar.net myspace.com/sixdaywarnet

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Fallen Order is a metal band from Wellington heavily influenced by 80s metal, through to more modern progressive bands. Having just obtained our new vocalist Hamish Murray, we are working on new material for our debut EP and are looking to line up gigs across the country in 2009. Disaster is an older Fallen Order song, originally written with vocalist Hayden Moore. Recorded with Hamish, we have introduced a cleaner vocal style to our sound. Look out for Fallen Order gigs in your area in 2009! myspace.com/fallenordernz

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This is a solo project created out of the inability to find like-minded musicians (in little old New Zealand) able to collaborate with the staunch themes & musical direction of offline. Hospital Takeover is about mankinds greed and the unnatural lengths he will go to live long and cheat a natural death; the song goes as far as to suggest in our lifetime technology

will develop to the extent where the dying will have the choice to download themselves into supermachines, trapped forever in a digital hell -lyric excerpt. Support the gigs, Buy the merch, Speak the truth, Bang the head!! myspace.com/programmedanger

hospital takeover

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The Basement
Upraw is a 5 piece Heavy Metal act from Auckland. Not sticking to any one stream of Metal, Upraw takes many influences to create a unique blend of fast, heavy and diverse music with themes that many people can relate to. The Basement is inspired by the oppression of organised religion. Ourselves, we have nothing against religion. Religion, or the belief in something higher than yourself, or just a belief in something you feel strongly for, can be a beautiful thing. But its the way people twist religion and beliefs in order to suit themselves and their own motives, and the methods in which they push and force those beliefs on others that we are against. This song, like others on our album, explores the flaws inherent in all humanity and the faults present in human nature as a whole. Nobodys perfect, ourselves included, and our debut album TORMENT is just our way of saying, this is how we see things every day, and this is our perception of mankind through experiences we have gained from the moment each of us were born. Cause an Upraw in your daily lives and, above all, Stay Heavy. www.upraw.co.nz www.myspace.com/upraw

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Photo courtesy of Sarah Macdonald


The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

We formed in Dunedin in 2003, moved to Wellington in 2005, and again to London in 2008. The sound has changed over the years, but the main purpose of the band is not to satisfy an audience, but to produce music that is fun for us to play. We are very selfish in that respect. We would get bored playing just one genre and the result is often an odd mix, but imagine how shit a party mix would be if it was just jetplanes. And how boring the world would be without downs syndrome.......... We wrote The Cow Jumped Over The Moon while recording the rest of the album (The Baddies Are Coming). It was written for our vocalist of five years who had recently departed. He is obsessed with seacows. It is our tribute to him. Up the bum, no babies. www.elschlong.cjb.net myspace.com/elschlong Or send a stamped, envelope....



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Archfiend is the return of first wave Black metal and Classic Satanic Thrash to New Zealand. With a whirlwind of thrashing riffs and fuck off lyrics we will conquer.

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Conquer For Satan is inspired by the spirit of Heavy Metal. The attitude and the feel. Drink! Fuck! Thrash! Conquer in the name of our blasphemous symbol against the pitiful dogs who follow their fake ethics and religious belief. A 4 track ep will be released by April 09. The medium it will be released on has yet to be decided. Keep and eye out for it and keep on thrashing. myspace.com/archfiendevil



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German Heavy Metal veterans GRAVE DIGGER have been frequent visitors here at Slaughterama and provided a soundtrack to a lot of our endeavors during the years. Now with the new album being unleashed, we got in touch with our good old friend, vocalist Chris Boltendahl to keep you all updated on the latest developments in the band.
The new Grave Digger album, Ballads of a Hangman should be out by now. Are you happy with your effort? Oh, were really happy! Everybodys quite interested too, since weve got a new member in the band [Thilo Herrmann, guitar, ex-Running Wild, Risk] and its the first time Grave Digger is playing with twin-guitars.


What made you decide to work with two guitarists? After Liberty or Death [2006] we started thinking about some sort of development in the band. So I asked Manni [Schmidt, guitarist] what does he think about getting a second guitarist. He thought it was a cool idea and we both had Thilo Herrmann in mind. So we called him and he said: Oh guys, I have to tell you that I have short hair now and I gained like a hundred pounds... (laughs) But let me ask my wife and Ill call you in a week. But he called us a few hours later and said, Yes, I wanna come back to the Metal biz and so he joined us. Thilo is a great guitar player because hes really different. Manni is more into 70s bands, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple. And Thilo is into 80s bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. And these two styles fit very well together and bring the sound to a new level. So is he going to grow his hair back and try and lose some weight? Oh, the hair wont grow anymore. (laughs) but I think hes working really hard to lose weight. Although with Christmas time nall I think hell gain the kilos back! You are now officially the savior of the unemployed guitarists. First you got Manni who worked in a record store when you got him in the band and now Thilo...

(laughs) No. These guys are really great musicians, and they did a lot for Metal in Germany. And I find it rather surprising that nobody picked them up before we did! For me these guys were really the first choice as candidates for Grave Digger. You recorded quite a few concept albums. Whats the story with Ballads of a Hangman? This one is not a concept album. After Liberty or Death we felt like we have no ideas left. And we didnt want to repeat ourselves. We thought of doing something about the Trojan War, but these things are so similar to what we did in the past with Tunes of War, Knights of the Cross, Excalibur, Rheingold - its all about the Middle Ages and pretty much the same topic. Now Ballads of the Hangman is similar to our The Grave Digger album, but from the lyrical point of view its more sarcastic and ironic. When are you coming to New Zealand? As soon as somebody invites! I heard so much about your country and I really wanted to visit, but it has to make sense financially. Otherwise its pretty much impossible. Anything you would like to say to your New Zealand fans before we finish the interview? Collect some money together and well come and play for you! (laughs) g

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Yeah, were like some sort of retirement community for Heavy Metal musicians!

f**k it LiVE
So, what is the latest news from the Wednesday 13 camp? Just finally trying to get some rest after the tour. Its been non-stop, I released a record, and an EP, and a live album, and a live DVD, and now

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

I got a little time off before the next tour starts in the beginning of February.

Lets talk about the studio album, Skeletons first. Its quite darker than the previous ones, isnt it? 19

Yeah... I really try to do a different thing on each record, Im not really interested in repeating myself over and over. I did that with my previous bands in the late 90s, and with Wednesday 13 Im finally able to try different things. My first album, Transylvania 90210 was just kinda fun horror, and Fang Bang was more like a Punk Rock record. Skeletons came out to be darker, scarier, still kind of spooky, but with a different vibe than the previous albums, with more personal topics, something Ive never done in the past. It shows the audience that theres a different side to what I can do and that Im not predictable. What influences you to write this kind of thing? I know what used to influence me, and probably still does to a certain extent. I used to sit in front of a TV and watch movies or the news and suddenly you think, hey, thats a good song title. And Id just take it out of the context of what they were talking about and go from there. Everything around me influences me. I just keep my ears open and if something hits me, I can write a song out of it.

y with geeky gu t skinny, voided I was tha rybody a ir eve black ha

Tell us a little about your new live record, Fuck it, Well do it Live. Thats just something I wanted to do for a long time and I wasnt able to do it with the labels I was on, then I had different band members who came and went and I couldnt get the clearance from them, so there was always something that kept it from happening. So now I was finally able to put it out. It was a really good year for me. I was able to release all this stuff, yknow!

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

We havent seen you in New Zealand since you played Big Day Out with Murderdolls. How different is the Wednesday 13 show? I think musically theres definitely similarities. Murderdolls was definitely more of a fun, energetic, rock band sort of thing, and had more of a band mentality. It was me and Joey [Jordison, Slipknot] who put that thing together. Wednesday 13 is my own vision, so its definitely more of a solo thing as a band. What are your impressions of New Zealand? Are you coming back? Its one of my greatest touring memories ever! Unfortunately the promoters havent made a proper offer so we would financially be able to do it, and I really hope that it will happen some time soon, so Id be able to come back there. Its such a beautiful place and the fans are really great!

Do you find yourself lumped into the same category as Misfits, 69 Eyes and other horror rock bands? The image thing probably more than anything else. People just see the look of the band and automatically assume were a Goth band. My thing with black hair and make-up comes from bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper and Motley Crue. I never considered it Goth, its just rocknroll to me. People often assume that were some gloomy Goth band, but were really just an energetic and fun rock band. Youve done a few shows opening for Alice Cooper. Did you ever consider working with him, maybe having him as a guest on your album? Id love to! We started doing concerts together in 2005 and weve been doing a couple of shows every year since. Alice became a good friend and a fan of the band. I remember seeing Alice and Twisted Sisters video Be Chrool to Your Scuel when I was a kid that was really really cool! So I really hope so. But I still look at what Im doing being in baby stages. Im still new to this and these guys [Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister] have been around for ages. So maybe a couple albums down the line Id be able to do something together with them. Tell us about your high school life. Were you a rebellious teenager? Were you ever suspended or expelled? When I was at school I was just bored and I didnt care. A lot of teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol I never did anything like that. I just sat in my room and played guitar, read Metal magazines and watched horror movies. So basically Id get in trouble at school because I just wouldnt show up. My parents would drop me off and Id be walking back home. Did you get to date cheerleaders or were you the weird guy? I was that skinny, geeky guy with black hair everybody avoided. I never was successful with the ladies. (laughs) What got you into music? You know, it was a very quick transition. I really loved GI Joe when I was a kid. It was my life. I collected every toy that came out! So I remember playing with my GI Joes and my parents were watching TV, when the commercial for an Alice Cooper concert came on. It was like This Friday, the nightmare returns! Alice Cooper... and they show those videos with his head being chopped off, and the snake... You know, the 20-second clip. I didnt know what it was! I looked at my parents, and I was like Whats that?? and they go, Oooh, thats the guy who bites the heads off chickens and snakes! And I was like REALLY??? So I started investigating and my friends and I got all those cassette tapes, and started betraying GI Joe and listening to Alice Cooper and Motley Crue records instead. So I made

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

So whats the story with Murderdolls? They put out one album, which was great, and that was it. It was a side project to Slipknot, so as long as Slipknot was touring and putting out records, Murderdolls was always going to be a side project. And later, when Joey had time to perhaps do another Murderdolls record, I was touring with Wednesday 13. So it was a timing kind of thing. I spoke with Joey recently and we were toying with the idea of doing another Murderdolls record. I hope when the time is right we can do another album and it would be great! Can you remember the lowest and the highest points in your career? The highest point was getting the Murderdolls gig and going from playing bars in front of 5 people to opening for Guns NRoses in Japan in front of 30,000 people. I kinda feel like I stayed on that high point ever since. I was able to release my own records and I keep touring around the world. And the down part was when this transition from GI Joe to Heavy Metal. My favorite Murderdolls came off tour and I sat there bands were Alice, and Motley Crue, and Twisted Sister, for a year doing nothing. Joey went back to Slipknot and I thought if I dont start doing and W.A.S.P., and all those shock rock bands. something, Ill go back to playing in front of 5 people in my hometown. So I kept the What was the first concert you went to? ball rolling, and Im really glad I did! My first concert was Motley Crue on the Dr. Feelgood tour. My parents were very protective and I couldnt go So the Skeletons and the live CD/DVD anywhere, so I had to go with my brother. I think I was came out this year. Whats the next step about 12 years old when I saw that concert. They were for Wednesday 13? larger than life. Im so glad I got to see it! Well, we got tours booked for February, March and April. After that Im gonna Did you ever in your career think of giving up? take a couple of months off and work on Never. Id get frustrated, but not because I wasnt my southern country project Bourbon going anywhere, Id get frustrated with band members. Crow. After that Ill start recording the next We went through member after member after member, Wednesday 13 album which will hopefully because those were the guys who got discouraged. come out by the end of 2009. And we were not going anywhere because people kept leaving. But luckily I kept the band together and I finally Thank you very much for doing this got a phone call from Joey Jordison from Slipknot who interview. Anything else youd like us to heard a couple of [Frankenstein Drag Queens From pass to your New Zealand fans? Planet 13 - Wednesdays first band] records. He was putting Murderdolls together and asked me to be a Yeah, thanks so much for your support part of it. I think it shows that I stuck to my guns and I guys! I hope I can get back there soon. I wouldnt be here without you! g kept it going, and after all it opened a door for me.

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

Debut Self Titled Album Out Now!

Please give us a brief rundown on the band and its sound Legacy of Disorder is a 4 piece band. We have been together for approx 3 years. Our sound is heavy, tight, thoughtful and original. Your self titled debut album was released in October (2008). How has the reaction been so far? The reaction to the album and the sound quality weve had so far is near staggering. In a recent review of our album we were compared to current leaders in Heavy Metal world wide, and as a band we think thats pretty darn cool. Now we are doing our best to get our album and sound heard more, and that is the hard part. The album was recorded in Dallas, Texas USA. What were the reasons behind going out of NZ to record? We felt we would be working with someone whom could benefit our particular sound and that the environment would be better for what we wanted to achieve. Metal must be played and recorded with precision in all areas and we wanted the engineer to be on the same page. We thought recording in America would open more doors for us. It seems our style of music is considered more mainstream and is accepted as a genre of music in its own right in the US. You worked with Sterling Winfield who has produced Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah, plus a bunch of others. How did that go? Sterling has such a vast know-how and understood what we wanted to achieve, so everything just seemed to fall into place. For some of us, working with Sterling helped ease the loss of Dimebag in a strange way, and we will sure use Sterling again. What are the biggest obstacles you are facing being a Kiwi Metal band taking your music to the world? The metalers in NZ are awesome, but there seems to be a misunderstanding of Metal, which seems to preclude us from being promoted or heard by many on a large scale i.e. daytime radio. Thanks for the interview. Any final comments for the readers of Slaughterama?

Listen to our album and come to our shows and hear and see what we are about as thats the 23 best way to explain LOD g

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

HARVEST Evolution (EP) 2008 MASIVEmusiq Harvest are four young fellas from Rotorua, who have recently released this 3 song EP. Its pretty cool.. the song Visions in particular is very catchy. With some quite modern influences coming through (particularly in the vocal area) it may not be one for Classic Metal purists, but the younger audience should be able to embrace Harvest very easily, and there are some good lead guitar parts. Would really like to hear some more faster, thrashier, balls-to-the-wall stuff from this band, which may happen, considering that this is only a recording debut. Reviewer: Brendon Williams RATING: fffffeeeee DARKLIGHT CORPORATION (Self Titled) 2008 Isaac Promotions Great quality sounds from Darklight Corporation on their debut. The Brazilian vocalist Fabio Santos cant help but make me think of Sepultura influences (or perhaps thats just the accent?) but either way it works very well with the hard industrial Metal sound underneath. The clear winner on this album is the song Sweet Sickness which is just an absolutely perfect piece, terrifically catchy, and not overdone or too complex. Any CD from NZ with this level of production value makes me hopeful for more local releases with the same polish and shine. Reviewer: Brendon Williams RATING: ffffffffee

OSMIUM Relentless, Primal Being 2008 osmium records

Osmiums debut album. Instrumentally its very good, however the singing is a little displaced from the rest of the music, as if a cheap mic was used to lay the vocals down, or not enough time was spent getting the right mix or sound. Aside from that, I found the album enjoyable. I think that the CDs font cover is hideous (especially the bands logo) and it does not reflect the quality of the music it represents, particularly in the guitar department. Catch them on their current NZ tour, and see them perform live, then take this album home as a memoir. Reviewer: Brendon Williams RATING: fffffeeeee IRON FIRE To The Grave 2009 Napalm Records The Danish Speed / Power Metallers release their sixth album. First we have the absolute killer, The Beast From The Blackness and then the album continues to the end with the same impact throughout. All in all, very Manowar-esque in subject matter, and these guys would be conquering the world right now if they had originated this kind of thing. Instead, they take the tried and true and forge new steel from it, creating something worthwhile for fans of Metal songs about battles and Metal. I dont know if thats you, but it sure is me. Kill For Metal! Reviewer: Brendon Williams RATING: fffffffffe

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

CRADLE OF FILTH Godspeed on the Devils Thunder 2008 Roadrunner VOODOO CIRCLE Voodoo Circle 2008 AFM What a brilliant work from the kings of the macabre! Re-telling the story of the notorious warrior-turned-serial-child-murderer Gilles De Rais, who in early XV century fought alongside Joan of Arc, Cradle Of Filth deliver what could easily be their best album in a decade. Beautifully written and produced this evil story is sure to captivate you and send shivers down your spine. Everything youd come to expect from Cradle... AND THEN SOME! Absolutely essential. A super-group (well, yet another one) with names every hard rock fan should know: Rudi Sarzo, Dougie White, David Readman, Matt Sinner, and heaps more famous people deliver what seems to be one of the strongest hard rock albums in a while! Very high quality music, catchy with wonderful performance. It may get a little repetitive, but I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to hear something rocking!

Reviewer: Max Thrasher RATING: ffffffffff CYNIC Traced In Air 2008 Season Of Mist Although this is only their second album (in more than 15 years) this strange band once again proves their status. Incredibly messed up half-classical music/half-death metal is what Cynic is all about. It can be compared with Psychotic Waltz, but only by the musical impact and the refusal to follow any rules. Cynic has created a cult following having only one album in their backpack. Now you have to hear the sequel. Definitely not for everyone though.

Reviewer: Max Thrasher RATING: ffffffffee GRAVE DIGGER Ballads Of A Hangman 2008 Napalm Records Grave Digger have released more than enough albums to know the formula for greatness. Their 13th studio album is also their first with a dual guitar attack, and it turned out to be a great idea, giving an even fuller sound than usual to the proceedings. Personally I find it refreshing that this is not another concept album from Grave Digger; check out the awesome duet featuring Veronica Freeman of Benedictum Lonely The Innocence Dies - poweful and accessible, Freemans voice is wonderful in this song and I feel it is the albums highlight. Reviewer: Brendon Williams RATING: ffffffffee

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

Reviewer: Max Thrasher RATING: ffffffffff


DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg WRITERS: William S. Burroughs & David Cronenberg STARRING: Peter Weller, Judy Davis, Ian Holm, Julian Sands, Roy Scheider SUMMARY by Keith Loh Not an adaptation of beat writer William S. Burroughs novel but a mix of biography and an interpretation of his drug- induced writing processes combined with elements of his work in this paranoid fantasy about Bill Lee, a writer who accidentally shoots his wife, whose typewriter transforms into a cockroach and who becomes involved in a mysterious plot in an Islamic port called Interzone. Wonderfully bizarre, not unlike Burroughs books.

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

whole way through (like parts of Brazil if youve seen that) I still recommend it as absolutely essential viewing. You can derive so many interpretations from the films delivery and content... yes thats right, it makes you think, so if youre after simple plot and eye candy, watch a comic book adaption. However, if youre after a brain stimulant, whether sober or in a chemically altered state, Naked Lunch will provide an interesting experience at the very least.

Not recommended for those with a fear of bugs. ffffffffee DID YOU KNOW? The shooting of the authors wife is not a fictional incident. William S. Burroughs did indeed accidentally shoot his wife Joan in the head in 1951 in Mexico in a William Tell stunt that went disastrously wrong. Mexican law at the time meant that Burroughs only served 13 days in prison for killing his wife.

REVIEW by Brendon Williams Awesome stuff. I remember seeing it a few years ago in a haze, not entirely paying attention other than to note how peculiar and extraordinarily unique the film was. Matter of fact, some of it was downright disturbing to the point that a couple of scenes etched their way into my long term memory. While its 26 not exactly a pleasant experience the

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