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did, and are back to work now putting together more interviews and playing the greatest in new releases and classic Metal on House of Noizz radio. If you havent already, be sure to tune in on Aucklands Planet 104.6FM on Friday nights from 10:40PM. Or catch the latest show streaming on the net anytime, anywhere via houseofnoizz.com. While youre there feel free to request a song or leave a comment for us! I recently found out that Devin Townsend will be touring here on March 20, playing the Transmission Room. Should be a good one - Ill see you there! We have some great interviews in this issue. Dream Theater, who played here in December 09 are our head story - we discuss the new album. We also speak with Folk Metal innovators Skyclad, and round off the interviews with NZs own Jealous Itch. Have a good read, and until next issue, Stay True!
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Brendon Williams - Editor.

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Legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) was diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer and is currently receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic. Legendary actor Christopher Lee, who has appeared in such cinematic milestones as Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Man with the Golden Gun and Dracula, will release Charlemagne, a concept album with original words and symphonic metal music, on March 15, 2010. AVENGED SEVENFOLD drummer James Owen Sullivan (a.k.a. The Rev) was found dead at his home on December 28 2009. He was 28 years old. Sullivan appears to have died of natural causes,


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with it. How long did it take you this time? The writing, the recording - the whole thing? I think it was about six months. We come in [to the studio] empty-handed and six months later we leave with an album. How does the songwriting come together? Do you get together in a rehearsal space and jam these songs out, or...

there, and nobody comes in with pre-conceived songs and ideas maybe a riff here or there but we work together, and thats why the songs are so damn long. Its a combination of several of our creative visions. Usually its myself and [guitarist] John Petrucci, and [keyboardist] Jordan Rudes are the ones who are banging up the music. Its all done in the studio. We write the song and then we immediately record it and move onto the next song. The band is famous for playing long three-hourlong sets... In the past, yes. We stopped doing it back in 2006. We made an exception when we came to Australia on the last tour, because we havent been there [before]. Is it difficult to be on stage for that long? Not for me, cuz I get to sit the whole time. (laughs) But

I dont know how the other guys can stand for that long! Thats why I chose the drums. The Dream Theater audience... How would you describe a typical Dream Theater fan? I think our audience is made up of three types of people. These are musicians, people who play guitar or drums and wanna see us play; then its metalheads who listen to [the likes of] Metallica and Maiden, who come to your show. And then its people who are older and into that kind of progressive rock, like Yes, and Rush, and Genesis. That I think sums up our audience. Lets go back to the beginning of Dream Theater. Was it difficult for you at the time of Grunge and all this alternative rock? Well, we started before Grunge, and when we started Progressive Rock was as out of fashion as its ever

s far as Prog-Metal goes, DREAM THEATER is the definition of the genre. Just prior to the bands appearance in Auckland on December 1st, we got in touch with the drummer, founder and generally the main driving force behind DT, Mike Portnoy. Admittedly, the concerts been and gone, so we have to ditch all the talk about the thenupcoming show, and get straight to the important stuff, like the brand new album Black Clouds and Silver Linings.
First of all, congratulations on the new album, it sounds brilliant! Are you happy with the effort? Yeah, otherwise Id still be there making it! You know, Im the co-producer, so we dont finish until Im happy 4

As I said, its all in the studio, theres no rehearsal space. We move into the studio and set up

s Rock wa ve rogressi been. P e started s its ever w a ...when fashion out of


been. And I think theres probably a reason we ended up sounding the way we did because we were trying to fill the void within ourselves. We loved Pink Floyd, Yes and Rush, but we also grew up listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sabbath, and Metallica just started to drop in at that time. So we were just filling the void, combining Rock and Metal. We werent concerned about fashion, you know. If we were in it to become millionaires and be into this sex, drugs, rocknroll lifestyle, I dont think we wouldve chosen this direction. We wouldve done the Motley Crue and Guns NRoses thing. We didnt think about selling platinum records and touring the world. We were just kids who wanted to combine Rush and Maiden. And ended up doing what we do. How about the sex, drugs and rocknroll on the road with Dream Theater?

Were all in our forties and fifties. Weve all been there done that. Were all married with kids. Im a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, so I cant touch any of that crap. Now its boring as hell. Now were a bunch of middle-aged men, so if you wanna come out and party, you definitely came to the wrong band. (laughs) Do you remember any funny stories you can share with us? Every day theres something there. You know, people falling off the stage and missing the start of the show... Everything youve seen in Spinal Tap is not made up. Its all happened, but you know, its all part of that gig, its all part of being in a band. Its the best job in the world, even if youre faced with strangest situations. Whats the secret of maintaining the success? You dont seem to be bothered by any trends that

happen out there. I think you just answered the question. The secret is not being changed by trends, because if you follow trends and fashion, you disappear as soon as the trend does. Trends only stay around for a small period of time. We started off with something that always was un-trendy and unfashionable, and thats why we sustained all this time. But then its taken a lot longer. Many bands have an overnight success and then they crash and burn over the course of five years. The longer you stick to your guns, it will eventually come back to you. And now it seems like what we do is now starting to become fashionable. You see bands like Tool, Mars Volta, Mastadon, Muse all these bands have progressive elements. I wanna ask you about the Falling into Infinity [1997] album. It was quite a step away from the

typical Dream Theater sound, and youve never repeated this experiment. How did this record come about? It was a tough period for the band, although I think its got a great production and it sounds great, and I think the songs are good for what they are. But leading up to this point was a year-and-a-half process that was very frustrating to us, because we really were at the mercy of our record company at the time. They wouldnt give us green light until they heard some singles, and they wanted us to work with outside writers and outside producer. And that wasnt what Dream Theater was about. We were supposed to be album-oriented band, do things differently and do them our way. I think the success of Pull Me Under in 1992 kind of spoiled record companies. They thought thats how its gonna be every time. But [the success of the song] was a fluke! It wasnt how our career was suppose to go! So

We were just kids who wanted to combine Rush and Maiden.

we basically had to play their game and make a more commercial record. And although theres some great stuff on that record, it was surely difficult to make. And once that album failed to break any new grounds and turn us into Bon Jovi, we said, Ok, we did it your way and it didnt succeed, now let us do it our way. What in your opinion is the best album that defines the band? I think besides Black Clouds every artist would be very proud of his latest album I think it would be the album we did after Falling into Infinity [Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes from a Memory; 1999]. It was a direct response to the compromises we had to make. And I think Scenes was like coming back with a vengeance. I think we were firing on all cylinders on that one. Thanks for the interview Mike! Thanks man! And Ill see you guys in Auckland! g 6 7


his British band pretty much developed folkmetal, and if youre looking for some fiddle-dominated stuff, look no further. Following the release of their new album In The... All Together, we once again got in touch with the boys (and the girl) and had the singer/guitarist Kevin Ridley answer some of our questions...

songs that try to say something rather trying to write political songs (though as Hit List says, everythings political). While Skyclad may have become associated with this approach over the years, I have to say that we are not really political animals and our interests and concerns are probably the same as most peoples, you know the environment, the war on terror, the global recession and so on. I think that a lot of people are now wondering if the election of Obama in the US is going to lead us into a new and better era and what part China may have to play in the 21st century. Whats your opinion about Heavy Metal today? Thats a difficult question because, obviously, I cant speak for the

Our traditional question: when you hear of New Zealand, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Lord of the Rings I guess because of all the spectacular scenery and seeing as Im a wine lover, Marlborough wines. And finally, whats next for Skyclad? Where do you think the music will go from now? Well one of the things we have to attend to is the twentieth anniversary of Skyclad in 2010. We have made arrangements to re-issue the entire back catalogue and bring out an anniversary collection and so on. We are also busy sorting out dates for gigs and lots of festivals for next year to celebrate all things Clad. As for the music, well we have to start work on the next studio album and where this takes us - who can guess? One thing about Skyclad is that every album sounds different and has its own style and Im as excited as anyone else to see what well produce. g

Brilliant new album, quite different from the previous one. What do you think changed in the band? Well the band hasnt really changed but what we decided to do with this album was to try and give it more of a live feel by just going into the studio (well rehearsed, of course) and playing as a band. We did this because the album was a huge undertaking with lots of session players etc. (and they dont come any better than the Royal Philharmonic) and we sort of thought been there, done that and we didnt just want to repeat the exercise. We also wanted to arrange and record the songs so that we could play them all live. There are songs from earlier albums that we cant do live and we really wanted to try and make it all come across like the band does onstage just five people plugged in and go. I have to add, however, that we found the songs were anything but simple to do live after we had recorded them, but we got used to it and are extremely pleased with the results. Your vocals are much harsher than before. What influenced you to adjust your singing style in this way? Well this sort of ties in with the above because the approach to doing the vocals was more like the way I sound live. Normally, in the studio, you tend to make things all nice and smooth but I have recorded a couple of things using this harsher approach before (listen to the end of Hybrid Blues, for example) and the band sort of pushed me into using it more in the studio. I dont sing like this on all the tracks all of the time because we thought that that would be much too one-dimensional and I was trying to use the contrast between light and dark etc on this album. As always everything is quite political and socially aware. What interests you regarding current politics? What do you think worlds coming to? Its funny that people pick up this political thing but I think we just try to write interesting songs or at least 8

whole band, which, as five individuals, has a very wide taste in music, and we listen to a lot o f music that isnt metal (folk, classical, blues etc). I suppose that, as with any musical genre, theres good and bad at any stage and within any trend. For example, I generally like the way folk-metal has developed and diversified, but thats not to say that there isnt a lot of bands out there just going with the formula and I feel that we do hear a lot of predictable and samey material. One of the things Ive always liked about Skyclad is that the band is so eclectic and bit eccentric. We dont just do folk-metal. However, I think that the live scene is very healthy and a lot of the old bands are getting back together and touring again, which is great because its one of the strengths of metal, all the gigs and festivals etc, its a tribal affair. Had to ask, sorry: Heard from Martin [Walkyier; original singer/lyricist who left the band in 2000] lately? Have you heard [Martins] The Clan Destined album? What do you think of it? Any plans on burying the hatchet? I did hear a bit of The Clan Destined stuff and thought it was very well done and hope that works for Martin. However, we have our own plans and things to attend to. 9



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC, XBOX 360, PS3

Modern Warfare 2 is a firstperson tactical shooter and the sixth entry in the popular Call of Duty series. True to its name and following the lead of its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it places players in modern combat settings, as opposed to the WWII environments of the earlier Call of Duty games. This modern approach brings with it new weapons, action and options. Coupled with a variety of gameplay modes including single player, multiplayer and the co-op Special Ops Mode, it is destined to be one of the most popular games of 2009 and a worthy addition to the Call of Duty series.


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REVIEW by Brendon Williams Its been out for a few months now, but its still the game to own. Like many other players, I havent really bothered with CODMW2s story mode; I jumped straight into the great online multiplayer action. Incredibly addictive. Once youre playing you just want to keep on levelling up, and its always so easy to have one more game at 1am instead of going to sleep haha. Heaps of weapons, different play modes, and of course the game looks beautiful. In conclusion, I recommend this game to anyone with a bunch of spare time on their hands. I dont recommend it to anyone who has any responsibilities that could take them away from their TV! I mean, I could have gone up 2 levels in the time its taken me to write this review! Back to it then... mmmmm


it to Hard Rock, there arent too many bands to go and catch performing locally these days. But here is a hard working band delivering a great Rock / Metal sound. We spoke with Anton of Jealous Itch.
Hi Anton. Please give us a brief rundown on J e a l o u s Itch...


was recently reviewed by NZbeats.com if you want to check it out, we were blown away with what they had to say. What was the most challenging part of putting out an album by yourselves? Keeping everyone happy that was involved; you get so much input from so many people and all that seems to do is confuse you. We all know a shitload more now. Independent Music NZ helped us out a lot with the legal side of things which was a huge help. What kind of live show do you guys put on, and where can people catch the band live? Energetic, fun and loud, we usually add in a couple of classics for the punters. Jealous Itch usually gig at places like The Kings Arms and The Dogs Bollix but to be fair, you never know where we might pop up. My surname is Jelicich (pronounced Jealous Itch), a little cheesy but when put on the spot for an artist name when uploading tunes online it was the first thing that sprung to mind. I guess it kind of stuck. What made the band decide to perform this classic Hard Rock / Metal style? Tradition I guess, I am into all sorts of music but love to play good old fashion Heavy Metal with a little modern edge. What inspires the band (musically, politically, or otherwise)? Anything really, I just get an idea and Im away, Sean comes in and does his thing with the vocals and then we settle on a structure. Sean tends to write about everyday kind of stuff that most people can relate to, his Westie roots have a tendency to make cameo appearances in a few of his songs. You released your debut album last year. How was it received? Very well, we were pleased at the response, JB Hi Fi stocks it, as-well as Real Groovy, and several stores throughout Australia and of course our web site, iTunes, Amazon etc. It Whats the bands main aim for 2010? Gig, record and hit the South Island. Where is the best place to keep up with the latest from Jealous Itch? www.jealousitch.com Thanks for the interview. Any final comments? Big thanks to everyone who has supported the band by buying the album, coming to gigs, buying our t shirts and participated in our forum, its greatly appreciated by all of us. Cheers and Happy New Year! g

Jealous Itch, the band, is the physical formation of 2 1/2 years of writing and recording by Sean Taylor (lyrics) and myself, Anton Jelicich (music). On a whim, a song was submitted to the Def Leppard promoter for the support slots which we won. I had one large problem, no band. Not wanting to miss out of such a fantastic opportunity, I got on the phone and called Sean, Devlin Sakey, Carl Mackie and Grant Stensness, they were all keen to do the slot so problem 1 solved. Problem 2 was having only 8 days to get a 30 min set down, the pressure was on, 3 pretty crap rehearsals later Jealous Itch hit the stage at Vector Arena and played a very well received set. After several line up changes we have our current line up and the show goes on. Where does the name Jealous Itch come from? 12



SUMMARY: Based upon the comic from Rob Zombie, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is Robs new film in animation, following the adventures of El Super Beasto and his sexy sultry sidekick and sister, Suzi-X. REVIEW by Brendon Williams: Before you get too excited, I have to advise that at the time of print this movie had not yet been released in New Zealand, and no release date was available. The only way to get it on DVD at the moment is to order it from amazon.com. Surely it will come out here within a few months, though. Onto the film itself; its just like a Satuday morning cartoon, except there is a massive amount of adult content added in (especially in the form of cartoon nudity and bad language). The animation style reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. The storyline isnt the strongest ever told, but there is enough there to hold interest. I think that Rob Zombie has made a movie which will be well received; I dont know any guys under the age of 40 who dont enjoy cartoons with adult themes such as Southpark, so there is no reason why something which takes the whole thing a step further wont have widespread success. Obviously cartoon nudity on film has already been explored (most famously in Japanese Manga movies), but the overall combination here makes this one of the most un-PC animated films around. mmmmM

ive to surv a way aten by found e e g ho hav fraid of bein se single men w a ho on two when youre g bad ass w ock, who uses nd foc uss -- but -slayin a and Little R which is bie biela ine y Zom s is a big w K-toting, zom ith Wichit w determ comed u A forces will have to horror ies. Columb assee is an f : The ey join , they t, lots o s th allah ARY zomb ple plo alive. T ie on earth. A ie mayhem SUMM overrun by . A sim . There isnt p you b k e ism a world , fear can ke the last Twin vive the zom zombies. escap h of mates virus s some e ur et eating unc zombie ation is to g e ways to s umbing to th at movie for ith a b e zombie-cr imum. So in tch w cc gre iqu a u a min determ o found un in of th ics nd is a er or s le to w ls ch oth s: Zombiela e it enjoyab aps the orig lly are kept to ombie class have a elying on ea rea perh test z illiam cenes mak W :r ides sues grea worse rendon zombie s ry (bes serious is t to view the mMM e W by B menta ol REVIE nd some co f social com isease)... th y if you wan laughs. mm g d a o o ad laughs h in the way of Mad Cow al Dead tril me living de c in in so too mu mutated stra omeros orig bieland for a ge A. R hile visit Zom being t Geor eck ou , and meanw ch ade ever m



SLAYeR World Painted Blood

2009 American/Sony
This is when you make them horns, raise em up in the air and you wave em like you just dont care! And go apeshit. The new Slayer is here and it kills! If you like it you love it, and if you dont you dont. Typical Slayer album, guaranteed quality. Do I need to say more? Max Thrasher - mmmmM

MAN MuST DIe No Tolerance For Imperfection

2009 Relapse
Death Metal, very well performed and quite catchy (cant stop thinking Kill it, skin it, wear it!). Technically flawless, heavy to the extreme and... a bit boring in the longer run. Maybe if you really, really love those blastbeats... Max Thrasher - mmmMM


2009 Candlelight
Lets face it, Obituary never was the greatest band out there (here comes the hate mail), but what weve got here is of slightly better quality. Traditional metal mixed with a bit of death from Obituarys John and Donald brothers. Brutal (and quite honestly repetitive) stuff, for fans of the genre only. Max Thrasher - mmmMM

MuSTASCH Mustasch
2009 Nuclear Blast
A traditional hard rock / heavy metal sound with a modern edge, Mustasch are utilising tried and true mid tempo rock formulas and breathing new life into them whilst staying true to the most important elements. Theres even a nice ballad here (Im Frustrated), however, my favorite track is Deep In The Woods its just an outright cool song. Brendon Williams - mmmMM

KATATONIA Night Is The New Day

2009 Peaceville
Sort of a mellow Doom/Darkwave, almost like if Salmonella Dub played Doom Metal. Very classy and melancholic. I think Katatonia have already made a name for themselves, so if you like bands like Opeth and Anathema this ones for you. Max Thrasher - mmmmM


2009 Stomp
This is wild! Punk-Black-Death if you can imagine it. Although they look kinda funny, the material of this Tasmanian band is of the highest quality. For what it is, I cant see anything wrong with these guys. Fast, brutal, very heavy check them out, if you havent yet! Max Thrasher - mmmmm

POWeRMAN 5000 Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere

2009 Mighty Loud
Rob Zombies little brothers band. They got quite a name for themselves a few years back when they released Tonight The Stars Revolt! Their mix of electro/industrial/rap/punk/nu/goth/metal (whew!) may be refreshing to the musically open and annoying to genre nazis. When I listened to this album I noted a very commercial and modern sound with similarities to Marilyn Manson and big brother Rob! Brendon Williams - mmmMM 16

WHIPLASH unborn Again

2009 Pulverised
With the resurgence of Thrash Metal comes the reformation of old masters! I have always considered Whiplashs Ticket To Mayhem to be one of the best Thrash albums ever, so naturally I was excited to see what the band could churn out 22 years later! And as expected the music is the same excellent standard of old-school Thrash that they have always played. They should offer Metallica some music lessons. Brendon Williams - mmmmM 17

OVeRKILL Ironbound

2010 Nuclear Blast

RAMMSTeIN Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

2009 Rammstein GBR
Rammstein can do no wrong and once again they deliver a typical Rammstein record. A few filler tracks here, but also some instant classics like Waidmanns Heil and Haifisch. An album you have to buy (as opposed to downloading) just for the brilliant packaging! Max Thrasher - mmmmM

You have to listen to this! NY Thrash/Speed at its best fast, heavy, ripping! The band has been around for a long time, but theres never been a better time to get their album! Or at least when it comes out the release is set for 30 January. For fans of old Metallica, Judas Priest and... Grave Digger! Max Thrasher - mmmmm

2009 Eagle Records
This one just about slipped under the radar! So what do we get from Stratovarius now that the bands main songwriter, Timo Tolkki has departed? Well, its a good album... I detect a prog edge, but overall it still sounds like Stratovarius (thanks mainly to Kotipelto). It must be mentioned that I much prefer Tolkkis Revolution Rennaisance album because the songs are far more infectious. Brendon Williams - mmmMM

SKeLeTONWITCH Breathing The Fire

2009 Prosthetic Records
Short and snappy thrash revival with death/black inspiration, this is the second album from Skeletonwitch. I cant find anything bad to say about this release; its everything I could want from a thrash album, including a cool cover and band logo. Get it! Brendon Williams - mmmmM

HALFORD III - Winter Songs

2009 Metal God Ent
Adding to the great roster of recent heavy Xmas releases, we now have the Metal God himself performing a mixture of original and traditional Xmas themed cuts. Great stuff, although it may be too late to fully enjoy if youre only reading about it now, after Xmas is finished! But you can always buy it now for Xmas 2010! What does it sound like? Rob Halford doing Xmas Metal, of course! Ho ho ho! Brendon Williams - mmmMM

2009 Roadrunner
Honestly, I could live without this band. There are so many of these kind of nu-metalcore-death-whatever bands, it stopped being funny 5 years ago. Or maybe Im just too old. Anyway, I think the sk8r kids outside my work will love it, and I kind of see why! How about this: Ill just leave it blank here and you just draw as many skulls as you see fit? Max Thrasher

ACe FReHLeY Anomaly


2009 Inside Out U.S.
We are treated to the second release this year from Canadas inspirational musical wizard. The second of four conceptual albums, Addicted brings back some heaviness after the first outing (Ki) set the stage with a tranquil journey. It is a real treat to have so much musical output from a great artist in a short timeframe... and none of it is filler material either! The creativity with melodies and Devins famous wall of sound approach are here in force. Highly recommended listening! Brendon Williams - mmmmm 19

Its been 20 long years since we have seen a solo record from Ace Frehley. I wasnt exactly itching to hear this, but Im glad I checked it out! After 5 minutes I was really getting into it! Lots of fun rock n roll songs here, including a cover of Sweets Fox On The Run. Even if some of the lyrics are cringeworthy, its still better than any solo album Gene Simmons could create! Brendon Williams - mmmmM 18

2009 Bronx Born Records