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Hello there! Welcome to another issue of NZs own SLAUGHTERAMA, bringing you exclusive interviews with the greatest Heavy Metal bands in the world for absolutely free. In this issue we are very proud to present our interview with HELLOWEEN.

We also chat to local band Puppeteer and review a bunch of albums, a movie and a game. Oh, and check out page 11 for your chance to win a copy of Rob Zombies brilliant new album, Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool. Other than that, enjoy the issue, and stay tuned to House Of Noizz Metal radio either by tuning into Planet FM on Friday nights at 10:40PM on Planet 104.6FM, or simply go to www.houseofnoizz.com to hear the latest show and watch highlights from our new studiocam!!!

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Brendon Williams - Editor. 3

Its a good album, but its not what people would expect from a band like Helloween. But its nice to have it in the back catalog anyway. After all these years you look back and its nice to have something different than just heavy stuff. Lets touch on the beginnings of Helloween... Oh, its too long ago, I forgot already. (laughs) Alright. Do you remember [1987] Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I? Of course. Thats when people said weve done a very different album from, say, Walls of Jericho [1985], and thats what we like to do. Because if you listen to that [keeper...] album, and then listen back to the first [selftitled] mini-LP, and then Walls of Jericho - they are all very different albums. Keeper... was the album that made the band. It was a great success worldwide. We had a couple of tours with the previous albums as well, but suddenly something started which nobody wouldve expected. We started touring a lot in America, and went to Asia and Japan, and places like this. Its nice, you know, being 20-22 years old, having the success, traveling around. Did it come as a surprise? You know, all of a sudden youre one of the leading bands in the field... Yeah, but then we always intended on writing songs that will last for a long time. We always were very qualityorientated in terms of songwriting, but getting really big in Japan and going to Korea we really didnt expect it. Did you enjoy making music videos back then? Yes, of course! It was all very new back then. Now weve done it like couple of hundred times, and its

ELLOWEEN is undoubtedly one of the most influential European bands. In mid-eighties they laid a corner stone of modern Power Metal and went on to have an incredible career, full of highs and lows, releasing a number of alltime Heavy Metal classics. Now, with the release of the 25th Anniversary album Unarmed the timing was never better to get in touch with the bassist Markus Grosskopf one of only two original members still left in the band. Heres what he had to say...
Lets talk about the new acoustic album, Unarmed. Very interesting experiment for Helloween. Yeah, its funny shit, isnt it? We thought it would be interesting to do something very different. Of course we couldve done a normal acoustic album, like the campfire kind of stuff, but we thought it would be much more interesting to do various styles, fool around a bit and just experiment. It reminds a lot in parts of your Chameleon record [1993]. Well, you could say that, but Chameleon was intended to be a classic Helloween album. This [new] album was meant to be very different from the very beginning. Chameleon was actually a great album!

still fun, but you know what to expect. And in the early days it was all for the first time and you didnt know what to expect from this sort of promotional tool.

Are there any videos for the new album? Yes, we just got back from Berlin where we filmed a clip for Dr. Stein. The actor in it looks almost exactly like the character from the [original] Dr.

Stein single cover. That should be out shortly. With Andi Deris singing the old songs from the Michael Kiske [original vocalist] era what does he bring into these songs?

I think hes bringing his own attitude. Hes not even trying to sing like Michael. What he does is bring his own Andi Deris style into these songs. How hard was it to find a replacement for Kiske? Did you find Andi straight away or was it a long process? Weve been friends for a long time. We used to hang around when Andi was in Pink Cream 69, and we used to go to bars together, killing beers and stuff like this. So Andi was really our first choice after we had to let Michael go. German Metal scene seems to be like a big family everybody knows each-other, everybody plays with everybody. You yourself have been playing with Tobias Sammets Avantasia... Its very nice when somebodys playing a show and they call you and say, come over, well drink some beer and hang out. And when its summer festival season in Europe, you always find somebody you know at these festivals. How did you come to pick up the bass, Markus? I dont know, I just had a feeling for it. I could hear it and somehow feel it even before I started playing. So I picked it up and it felt right, you know. What are your favorite bands? When you started, what influenced you? Its definitely Thin Lizzy. Actually when I started, I started off as a Punk, with the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. And then I turned to AC/DC, UFO, Ted Nugent, Deep Purple, Rainbow. I can remember falling off the chair when I heard the first Iron Maiden album. All these bands, you know. Bananarama....

(laughter) Yeah, right! So when you eventually retire from your musical career, what do you want to leave behind? What can you leave behind? A big smell. (laughs) Markus was here, you know. I dont know, maybe a little place in a really big book of rocknroll. There are a lot of different sounds throughout Helloweens career. Are there any areas that you feel that the band should be venturing into more? I think we did the right thing with Keeper, part I when we started writing different tracks which were not just one-track-minded Heavy Metal, and it was working. Its actually very nice to be able to have this variety. Very often people said that we were betraying Heavy Metal, and that its not what they call True Heavy Metal, but what can I say, thats just what we love. Weve been there for 25 years and playing even longer, and its just natural development to try and do something different. Helloween will always be Helloween. You can expect a range of variety but you will always get a dose of the traditional Helloween sound, too. What were the highest and the lowest points in your career? The lowest point was definitely when Ingo [Schwichtenberg, original drummer] committed suicide in 1994. And then of course there were times when we stood there without a record deal, nobody believing in us anymore. But we just carried on and it got better. And one of the highest points was when Andi came in and we did Master of the Rings [1994] and we were able to start again. A question we wanted to ask for a long time... What, wheres the g-spot? (laughs) (laughter all) Ok, where IS the g-spot? (laughs) ...Aahh..... Alright... So, whats actually happened with Michael Kiske. What went down when he left? It was right after the Chameleon. It was a good album, but we thought it was time to do some traditional Helloween stuff. And Michael wouldnt agree, cuz he wanted

to do more stuff in the Chameleon direction. He brought some demo tapes and it was in a totally different direction. So we had to let him go. Everybody thought we mustve been crazy to let go of a singer like this, and he still is a brilliant singer, but it was the way he wrote songs, the way he saw the band, the way he saw Helloweens future it was just so different from what the rest of us thought needed to be done. And after all these years, seeing what kind of music hes doing now, I think people understand better why it happened. Theres been a lot of talk that he got quite religious... Yes, he is quite religious and stuff like this, but thats what he was always like. You know, not drinking and living a different life, but that wasnt a problem. The problem was that he wanted Helloween to be something very different from what we had in mind. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about New Zealand? Umm... The heat. Ive never been there, but I guess its pretty hot down there? It is now, actually. Summer in full swing. So thanks for the interview, Markus, and hope to see you in New Zealand soon! Yeah, hopefully well make it down there soon. And when we finally come, Ill try some New Zealand beer with you guys! g


2010 Twenty4Records / Rocket Science Ventures

ARSIS Starve for the Devil

2010 Nuclear Blast
Melodic (very melodic) Death Metal nicely written and executed (but also a little repetitive in a longer run). Some quite catchy tunes here like the opening Forced to Rock and Closer to Cold, but also some stuff weve heard from Norther and Children Of Bodom years ago. If you like this particular style, you might want to check it out! Max Thrasher - mmmMM

Very good stuff here from Bruce Kulick. He has put together a great rock album which has loads of variety due to the guest appearances by the likes of John Corabi, Gene Simmons (and Genes son Nick who sounds a lot like his dad!), Tobias Sammet, Eric Singer and more! Quality guitar solos, and catchy songs in favor of the outright guitar wank you often get from guitarists solo efforts. Still not a fan of Kulicks singing though, so its lucky for me theres so many guest vocalists. Brendon Williams - mmmmM

SAVING GRACE Unbreakable

2010 Deadboy
New Zealand Hardcore mixed heavily with Death Metal. What amazed me here was the quality of production. These Gisborne fellas really nailed this one. I mean, everything they do is of world-class standard. I guess this music can be a bit repetitive for an unprepared listener, but these guys have potential to become one of the leading NZ extreme acts. Max Thrasher - mmmmm


2010 Nuclear Blast
Second full-length from this UK band. A little more coherent than the first album, with lots of blastbeats, growl, and even some melodic lead breaks. Its pretty much pure Death Metal (although somewhat modernised), so Im pretty sure the die hard fans of the genre wont hesitate to snap this one up. The rest of us mere mortals might as well chill. Max Thrasher - mmmMM

HELLOWEEN Unarmed (Best Of 25th Anniversary)

2010 Sony Music
A beautiful celebration of an important band. Helloween havent done the norm by putting out a greatest hits compilation of already released song versions, but have instead rerecorded the bands mega hits in an a more acoustic, orchestral, experimental style. The result is a product which helps you discover (or rediscover) why this band is so special. I dont know if this is a selling point or not, but the versions are so accessible that people of all ages and musical persuasions should find it pleasant to listen to; something little Timmys Mum wont mind him playing on the car radio on the way to soccer practise. Brendon Williams - mmmmm


2010 Century Media

One of my favorite bands of all times. Massive production, interesting arrangements and this cold, frostbitten viciousness that will grab you by the throat and shake the living daylights out of ya! The only thing I can pick on is that a lot of crazy little things they use, like banjo or an accordion or certain keyboard sounds sometimes drown in the mix. Nevertheless, still the strongest Folk-Metal band in the world and undoubtedly the kings of Troll Rock. Max Thrasher - mmmmM

VARG Blutaar

2010 Nuclear Blast

RAGE Strings to a Web

2010 Nuclear Blast
This is one of few bands which is very difficult (and somewhat pointless) to review. Rage continue what they always did best kick ass Metal, with lots of melodies. From their early days in mid-80s they always had their own unique sound which remained pretty much unchanged and easily recognisable throughout the years. Yet another quality piece of work. Well done! Max Thrasher - mmmmM

Viking Metal (and very good one at that) with no connections whatsoever to Varg Vikernes. Really stormy and thunderous with lots of folk melodies. Its strange to listen to this kind of music in the middle of summer, but once the autumn storms arrive, Varg will no doubt do the trick! So while youre out there buying the new Finntroll, you might as well grab this bastard you wont regret it. Max Thrasher - mmmmM

SIX FEET UNDER Graveyard Classics III

2010 Metal Blade
Third installment in the bands series of cover albums. This time everyone gets it, from Metallica, Slayer and Mercyful Fate to Bachman Turner Overdrive, Ramones, Twisted Sister and even Van Halen. In Death Metal. Unfortunately, I cant quite figure out whats the target audience for this, but an amusing listen, anyway. Max Thrasher - mmmMM

ROB ZOMBIE Hellbilly Deluxe 2

2010 Roadrunner
Rob Zombie is great at what he does, and once again he delivers with the new album. Heavy beat, samples, a bit of Industrial here and there, dead girls, ghouls, zombies, monsters, etc, etc. Plus of course killer artwork on this CD. I think the fans will love it, and if youre not one, youll have to have a listen anyway. Pretty much essential. Max Thrasher - mmmmm

MNEMIC Sons of the System

2010 Nuclear Blast
Modern Metal sound not done any better or worse than anything else in this style. You know the stuff by now; screaming vocals over downtuned guitars, with big, melodic, sung choruses. Overall its a pretty average CD; the singing parts are interesting, and are actually very well done on this record, but the scream / growl stuff is the audio equivalent of flogging a dead horse, and makes the group sound way too much like every other band on the planet pulling the same old rabbit out of the same old hat these days, not realising that we know the trick, were bored of it, and while we still may want to see it performed now and then, its surely time for some new magic... Brendon Williams - mmmMM


2009 BMI Dark / Ruin Publishing

Following up on the brilliant EP Fairytale Saints Of Ruin unleash their debut full length effort. I was excited to check this one out, and I must say that it has some cool tunes on it even though it seems to lack the same overall punch that the Fairytale EP managed to deliver. My pick on this album is the great cover of Concrete Blondes Bloodletting. Saints Of Ruin are a growing Goth Rock force, and as their sound matures it is sure to develop into something which will puncture all the right veins. Brendon Williams - mmmMM

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SUMMARY: Suburban America gone haywire. In the midst of a serial abductor/ killers rampage, a beautiful young teen, Riley Lawson, goes missing. When her desperate parents, Will and Kate, are contacted by her kidnapper, an insufferable FBI Special Agent takes charge of the case.But, from deep within the psychopathic subterranean world created by Otis, Riley turns the tables on her tormentor, manages to escape and to contact her parents. Fed up with the tragi-comic inability of the FBI to find their girl, Will, Kate, and Rileys brother, Reed decide to take matters - and justice - into their own hands. 12

Quite a unique film here. I expected some kind of horror, but its more of a quirky comedy, with a hint of thriller here and there. The movie is very well shot, and the humour is expertly executed. The main actor does a great job as the psychopath pizza delivery guy who likes to kidnap good looking teenage girls. When a girl gets away and lets her family know where her abducter resides, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and the fun begins. Recommended to rent (or buy it at the big red shed for $5) if you want to watch something a little different. Not the best movie youll ever see, but probably good enough to sit through once or twice. The pace of the film slows a bit near the end which is the only negative which comes to mind. Other than that, check it out if you like subtle humour, reasonable storyline and a bit of gore thrown in for good measure. mmmMM

REVIEW by Brendon Williams:


game review

Darksiders Review Roneel Rama The forces of Heaven and Hell have ended their ceasefire and have resumed their never ending battle in the kingdom of Man, Earth. But the End War began before its destined time, the seals protecting humanity have been destroyed before humanity was ready, before humanity had a chance to fight back (means we got screwed) Armageddon had begun to early, man was not ready, man was doomed. You are War, one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. The end has begun; you have arrived on earth to find it in total chaos. You have been

betrayed; the apocalypse has begun before its predicted time and the order you were to bring to earth wont happen. All is lost. You are alone Now our story takes place with War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (if you havent heard of them before pick up a Bible, it has some reference to them), plunged into a world in a state of chaos, the kind of world he was destined to be summoned to War must bring order... thats where we start; you take control of war and begin your trek through Earth, an Earth under siege. You fight Demons and Angels alike and due to spoiler issues Ill stop there and say something happens and a bit of time passeslike a century.

The gameplay for Darksiders consists of the hack and slash variety along with some gun-slinging and boomerang action. Ill give a spoiler away here and let you know... you get a horsey!!! (its in the name anyway so I guess it isnt really a spoiler) this could be the most badass horse in history and its all yours! One thing that can get annoying at times like a lot of games like this is the amount of puzzle solving and back tracking. Im not against puzzle solving (it makes for a good challenge) but when you need to backtrack it becomes a tad repetitive and when playing this at 3am its not a welcome idea. Boss fights in the game I especially liked; theres something very satisfying about taking down a mammoth monster with no hints and a lot of

guessing and then having the opportunity to perform a finisher obliterating the beast and leaving you to tear it up and walk away with a nice beating heart. Now what else to say about Darksiders? Well I enjoyed it, it had a great story and gameplay, and although it borrows heavily from other games at times (God of War, Devil may Cry, Zelda and Prince of Persia) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and in any case it will keep me going until God of War III comes out :P. Hunted by Heaven, Hated by Hell, Driven by Vengeance, You are War incarnate mmmmM



uppeteer formed in Tauranga in early 2008. After going through some lineup changes, releasing an EP and numerous live performances, the band have been busy recording their debut album, scheduled to come out on March 31st. We spoke with the band to find out more...
Please give us a brief rundown on Puppeteer... Rob: Were named after Metallicas Master of Puppets. We started out as a simple Heavy Metal band but since Sam joined the band weve become A whole different beast that cannot be put into one genre. Id say were Thrashing Groove Metal with a hint of core. Vaughan: Basically think of Machine Head post 2003 (Through the Ashes of Empires) Scott: What started out as a bit of fun turned angry, loud and got carried away. You guys appear quite young - if you dont mind, what is the age range of the band members, and how long have you been playing? Rob: Im 19, nearing on 20. Personally Ive been playing guitar for almost 6 years and been at the front of Puppeteer since we started this beast in mid 2008. Vaughan: Im 18, and Ive been playing guitar for 10 years this year, and joined the band last October. Scott: Im 19 and have been playing since I joined Puppeteer mid 08. Sam: Guys and girl thank you! Im 18 and this is my fourth year playing seriously. Thanks to Vaughan joining Im no longer the baby of the band, though the two of us often get called the children of the band during our numerous fun squabbles. What made you initially decide to play Metal music, and what themes and messages are you exploring / presenting? Rob: I love the emotions, power and storytelling elements that Metal possesses, that and the chunky open string guitar riffs. On our first EP In Control we tended to focus on the normal Metal songs about war, music and rebellion, however, on our forthcoming album Tucked In By Brutality weve developed a nightmarish concept, which can be described as a story about a mans nightmarefueled descent into paranoid psychosis. Its real deep and has been a thrill to write. Scott: The way Metal just screams with bass and speed. Vaughan: Metal is the one musical genre that will never die. Sam: Other genres tend to lack drummers, especially those with any skill. Repetitive drum machines should die. I was first introduced to drumming in a Tool cover band. You guys have an EP out now, with a full length coming soon... are you finding the recording of your material a challenge, or does it all come together easily? Rob: In Control (our EP) was a slight challenge as we had all sorts of problems going on concerning our then drummer and it was also the first time any of us had really been into a studio. The new album,


on the other hand has just fallen together beautifully, and Im really happy with what its sounding like so far. But If I dont have to hear another click track for the next few months then Ill be one happy man. Vaughan: For me a particular problem was recording my solos. I hardly ever play the same solo and usually wing it when playing live and as a result I found it difficult to re-record certain takes..... so yeah I guess this means I might have to learn my solos now. Anyways Im sure Rob can bitch plenty more about recording guitar takes. Scott: Im usually writing the lyrics to a song the night before if not on the day while Robs actually trying to record the song in the booth. I dont own a watch so time management is not my strong point. I feel strange standing in a room attempting to play the song I learnt 10 mins earlier. Sam: It was my second time ever in a studio, being locked in a small room with no air flow while the other band members watch isnt the funnest; live gigs are more my domain. What will be your aspirations for the band now that you are about to reach the landmark of a debut album release? Rob: Well I personally am dying to get back on stage and crank these new songs out live, film a video clip, maybe do another tour come winter and really focus on getting our name around both NZ and abroad before writing some new tracks. Vaughan: Opening for Machine Head would be a goal (yes I know Ive mentioned them already before, but hey, Im a huge fan.) Sam: Play as often and as loud as we can, and to as many fans as we can. What are your feelings on the local Metal scene, and the discovery of Metal by todays youth? Rob: In New Zealand theres this big metalcore and hardcore scene going on that alot of the youth seem to be getting into which is in turn leading them to the straight up Metal bands we all know and love. A lot of people are shunning the scene whereas were trying to cater as a bridge between the two styles. Sam: Most of todays youth should grow a pair or two, I cant stand the majority of modern music. Good stuff, like local Metal, with actual musicians behind the instruments is great.

Vaughan: I cant stand mainstream music; to me it all just sounds the same; its boring and dominated by unskilled musicians. I personally believe that the recent resurgence in Metal is a backlash to the crap force fed to us. Where is the best place to sample / purchase your music, and find out the latest news and gigs? Rob: www.myspace.com/puppeteernz is the best place to go to find out all the latest info. As far as purchasing our music goes, you can track us down at a few select stores around the place but the best bet is to check out www.satanica.org as they are the label putting out Tucked In By Brutality very soon. You can always grab the CDs at any of our gigs as well. Thanks for the interview. Anything else to add? Sam: Whether the band believe it or not, I am a girl! Even if I have more balls than the guys. Rob & Scott: Swing by our album release show if youre in the Auckland area; you can catch the date on our myspace page mentioned above. Its gonna be an awesome night with some killer local acts from all around New Zealand. g