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The Rental Process

Now you know what commitments Renthouse takes on in order to ensure an optimal letting of your property, it is also in your interest to know what conditions apply in order to ensure the delivery of your rented property is a success. Code of Conduct Renthouse uses a standard policy with regard to the way in which we expect landlord and tenant to come together. Because Renthouse considers it important that everyone is dealt with in the same decent and courteous way, we request that you consider the appropriate code of conduct for landlords before the letting of a premises. Approval It is important that before you rent our your property, you are aware that different parties may need approval. By this we mean the Association of Owners, the mortgage lender and- in the case that you have a mortgage with a local authority guarantee or that there is currently a subsidised purchase underway- the local authority itself. The appropriate governmental rules also apply. You can read more about this at www.vrom.nl (Onderwerpen Huren) and www.wonen.amsterdam.nl Negotiations Renthouse takes up negotiations on the basis of a solid contract with the Vereniging van Verhuurmakelaars Amsterdam (VVA) and it's associated specifications. When a given tenant lets you know that he or she wishes to rent your property, we set down all rental conditions for you in a file. If the rental contract is to be in the name of a company, it is always a good idea to set down all terms and conditions very clearly to avoid any misunderstanding. Rental Contract Our tenancy agreement is a legal document, specifically drawn up by lawyers with rental to expats in mind. It is expected from all parties involved that they fully and correctly understand all contractual obligations. It is of course impossible to cover in one document all the possible circumstances which may arise between a tenant and a landlord. Therefore it is expected that the parties abide by the spirit and intent of the contract.

Contracts As soon as there is an oral agreement (i.e. a consensus has been reached), we send a declaration of intent to both you and the tenant. The contract details are checked by both parties and on the basis of this the tenancy agreement is drawn up. The details that we need from you are the name in which the contract will be made and the amounts which make up the rental charge. The home should be delivered in the state in which the commitment was made during the negotiations. Furthermore, it is important that you have a record of what has been negotiated, so that it always complies. Check-In After the tenancy agreement has been signed by the new tenant and the money has been received by us, we make an appointment for a check-in. If you don't have a Letting or Administration service package, it is important that you yourself are present to take the inventory along with the tenant. The handover of an information list containing all important details of the property is a must. Renthouse will be present to draw up the report and to read and record the utility meters.