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Time-Table Management System

Software Requirements Specification Document

Prepared By: Sakshi Kulbhaskar (090101145) Sharda University

Date :11-11-2011

Software Requirements Specification

Nov. 11

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Background details 1.4 Abbreviations 1.5 References 3 4 4 4 4

2. Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective 2.2 Environmental characterstics 2.3 Goods of Implementation 7-8 2.4 External interfaces 2.5 Flow Chart 9 2.6 ER Diagram 10-11 8 5 6

3. Specific Requirements
3.1 Functional Requirements 12-13 3.2 Non Functional Requirements 14

Software Requirements Specification

Nov. 11

College Time-table management software helps

to generate

class time table as well as master and teacher time table. Timetable Management software automatically creates your Campus Timetable for classes, class teachers and students.It would be a great help to the administration of a college for creation of time tables and managing them.It would be user- friendly. Time table management module organizes the campus week, breaks in between classes and subject lecturer. It would reduce the work load of creating time table manually,hence very efficient. The purpose of this document is to analyze and improve the Timetable Management System. needs and features of the It focuses on the capabilities and

facilities provided by a Time table of Class,particular teacher schedule and master time table. The details of what all are the needs of the TMS are detailed in the use-case and supplementary specifications.

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of SRS document is to describe the external view of the Timetable Management System(TMS). The purpose of the software is to integrate the administration of the college time table by providing information on the following in a user friendly manner to its four different users Students, Teaching Faculties, Placement Cell and Administrative Office. This SRS will allow for a complete understanding of what is to be expected of the TMS to be constructed and also describes the nonfunctional requirements such as the user interfaces.The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) captures the complete software requirements for the system, or a portion of the system.

Software Requirements Specification

1.2 Scope

The software can be used in semester system followed in many colleges. The system can be modified and updated from time to time. The benefits will include time and effort saving by reducing the human work load and errors through manual procedures and increase the efficiency. As it is a computer-based package so maintenance and working is somewhat difficult from manual mode of approach. As it is not possible to associate each and every requirement of the system so in some way or other it will going to create problem at some stage of execution (like report generation).

Nov. 11

1.3 Background Details

The Software Requirements Specification document provides the all Classes Time Table with collects all the details of the

requirements in a single document. The TMS that is to be developed teachers,subjects and location, and providing many facilities.

1.4 Abbreviations
SRS- Software Requirements Specification TMS- Time table management system

1.5 References
Sample SRS template, IEEE standards

Software Requirements Specification

Overall Description
The program generates a complete timetable that fulfills all the
Nov. 11

requirements within a short span of time(in minutes). The program follows all organizational requirements such as: 1. Selection for Number of working days of the week (ex. Saturday off) 2. time slots provided for each lecture 3. Periods per day selection . 4. Subjects included in course 5. Hard subjects in alternating periods with easy ones. 6. Subject to be taught in which lecture hall 7. Periods per week per subject 8. Type of subject ( Hard, easy) 9. Subjects distributed evenly for entire week 10.lab practicals(labs location and practicals subjects) 11.total no. of students available for the course 12.availability of subject teachers(their load hours) 13. Number of lectures, tutorial, practical required for each subject

Software Requirements Specification

2.1 Product Perspective

The rest of this document contains the following in the mentioned order: 1- Overall description of the project and its requirements. 2- Specific requirements for the project including the functionality, usability, reliability, performance, security, safety, design constraints, and copy right and intellectual properties.

Nov. 11

2.2 Environmental Characteristic

1 1.1 1.2 1.3 2 Hardware Processor RAM O.S. People The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating the efforts of those involved in the SRS development, review, and approval. b. Contract Manager The Contract Manager verifies that the SRS deliverable is provided, reviewed, and approved. a. Project Manager Intel Dual Core & Above 512 mb Window Xp & Above

Software Requirements Specification

2.3 Goods of Implementation

Nov. 11

Operational Automation for creating time table of any educational Institute

Increased Efficiency as more time to focus on Strategic Tasks Multiple time table Management in a single window Any Time Availability Easy to Scale, Customize and Update.


Helps to get a global outlook and use innovative software technology Saves cost and paper,as reduces paper workload Increased Productivity by managing information with automation and quickly

Information required for Decision making is instantly available reduces piles of files maintaining various class time tables,teachers time table



Easy monitoring of individual modules leads to quick error detection Quick & automated report generation Centralized data repository for easy data access Authenticated data access and provides security User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills

Software Requirements Specification

Nov. 11

Minimal data redundancy Timetable creation before hand


Easy access to the time table details Easy to check which lecture hours(going on) ,teacher concerned and loaction of lecture halls

2.4 External Interfaces

The Hotel Management System will use the standard input/output devices for a personal computer. This includes the following: Keyboard Mouse Monitor Printer

2.5 Flow chart

Software Requirements Specification

Nov. 11

2.6 E R Diagram

Software Requirements Specification

The entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) depicts the relationship

between the data objects. The ERD is the notation that is used to conduct the date modeling activity the attributes of each data object noted is the ERD can be described resign a data object descriptions.
Nov. 11

The set of primary components that are identified by the ERD

are: Data object ,Relationships,Attributes,Various types of indicators.


Software Requirements Specification

Nov. 11

Specific requirements

Software Requirements Specification

3.1 Functional Requirements
The functional requirements contain the information necessary to define the fundamental actions that must take place within the
Nov. 11

software to process inputs and to process and generate outputs. REQUIREMENTS Students DESCRIPTION

S. NO.


2. 3.




This includes the total number of students enrolled for each course. Partition the group of students into sections with equal no. of strength. The students of each section are also divided into groups of 2 or 3 according to their strength. Rooms This shows the total number of rooms available for accomadating students and carrying out lectures . Laboratories This shows the total number of laboratories available with each department and also includes time slots allotted to each of them . Labs under one department sees its own needs and also requests which they receive from other departments for the practicals. Subjects In Each semester, each course is offered 6 theory subjects and 3 lab practicals,total 9 subjects. Each subject is assigned a subject code, And is mentioned in the time table. Faculties This shows the faculties available for each subject. When drafting time table roughly,there opinion is asked for the clases but sole role lies of administration. Workload of each faculty is determined by the HOD of the respective department. Number of lectures, tutorial, Each subject is allowed to have a maximum of 4 practical required for each lectures per week and minimum of 3 subject lectures per week and one tut for each subject as per 5days working. No two lectures of same subject should occur on same day. Tutorials are provided for all subjects except communication skills courses. Each practical subject is allowed a maximum of 2 lecture hours per week and is allotted to students in groups when students strength is more.


Software Requirements Specification

Map teachers vs. students 7.
Nov. 11

Class time table


Faculty time table


Room time table


Master time table


Time Slots available

The mapping of teachers, subjects and sections is done by the HODs. This is for the students. This shows the schedule for the students with details of subjects, periods,hour duration,faculty name for each subject,labs and their location,also the faculty name taking practicals. This is for the faculty members. It is maintained for each faculty and describes their schedule.it shows where they have been allotted to take lectures and also tells about their free lectures.(which will be helpful when allotting a substitution) This shows the room availability for the lectures and tutorials. This schedules which course is to be allotted which room. This includes the allocation of laboratories, lecture halls, and tutorial halls. It is the master plan of the schedule of teachers, students, rooms. This is for the administrator. This gives the University Heads an overview of whole schedule of the University with details of every branch schedule and is helpful for easy management. It tells about the total hours available for the lectures,tutorials and laboratories and dividing it effectively into appropriate hours for carrying out respective classes.


Weekly time table for load hours It contains details for load given to the faculty, of teacher telling about how many hours the faculty is busy. Free slot time table It contains and describe lectures of faculties with their free lectures and busy lectures. It is administered by the HOD of the department. It is the master plan of schedule of laboratories.it tells about the hours available and total no. of labs available for the practicals and also tells about the labs location.describes how many hours are allotted for each department.



Master Lab time table


Software Requirements Specification

3.2 Non Functional Requirements
Non Functional requirements specify those requirements which are not necessary for developing a software but to enhance its
Nov. 11

capabilities and features. 1. subjects in time table are assigned in such a way that students dont get bored with core difficult subjects 2.Displaying the details of teachers name and subject code is not mandatory on the time table. 3.Flexibility for teachers to exchange lecture periods