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Terrameter LS

Imaging system measuring Resistivity, IP and SP. High reliability, safety and robustness under harsh field conditions. On-site capabilities for data QA, system diagnostics and fault tolerance.

Superior quality in data acquisition with powerful transmitter and high dynamic range multi-channel receiver. Open communication platform for data exchange, Internet and remote diagnostics (TCP/IP, USB)

Technical Specifications: Terrameter LS

No. of Channels Isolation Input Voltage Range Input Impedance Precision Accuracy Resolution Linearity Range 4, 8 or 12 input (+ 2 for Tx monitoring) All channels are galvanic separated + / - 600 V 200 MOhm, +/0.1 % 0.2 % Theoretical 3 nV at 1 sec integration 0.005 % + /- 2.5V, 200 MOhm + / - 15V, 30 MOhm + / - 600V, 20 MOhm better than 1 % up to 300 Hz Weight Temperature Range Note 1: Note 2: 12 kg - 20oC to + 55 oC Performance of LC is not guaranteed below 0 oC Measuring speed may be reduced in high ambient temperature combined with high output power

Multi-Electrode Survey Systems for 2D & 3D for Resistivity, IP & SP Imaging & Monitoring
Switching matrix Roll-a-Long Array types Default Take-outs internal The switch matrix Electrode Test contact Internal 10 X 64 YES full coverage, both 2 & 3D Multiple Gradient, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Wenner etc. 64 inline + 3 remote electrodes is divided into four blocks for effective use of all receiver channels available YES, Focus One estimating contact resistance on all used electrodes

Flat Frequency Response

Resistivity YES SP YES IP YES Full wave form Sampled and averaged to requested data Possible to activate recording to file for post analysis Dynamic Averaging 24 bit A/D conversion Data Sampling Rate Standard 1000Hz, 30 kHz hardware limit Cycle time from 0.4 sec to 28.7 sec User selectable Pulse time from 0.1 sec to 8.2 sec. User selectable IP Windows Arbitrary windows flexibility configured to power line frequencies

Consult your local ABEM distributor for full details of the various configurations available for you. A hint G30-2D = Gradient protocol to 30 m depth & 2D software, incl. cables and electrodes. Also a VES configuration is available

Output power Current transmission Output Current Accuracy Maximum Output Current Maximum Output Voltage Instant Polarity Changer Accuracy Precision Self Diagnostics Safety 250 W True Current Transmitter better than 0.4 % 2500 mA + / - 600 V 1200 V peak to peak YES 0.4 % 0.1 % Temperature, Power dissipation Monitoring Emergency Interrupter easily accessible

Tx Monitor
Voltage Current Full wave form monitored Current Accuracy Current Precision +/- 600 V +/- 2500 mA 0.2 % 0.1 %

Casing Computer GPS Display I / O ports Rugged Aluminum case meets IEC IP 66 Embedded ARM 9, 200 MHz 20 channels SirF star lll chip

8,4 Active TFT LCD, full colour, Daylight visible 2 x KPT 32 p for imaging, AUX USB A, USB B, RJ45 for LAN Service point Accessible through Internet Multifunction connector Memory Capacity 4GB, More than 1 500 000 readings, Full waveform recording requires about 120 Kb (4channels, 5 seconds) Power Internal NiMH 12 V power pack and External 12 VDC battery (recommended for all Measuring) Dimensions (W x L x H) 39 x 21 x 32 cm

With reservations for changes; our products undergo continuous development

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