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Kris Coste EDU 5170 December 15, 2011 Micro Lesson: Texas Revolution 7th Grade

Lesson Objectives: 1) The students will have a better understanding of the chain of events that led to the Texas Revolution. 2) The students will have a better understanding of the who, what, when, where, and whys of the Texas Revolution. 3) This review class is supposed to help the students be better prepared for an assessment the following day. Proof that objective has been attained: The students will play a game to asses there comprehension of the material covered by the website. The teacher will walk around to the groups and interact/ guide the students. Introduction: The Texas Revolution was an important event that would effect the United States in significant ways. It is important for the students to understand the event to further their study of American History. The students will start the lesson by working with an interactive website and

then to a Jeopardy game based on the Texas Revolution. Since it is a half day and the students will undoubtedly be distracted by their plans to spend their time after a short day, this game lesson will help the students stay focused and learn more than a traditional class would. Introduction and Learning Activity 1) The students will start the lesson by watching a short video that explains the historical context and background of the Texas Revolution and will be working with an interactive website in groups. www.txindependence.org/story_texas.php 2) The students will play a educational Jeopardy game based on the Texas Revolution. Specifically the information on the website. Some questions will be used to start mini discussions, explanations, or connections. 3) The teacher will pass a worksheet out at the end of class for the students to see some of the material that will be on the assessment the following day. Provide Information: 1) The students will watch a video covering the historical context of the Texan Revolution. Then they will go to www.txindependence.org/story_texas.php and take a quick quiz as well as review a timeline of important events and developments in the Texan Revolution. They will also receive information

through the educational Jeopardy game based on the information provided in class. Provide Knowledge of Results: 1) While students are on the website I will be walking around and answering any questions and encouraging the students to investigate some aspects on the website that suit their learning styles better 2) I will have a educational game of Jeopardy that will also demonstrate the their knowledge and where any misconceptions or misinterpretations on the material can be addressed in short discussions on the answers. Main points can also be emphasized and connected through the small discussions. 3) I will hand out a study guide that wil give extra points to the students test the following day and give feedback. Provide Practice: 1) Students will research the Texan Revolution through the website as well as share information in groups during the Jeopardy game. The students will exercise their knowledge in the Jeopardy game as well as filling out the study guide sheet for extra points on their test the following class. Review the Activity:

1) The jeopardy game will serve as a review for the material covered in the beginning of class. The students will also receive a study guide to do as homework and as a help to study for their exam.

Method of Assessment 1) The questions in the Jeopardy game will assess some of the students understanding 2) The study sheet given out at the end of class will also assess the students understanding of the unit. Time Requirements: 20 Minutes Materials Required: Smart board or projector, computers for all students.

Study guide: Name:__________________

Texas Revolution Study Guide

1) What year did Texas claim independence? a. What year was it achieved?

2) Who was the Mexican Dictator during the Texas Revolution?

3) What Treaty ended the Texas Revolution?

4) What year did Texas enter the Union?

5) Did the United States gain any land from the Mexican American War?

6) Why did Texas seek its independence from Mexico?

7) 7) The first president of the Texas was:_____ a. Santa Anna b. Stephen Austin c. Sam Houston d. James K. Polk 8) 8) What was the boarder between the U.S. and Mexico after the revolution:____ a. Hudson River b. Rio Grande c. Mississippi River d. Potomac River

9) Who did the Anglo Texan settlers identify more closely with:____ a. Americans b. Mexicans c. Europeans d. Chinese

9) 10) Who was the president of the United States during the Texan revolution:___ a. Santa Anna b. James K. Polk c. Ronald Reagan d. Calvin Coolidge