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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC


Contract #


Client: _________________________________________________ Contact Person: ________________________ Title _____________ Address: ________________________ Postal Code: ___________ City/State: ______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Fax: _________________ Email: _________________________________________________

Provider: Integrated Solutions for Business & Technology LLC Contact Person: ________________________ Title ____________ Address: P.O.Box 771______________ Postal Code: 131 Hamriya City/State: Ghubrah North, Sultanate of Oman__________________ Phone: +968 24493974, +968 24497493_ Fax: +968 24493976___ Email: support@isbt.com.om____________________________

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED The provider is responsible for maintenance and service for the equipment identified in Exhibit A. The services shall include routine, periodic and milestone maintenance and servicing to insure the safe, continuous and efficient operation of the equipment. In general the meaning of routine, periodic and milestone maintenance and servicing shall be as specified and/or recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment or system. Failing such guidelines, recommendations and Standards of applicable industry organizations shall apply. TERMS FOR SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED
The hardware maintenance contract ensures that computer equipment and network used by Client is quickly and effectively returned to working order if a component fails.

Duration: The contract shall commence on___________ and shall remain in force for (__) months, subject to extensions and renewals. The contract shall automatically terminate if no extension is formally agreed to within thirty (30) days of the end date of the current contract. Termination other than at end of contract requires a thirty (30) day notice, to be provided in writing addressed to the signatures of the contract. The notice of termination is to be delivered to the provider, return receipt requested. This agreement made between Integrated Solutions for Business & Technology LLC and Mr. /Ms / M/S .. Hereinafter called THE Client set forth and conditions for the maintenance of equipments specified in Exhibit B of this agreement and shall remain in force for the period from to

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

EXHIBIT A Equipment Covered #

Location Component Manufacture r Qty Model Serial #

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

REPAIR SERVICES The following are the types of repair services which should consider for equipment maintenance. Time and Materials (T&M) Services: Service must be available between 8 am and 6 pm Saturday through Thursday, excluding days on which State offices are closed. This period is referred to as the Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM). The Provider is responsible for ensuring that a repair technician acknowledges the call either by phone or in person within 4 working hours after the call is received by the Provider. On failing to do so the client may Deduct a penalty amount of RO ____ / ___ % of total cost of service.

Once the service call has been acknowledged, the Service Provider is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is repaired and operational by close of business of the next working day. The Providers may substitute equivalent loaner equipment for the malfunctioning equipment to meet this provision when it is not possible to complete the repairs within the required time frame. Services are billable on a time and material basis. Client Fees will include two components: Hourly Charge for technical labor to correct the problem(s) or provide the necessary services. After the first hour, this fee will be billable in 15-minute segments. This rate is inclusive of all travel and other charges. Cost of Materials needed to complete the repairs.

Fixed Rate Maintenance (FRM) Service The provider will provide in its proposal, monthly rates per type of product and service response time. Yearly rates should be provided if the total yearly cost is less than a monthly rate times 12. The Provider is responsible for ensuring that a repair technician acknowledges the call either by phone or in person within 4 working hours after the call is received by the Provider. On failing to do so the client may Deduct a penalty amount of RO ____ . In doing so the client has to mention the reason for the deduction in writing to provider On-site remedial maintenance service necessary to ensure that the clients equipment is performing according to published specifications. Such remedial maintenance shall be initiated upon the client notification, via placement of a phone call to the Providers service center, that equipment is inoperable or unsuitable for operation. It shall include the repair or replacement of any defective components that have been determined to be inoperable or unserviceable and all labor and parts necessary to maintain the equipment.

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

Only new parts or parts equivalent to new parts shall be used in providing maintenance. Preventive Maintenance: This will be provided at no additional charge on any covered equipment for which a service call is received. Additional preventive maintenance may be proposed to ensure that equipment performs according to published specifications. The Provider shall perform routine preventive maintenance (PM) according to the manufacturers recommended schedule and it shall be performed during the client working hours at a time acceptable to the client. Site-Located Technicians: The Provider may also offer to provide site-located technicians at any of the client facility locations. If there is an additional cost for this provision, the Provider must separately and specifically state what the cost would be in the Support Services Pricing Section. Obsolete Equipment: If equipment currently covered under a maintenance contract becomes obsolete, is inoperable, and cannot be repaired due to the unavailability of spare parts, the Provider is obliged to advise the User. The recommended life of equipment is five (5) years after which time it should be replaced rather than maintained. The client will have the option of finding the required parts or will be obligated to remove the equipment from its list of covered maintenance items. EQUIPMENT CHARGES External peripherals such as tape drives, modems, CD ROM drives, may be separately priced, but any of these components added internally into a computer system unit configuration will be considered under that configurations single unit rate. Printers and their components should also be handled as single units with single unit rates. All internal components and peripheral attachments of the devices listed must be covered, and such coverage will be assumed to be included in the Providers unit bid rates. MAINTENANCE RESPONSE At a minimum, the hours of service availability must include the hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., except for Friday & Government Holidays. Within such hours of service availability, the Provider must respond to client requests for remedial maintenance within four business hours of the client placement of a call for such service and complete the necessary repairs within sixteen business hours of such call by the client. Remedial Maintenance Services: The response time/repair time requirements (4 hr. /8 hr.) for remedial maintenance services are intended Page 5 of 9

Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

to ensure optimal productivity from installed equipment by minimizing downtime. This is an especially critical factor in smaller/remote locations where back-up equipment is not as readily available. To gain a measure of assurance that the single Provider selected to maintain the clients entire inventory of equipment (all models, all locations), the client reserves the right to invoke a chargeback for Provider failures to comply with the mandated response time requirements. Additional response times pricing must all be offered for those users who may have the need for quicker, more mission critical applications.

Exhibit B
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Items Covered Yes Servers (including monitors, internal components, storage disk, cd rom libraries, tape back up units, etc. Desktop Computers (including monitors and all internal components.) Laptops* Printers , Plotters & Scanners (All types and brands) Intranet \ LAN ** Installation or Re-installation of Software Hubs Switches Routers UPS units Replacement of Printer Cartridges Website Maintenance # Temporary Replacement of Equipment while repairing Back up devices Others

*Only available for the following brands: HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba and Acer. **Setting up the network if not existing. Cost for the equipment will be incurred by the client. # This does not include hosting and other charges Refer to the terms & conditions

Obligations of the Client: The client will ensure proper electrical grounding The client shall not shift or move the equipment from the said premises. Any such movements shall be conducted by the provider or under the supervision of the provider service personnel on chargeable basis. The client will intimate the provider if any additional attachments, features or devices are directly or indirectly connected to the equipment and all such connections of additions will be conducted only after receiving prior written consent from the provider. Page 6 of 9

Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

The client is solely responsible for keeping the systems, media and site adequately insured against risks such as burglary, fire, flood, etc. All damages or losses caused due to the above is beyond the scope of this agreement. The client will ensure that rats, insects, etc., do not invade the site and damage the systems covered in this contract.

Security and Data Confidentiality ISBT takes your security seriously and takes reasonable steps to protect your information. We will ensure the reliability of our staff, which has access to data held by the Client. Such staff are required to sign a confidentiality statement (Exhibit C) in the presence of the client and duly attested by the same.
Confidentiality Statement

<name of employee> I .... of Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC ... have been informed of the Organisations Information Security Policy and agree that: I understand within the course of my work (duties) at Oman Dental College, I may have access to or hear confidential material about affairs of the organisation. I understand that no information of a personal or confidential nature concerning individuals or the Oman Dental College may be divulged to anyone without proper authority having first been given in writing. I understand that failure to comply with the above rules will be regarded as serious misconduct, which could result in action being taken against myself by my company / organisation, or from legal action by others.

Signature .. Date Witnessed by.. Name.. Job Title.. Organisation.. Date.

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

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Integrated Solutions for Business and Technology LLC

Terms of Payment The client will pay Annual Maintenance Charges for the maintenance of the equipment specified. The charges are to be paid by the CLIENT in full / Post Dated Cheques (PDC) on commencement of the contract.

Force Majeure:The provider shall not be liable for any delay of failure of performance of any of its obligations under or arising out of this contract if the failure of delay results from any of the following; Acts of God, refusal of permission, other Govt. acts, fire, explosion, accident, industrial dispute and the like which renders it impossible or impractical for the provider to fulfill its obligations under the agreement. This contract is worth a total amount of RO ________ payable in full / PDC for a period of _____ month(s) / year(s).




Signature: _____________________

Signature: ______________________

Title: _____________________

Title: _____________________

Date: _____/____/2007_

Date: _____/____/2007_

Seal of Provider

Seal of Client

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