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About Defecto:

Defecto is the first truly epic symphonic Rock / Metal band in Denmark, and is an export that is bound to make it on the international scene - Jan Langhoff, producer (Aqua)

Defecto is a group with tremendous talent and enormous potential in Denmark is well as internationally! - Flemming Rasmussen, producer (Metallica)

Defecto is one of the most talented bands Ive had the pleasure of listening to and working with. They are technically sound, and they write great tunes. They can reach very far!

Torben Enevoldsen, guitarist and producer (Fate)

All music & related videos, artwork, photos etc. 2011 Defecto/Sebastian Pichard. All rights reserved.

Press release:

Defecto are currently working together with two star producers, Jan Langhoff (Aqua) and Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica), in an effort to record and release an entire album around 2012-2013 and to promote the band in general.
Defectos newly release EP is uncomplicated yet advanced. Solidly based in the metal-rock genre, the guys deliver modern, alternative, hard-hitting heavy rock with a virtuosity that turns heads everywhere. Tight, punchy metal, superior technique, catchy riffs, spicy harmonies and complex rhythms present themselves to rocking out and reflective listening alike. Frontman Nicklas Sonne has the voice so sorely missed in the Danish metal scene, and drummer Henrik Been, bass guitarist Thomas Bartholin and guitarist Frederik Duus Mller are musicians of matching calibre. Defecto arose through the fusion between front singer Sonne and the group Deviant. From his teens, Nicklas was already a blindingly accomplished, self-taught guitarist, but his huge vocal potential drew him towards a solo career as a singer/songwriter. Frederik, Thomas and Henrik have been producing music together since their boyhood. Even then, their extraordinary talent attracted attention, and theyve played together under a succession of bandnames since, continuously dropping jaws of audiences with their particular brand of top-notch progressive rock. But Nicklas ripping metal riffs and symphonic themes lacked the proper backing of accomplished musicians and correspondingly, the alternative, advanced prog-rock of Deviant needed the defining character of a strong lead vocal. When the four guys met up in the autumn of 2010, a rock group with unique potential came into being. And this is just the beginning. With an average band member age only in the early 20s, the future seems wide open for Defecto.

All music & related videos, artwork, photos etc. 2011 Defecto/Sebastian Pichard. All rights reserved.


Find out more about us/listen to our music on our ReverbNation-profile: www.reverbnation.com/defectoband

Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/defectoband

Listen to our single Excluded and watch our music video online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsQlTNuh-KQ

Curriculum Vitae
The members of Defecto have been performing live for many years:

50+ concerts in venues, both big and small, all over Denmark. They won the lyt.nu-competition for the best band in 2008, the price being a concert at Templet in Lyngby, where the had the biggest amount of attending audience in the history of the venue.

All music & related videos, artwork, photos etc. 2011 Defecto/Sebastian Pichard. All rights reserved.

Contact information: MANAGEMENT:

Booking and other requests: E-mail: defectoband@gmail.com Phone: (+0045) 53 53 81 73 or (+0045) 28 72 60 31 Jan Langhoff (producer, manager) janlanghoff@gmail.com janlanghoff@hotmail.com Phone: 30 26 51 93


Nicklas Sonne - (Guitars, vocals) Cellphone: (+0045) 28 72 60 31 Address: Glarbjergvej 114, 2.th 8930 Randers N, Denmark E-mail: nicklassonne@gmail.com ____________________ Frederik Mller - (Guitars, backing vocals) Cellphone: (+0045) 53 53 81 73 Address: Gartnersvinget 20 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark E-mail: frederikduusmoeller@gmail.com Henrik Been - (Drums, studio keys) Cellphone: (+0045) 60 62 61 35 Address: Tinghjvej 58, Stuen, 11 2860 Sborg, Denmark E-mail: henrikbeen1990@gmail.com _____________________ Thomas Bartholin - (Bass guitar, backing vocals) Cellphone: (+0045) 22 87 10 87 Address: Hartmannsvej 14 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark E-mail: bartholin8@hotmail.com

Other relevant Websites:

BandBase profile:
www.bandbase.dk/defecto Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/DefectoOfficial

Soundcloud profile: www.soundcloud.com/defectoband

Twitter: www.twitter.com/defectoband

All music & related videos, artwork, photos etc. 2011 Defecto/Sebastian Pichard. All rights reserved.