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Security Engineered Machinery

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Syed Akmal Ahmed October 28, 2008

Al Madina Enterprises

QUOTE # 102808AJ
TERMS Wire Transfer
FOB POINT Ship Point, Ex-Factory
SEM Salesperson Audra Jones, Intl. Sales Mgr.


Capacity Up to 20 HDD’s per hr.

Collection Bin Based, holds up to 50
Operation Quiet 80-85 dBA
Feed Opening 12” x 9”
Particle Size ½”, ¾” or 1”
(user selects)
Motor 20 HP Std ( 25 Hp Optional)
(460V/3 phase/60)
International Voltages Available.
Requirements and Specifics need to be
established prior to the production of
the machine.
Dimensions 86”H x 53”W x 110.5”D
Weight: 3,600 lbs.

The Model 22 HDD provides the ultimate in secure disposal of hard drives. This unique self-contained
system literally shreds drives into non reconstructable fragments.

The system has everything you need to begin destroying personal computer hard drives quickly, easily
and safely. The unit’s specially designed feed hopper is equipped with a built-in conveyor that
automatically feeds the drives into the destruction chamber. A unique sensing and indexing feature
assures that drives are fed in a timed, uniform manner to prevent overfeeding and machine jamming.

Drives up to 3-1/2” are destroyed at a rate of 20 per hour. The system is also ideal for hand held devices
such as cell phones, PDAs, etc. as well as other similar multimedia devices. User involvement in the
process is minimal….simply load the conveyor in about 60 seconds, press the start button and the system
does the rest. After 30 minutes, repeat the 60 second load process.

The unit comes complete with a custom sound enclosure, integrated HEPA Vacuum, stainless steel sizing
screen and aluminum collection bin to alleviate magnet build-up. Controls are integrated with a simple
two button operation featuring complete safety interlocks, current sensing, automatic drive indexing and
motor control.

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Security Engineered Machinery
WASHINGTON, DC (301) 735-7100 * SACRAMENTO, CA (916) 736-2400 * ATLANTA, GA (770) 242-3550
HUDSON, OH (330) 528-0122 * NORFOLK, VA (757) 827-3018


MSRP Your Resller
1 Model 22 HDD ~ Hard drive Destruction System
Includes: $73,851.00 $59,080.80
Model 22 Five Blade (3 Rotor / 2 Bed) Disintegrator w/20 HP
Motor, Sound Enclosure with Integrated Feed Conveyor, HEPA
Vac System and various feed controls. Stainless Steel Sizing
Screen (3/4” supplied, unless otherwise noted), Discharge
Transition and Aluminum Bin collection. Master Control Panel
controlling the integrated electrical components to insure ease
of operation and safety.
*Voltage Requirement must be specified at time of ordering.*
IMPORTANT NOTE: the destruction of hard drives is a metal on metal destruction process. This
will result in the wear and tear of replaceable items such as knives and sizing screens. While
“dull” knives can be sharpened one time, it is highly recommended that an extra set of knives be
purchased. In addition, sizing screens are also susceptible to wear and tear. It is also
recommended that an extra stainless steel sizing screen be purchased. The life of these items is
dependant upon usage but on average, knife changes will be needed after 226.8kg to 453.6kg of
destruction (Approx.750 drives) and screens approx. once per year.

1 Spare Set of Special Low Angle Hard Drive Knives

(P/N# 40415HDD) ~ 3 Rotor / 2 Bed $2,150.00 $1,505.00

1 Spare Stainless Steel Sizing Screen (19.05mm, 25.4mm)

user select. $1,388.00 $ 971.60

Installation / Assembly Alternative….. The Model 22HDD can be purchased fully assembled at
the SEM factory and mounted to a Steel Mobile Base “Skid” Plate. Upon arrival of the fully
assembled system, the user simply connects the front feed conveyor by aligning it in place and
tightening two bolts. The User obtained electrician can then “bring” power to the factory mounted
“Master Control” panel.

This “plug and play” solution requires the customer to have the ability to “physically” receive
(Requires : Fork Lift and Loading Dock) and deploy the fully assembled system.
The dimensions of the assembled solution mounted on the base plate are as follows:
91” (H) x 82” (D) x 67” (W)

The cost for the Mobile Base Plate and Factory Assembly is $8,500.00

The “At Factory” Installation / Assembly by SEM onto the Steel Base Plate will eliminate the need
for an “At SITE” installation team.

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Security Engineered Machinery
WASHINGTON, DC (301) 735-7100 * SACRAMENTO, CA (916) 736-2400 * ATLANTA, GA (770) 242-3550
HUDSON, OH (330) 528-0122 * NORFOLK, VA (757) 827-3018



1 NEW Model 22HDD $59,080.80

1 Spares ( Spare Knives and Screen Kit) $2,476.60
1 Lot, Export Crating $3,750.00

SUB TOTAL $65,307.40

1 Factory Assembly onto Steel Mobile Base Skid Plate (optional) $8,500.00
1 Freight cost can be provided at customer request TO FOLLOW


Audra Jones, International Sales Manager

Security Engineered Machinery Co.
5 Walkup Drive
Westboro, MA 01581

DATE : October 28, 2008

IMPORTANT NOTE: This quotation does not include any customs fees, duties or taxes where
applicable. This is a preliminary quote and is subject to change based on site evaluations, logistics or
other unforeseen obstacles.

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Hard Drive Destruction Solution



The 22HDD Disintegrator is for “low volume” hard drive destruction. It is capable of
destroying at a feed rate of 20 hard drives per hour. The fully automated conveyor feed
and automatic drive indexing, prevents this unit from being fed faster. This is to ensure
that the unit does not become overfed and jammed, and is for the overall performance of
the unit. The conveyor belt can be loaded with 10 drives at a time, which will take approx.
30 minutes to destroy (or 3 minutes per drive). It is not meant as a continuously feed
production unit. Only recommended for customers with low volumes of sensitive hard
drives that they want to ensure physical destruction be completed on site.


This unit contains a set of 3-Rotating and 2-Stationary low angle knives. These knives
must be periodically removed and sharpened as a set. Although wear can vary between
applications, we recommend that your knives be removed and sharpened after every 500
hard drives destroyed. Most commonly, you get about (1) one sharpening out of each set
of knives before they need to be discarded and completely replaced with a new set. A
spare set of sharpened blades should always be on hand to lessen downtime. Knife
maintenance is a necessary consideration, when determining your yearly operating costs.

The manual supplied with the disintegrator will provide you with instructions on changing
out the knives, and we can also provide you with an instructional video, free of charge to
assist you. If you don’t have accessibility to a good knife sharpening service, these knives
can be sent back to SEM for sharpening for a fee.

At the time of each knife change, torque on the flywheel bolts on the bushing should be
checked. There may also be evidence that bolts may require replacement as necessary.

Standard maintenance, such as belt adjustments and greasing the bearings are also
outlined in the service manual.

22HDD Maintenance Review Revised 05-08

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Another very important aspect of your daily/routine maintenance of your 22HDD is the
cleaning out of the cutting chamber following destruction. As you know, hard drives
contain a high level of magnetic material. This destruction will result in a build up of
magnetic pieces inside the cutting chamber. While a stainless steel screen is supplied in
this equipment to lesson this build up in the screen area, routine cleanout is required.


This unit comes with your choice of screen sizes. The screen size determines the size of
the hard drive waste after is has been destroyed. Please indicate your choice of: 1/2”,
3/4” or 1”.

Please keep in mind that the larger the hole or screen size, the easier the machine will
have destroying and evacuating the drives, which will result in less wear and tear on the

The screen supplied in your unit is stainless steel, to reduce the level of magnet buildup
that will occur when destroying hard drives.

Because of the nature of this destruction, screens will eventually wear. Replacement will
be necessary on average, after approximately 6-12 months. Replacement screens should
also be a consideration when determining your yearly operating costs.


As the hard drives are destroyed, the destroyed drives will fall through the destruction
screen and into a collection bin below the machine. This bin is made of aluminum and
weighs approx. 50-60 Lbs empty. Please keep in mind that as you destroy your hard
drives, this bin will become heavy. At a destruction rate of 20 drives per hour, these 20
drives will add an additional 25-30 Lbs. to the bin. Therefore we recommend that you
empty or dump this bin every hour, so that it does not become too heavy to lift.

Optional evacuation methods and waste remove options can be quoted upon request.

22HDD Maintenance Review Revised 05-08

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