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The tourist-information office is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Hildesheim: in the Tempelhaus on the historical market square. The team from tourist-information is happy to be your competent partner in everything that concerns your stay in the region of Hildesheim. We can book the appropriate accommodation, offer you arrangements tailored to meet your needs and advise you on the leisure-time activities available and the events programme. In addition to information, a wide range of tourist brochures and literature on Hildesheim, the tourist-information office, which is certified with the recognised seal of Service Quality Germany in Lower Saxony, also offers you a variety of different souvenirs so that youre certain to find something to suit anyones taste. We are happy to advise you on: UNESCO World Heritage sites: St. Michaels and St. Marys Cathedral in Hildesheim and the Fagus Factory in Alfeld Accommodation and arrangements Meeting and conference services Guided city tours and tour guides in costume Guided tours in the region Segway tours through Hildesheim Climbing the St.-Andrews church tower Souvenirs, articles from the Rosenshop and books Online shopping Special exhibitions in the museums Events and festivals Cycling and hiking/walking tours
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exploring the region of Hildesheim

elcome to the region of Hildesheim a place that impressively combines nature with the city experience. Idyllic parks, forests and lakes invite you to explore, while the wide-ranging offer of cultural events leave no time for boredom. Experience Hildesheims great diversity. Put together your own individual programme just the way you like it to include visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites and finding out more about the local history and culture as well as enjoying the natural surroundings and recreational activities. Located just 30 kilometres from the state capital of Hannover, Hildesheim is nestled in between the lowlands of the Hildesheim Brde, the Leine and Innerste River valleys and the Leine hill country leading into the foothills of the Harz Mountains.

The centre of the region, the city of Hildesheim with its population of just over 100,000, was originally founded as a bishopric in the year 815. After that, it was Bishops Bernward and Godehard in particular who played an integral role in shaping the development of the city. Today, Hildesheim is a modern, vibrant city with so much to offer from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, to Egyptian exhibits of world renown, historical half-timbered buildings, a colourful cultural scene and attractive shopping opportunities. And everywhere you go, you get a sense of the rich history that

has made this city. But Hildesheim has more to offer than just culture a true city experience is combined with the beauty of nature. Parks, gardens, the green fortification walls around the city and lakes encourage visitors and local people alike to go and enjoy the great outdoors. The surrounding region also has a lot to offer in terms of holiday and recreational activities. Hikers and walkers will find exactly what theyre looking for in the region of Hildesheim enjoyable walks through the Leine hill country or along the medieval Kings Route


are very popular, not only with insiders. Interesting places and historic towns with half-timbered buildings can also be explored by bicycle, where youll find impressive architecture and a variety of different landscapes youre guaranteed to find great diversity in the region of Hildesheim. Underway on the Leine-Heide bicycle route, you can, for example, stop off at Marienburg Castle to take a look at how the royals lived in the 19th century or pay a visit to the Fagus Factory, an exceptional example of modern architecture; it was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage in 2011. Bad

Salzdetfurth, a lovely little spa town nearby, focuses primarily on health and relaxation. Salt water and mud provide the traditional basis for therapeutic spa treatments in the TherapieZentrum der Naturheilmittel (Natural Remedies Therapy Centre). But the town also has an active, dynamic and vibrant side: some 10,000 visitors and 1,000 active cyclists flock to the races of the international mountain-bike elite in Bad Salzdetfurth each year. Find out more about the many different faces of the region of Hildesheim we look forward to seeing you here!



St. Marys Cathedral, St. Michaels Church and the Fagus Factory

vidence of past cultures, artistic masterpieces and unique natural landscapes, whose destruction would be an immeasurable loss for all of mankind the UNESCO list of World Heritage includes more than 900 natural and cultural landmarks around the world. Not just one, but three of these world heritage treasures can be found in the region of Hildesheim.


UNESCO World Heritage can now also be admired in Alfeld in June 2011, the Fagus Factory was the first modern industrial building to be added to the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Fagus-GreCon GmbH building was designed by Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus School it was the first large building to be built by this well-known architect. When company founder Carl Benscheidt commissioned the 30-year-old Gropius to design his new factory for shoe lasts in 1911, it clearly showed what incredible courage Benscheidt had. With his confidence in Gropius modern interpretation of architecture, he proved his good instincts in retrospect, the factory can be considered as the manifestation of the new objectivity. Using a design made of glass and steel and pillarless, completely glassed-in corners, which became the trademark of the new architecture, Gropius gave the three-storey clad building a


Fagus Factory Alfeld www.fagus-gropius.com, Tel. +49 (0)5181 7920

type of weightless elegance. It was a very unusual design for factory buildings at that time. With his first debut building, Gropius created a new style, thus smoothing the path for modern architecture. The name of the factory was derived from the Latin word fagus for beech or beech wood, the material used in the factory designed by Gropius to manufacture shoe lasts into the 1970s. The factory is still in use today in addition to shoe lasts, the Fagus Factory is now also involved in woodworking and engineering. As a project for the Expo 2000, the Fagus Factory was renovated and restored and now also houses a very impressive exhibition. On 3,000 m2 (approx. 32,000 ft2), the exhibition is devoted to the building and the companys history, the shoe fashions of the last century, the people at Fagus, solid woodworking and the forest as a habitat. The exhibition is open to the public daily. There is also a signed path for visitors so that they can tour the entire factory grounds. On request, groups can take part in tours that also take them into the actual production halls.



St. Michaels Church

1,000-year-old-rosebush seum offers a very special way to get to know Bernwards door on the first Sunday of each month with Music and Words about the porta salutis: from 11 am to 12 noon, a visit is free of charge, starting at 11:30 am, students stage a short musical-literary presentation of the bronze door. Christs pillar, which is also cast in bronze, has been lent out to St. Michaels Church as a symbol of the ecumenical spirit. The Hezilo chandelier can be admired in St. Godehards basilica. Other selected pieces of the rich art treasures from the Cathedral and the Cathedral Museum can be seen in international museums of renown. The legendary 1000-year-old rosebush, which blooms and grows at the apse of the Cathedral, and the cloister are still open to the public during the renovations.

The bishopric is proud to be home to not just one, but two World Cultural Heritage churches: St. Michaels Church and St. Marys Cathedral were both added to the list of World Cultural Heritage in 1985. St. Michaels Church is considered as one of the most beautiful examples of early Romanesque church architecture in Germany. Under the direction of Bishop Bernward, construction began in 1010, with St. Michaels Church built as a Benedictine monastery church. The church was finally completed in 1033. Today, whats perhaps most fascinating in the interior of the church is the monumental ceiling painting dating from the 13th century. The ceiling of the central nave is made up of 1,300 oak panels and depicts the lineage of Christ. What convinced the UNESCO committee in Hildesheims St. Marys Cathedral were the bronze castings, Christs pillar and Bernwards door, all unique achievements of Bishop Bernward, and the Cathedral Treasury. Taken together, St. Michaels Church, St. Marys Cathedral and the Cathedral Treasury provide unique insight into the design and decoration of Romanesque church buildings. Up until the bishoprics anniversary celebrations in 2015, St. Marys Cathedral is being extensively renovated to the tune of approx. 30 million euros and the neighbouring St. Antonius Church converted into the Cathedral Museum. Both will remain closed until August 2014. Some of the art treasures from St. Marys Cathedral, which are among the most impressive church treasures in all of Europe, can still be seen in Hildesheim during the renovations. Bernwards door is impressively on display in the Roemer- und-Pelizaeus-Museum. In co-operation with the University of Hildesheim, the mu-

Christs pillar

Discover UNESCO World Heritage in the region of Hildesheim ask about our uNeSCO package offers at the tourist-information office.

More information is available on the Cathedral renovations at www.domsanierung.de or in the Cathedral flyer, available at the tourist-information office.

HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Immerse yourself in history


History comes alive in Hildesheim

ildesheim the young city with an old history. Many of its buildings are unmistakable evidence of the interesting history of the city. Such oddities as the Upended Sugarloaf and impressive half-timbered buildings such as the Wernersche House in the historic half-timbered district visualise what life was like many hundreds of years ago. The many churches in the city remind us of the significance of Christian values in Hildesheim.


Let yourself be immersed into the atmosphere of centuries long past anyone sitting on the historical market square today, sipping a delicious cup of coffee, and looking around at all the historical buildings that surround the Roland Fountain, will feel transported back in time to centuries gone by. The market square was reconstructed true to the original on the initiative of the citys citizens and with the help of a great many donations from 1984 to 1990. The Butchers Guildhall (Knochenhaueramtshaus) and the Bakers Guildhall (Bckeramtshaus) deserve special mention. These two half-timbered buildings were constructed on the basis of the original plans. The former Butchers Guildhall displays many elaborate details on its faade and has a very rustic, but very comfortable interior. 7,500 wooden nails were used to hold the beams together. Another eyecatcher on the market square is the Tempelhaus, with an architectural style that clearly evidences Oriental influence. Todays tourist-information office is now located in this former patrician villa. Looking at the elaborate faades of Rolandstift and Wedekindhaus and the Stadtschnke, the Rococo Building and the Wool Weavers Guildhall on the opposite side of the square, youd never believe that there is a modern concrete building on the inside. Thanks to these buildings, which were reconstructed with such skill and careful attention to detail, Hildesheim can honestly claim to have one of the most beautiful market squares in Germany.


Just a few metres away from the market square, youll also find the Upended Sugarloaf, a building that was also reconstructed according to original plans and was completed in 2010. Its name is odd, and its looks not less so: the half-timbered building on St. Andrews Square was already called the Upended Sugarloaf 500 years ago. The floor space available on the ground floor measures a mere 22 m2 (approx. 240 ft2), whereby each floor is larger than the one below it, so that the top floor measures almost double approx. 43 m2 (approx. 465 ft2). Up until its destruction in 1945, the Upended Sugarloaf formed one of the most unusual building complexes in German architectural history together with the neighbouring building, the richly decorated Pillar House. Reconstructing the historic half-timbered building dating from 1509, with each floor larger than the one below, was a real architectural challenge: the construction required 60 cubic metres of oak beams none the same as the next and each individually measured held together by 728 wooden nails. The half-timbered building is now home to a Hildesheim chocolate manufacturer and a coffee roasters the chocolate factory is on the top floor, while the chocolate and freshly roasted coffee is sold on the ground floor.

Immerse yourself in history| HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


Philipp Werner, the original owner of the Werner House, was a secretary for the government of the Prince Bishopric of Hildesheim at a time when religious conflicts were often resolved in a violent way. Clashes between the supporters of the old and the new teachings shaped life as it was in those days in Hildesheim. Philipp Werner was considered as the spearhead of the counter reformation. He expressed his frustration with the situation at that time to his fellow citizens in pictures and inscriptions on the faade of his house. Werner died in 1609, while his house dating from 1606 has survived for centuries and is one of the most famous buildings in Hildesheims half-timbered district today. Its richly decorated faade with 29 pictures and inscriptions was elaborately restored from 2010 to 2011. The carved figures were given greater definition in shades of red and yellow; a luminescent blue and gold were also used. As a result, the listed Renaissance building now stands out impressively

from the neighbouring houses. But its not only the Werner House that is worth a look visitors to the city of Hildesheim should be sure to make time for a stroll through the half-timbered district between Brhl and Kelerstrae. This is where some 1,900 halftimbered buildings once stood. Today, the buildings that remain enable us to imagine how beautiful this old half-timbered district must have been so long ago. During the summer, the climbing roses are in bloom all along these streets, decorating the faades of the quaint old buildings. The Armoury (Waffenschmiedehaus), the memorial stone, a reminder of the persecution of the Jews, erected on the site of the former synagogue in Hildesheim or the Kehrwiederturm dating from 1465, a former city gate, are just some of the sights worth seeing in the half-timbered district. This area is bordered by the green fortification walls of the city and parks the perfect place to go for a leisurely walk.


Hildesheim, the city of churches churches and Christian values are still an important part of the bishopric today. In addition to the two World Cultural Heritage churches, more than 30 churches are evidence of the history of the city. St. Godehards, for example, in the half-timbered district, is also well worth a visit. The Pope honoured the significance of St. Godehards Church by bestowing the title of basilica minor on it in 1963. The Romanesque church was built by Bishop Bernhard in 1133 in honour of Hildesheims Bishop Godehard, who was canonised in 1131. The chancel dating from 1861 is colourful; Bishop Bernhards sepulchre is located in the centre. St. Andrews Church, with the highest church tower in Lower Saxony, is difficult to overlook. The impressive tower, which can be climbed, is 114.5 metres tall and was finally completed in 1889. St. Lamberts Church in Hildes-heims new city district (Neustadt) is the only late-Gothic hall church in Hildesheim and was rebuilt in 1952. Highlights here include the Peter-Pauls altar dating from around 1420 and the Baroque organ. The Mauritius Church on the Moritz Mountain (Moritzberg) is a treasure and a unique architectural monument in northern Germany at the same time because of its design as a columned basilica, which is not typical for the north. Following the Thirty Years War, during which the church was severely damaged, the columned basilica with a nave and two aisles was rebuilt in the style of the Baroque period, which is dominant in the interior of the church today. The idyllically situated Marienrode Convent, which was founded by Bishop Berthold in 1125, can be found on the way from Diekholzen to Neuhof, a district of Hildesheim. Today, individuals and groups are welcomed to experience tranquillity and contemplation in an atmosphere of spiritual serenity in the guest house.

St. Mauritius

HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Monasteries, castles & fortresses


Churches and monasteries, castles and fortresses dominate in the region

he many churches, monasteries and convents in the region of Hildesheim have helped to shape this area in a very special way. The religious buildings with their immeasurable art treasures are still a very important part of the towns and communities today. Castles and fortresses also give the region a very distinct character. Marienburg Castle is a popular attraction, while the Baroque castle in Wrisbergholzen enjoys a more enchanted existence.

An impressive abbey can be found in Lamspringe, to the south in the region of Hildesheim. The historical grounds are famous for their elaborately decorated convent church and the picturesque park with ponds and modern sculptures. Lamspringe Abbey was first officially mentioned in 872. Highlights include the Baroque decoration of the church, which is among the most artistically valuable in Lower Saxony. The flower pictures in the groined vaults were painted by Hieronymus Sies, as were almost all of the other pictures in the church. The wood carvings on the high altar, choir stalls, choir screen, pulpit and baptismal font were created by members of the Lessen family, a family of famous wood carvers from Goslar, the high altar by J. M. Grninger, a sculptor from Mnster. The magnificent organ dating from 1700 is one of the most beautiful in the dioceses of Hildesheim. The reliquary casket of St. Oliver Plunkett is located beneath the new altar. The Irish Archbishop died as a martyr in London in 1681.

Lamspringe Abbey Viewing and group tours, Tel.: +49 (0)5183 50017 Annual event Lamspringer September (see pg. 16)


looking Nordstemmen, the castle, which is one of the most important neo-Gothic listed buildings in Germany, draws thousands of visitors each year. Whether you choose a traditional guided tour or join one of the theme tours you can get a real taste of how the royals lived in the 19th century. Marienburg Castle is also well-known as the venue for many concerts, cultural events and markets. George V, King of Hannover, gave the casGet married in the castles chapel or take a closer look at the salon once used by the queen and princesses Marienburg Castle is considered as a real highlight among the tourist attractions in Lower Saxony. Beautifully situated on a hill (Marienberg) overtle to his wife, Queen Mary, as a present on her 40th birthday it was built between 1858 and 1867. The impressive, four-wing complex served as the summer residence for the royal couple. The castle was designed by two famous architects of the Hannover School, Conrad Wilhelm Hase (1818-1902) and Edwin Oppler (1831-1880).

Marienburg Castle, www.schloss-marienburg.com, Tel.: +49 (0)5069 407


Monasteries, castles & fortresses | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


A number of castles and fortresses can be discovered in the community of Holle: one of the most well-known castles is Derneburg Castle. It was made famous by its earlier owner, the painter Georg Baselitz. He purchased the castle in 1975, but then sold it to a patron of the arts from the US in 2006. The castle and its gardens are not open to the public, but with its curved pagoda roof, it is still a sight worth seeing from the outside. With the Glashaus restaurant close by, the former greenhouse of the castle nursery, the Laves Cultural Path and the attractive natural surroundings that invite visitors to take walks or ride bikes, the castle is a popular destination for a days outing. The magnificent Sder Baroque Castle is also a beautiful sight to see. As its privately owned as well, it is not open to the public. In the 19th century, Sder Castle was famous throughout Europe for its art collection. This collection included 400 works of the great masters, including originals by
Castle Derneburg

Drer, Raffael, Tizian and Rembrandt. Orphans live in Henneckenrode Castle today. The castle in the style of the German Renaissance was completed in 1850. St. Josephs Church with its late-Gothic, three-part winged altar and the recently created Renaissance garden are well worth a visit. The Wohldenberg

Castle ruins take visitors back into the Age of Chivalry. From the old, square castle tower, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the area right up to the Harz Mountains, with its highest peak, the Brocken. There are also many different hiking trails through the forests surrounding Holle.

Fortress Wohldenberg

Castles & Fortresses in Holle: For more information, go to www.hildesheim.de/tourismus-holle


The community of Sibbesse is home to an enchanted castle, the Wrisbergholzen Baroque Castle. The famous tiled parlour from 1752 is located in the left wing; its walls are completely covered by approx. 680 tiles with inscriptions (in Italian, French and Latin) from the former counts faience manufactory in Wrisbergholzen. This faience manufactory was built in 1736 and is the oldest one in north-western Germany. The castle grounds are also impressive with many old trees. Tours are conducted by the Society for the Preservation of Buildings of Historic Importance (Verein zur Erhaltung von Baudenkmalen in Wrisbergholzen e. V.) on selected Sundays throughout the summer.

Wrisbergholzen Castle Information and viewing dates, Tel.: +49 (0)511 714889


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | exploring the region


On your own or underway with the experts

here are many exciting tours of discovery that you can make in the region of Hildesheim explore the region on your own or with the competent help of a professional guide. During a guided tour of Hildesheim, youll see history come alive; or be more adventurous and join a guided canoe trip on the Leine River. Many of the small towns and communities in the region have also already planned out interesting tours for tourists.


Visitors can immerse themselves in the history of the city of Hildesheim during one of the regular guided tours or the special tours led by costumed guides. These witnesses to history will take you on a journey into the past from the Middle Ages to modern times 1000 years of Hildesheim history come alive when the historically costumed guides begin to talk about their lives, the traditions and the customs of their times. At the side of the night watchman, for example, youll meet shady characters and other neer-do-wells after nightfall. They talk about times filled with superstitions, after which they slip away again into the dark in the alleyways of the half-timbered district. In addition to the special tours with guides in costume, the City Tour Guides Guild also offers traditional guided tours several times a week. Getting to Know Hildesheim is the motto of a two-hour tour from the historical market square to the Hildesheim UNESCO World Heritage sites. As an alternative, you can join a tour on Saturday mornings in the summer that goes from the market square to the half-timbered district and St. Lamberts Church to listen to the music at market time for 30 minutes. Groups have a wide variety of theme tours to choose from in Hildesheim offered in foreign languages as well. Anyone who prefers to learn more about the history of the city on their own has a number of different options to design their own personal tour of discovery: travel along the Rose Route where the rose blossoms painted onto the pavement lead you to Hildesheims most interesting sights in the downtown area, or go on a scavenger hunt using the Hildesheim Rose Quiz, take to the streets armed with an audio guide or follow the Ecumenical City Pilgrimage Route.

Guided city and costumed tours in Hildesheim www.hildesheim.de/stadtfhrungen, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 1798-0

At first glance, you might wonder what they are, the small signs on different buildings or institutions in Hildesheim City2Click is the new mobile, internet-based city information system that visitors can use to download information on all types of different topics while they are on the go and its all free of charge, using a mobile phone application (or app, for short). Once the code has been photographed at the corresponding location in the city, this app makes it possible to have the information displayed directly on the mobile phone. You get not only tourist information on the buildings, squares or institutions, you can also use a map on the mobile phone to navigate your way to the tourist attractions, to the next restaurant or to the nearest bank. Furthermore, you can access weather services, news, a city map or find the location of bus stops and driving times on the local public transportation system. City2Click in Hildesheim www.hildesheim.de/city2click


exploring the region | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


Using one of the new Segways is a great way to explore the city. Thanks to this self-balancing electric-motor scooter, visitors can follow the Rose Route and discover the sights the city has to offer in a very special way. The guides on the Segway tours are members of the Hildesheim Bachelors Society (Junggesellen-Kompanie). This is not so much a guided city tour in the traditional sense, with a lot of historical information. Its more like the tour guides giving the visitors instructions on how to experience Hildesheim with accompanying information on the sights. The main purpose of the two-hour tour is to have fun riding the Segways and to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Segway Tours Information and booking available at the Hildesheim tourist-information office


Whether its the castle tour, the UNESCO tour or the monastery route, groups learn more about the interesting, outstanding witnesses to history and the beautiful natural surrounding around Hildesheim on a bus tour accompanied by a professional guide. The many small towns and communities in the region have also designed some interesting offers for tourists. Bad Salzdetfurth, a spa town close by, for example, offers city tours during which the visitors can retrace the story of white gold. Hardly another town has been more strongly influenced by salt than Bad Salzdetfurth. Starting with the first salters and right on up to industrial salt mining, the history of salt has made a visible impact on Bad Salzdetfurth. The city of Elze features guided tours in costume. At the side of Henriette Sander, the postmasters widow, visitors meet Sophie Catharina Bscher, an arsonist the special costumed tours transport the visitors back into the Elze of earlier times. If you would like to find out more about the beauty and special peculiarities of the Leine hill country, you can take part in one of the guided tours through the

Leine hill countryside. Trained tour guides and hiking guides accompany groups of 10 people and more as well as individuals. Whether youre interested in a walking tour to learn more about herbs in the meadows along the Leine River or in the Seven Mountains (Sieben Berge), city walks through Alfeld, guided tours through the Lamspringe Abbey, a bicycle or canoe tour along the Leine River or a local tour on the topic of glass factories the Leine hill country can be explored in many special, different ways.

Guided city tours of Bad Salzdetfurth www.bad-salzdetfurth.de, Tel.: +49 (0)5063 999-0 Guided tours through the Leine hill country ajander@g-f-team.de, Tel.: +49 (0)5068 8191 regional tours www.hildesheim.de/rundfahrten, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 1798-0




Museums, Galleries and Theatre the cultural side of the region

he renowned Roemer- und-Pelizaeus-Museum is widely known for its collection of Ancient Egyptian treasures. What many people do not realise, however, is that there are also many small museums and galleries to be discovered in the region of Hildesheim. There is a lot to see anything from anti-snoring devices to stuffed sea monsters.


Center for World Music in Hildesheim Gallery in the Stammelbach warehouse

Some are real insiders tips, while others are so unusual that they are truly one-of-a-kind in all of Germany there are lots of interesting small museums and galleries to be discovered in the region of Hildesheim. The exhibits in the Museum of Snoring in Alfeld, for example, include nose clips, sleeping masks, chin straps, lotions, special pillows and other odd things. One thing is certain, however: when it comes to getting a good nights sleep, people can be quite resourceful. Oddities of a musical kind are presented in the Center for World Music in Hildesheim. 1,000 musical instruments, 45,000 recording mediums and 10,000 books from all over the world have been brought together in the competence centre for music ethnology. The unique range of instruments on display is particularly impressive to see. The small Computer Culture Museum in the Kulturherberge Wernershhe also has something interesting to offer. It presents the history of the computer. In a room 70 m2 (750 ft2) in size, mainframes like the PDP 12, the LGP 30 and the Zuse Z 25, along with Ro-

botron computers, home computers and video gaming consoles will transport you into the world of digital computing. Some spectacular exhibits will surprise you in the Heersum Museum of Local History (Heimatmuseum Heersum). A stuffed sea monster, mice houses and a pair of trousers once worn by Obelix these are all interesting props from ten years of a passion for the theatre presented by the Forum for Art and Culture. The Forum impresses audiences every year with theatre performances, during which up to 200 people from the different villages in the region of Hildesheim are on the stage. The gallery in the former bull stable at Bodenburg Castle is no longer an insiders tip. The Bad Salzdetfurth Art Society regularly shows international exhibitions here. The exhibition space of the gallery in the Stammelbach warehouse (Stammelbachspeicher) in Hildesheim is also unique with eight single and collective exhibitions a year, the two floors of the former warehouse, with 400 m2 (4300 ft2) each, are transformed into a gallery.



The aim of the men who founded the Roemer- und-Pelizaeus-Museum, Hermann Roemer (1816-1894) and Wilhelm Pelizaeus (1851-1930), was to present and communicate knowledge of how the world began, of old, mysterious cultures and of the native peoples in far-away places. What they created is one of the most important museums in Germany today. It is famous world-wide, mostly for its collection of Ancient Egyptian treasures: many unique exhibits tell the story of Egypts history from the beginnings to the Christian Middle Ages. Egypt is still often associated with the topic of death, even today. The new concept for the third and last part of the permanent Egyptian exhibition entitled Death in the Desert is devoted to this central theme. With the two other parts, which opened in 2008 and 2009, the exhibition goes full circle: The Old Kingdom tells about Egypts earliest history and its first golden age, while Life on the Nil depicts everyday life, the economy and the world of the temples. The new concept for the permanent exhibition uses many types of different staging, modern light installations and new media to enable visitors to experience these outstanding objects, some of which are one-of-a-kind, in a new way and transforms them into important witnesses of this impressive ancient civilisation. Other exhibitions take visitors on a journey back in time to the fascinating cultures of Central America or are devoted to the largest collections of Chinese porcelain in Europe. Special exhibitions: Picasso the Magic of the Graphic 15 November 2011 to 15 April 2012 Fascination of Faith 1 July 2011 to 29 January 2012 roemer- und pelizaeus-Museum www.rpmuseum.de, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 93690



The Civic Museum presents a widely diversified trip back in time to experience the history of Hildesheim on five floors in the carefully reconstructed Butchers Guildhall. These exhibits enable visitors to experience the fascinating historical panorama of a city that developed a unique cultural profile during the course of twelve centuries of European history. Such impressive objects as the precious replicas

of the Hildesheim Silver Find dating from the time of the Romans or the magnificent silver tableware of Prince-Bishop Friedrich Wilhelm of Westphalia from the 18th century are displayed along with objects that provide insight into how the people worked and lived over the years. Special exhibition: Out of iron boxes, out of rolling shelves and digital storage 25 November 2011 to 12 February 2012.

Operas, operettas, musicals, plays, dance and concerts the Theatre for Lower Saxony (TfN Theater fr Niedersachsen), which plays throughout Lower Saxony from its home base in Hildesheim, boasts a wide-ranging repertoire. 607 seats are available in Hildesheims city theatre. The TfN programme includes music theatre, plays, musicals and young peoples theatre presented on its own stage in Hildesheim and at many other guest venues in all of Lower Saxony. Passionate, unconventional and emotional theatre moments dominate the 2011/12 season: a total of 17 premieres and eight repeat performances are on the programme they include Puccinis opera, La Bohme, The Last Unicorn, a family musical and Schillers Intrigue and Love.

Stadtmuseum Hildesheim www.stadtmuseum-hildesheim.de, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 299-3685

playing schedule for the Theater fr Niedersachsen www.tfn-online.de, , ticket service Tel.: +49 (0)5121 1693-1693




International Festivals and Musical Highlights

he region also has a wide variety of events to enjoy what many of them have in common is their international flair. Whether its the International Street Music and Art Festival (Pflasterzauber) in Hildesheim, the Freden Music Festival or the Lamspringer September international artists transform these events into cultural highlights. The annual Hildesheim Christmas Market with the historical market square as its backdrop gets everyone in a Christmas mood at the end of the year.

Hildesheim Pflasterzauber which translates as Magic on the Cobblestones is an international street music and art festival that draws an enthusiastic audience every year. Two days long, more than 80 German and international artists and acrobats, magicians and jugglers, clowns and comedians, vaudeville artists and singer-songwriters transform downtown Hildesheim into one gigantic, colourful stage. The Pflasterzauber festival has meanwhile become one of the

Every year, festively decorated stalls transform downtown Hildesheim into a Christmas Market, drawing crowds who stroll through and enjoy. Surrounded by tall Christmas trees, the impressive backdrop of the historical market square, the Platz an der Lilie behind City Hall and the neighbouring areas in the pedestrian zone are all dressed in the seasons finery. The scent of freshly baked gingerbread and mugs full of steaming mulled wine put visitors in the Christmas mood every year and add a sparkle to the Christmas season.

most popular events in downtown Hildesheim; its something that guests and locals alike look forward to each year.

Hildesheimer pflasterzauber www.pflasterzauber.de

Christmas Market www.hildesheim-weihnachtsmarkt.de


The International Freden Music Festival is widely known in Hildesheim and beyond. Far away from the usual concert halls, music lovers can expect a musical adventure at unconventional venues. The music festival features chamber music, in unusual arrangements and in high quality. With their cleverly crafted programme, the organisers give the Freden Music Festival an unmistakeable character all its own each year.


Once a year, the beautiful abbey grounds in Lamspringe move into the spotlight international artists meet in this small place in the south of the region of Hildesheim to celebrate the Lamspringer September event. In putting together the programme, the organisers place particular emphasis on a good balance between music, theatre, art and literature.


International Freden Music Festival www.fredener-musiktage.de

Lamspringer September www.lamspringer-september.de



in Hildesheim and the region

Duinger Easter Market ............................................................................................................ 25.03. ................................................................................. Duingen Easter Market ................................................................................................................................ 01.04.................................................................................. Gr0 Dngen Garden and Wellness Festival .............................................................................................. 05.-06.05 ......................................................................... Bad Salzdetfurth Bad Salzdetfurth City Music Festival ................................................................................. 06.05. ................................................................................ Bad Salzdetfurth Auto Mile with Bus Pulling ................................................................................................... 12.05.-13.05. ..................................................................... Hildesheim Wine Festival ................................................................................................................................ 16.05.-20.05. ................................................................... Hildesheim Market Square Open-Air Music............................................................................................ June to August, Fridays to Sundays .................. Hildesheim Jazztime ........................................................................................................................................... 26.-28.05. ......................................................................... Hildesheim freitags neunzehndreiig Live music outdoors & free ......................................... 01.06.-03.08.every Friday ....................................... Bad Salzdetfurth Magdalenen Festival Garden Show in the Baroque Magdalenen Garden... 02.-03.06. ....................................................................... Hildesheim Church Music Festival .............................................................................................................. 09.06. ............................................................................... Hildesheim Spectacle in the Spa Park ........................................................................................................ 15.-17.06 ............................................................................ Bad Salzdetfurth Riflery Fair ...................................................................................................................................... 15.-24.06........................................................................... Hildesheim Brunkensen Art and Culture Festival ................................................................................ 15.-17.06. ........................................................................... Alfeld City Beach ..................................................................................................................................... 06.07.-02.09................................................................... Hildesheim Marienrode Convent Concert ................................................................................................ 20.07.................................................................................. Hildesheim International Freden Music Festival ................................................................................. 28.07.-05.08.................................................................... Alfeld, Freden Mera Luna ....................................................................................................................................... 11.-12.08. ........................................................................... Hildesheim Pflasterzauber International Street Music and Art Festival ............................... 31.08-01.09. .................................................................... Hildesheim Lamspringer September .......................................................................................................... every weekend in September ................................. Lamspringe Gospel & Swing Festival ......................................................................................................... 02.09 ................................................................................. Bad Salzdetfurth Mountain-bike National League Finals ........................................................................... 15.-16.09 ........................................................................... Bad Salzdetfurth Alfeld City Festival...................................................................................................................... 15.-16.09. .......................................................................... Alfeld Thuringian Market ..................................................................................................................... 20.-23.09. ......................................................................... Hildesheim Farmers Market .......................................................................................................................... 23.09.................................................................................. Hildesheim Autumn Market .......................................................................................................................... 07.10 .................................................................................. Gro Dngen LightNightShopping .................................................................................................................. 26.10. ................................................................................. Hildesheim Hildesheim Christmas Market ............................................................................................. 28.11.-27.12........................................................................ Hildesheim Advent upm Brinke .................................................................................................................. 01.12 ................................................................................... Bodenburg Alfeld Christmas Market ......................................................................................................... 08.-23.12. .......................................................................... Alfeld Advent Festival ............................................................................................................................. 09.12 .................................................................................. Bad Salzdetfurth Arts-and-Crafts Christmas Market .................................................................................... 16.12 ................................................................................... Gro Dngen Glckchenmarkt .......................................................................................................................... 16.12. .................................................................................. Duingen Last updated: October 2011. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Subject to change without notice! For the latest information, please go to www.hildesheim.de/veranstaltungskalender or inquire at the tourist-information office.




Fun for the entire Family

want to play, swim, do arts and crafts, sing, jump and all of that all at once. Family holidays are always little adventures. The region of Hildesheim invites you to come and explore, jump into the warm waters of the bathing paradise, go out and meet wild animals, visit play worlds or amusement parks. The entire family is guaranteed to have nothing but fun.

Hildesheims Wasserparadies is truly a water paradise that promises fun and relaxation for the whole family. In an area with 1,500 m2 (16,000 ft2) of water surface, a 70-metre long slide, endless swimming, a wading pool, an outdoor pool, a three-metre high diving tower and more guarantee enjoyment for everyone. There are many different aquatic courses for the fitness-conscious. The nine different saunas and the cosmetic and massage studio with special offers provide relaxation for adults. In Restaurant Palmeras, which offers a range of delicious snacks and meals, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Wasserparadies. Wasserparadies Hildesheim, www.wasserparadies-hildesheim.de, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 15070

The game park, approximately 15 acres in size on Hildesheims Stone Mountain (Steinberg); includes several large fenced areas that are home to different types of wild animals typical of this area. In addition to deer and elk, there are also raccoons, martins, owls and other birds of prey. Children are particularly fond of the rabbit and guinea pig pens, which give them an opportunity to pet the animals, and can tire themselves out on the different playground equipment.

Fun and games for the entire family can also be enjoyed, even when the weather is less than perfect, at HopplaHopp, an indoor playground. On some 2,000 m2 (21,000 ft2), HopplaHopp includes a soccer field, a climbing castle, a slide, a bungee trampoline, a jumping mushroom and the Mississippi Express; there are also many different special events staged throughout the year.


Wildgatter am Steinberg, Hildesheim/Ochtersum, www.wildgatter-hildesheim.de

HopplaHopp, Hildesheim, www.hopplahopp.com, Tel.: +49 (0)5121 2063535



Look for precious stones, pan for gold, interpret animal tracks, pet the animals at the petting zoo or walk along the path that takes you back to times in the ancient past in the Family Park Sottrum in Holle, there are lots of new experiences just waiting for children and their parents. Experience nature first hand and learning really can be called childs play. In the realm of the senses, there is so much for children to see, hear, touch and smell and in the Poison Garden, they learn to recognise which plants to avoid. Youll also find a sense of history in Family Park Sottrum. You can make fire like a cave man or bake bread in an old stone oven. Old farming equipment shows how people used to sow and harvest and the hammer still falls in the old blacksmiths shop. There is also a trail through the park that features different mathematical concepts. You can feel numbers with your feet, the number zero tells its story, square roots are calculated and Albrecht Drer explains his magic square. Leonardo Fibonacci, Pythagoras and Mr Binomal are all happy to introduce themselves. Mathematics should be fun and for all the maths teachers who dont understand that, there is the Maths Teacher Punching Machine. Family Park Sottrum, with its more than 100 attractions, is nothing short of paradise for kids.

Familienpark Sottrum, www.familienparksottrum.de,Tel.: +49 (0)5062 8860


Sailors large and small are invited to take an exciting ride on the giant swinging ship in Rasti-Land. Rasti-Land is a water and fun park for the whole family. One of the main attractions is the high-speed rollercoaster. Particularly families with small children will enjoy an eventful day in Rasti-Land. The park has also featured a rafting ride with a whirlpool since 2002. Would you like a bit of a thrill? Once the swinging ship, which is installed in an eleven-metre high frame, is in full swing, the passengers can enjoy a fabulous view from the top. One of the new attractions in Rasti-Land is the Robber Baron Castle climbing towers reach high up into the sky as if they were growing like wild. In between them, there are wire bridges at lofty heights, a big slide and endless opportunities to play. Sledding is also a new attraction. You can shoot down the hillside on snowywhite tarpaulins on tyres on a thin film of water the twists and turns will surprise you. Just next door to Rasti-Land, there is Germanys only white-water fun park indoors in Kids-Dinoworld. This is 2,500 m2 (27,000 ft2) of fun for kids any time of the year and in any weather. Kids-Dinoworld is a self-contained amusement park in a ten-metre high building. Complete with rides, lots of opportunities to play and elaborate decorations. Kids can discover all kinds of funny comic dinosaurs in the colourful primeval forest.

rasti-Land, located on the B1 highway between Hamelin and Hildesheim, www.rasti-land.de, , Tel. +49 (0)5153 9407-0


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Natural environment and Healthy Living


More than history and culture

orests, lakes, idyllic parks its very easy to combine recreation and relaxation with nature in the region of Hildesheim. Whether its summer or winter, there are many different opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. The Natural Environment and Healthy Living will be the focus of the Hildesheim theme weeks in 2012.


The region of Hildesheim is well known for its rich history and its extensive range of cultural offers, but a quick look at the beautiful natural landscapes and the opportunities for recreation and relaxation also scores big points for the region. Idyllic parks, forests and lakes are just waiting to be explored. The city of Hildesheim lies nestled between the lowlands of the Hildesheim Brde, the river valleys of the Leine and the Innerste and the Leine hill country and the foothills of the Harz Mountains. The natural environment and healthy living play an important role here. Hohnsen Lake, a local recreation area, is used as a skating rink in the winter and as a refreshing swimming pool in the summer. The 800-year-old Magdalenen Garden, the Ernst-Ehrlicher-Park or the green city fortifications and the adjoined forest areas are all popular places to go for a walk, stroll around and simply relax. But the surrounding area, with its 18 towns and communities, is also characterised by a beautiful natural landscape beyond the Leine River to the south is the hill country, while the view to the north is flat and looks at a wide expanse of countryside. Historic towns with half-timbered buildings and impressive architecture can also be explored by bicycle, where youll find a variety of different land-

scapes. An extensive network of signed bicycle paths weaves its way through the region in every direction. Anyone who would prefer to go on foot can choose one of the many hiking trails variety is the spice of life in the region of Hildesheim, and thats guaranteed. During the theme weeks in 2012, the city of Hildesheim will focus on the many different opportunities to experience nature and relaxation in the region of Hildesheim, the citys excellent medical facilities and the optimum conditions in the region for living a healthy lifestyle. The theme weeks are part of a plan to re-position the city over several years and to highlight the citys strengths up until the citys anniversary year in 2015. And its without a doubt that the Natural Environment and Healthy Living is one of the special qualities that Hildesheim has to offer according to this motto, there will be various different activities organised for the theme weeks in 2012, which will invite discussion and encourage people to examine the topic more closely.

Theme weeks focussing on the Natural environment and Healthy Living Current information available at www.hildesheim.deheim.de


Naturraum und gesundes Leben | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


Idyllic parks and gardens in the region of Hildesheim are popular places to spend time and go for walks. The Rosarium, an extensive rose garden that has been restored according to plans from the Baroque period, is the main attraction in the Magdalenen Garden and a real highlight while the roses are in bloom. The Magdalenen Garden is 800 years old, making it one of the oldest historical gardens in Lower Saxony. It is divided into three parts: the decorative garden with more than 1,800 roses, lawns and paths to stroll along, the orchard and a vineyard, which is cultivated by the Hildesheim Wine Convent. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about roses can pay a visit to the adjoining Rose Museum. Peaceful ponds, benches in protected corners and beautiful old trees can be found in the Ernst-Ehrlicher-Park in Hildesheim. The play area and sunbathing lawn around the rose labyrinth make the public park a popular place to meet. Mighty beech trees, chestnut, oak and linden trees and idyllic ponds are all part of the Park Walshausen near Bad Salzdetfurth. The park is approximately 20 acres in size and is based on the English garden concept. The Italian villa, the manor, was designed by Laves, the court master builder from Hannover, and built from 1828/29. The garden is open to the public from 1 May to 31 October on Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm. The Wrisbergholzen Castle Park, which belongs to the community of Sibbesse, features very old trees, ponds, a waterfall with a grotto and a tea temple built on a hill. The orange greenhouse, which was built in 1860, is also worth seeing. The park is open to the public on the second September weekend of every year, on Open-to-the-Public Monument Day. Beautiful ponds and a number of pieces of modern art grace the picturesque Lamspringe Convent Park, which is a public park. Six sculptures were created here during a sculptors symposium in 1984. Artists who have received a work stipend for a limited time live and work in the convent mill at the edge of the park. Simply let go and relax a walk through the 12-acre spa park in Bad Salzdetfurth is more than just a stroll past flower beds. The 250-yearold salt works will make you think you are at the seaside (see pg. 26).


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | experience Nature


Between Hiking Trails and Lakes

he great outdoors in the region can be experienced in many different ways. Hikers can retrace the steps of kings and emperors from the Middle Ages, follow the Laves Cultural Path or experience the forest with all their senses in the midst of the Leine hill country. Spending your leisure time out in the open can also be enjoyed at lakes and ponds and outdoor swimming pools.



This is a path in Derneburg that offers a very special experience to anyone who follows it a pyramid, a Doric temple and a glass house are all sights to be seen on the Laves Cultural Path around Derneburg Castle. Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves created a landscaped park based on the English designs for the artistically minded Earl Ernst zu Mnster. A number of smaller buildings were added to the castle park. These unusual structures are now the attractions for the Laves Cultural Path today. The Laves Path goes directly along historical artificial ponds close to the Derneburg Castle, which were originally created centuries ago by Cistercian monks to breed fish. Today, they belong to the Paul-Feindt Foundation and are protected by law. The Derneburg ponds are the breeding place for many types of endangered birds. Approximately 185 bird species have already been observed there, including 98 types of breeding birds. From the shores, passers-by can see black-necked grebes, grey herons, great cormorants and many others right up close.

The medieval paths followed by German emperors and kings are the perfect place to go for more extensive hikes in the south of the region of Hildesheim. Passing by castles, fortresses and ruins, hikers and walkers can get a sense of what is was like to travel on the old riding and cart trails: Via Regis, the Kings Route, takes you through an impressively beautiful landscape from the royal court (Knigshof) in Brggen though the Seven Mountains (Sieben Berge) and the Sack Forest (Sackwald) via the Knigsdahlum Imperial Palace and on to the former Werla Imperial Palace. This cultural path documents the development of the countryside for more than 1,000 years. Information boards point out special geological features as well as economically and historically significant places that can be found to the left and the right of the route. A side trip to Lutter am Barenberge and to the Imperial Palace in Goslar is highly recommended. The Kings Route is approximately 88 kilometres long in total the connection to Goslar brings it up to a total of 100 kilometres.


A map of the hiking and walking trails in the region of Hildesheim is available in the tourist-information office. A brochure devoted exclusively to the Kings Route can be requested from the Wirtschaftsfrderungsgesellschaft Hildesheim Region (HI-REG) mbH.

A folder on the Lavespfad is available at the tourist-information office.

experience Nature | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


t ur .n a www

f re


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ei n e)

Swimming, boating or simply enjoying the sun lovely outdoor swimming pools and lakes in region of Hildesheim welcome visitors to dive in and refresh. The four idyllic Duingen Lakes are located in the forest and connected by hiking trails. You can go swimming in Humboldt Lake and Bruch Lake. Humboldt Lake is the largest and belongs to a holiday resort with camp grounds, a restaurant and childrens playgrounds. Bruch Lake features sunbathing areas between the trees on its shores. Pedal boots and row boats can be rented. The two smaller lakes Direktor-Weinberger Lake and the duck pond are located somewhat deeper in the Weezener Bruch woods and are conservation areas. In the summer, surfers and sail-


e -n



Experience the forest with all your senses this is something you can do right in the heart of the Leine hill country. The path through the Forest of Senses (Sinneswald) on the Schlehberg in Alfeld has been designed for people of all ages. Boxes in which you can experience your sense of touch, pipes you can listen in to, wind chimes, an animal broad jump, a tree Tel. and much more at approximately 20 stops, visitors young and old can experience games, fun, re-

laxation and adventure. All the while, you are also learning a lot about the forest and its inhabitants. A real attraction is the low-rope garden, which is located directly at the Schlehberghtte, the Friends-ofNature House. The path is approximately 1.4 kilometres long and provides a beautiful view out over the city of Alfeld. The path is open to the public and easy for anyone to walk along with exception of two stops.

Sin n es

Information and registration: Walderlebnispfad Sinneswald, Naturfreunde Alfeld e.V., Tel.: +49 (0)5181 828558, alfeld@naturfreunde.de


ors head for the Sarstedt-Giftener Lakes recreation area. There are two BBQ pits that can be used free of charge and without prior reservation. Close by there is another lake, the bathing lake in Heisede, a part of Sarstedt. The former quarry has developed into a popular swimming spot in very natural surroundings. The lakeshore with its large sunbathing areas offers a lot of nature and great swimming fun. Theres a small beach for children along with sanitary facilities and a sun patio with a kiosk. In Alfeld, you dont have to depend on sunshine and good weather the 7 Berge Bad, an indoor swimming pool which just opened 2011, guarantees fun for the whole family even in bad weather. A convertible roof makes it possible: when the weather is nice, the roof is open, when its raining or stormy, its closed. Kids can play to their hearts content on the giant water slide, in the childrens wading pool with different attractions, on the climbing fish and on the generously sized playground. Experienced swimmers will enjoy the 25-m pool and the 10-m diving tower. The learners pool, an endless-swimming pool, massage chairs, many areas to lie down and relax, the restaurant and a sauna round out the offer.


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Bicycle Tours through the region


The region offers cycling tourists unforgettable experiences

he region has some very unique offers available to cycling tourists whether its a rest stop on the picturesque shores of the Innerste and Leine Rivers, a visit to one of the many cultural highlights, a beautiful view from the hills out over the broad expanses below, a picnic on the flat meadows of the northern German lowlands or a stroll through one of the many historical towns.

Fortresses and castles, museums and galleries, a diverse landscape in combination with culture cycling tourists in the region of Hildesheim can experience an unforgettable holiday. From longdistance, theme-oriented routes and circular routes to local bicycle paths and mountain biking there are cycling routes to suit every taste criss-crossing the region of Hildesheim in all directions. Following the well-signed routes, youll find exactly what you want peace and quiet or culture, or something suitable for families with children and routes that will put a glint in the eye of ambitious cyclists. Excellent networks and signed bicycle paths totalling 380 kilometres promise extraordinary outings. The main routes the Leine-Heide Bicycle Path (pg. 25), the Bicycle Path to Art and the Hildesheim Ring (Hi-Ring) are all perfect for a days outing and feature international art and culture, natural surroundings and the opportunity of seeing Hildesheim from some very special perspectives. Corresponding signage with logos on the main routes and signs to villages and towns and special destinations ensure that you always know where you are going. The Bicycle Path to Art is specially recommended for anyone interested in art and culture. This path, which is close to 58 kilometres in length, connects the five shorter

routes: the Water-Art Path, the Romantic Path, the Contact Art Path, the Art Moves Path (Kunst-beWEGt) and the Sculpture Path and goes from Sarstedt to Hildesheim and on to Bad Gandersheim. The Hi-Ring is a bicycle tour that you can take around the city of Hildesheim. The 45-km long circular route provides great views of the churches and UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city and of the surroundings. Each route can be pedalled within about four to five hours. However, it is advisable to plan more time to explore the many things you will discover along the way. There are also train stations close to all the main routes, so that it is also possible to travel parts of the route by train, if necessary.

Service tips for cyclists, lots of suggestions for possible tours, map material to download and GPS routes are available from the Hildesheim section of the General German Cycling Club (Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrradclub, Kreisverband Hildesheim) on the internet at www.hi-radtouren.de. Services, such as finding bicycle-friendly accommodation and cyclists packages, bicycle repair shops or bicycle rentals, getting the key to the free bicycle stalls and maps and information material, are available from the Hildesheim tourist-information office.



The Leine-Heide Bicycle Path is a total of 410 kilometres long and connects the low mountain range in the Leine hill country with the Lneburg Heath and the Hansiatic city of Hamburg. The approximately 55km long section of this longdistance route in the region of Hildesheim goes from south to north from Freden to Sarstedt and offers magnificent views of the Leine River valley and enchanting half-timbered villages and towns nestled in between the Sieben Berge. The route travels along such prominent ridges as the Ith, the Thster Berg, Sieben Berge or the Osterberg, without having to cross over them. The entire route can be pedalled in about five hours. In keeping with the motto of Away from the street down to the river, the route of the LeineHeide bicycle path in the region of Hildesheim was extensively optimised up until the end of 2011, so that the long-distance bicycle path will be more attractive than ever in the 2012 cycling season. Existing paths were expanded and improved or new paths were created to make cycling more pleasant with fewer obstacles in the future. In addition, new information signs indicate the way to sights, accommodation and restaurants along the way. The Leine-Heide Bicycle Path starts in Freden and passes through the region of Hildesheim. The half-timbered town of Alfeld, which is reached after about 12 kilometres is a good place to make the first stop its an El Dorado for explorers who really appreciate something special. Who would suspect that Alfeld was once the largest animal trade centre in the world? The Fagus Factory, the first example of modern industrial architecture designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius in 1911 and added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011, is also well worth a visit (see pg. 6). The route continues in the direction of Gronau a distance of approximately 15 kilometres, which passes by two castles: Brggen Castle and Rheden Castle. From Gronau, with its town core dating from the Middle Ages, the next section of the route goes past Elze and on to Nordstemmen very easy to spot by the silhouette of the Marienburg Castle, which tops the Marienberg (see pg. 10). The last section of the Leine-Heide bicycle path in the region of Hildesheim about twelve kilometres leads to Sarstedt. The Sarstedt-Giftener lakes are highly recommended for a lengthy break; they are located close to the LeineHeide bicycle path (see pg. 23). Any cyclist interested in science will probably be drawn to Ruthe, Sarstedts smallest district. In an experiment unique in all the world, the Institute for Quantum Research of the University of Hannover is doing research on proving Einsteins theory of relativity. With its GEO600 gravitation wave detector, this research facility in Ruthe is unique in Germany and can be viewed by appointment. Cyclists can also explore the downtown area of Sarstedt, with its colourful flower beds and half-timbered buildings.

More information on the Leine-Heide Bicycle path at www.leine-heide-radweg.de




A combination of relaxation and recreational activities

ad Salzdetfurth, a spa town, is nestled in between the green hills of the Hildesheim Forest. This town combines long years of tradition with the modern in a very special way. Bad Salzdetfurth offers visitors a very diverse range of leisure-time activities whether youre looking for sports or just want to rest and relax. Its also not at all far from Hildesheim, which has many cultural tourist attractions to offer.


Bad Salzdetfurth, the only spa town in the region of Hildesheim offers you an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to just kick back and relax. In Bad Salzdetfurth, situated in the valley of the Lamme River in the heart of the Hildesheim Forest, you can see evidence of its more than 800 years of history at every turn. The state-certified mud and salt-water spa is situated beautifully in the gently rolling hills, green meadows and lush forests. Given the conditions of the surrounding countryside, the look of the town has not changed

much over the years. The spa town is filled with historical half-timbered buildings dating from the 17th century. Small shops, pubs and restaurants invite visitors to take a relaxing stroll and spend some time. As the name already says, salt (Salz) is inextricably linked to the history of the town. The legend tells of a Knight von Steinberg, whose horse dug down to a spring with its hooves at the foot of the Sothenberg, but the knight couldnt quench his thirst with the salty water. However, he is said to have realised at once that he had struck white gold, which would make

him rich. As a result, the large salt works from the 18th century are a special attraction in the spa town today. The salty water trickles through the high piles of brushwood and fills the air with salt. Inhaling the salty air in the salt works in the spa park is particularly beneficial for the upper respiratory tract. Majestic old trees border the park, reading and garden pavilions as well as benches on the broad expenses of lawn offer an opportunity to sit down and re-

lax and to observe how nature changes with the different seasons. The lovely rose and flower beds are beautiful to look at. The first bathing house was built in Bad Salzdetfurth in the middle of the 19th century. Since that time, visitors who appreciate the healing powers of salt and natural mud come from near and far. The Bad Salzdetfurth spa company has four different types of medicinal water sources available to provide a wideranging offer (see pg. 28 and 29).

For accommodation in Bad Salzdetfurth go to pages 40 to 45.




Active, dynamic, vibrant a visit to Bad Salzdetfurth is not only for those seeking relaxation. Active people will find many different opportunities in the realm of sports activities to enjoy in their leisure time. The forested hills in the foothills of the Harz Mountains, for example, attract hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers to enjoy a relaxing days outing. But more ambitious tours can also be taken in Bad Salzdetfurth and the surrounding area. At the initiative of a number of sport enthusiasts, the town has developed into an important centre for mountain biking in Germany in the past few years. Some 10,000 visitors and 1,000 active cyclists flock to the races of the international mountain-bike elite in Bad Salzdetfurth each year. Treasure hunters can follow GPS-supported routes: the White Gold treasure hunt takes you through the old part of Bad Salzdetfurth and has developed into a real crowd puller. You can go on another GPS treasure hunt by bicycle, during which you hunt for field gold along a 20-kilometre stretch. With a treasure map in hand, the participants are guided through fields and meadows to different stops, where they have to answer tricky questions. GPS-supported hikes and bicycle tours in the surrounding area can also use Bad Salzdetfurth as their starting point. The Bad Salzdetfurth Guide is available on the towns homepage; it contains many different hiking and bicycle routes and can be downloaded free of charge. Portable navigation devices and many Smartphones are able to do the job. More than 100 kilometres of trails and approximately 1,200 kilometres of cycling tours can be found in the portal and pro-

vide users with reliable directions through the fields and forests. Anyone who doesnt have a GPS device for the download can borrow one in the tourist information office. Lovers of more sedate types of sport might like to play a round of golf at the Golfclub Bad Salzdetfurth-Hildesheim. The 18hole golf course is one of the most beautiful courses in Lower Saxony. Situated picturesquely in the hilly oak and beech

woods, golfers have a wonderful view of Bad Salzdetfurth and Hildesheim. Would you like to just take off and leave everything behind? The feeling of freedom is boundless above the clouds visitors to Bad Salzdetfurth can

see for themselves by booking a flight on a glider. At the gliding airfield in Wesseln, a part of Bad Salzdetfurth, you can book a ride on the passenger seat of a two-seater glider or a power glider and enjoy a birds eye view of the area.

Tourist Information Bad Salzdetfurth, Oberstr. 11a, 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth, Tel.: +49 (0)5063 2717513 Fax: +49 (0)5063 2717529, tourismus@bad-salzdetfurth.de www.bad-salzdetfurth.de


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Therapie Centre for natural remedies


The focus is on everything to do with health and well-being in the Therapy Centre
The Therapy Centre for Natural Remedies (TherapieZentrum der Naturheilmittel) in Bad Salzdetfurth offers an opportunity to find a balance for hectic everyday life, to find peace and the time to just let your thoughts drift and many different ways to do something positive for your own well-being. Salt water and mud packs form the traditional basis of the therapies available at the Therapy Centre. Combined with other types of therapy and this refers first and foremost to the physical therapies from traditional massage to connective tissue and underwater massage, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy and right on up to light, cold, heat and electrotherapy mud packs and salt water treatments can be all the more effective. With its natural remedies, the Therapy Centre offers the most comprehensive range of physical therapies, physiotherapy and wellness in the region of Hildesheim. The Therapy Centre can look back on long years of service: in 1850, right in the middle of the transition from feudalism to industrial capitalism, a number of inhabitants of Salzdetfurth had the bold idea of using the mineral-rich salt water won not only to produce salt but as a natural remedy as well. The recovery of white gold was declining in importance and the salters saw an opportunity for extra income in operating a bathing house. The salt works built in 1746 to improve salt production had already been drawing visitors to Salzdetfurth for a long time. They enjoyed the salty air and discovered the healing qualities particularly for respiratory illnesses. Inhaling the salty air in the salt works in the spa park is particularly beneficial for the upper respiratory tract. The fine salt crystals are able to loosen mucus and phlegm, which clears the respiratory system of bacteria and eases the swelling in the mucous membranes. This is particularly beneficial to people allergic to pollen and asthma patients. In 1856, the first bathing house was built in Bad Salzdetfurth the salt water was also used to remedy other ailments, such as circulatory disorders, skin and mild cardiovascular problems. It wasnt long before the business was thriving and the health spa was opened in 1857 as a result. The natural peat moss from the

Luttrum bogs was added to the list of natural remedies in 1952. The peat moss contains valuable humic acid and is still used today for such illnesses as arthritis, osteoarthrosis, spinal problems and for rheumatic diseases, gynaecological problems and infertility. Mud baths and packs are effective because their warmth stimulates the skin to release toxics and absorb minerals. Mud has a positive effect on the immune system and stimulates the metabolism. It is antiinflammatory, detoxifying and helps to keep your hormones in balance.

TherapieZentrum der Naturheilmittel Kurbetriebsgesellschaft Bad Salzdetfurth mbH Unterstrae 87, 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth, Tel.: +49 (0)5063 900-0, www.mit-natur-natuerlich-fit.de


Therapie Centre for natural remedies | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

The two traditional natural remedies, salt water and mud, still form the basis of the treatments offered by the Therapy Centre. However, natural remedies are just one part of the treatments available today. In the salt-water outdoor and indoor swimming pools, guests enjoy the beneficial effects of the three-percent salt water because the human body reacts positively to salt water. Doctors refer to this as vegetative reactions. The salt penetrates horny skin, whereas water is only absorbed in small quantities. The salt has no chemical effect on the skin, but the protein in the skin cells is broken down more quickly and the rate at which the cells divide is increased. This results in a so-called rejuvenation effect. Because of the greater buoyancy, its easier to swim in the salt water pool, which has a salt content of 3 percent and a temperature of 30 to 33 C. Muscles relax, the circulatory system is stimulated and blood flow improves. In addition to the indoor pool, there is also a large outdoor pool its a real pleasure to swim in the warm water outside in the

cold seasons of the year. Underwater massage jets, a pool for water treading and cold arm baths outdoors improve your sense of wellbeing. The generously sized quiet zone with lounge chairs and the lovely patio and sunbathing lawns outside in the summer are all the more reason to relax and stay a while. Relaxation along with the opportunities to take advantage of health treatments can be found in the 5-star saunas in the salt water outdoor and indoor swimming pools. With five different saunas from the traditional Finnish sauna to the Kelo earth sauna and the Kelo hexagonal sauna, the steam bath and Roman steam bath Salzdetfurth offers a wide range of enjoyment in a pleasant atmosphere. The Therapy Centre includes the traditional natural remedies of salt water and mud to improve your physical, mental and emotional relaxation in modern forms of therapy and wellness treatments.




Restaurant Bar Diet food Regional cuisine Business room Conference room Reception desk 24h Wheelchair access Lift TV room Fitness room Wellness Children welcome Garden

On the following pages, we would like to present the options you have for accommodation in the region of Hildesheim from first-class hotels and guesthouses, to family-operated inns and private rooms and holiday flats rented out privately. Take advantage of our service and let our staff at the touristinformation office advise you about the kind of accommodation that will best meet your needs and choose from the range of selected partner accommodations we have to offer. Some of this accommodation can also be booked directly online at www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten.

Indoor swimming pool Laundry service Room service Bicycle shed Own parking Historical building Dogs welcome Allergen-free TV in room


Hotel classification according to DeHOGA (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) H Tourist: Accommodation for simple tastes HH Standard: Accommodation for average tastes H H H Comfort: Accommodation for more demanding tastes H H H H First Class: Accommodation for most demanding tastes

P-TV in room Radio in room Tel. in room Smoke-free rooms Quiet environment

Accommodation facilities that do not have a star rating have not taken part in the voluntary classification process. This has no bearing on the standard of service they offer.

Deutscher Hotelfhrer des Deutschen Hotel- and Gaststttenverbandes e.V. (DEHOGA), www.hotelguide.de

AbbREvIATIONS Bicycle-friendly Bed&Bike accommodation, certified by the ADFC

The information on the accommodation facilities contained in this guide is based on the information and documentation provided by the landlords and operators of the accommodation facilities. The publisher assumes no liability for the completeness and correctness of this information. No damages can be claimed against the publisher of the Accommodation Guide as a result of false information or any performance promised by the tourist service providers that goes unfulfilled.

p.p. p.N. res. Inq.

per person per night Reservations Inquiries


Hotels in Hildesheim | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


A modern building with a historical faade

he guests at the Van der Valk Hotel in Hildesheim are to be envied; after all, as soon as they walk out of the building, they are standing on one of the most impressive historical market squares in northern Germany. Hildesheim certainly puts its best foot forward here and the distinguished hotel with its listed faade makes a considerable contribution to the impressive overall picture presented by the market square. The 4-star hotel offers its guests the choice of 108 rooms in 5 categories (Classic, Superior, Deluxe, Executive, Junior Suite) as well as a room with wheelchair access and a number of allergenfree rooms. 33 of the rooms provide a beautiful view of the historical market square. The completely refurbished rooms with air conditioning feature clean lines, warm wood trim and lovingly selected details that reflect sheer elegance. The Restaurant Gildehaus is a stylish combination of the historical and the modern with dark-brown timber and bright white accents and invites guests to experience a widely diverse culinary concept. The hotel terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the warm sun against the beautiful marketplace backdrop. The colourful elegance of the Havanna Bar makes it a popular place to meet in an informal atmosphere. Seven tastefully decorated event rooms can be booked for private or business occasions. A swimming pool, a

sauna, a fitness room and a solarium invite guests to relax and enjoy, while Valentinas Cosmetic Salon offers pampering treatments with revitalising massages and other professional beauty treatments. Anyone who enters the Van der Valk Hotel cannot help but to be impressed by its unique charm and distinctive personality.
Nr. 1

Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim


Markt 4 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0)51 21/30 06 00 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/13 42 98 E-Mail reservierung@hildesheim.valk.com Web www.vandervalk.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 3 km 0,8 km 0,2 km

No. of beds: 193 room prices excl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: 10 from EUR 90 to 313 Double rooms: 92 from EUR 110 to 333 Suites: 2 from EUR 160 to 353 Wheelchair access: 1 from EUR 110 to 303 Allergen-free rooms: 3 from EUR 110 to 313 Half-board: EUR 24; full-board: EUR 48
Underground parking below the hotel EUR 8.50/24h, free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Hotels in Hildesheim

Nr. 2


Novotel Hildesheim

J6 Bahnhofsallee 38 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/17 17-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/17 17-700 E-Mail H5396@accor.com Web www.novotel.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 2 km 0,5 km 0 km

Explore the old bishopric of Hildesheim with its many treasures. The 4-star Hotel NOVOTEL HILDESHEIM is located on the outer edge of the old city in the midst of a park-like landscape. You can reach the hotel by car - A7 Hildesheim exit - in just 10 minutes (2.5km) or on foot its just a 500-metre walk from the main train station. Historical charm and a stylish atmosphere characterise the interior of the impressive, listed building, which has 120 rooms and a generously sized car park. The rooms, in a wide range of different categories, are all equipped with high-speed internet or Wi-Fi as well as coffee and tea makers. Warm colours make for a cosy atmosphere and invite guests to sit back and relax. A well-balanced, healthy and generous breakfast buffet provides you with a good start to the day. Sltino, a pleasantly sizable restaurant with a quiet summer patio, German and Mediterranean specialities and a separate childrens menu, is a unique culinary experience at the highest level. We are also happy to serve a selection of this menu directly to your room. Enjoy the cosy Kennedys Bar to end the day with a cocktail or a cold beer. In the summer, you can also enjoy our homemade sausages in our Beer Garden right outside the hotel under a listed copper beech tree. There is an internet terminal in the hotel foyer, which is available to our guests free of charge, and a play corner with its own gaming console for the kids. We look forward to welcoming you here! No. of beds: 227 Single rooms: 13 Double rooms: 105 Suites: 2 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 95 to 115 from EUR 113 to 147 from EUR 126 to 177

Half-board: from EUR 22; full-board: from EUR 44 Children under 16 eat and sleep for free. Nr. 3

parkhotel Berghlzchen

G7 Am Berghlzchen 1 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/9 79-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/9 79-400 E-Mail info@berghoelzchen.de Web www.berghoelzchen.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5 km 4 km 0,3 km

The Berghlzchen says Welcome to Hildesheim! 80 modern hotel rooms in two categories adhere to international 4-star standards Standard, with toilet, shower/bath, flat-screen TV, cable TV, Sky Cinema, Wi-Fi, Tel., modern lounge area, blow dryer and make-up mirror, rooms sized from 18 to 25 m2 (195 to 270 ft2) Hearty cold-warm breakfast buffet Restaurant with seating for 85 Widely varied cuisine with high-quality, fresh products only Different events and highlights in the restaurant and hotel all year round Sunny patio with seating for 40 Hotel lounge with Sky sports bar 80 free parking spots directly at the hotel Seven individually designed banquet rooms for events for 4 to 180 people

No. of beds: 160 Single rooms: Double rooms: 79 Juniorsuite: 1

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 79 to 195 from EUR 99 to 235 from EUR 119 to 235

Half-board: EUR 20; full-board: EUR 35 80 free parking spots, sunny patio


Hotels in Hildesheim | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 Lindemann Hotel

Kruppstrae 5 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49(0) 51 21/6 96 43-0 Fax +49(0) 51 21/6 96 43-12 E-Mail info@lindemann-hotel.de Web www.lindemann-hotel.de 2 km 2 km 0,5 km

Nr. 4


In addition to lots of space for relaxation, peaceful sleeping and leisurely walks in the park located opposite the hotel, we also offer convenient connections to the city centre and to the rapid-transit (S-Bahn) and ICE train station in Hildesheim, which is only 2 km away. Thanks to these good connections, the Hannover-Langenhagen airport, the autobahn A7 and the Hannover Exhibition Grounds are just as easy and convenient to reach. You can get wherever you have to go with ease, without having to stay in the middle of a hectic, big city. Our services to make you feel at home: Cultivated atmosphere with a conservatory and patio, over-sized beds, also available with anti-allergen bedding, LCD TVs for digital satellite and terrestrial reception, free Wi-Fi access and free car and lorry parking. Special arrangements for families with children and during tradeshows.

No. of beds: 72 Single rooms: 10 Double rooms: 26 3-bedrooms: 3 Suites:1

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 51,50 to 61,50 EUR 83 EUR 98 EUR 128

Peaceful sleeping Nr. 5


Hotel & restaurant Itzumer pa


Nr. 6


Landgasthof Zur scharfen ecke


Itzumer Hauptstrae 15 31141 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 50 64/9 39 60 Fax +49 (0) 50 64/93 96 13 E-Mail kontakt@itzumerpass.com Web www.itzumerpass.com 5 km The hotel has been a successful family-operated business with a solid reputation for three generations, in a tranquil setting on the outskirts of Hildesheim. It has 25 rooms, all of which comply with the three-star standard for comfort hotels. The rooms are all equipped with free Sky TV & Wi-Fi, shower/toilet, etc. In our restaurant, which seats up to 90 people, our friendly Itzumer Pass team awaits you and offers you culinary delights from a menu featuring German and international cuisine. Our test kitchen also has something special in store for the more adventurous. The chef will surprise you personally with delectable, out-of-the-ordinary compositions. Childrens rates: 0-17 years old: free, accompanied by their parents, regardless of in a cot or an extra bed No. of beds: 50 Single rooms:4 Double rooms: 18 3-bedrooms: 3 4-bedrooms: 2 5-bedrooms: 1 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 47 to 58 from EUR 74 to 88 EUR 100 EUR 115 EUR 130 No. of beds: 90 Single rooms: 7 Double rooms: 40 Suites: 3 Boarders Tradeshow prices on request 6 km 0,3 km No. of beds: 31 Single rooms: 5 Double rooms: 12

Itzumer Hauptstrae 1 31141 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/2 03-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/2 03-30 E-Mail info@zur-scharfen-ecke.com Web www.zur-scharfen-ecke.com Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5 km 5 km 0,1 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 30 to 84 from EUR 59 to 97

la carte restaurant with typical German specialities, different event rooms, smokers area

Closed: Tuesday, Wed

20 min. to the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, close to the university Nr. 7


Gollarts Hotel Deutsches Haus


Bischof-Janssen-Str. 5 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/15 89-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/3 40 64 E-Mail Gollarts-hotel@web.de Web www.deutsches-haus-hildesheim.de 2 km 0,5 km 20 m

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 55 to 70 EUR 90 from EUR 120 to 150 Prices on request

free parking spots

Located close to the major sights in Hildesheim


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Hotels, Hotels Garni Hildesheim Hotel Brgermeisterkapelle Hotel Marheineke
Peiner Landstrae 189 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/5 26 67 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/98 97 20 E-Mail info@hotel-marheineke.de Web www.hotel-marheineke.de 1 km No. of beds: 18 Guests at the Brgermeisterkapelle live a more healthy lifestyle and are environmentally friendly. Enjoy all the advantages of being in the heart of this small big city on foot, by bicycle or using public transportation. Explore the city with its many sights. Start the day with a breakfast you put together yourself. Our kitchen offers fresh regional dishes without any artificial additives that are prepared in a light, contemporary way, along with more hearty, traditional fare. Our employees are friendly and competent. Our newly renovated historical wine tavern features all types of exquisite drinks. The Brgermeisterkapelle offers good quality at fair prices. Enjoy your stay! Single rooms: 3 Double rooms: 6 3-bedrooms: 1 2 km 0,2 km

Nr. 8


Nr. 9


Rathausstrae 8 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/17 92 90 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/1 79 29 99 E-Mail info@hotelbuergermeisterkapelle.de Web www.hotelbuergermeisterkapelle.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 3 km 0,5 km 0,3 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 28 to 55 from EUR 52 to 80 from EUR 75 to 90

Convenient parking, Hannover Exhibition Grounds just 15 min. away by car

Nr. 10

Hotel Meyer


Peiner Landstrae 185 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/5 31 79 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/5 31 07 E-Mail info@hotel-meyer-hildesheim.de Web www.hotel-meyer-hildesheim.de 0,9 km 2 km 0,2 km

No. of beds: 60 Single rooms: 20 Double rooms: 20 Family rooms: 4

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 60 to 68 from EUR 80 to 125 on request, from EUR 70 Children according to age

No. of beds: 30

room prices incl. breakfastp. N. from EUR 49 to 105 from EUR 75 to 125 from EUR 99 to 180 Prices on request Closed: Sunday

Half-board: EUR 10; full-board: EUR 20 Family-friendly hotel, free Wi-Fi

Single rooms: 6 Double rooms: 10 3-bedrooms: 4 (extra bed in double room DZ) Boarders

Hildesheim industrial area 5-10 min., Hannover Exhibition Grounds 15 min.

Nr. 11

Osterberg-restaurant & Hotel


Nr. 12


Linnenkamp 4 31137 Hildesheim-Himmelsthr Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/2 06 88-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/2 06 88-44 E-Mail info@hotel-osterberg.de Web www.hotel-osterberg.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5,2 km No. of beds: 52 Single rooms: 10 Double rooms: 20 3,8 km 0,25 km

Gstehaus Klocke
Friedhelm Klocke Humboltstrae 11 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/17 92 13 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/1 79 21 40 E-Mail gaestehaus-klocke@t-online.de Web www.gaestehaus-klocke.de 4 km 5 km 150 m


room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 46 to 104 from EUR 68 to 119

Half-board: EUR 12; full-board: EUR 24 Sunny patio facing south-west Nr. 13

Conditorei-Caf Timphus Hotel


Braunschweiger Strae 90 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/3 46 86 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/3 46 82 E-Mail info@timphus-conditorei-hotel.de Web www.timphus-conditorei-hotel.de Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 4,5 km No. of beds: 28 1,5 km 0,1 km

Our hotel, the Gstehaus Klocke, is a very beautiful, stylish hotel in one of the quietest areas in Hildesheim, but still only approximately 1 kilometre from the heart of the city. The modern rooms equipped with shower, toilet, blow dryer, Tel., cable TV, Wi-Fi (T-Mobile hotspot), radio and minibar have been lovingly decorated in individual styles and invite you to feel right at home. Enjoy the hearty breakfast buffet in our cosy breakfast room. Secure parking is available in the yard. Such sights as the Roemer- undPelizaeus-Museum, the Hildesheim CATHEDRAL with the 1000-year-old rosebush, the CATHEDRAL Museum and the CATHEDRAL treasury and the market square with the Civic Museum in the Butchers Guildhall can be easily reached on foot. Take a stroll through the parks, along the romantic Kalenberger Graben and on the remains of the city fortifications. Nearby youll find the Johanniswiese, a heated outdoor swimming pool and signed jogging trails through the natural countryside. No. of beds: 43 Single rooms: 9 Double rooms: 10 3-bedrooms: 4 + Flat Very quiet location room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 48 to 60 from EUR 80 to 90 from EUR 96 to 160

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 52 to 76 from EUR 74 to 84 from EUR 96 to 106 from EUR 116 to 136

Single rooms: 2 Double rooms: 8 Suites: 2 3 or 4-bedrooms: 2 Tradeshow prices on request

Excellent breakfast buffet with fresh rolls from our own bakery


Hotels Garni, Conference Hotels, (Youth) Hostels | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 Hotel Am Steinberg

Nr. 14


Nr. 15

Hotel Stadtresidenz


Adolf-Kolping-Strae 6 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/80 90 30 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/26 77 55 E-Mail info@hotelamsteinberg.de Web www.hotelamsteinberg.de 3,5 km Our hotel offers 28 invitingly decorated single and double rooms, all equipped with shower or bathtub and toilet, colour TV and direct-dial Tel.. You also have access to the internet via Wi-Fi in every room. Our conference room, which is able to accommodate up to 25 people, is available for conferences, seminars or meetings. Tradefair visitors can reach the Hannover Exhibition Grounds in just 25 minutes by car. The closest bus stop with a direct connection to the train station and the city centre with all its interesting sights is located only 200 m from the building. But most importantly, perhaps, our familyfriendly hotel offers you peace and quiet and a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You will find excellent hiking and jogging trails in the game reserve on the Steinberg nearby, at the Hohnsen Lake and along the Innerste River. Restaurants and shopping are located in the direct vicinity. No. of beds: 57 Single rooms: 6 Double rooms: 15 3-bedrooms: 7 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 52 to 60 from EUR 70 to 78 EUR 95 Single rooms: 5 Double rooms: 20 Boarders
Located on the edge of a wooded area, family-friendly, jogging and hiking

Steingrube 4 31141 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/6 97 98 92 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/6 97 42 10 E-Mail info@hotel-stadtresidenz.de Web www.hotel-stadtresidenz.de Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5 km No. of beds: 28 1,5 km 0,1 km

3,5 km

0,3 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N.

Single rooms: 1 standard/3 delux from EUR 75 to 90 Double rooms: 8 delux from EUR 105 to 125 Suites: 5 from EUR 120 to 150 As flat: from EUR 75 to 95 (without breakfast, minimum stay 4 nights) Deluxe rooms and suites can be booked as flats, minimum stay 4 nights. Nr. 16

ABH Gste-Boardinghaus


Bleckenstedter Strae 1 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/92 49 11 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/92 49 44 E-Mail info@gaestehaus-abh.de Web www.gaestehaus-abh.de 4 km 2 km 0,2 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 47 to 55 from EUR 73 to 80 Prices on request

Free Wi-Fi, self-catering flats also available Nr. 18

Nr. 17

Tagungshaus priesterseminar


Family Inn Herberge

Lilly-Reich-Strae 12 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/70 43 72 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/70 43 73 E-Mail info@familyinn.de Web www.familyinn.de 2 km 2 km 0,3 km


Neue Strae 3 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/1 79 15 40 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/1 79 15 42 E-Mail ps@bistum-hildesheim.de Web www.tagungshaus-priesterseminar.de 2,8 km A modern building with an old history the Episcopal seminary is a conference centre belonging to the bishopric of Hildesheim. It is open to groups and guests who want to share our basic Christian values. Clear architectural lines and a personal atmosphere create a stimulating setting. In our recently renovated building, you will find yourself in a meeting place that stimulates interaction and discussion and a spiritual experience, a place that combines the past with the present and the future. In the heart of the city, our generous gardens offer you relaxation and repose. Plan a seminar, a meeting, a one-day conference or a stay for a group of tourists. We can offer you a full range of services for seminars and conferences, can organise one or multiple-day events, with accommodation and meals as well as an interesting social programme. 1,8 km 0,1 km

No. of beds: 132 prices per person excl. breakfast 4, 6 and 8-bed rooms: 29 For groups of: 8 people EUR 12, 7 people EUR 13, 6 people EUR 14, 5 people EUR 15, 4 people EUR 16, 3 people EUR 18, 2 people EUR 21, 1 person EUR 32 Group prices on request Breakfast for groups of 20 and more EUR 5 Self-catering kitchen, refrigerator, TV available on request Nr. 19

Jugendherberge Hildesheim
Schirmannweg 4 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/4 27 17 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/4 78 47 E-Mail jh-hildesheim@djh-hannover.de Web www.djh-niedersachsen.de 8 km 4 km 1 km


No. of beds: 27 Single rooms: 27 Single room with extra bed: 2 Full-board:

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 45 to 79 from EUR 60 to 94 EUR 20

No. of beds: 104

prices per person incl. breakfast

Single rooms up to 26y. EUR 28.10, from 27 y. EUR 32.10 Double rooms 8 up to 26 y. EUR 24.60, from 27 y. EUR 28.60 Multi-bed room: 27 up to 26 y. EUR 21.10, from 27 y. EUR 25.10

Half-board: EUR 4.90; full-board: EUR 9.80 Bookable only with a valid youth hostel pass

Closed from: 10.12.2012-6.01.2013

Central location, yet still quiet. Conference facilities are close to the city centre and museums


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | private rooms, Holiday Flats Hildesheim Holiday Flat Moltkestrasse 89

Nr. 20


Nr. 21

private rooms renate Zahn


Moltkestrae 89 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/51 24 34 E-Mail info@moltkestrasse89.de Web www.moltkestrasse89.de Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 2 km Located very conveniently and close to the city centre, I would like to bid you a hearty welcome to our small guesthouse, an old, but completely modernised building dating from 1884, which has been carefully renovated and restored with an eye to loving detail! Enjoy the peace, warmth and atmosphere of the hotel as an overnight or boarding guest in our large holiday flat on the ground floor. Look forward to a very personal touch, dedicated, comprehensive services and culinary delights from the kitchen and the wine cellar. After all, this is where the boss still does the cooking, using only the freshest regional and seasonal products, prepared la minute. Our facilities are never closed, were open all year round, day guests are welcome at any time and single overnight stays are also possible. Just give us a ring; we can answer any questions that you may have. MOLTKESTRASSE 89 Holiday flat + guesthouse garni Bert-Holger Ftterer No. of beds: 8 prices per person incl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: 1 EUR 47 Double rooms: 1 from EUR 60 to 70 Holiday flat 1-5 people, excl. breakfast from EUR 40 to 108 1,3 km 0,1 km

Am Burghof 22 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/26 24 21 Mobil +49 (0) 1 74/9 77 99 54 E-Mail Renate-Zahn@gmx.de oder Manfred-Zahn@gmx.de Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5 km 5 km 0,2 km

No. of beds: 3+1 prices per person excl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: 1 Double rooms: 1 Boarders from EUR 31,50 to 36,50 from EUR 31,50 to 36,50 Prices on request

Quiet location, garden, please ask about our policy on pets Nr. 22

Holiday Flats ABH Gstehaus


Bleckenstedter Strae 1 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/92 49 11 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/92 49 44 E-Mail info@gaestehaus-abh.de Web www.gaestehaus-abh.de 4 km Flats: 2 35 m2 (375 ft2) 2 , 1-2 people, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet price p.N. incl. utilities 1 person EUR 35 2 people EUR 46 2 km 0,2 km

Flats: 3 70 m2 (750 ft2), 1-4 people 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price p.N. incl. utilities p. N. from EUR 70 to 92

Breakfast: EUR 7, half-board: EUR 17 Day guests are always welcome, Wi-Fi, breakfast and half-board Nr. 23

Some holiday flats can accommodate up to 6 people F6 Nr. 24

Thnelts Traumparadies

Familie Schrder


Louise-Wippern-Ring 5 31137 Hildesheim +49 (0) 51 21/6 63 42 Tel. E-Mail thoeri@gmx.de Web www.hoerbaum.de
3,5 km 2 km 350 m

Bleckenstedterstrae 2 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/4 34 21 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/2 27 67

3 km Holiday flats: 40 m2 (430 ft2) 1 bed-sitter, kitchen, shower, toilet

1 km

10 m

Would you like to see lots of sights during your stay in Hildesheim, get to know everything? How important is it then to get the rest you need at night? In our dream paradise on the city outskirts, youll find peace and quiet and relaxation so that youll be fit and ready to tackle the next day of sightseeing. Walks through the beautiful countryside and the nearby conservation area will be balsam for your soul. The local bus will get you downtown in 10 minutes a brisk walk will get you there in half an hour. The flat has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen.

price per night incl. utilities

2 people Each additional person Single-room

EUR 45 +EUR 10 price on request

Nr. 25

Holiday Flat am rottsberg


Frau Dr. A. Lauterbach Oskar-Schindler-Strae 3 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/2 33 55 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/2 33 55 E-Mail dr-a-lauterbach@foni.net 7 km 5 km 0,4 km

Holiday flat 40 m2 (430 ft2), 1-4 people 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1 person Each additional person Breakfast EUR 5 per person


40 40

Holiday flat 70 m2 (750 ft2), 2 people 1 living room with sofa bed, 1 bedroom with 1 bed, kitchen price incl. utilities and bedding 1 to 3 nights EUR 45 Each additional night EUR 38 English spoken. Se habla espaol.


Holiday Flats, Camping Hildesheim | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

Nr. 26

Holiday Flat Czayka

Stadtweg 13a 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 1 71/5 23 49 13 E-Mail czayka.sorsum@t-online.de www.ferienwohnung-czayka.de


Nr. 27

Holiday Flat Dittbrenner

Moekerweg 1 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/6 55 47 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/6 68 43


7 km

2 km

0,5 km

5 km

3 km

0,2 km

Holiday flat 85 m2 (915 ft2), 4 people 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet

price per night incl. utilities

1-2 people Each additional person

EUR 50 + EUR 10

Holiday Flat 85 m2 (915 ft2), 4-5 people 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price 1st night (2 people) EUR 50 Each additional p. + EUR 10, each additional n. EUR 45 One-time utility charge dep. on length of stay EUR 10

Good connections to Hannover Exhibition Grounds Nr. 28

Includes bedding and towels, air-conditioned

G6 Nr. 29

Holiday Flat Martin Franke

Elzer Strae 117 31137 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/924 6 41 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/1 77 77 30 Mobil +49 (0) 1 77/1 80 17 70 Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 6 km 4 km 20 m

Holiday Flat Hilger

Hans-Bckler-Weg 15 31141 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/86 86 50 E-Mail IndeHilger@t-online.de


5 km

8 km

1 km

Holiday flat 70 m2 (750 ft2) 2 bedrooms, sit-in kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people Each additional person EUR + EUR 45 10

Holiday Flat 45 m2 (485 ft2), 1-4 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, shower price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 45 Each additional person + EUR 15 Boarders Prices on request

Seats in the garden

Nr. 30

Haus Hoffmann
Ritterstrae 3 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 1 60/5 28 97 81


Nr. 31

Holiday Flats Kaune

Vionvillestrae 6 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/9 99 08 51 E-Mail KerstinSchwandes@email.de Web www.ferienwohnung-kaune.de


4 km Holiday flat 48 m2 (515 ft2), 1-2 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet

1,7 km

0,1 km Holiday flat 1 26 m2 (280 ft2), 1-2 people, 1 living room, kitchenette, bathroom, shower, toilet price per night 2 people EUR 38

2 km

200 m

150 m

price per night incl. utilities and bedding 1-2 people EUR 45 Boarders Prices on request Centrally located, 50 m park-like area, balcony

Holiday flat 2 72 m2 (775 ft2), 2-4 people 1 bed-sitter, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathr., shower, toilet price per night 2 people EUR 55 Each additional p. EUR 10

Less than 5 nights + EUR 25/35 for final cleaning, long-term rental on request

Nr. 32

Holiday Flat Goethestrae


Nr. 33

Freibad & Camping am Mggelsee

Am Mggelsee 4 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/5 31 51 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/51 40 18 E-Mail MueggelseeHi@aol.com Web www.mueggelseehi.de 2 km 1,5 km 0,5 km


Goethestrae 53 31135 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 15782936053 E-Mail fewo-goethe@web.de Web www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten

2 km

1,5 km

0,2 km
price per night Caravan, motor home, car/ tent EUR 9 Additional car EUR 3 Motorcycle EUR 2 Tent EUR 6 Adults EUR 5

Holiday flat 70 m2 (750 ft2), 2-4 people 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 50 Each additional person + EUR 10 Boarders Prices on request Close to city centre, family friendly, Wi-Fi

Child. under 14 EUR .50 Opening times: 2 Dog EUR 1.50 from May to October Power flat rate EUR 3 and on agreement Power connection and rubbish fee EUR 1 Power per 50 cents Shower EUR 1

Camp grounds border a swimming lake, Res. welcome


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Map of Accommodation in Hildesheim

10 18 9



26 7 23 27 28 1 8 16, 22, 24 30 13 25 19 3 17

2 32 15 20



Map source: City of Hildesheim Surveying and geo data




Map of Accommodation in Hildesheim | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

HO T e L S, HO T e L -r e STAu r A N T S
1. Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim ****, Markt 4, S. 31, J6 2. Novotel Hildesheim ****, Bahnhofsallee 38, S. 32, J6 3. Parkhotel Berghlzchen ****, Am Berghlzchen 1, S. 32, G7 4. Hotel Lindemann, Kruppstrae 5, S. 33, K4 5. Hotel Itzumer Pa ***, Itzumer Hauptstrae 15, S. 33, L9 6. Landgasthof Zur scharfen Ecke ***, Itzumer Hauptstrae 1, S. 33, L9 7. Gollarts Hotel Deutsches Haus ***, S. 33, H6 8. Hotel Brgermeisterkapelle, Rathausstrae 8, S. 34, J6 9. Hotel Marheineke, Peiner Landstrae 189, S. 34, J4 10. Hotel Meyer, Peiner Landstrae 185, S. 34, J4 11. Osterberg Restaurant & Hotel, Linnenkamp 4, S. 34, F5

12. Gstehaus Klocke, Humbtoldstrae 11, S. 34, H7 13. Conditorei Timphus Hotel Garni, Braunschweiger Strae 90, S. 34, J7 14. Hotel Am Steinberg, Adolf-Kolping-Strae 6, S. 35, H9 15. Hotel Stadtresidenz, Steingrube 4, S. 35, J6 16. ABH Gste-Boardinghaus, Bleckenstedter Strae 1, S. 35, H6

HO T e L S GA r N I

17. Tagungshaus Priesterseminar, Neue Strae 3, S. 35, J7

CON F e r e NC e HO T e L S

18. Family-Inn Herberge, Lilly-Reich-Strae 12, S. 35, G4 19. Jugendherberge Hildesheim, Schirrmannweg 4, S. 35, F7

HO ST e L S, YOu T H HO ST e L S

20. Gstehaus Moltkestr. 89, Moltkestrae 89, S. 36, J6 21. Privatzimmer Renate Zahn, Am Burghof 22, S. 36, H9 For more private rooms, also see Accommodation No. 24.

p r I VAT e rO OM S


22. ABH Gste-Boardinghaus, Bleckenstedter Strae 1, S. 36, H6 23. Thnelts Traumparadies, Louise-Wippern-Ring 5, S. 36, F6 24. Holiday Flat Schrder, Bleckenstedter Strae 2, S. 36, H6 25. Holiday Flat am Rottsberg, Oskar-Schindler-Strae 3, S. 36, F7 26. Holiday Flat Czayka, Stadtweg 13a, S. 37, F6 27. Holiday Flat Dittbrenner, Moekerweg 1, S. 37, F6 28. Holiday Flat Franke, Elzer Strae 117, S. 37, G6 29. Holiday Flat Hilger, Hans-Bckler-Weg 15, S. 37, L8 30. Holiday Flat Hoffmann, Ritterstrae 3, S. 37, H6 31. Holiday Flat Kaune, Vionvillestrae 6, S. 37, J7 32. Holiday Flat Neumann, Goethestrae 53, S. 37, K6 For more holiday flats, also see Accommodation No. 20.


5, 6

33. Freibad & Camping am Mggelsee, Am Mggelsee 4, S. 37, K4

C A M p GrOu N DS


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Accommodation in Bad Salzdetfurth Salze Klinik

An der Peesel 5 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/47 27 55 oder +49 (0) 50 63/47 27 56 E-Mail verw-sk2@rehaklinik.de Web www.rehaklinik.de 9 km 3 km 0 km

Nr. 34


The Salze Klinik with 194 beds in Bad Salzdetfurth has focussed on a specialisation in the treatment of orthopaedic and psychosomatic illnesses. You will stay in a comfortable single room equipped with a shower, Tel., cable TV and most rooms also have a balcony we take care of you. In a gentle, natural environment, experience a carefully crafted health programme that supports therapy success in a restorative way. In the evening and at the weekend, there are many cultural events and interesting lectures to enrich your leisure time. Feel free to just let go and enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere. Indications in orthopaedics: Degenerative and inflammatory-rheumatic illnesses, including osteoporosis Conditions following accidents, orthopaedic neuro-surgical operations and amputations Malignant tumour diseases and malignant system illnesses of the skeletal system Condition following poliomyelitis and peripheral paralysis Indications in psychosomatics: Somatoform disorders Pain disorders Depression Phobias Effects of social problem situations No. of beds: 194 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. EUR EUR 56 91

Single rooms: 194 with additional bed Full-board: EUR 13

Park-like gardens, Salze Vita Nr. 35


relexa hotel Bad Salzdetfurth

B4 An der Pessel 1 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/29-0 Fax +49 (0) 50 63/29-113 E-Mail BadSalzdetfurth@relexa-hotel.de Web www.relexa-hotels.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 9 km 0,3 km 0,3 km

At the edge of the gentle, rolling hills along the Leine River, just 9 km from A7 autobahn and 15 km from Hildesheim, city of World Cultural Heritage, you will find the relexa hotel Bad Salzdetfurth, an oasis of peace and quiet, yet still quick and easy to reach. Just a few steps away from the centre of the village of Bad Salzdetfurth, with its delightful half-timbered architecture and spa facilities with a spa park and the unique salt works, the hotel offers 130 rooms, 3 restaurants, 16 conference rooms, a smokers lounge and a recreational area featuring two bowling alleys, a swimming pool, a sauna, a solarium and a cosmetic studio and well as a games room with billiards and air-hockey, a fitting setting for any stay. Whether youre planning an exciting short trip, a relaxing wellness holiday, a business trip or a challenging conference this is where you will find the facilities you are looking for. Our younger guests will have lots of fun and games in the childrens play area, while the adults can enjoy the culinary delights on offer or celebrate a family fest in one of the variable event rooms available.

No. of beds: 250

room prices incl. breakfast p.N.

Single room = Double room from EUR 72 to 109 Double rooms: 116 from EUR 92 to 129 Junior suites: 12 from EUR 20 to 142 1 Maisonette flats: 2 from EUR 31 to 206 1 Boarders Prices on request Half-board: EUR 19; Full-board: EUR 38 2 bowling alleys available


Hotels, Hotels Garni, Guesthouses, private rooms | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

Nr. 36


Lechstedter Obstweinschnke

C 1

Nr. 37


Ringstrae 7 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 64/71 59 Fax +49 (0) 50 64/13 59 E-Mail landhotel@obstweinschaenke.de Web www.obstweinschaenke.de 4 km 12 km 1,5 km

Hotel Kronprinz
Unterstrae 105 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/9 08 10 Fax +49 (0) 50 63/90 81 66 E-Mail info@hotelkronprinz.com Web www.hotel-kronprinz.com 9 km 0,5 km 0 km


We bid you a hearty welcome! We would be very happy to welcome you to our small, 3-star country inn. Enjoy the idyllic village atmosphere close to Hildesheim and Bad Salzdetfurth. The comfortable, cosy atmosphere of our hotel is certain to enchant you. Well-kept hiking trails in the nearby wood, an 18-hole golf course, a thermal salt-water swimming pool and glider airfield, all in the direct vicinity, will let you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our hotel has 15 lovingly decorated double rooms equipped with a shower, toilet, minibar, TV and Tel.. A perfect place for anyone looking to relax and get away from it all as well as for exhibitors and visitors to the tradeshows on the Hannover Exhibition Grounds. Get a taste of the countryside. Enjoy regional and seasonal specialities in our hotel restaurant, on the outdoor patio or in the romantic beer garden. No. of beds: 32 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: Double rooms: from EUR 50 to 102 from EUR 80 to 120

The Hotel Kronprinz in the heart of the picturesque old town of Bad Salzdetfurth, located directly on the Lamme River under majestic old trees has been part of the town since 1899. The family business was elaborately renovated and equipped with all the mod-cons in 2006. The Proebsting family invites you to come and enjoy a meal, celebrate or hold a meeting or conference as well as to spend the night in one of the cosy rooms at the Kronprinz. In the summer, you can enjoy nice weather on the patio, in the winter, warm your toes by the fireside.

No. of beds: 47 Single rooms: 2 Double rooms: 22 Suites: 2 Closed: Mondays

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 54 to 95 from EUR 79 to 165 from EUR 101 to 195

Half-board: EUR 12,50; full-board: EUR 18,50 Free Wi-Fi, free parking B5 Nr. 39

Dogs are welcome free of charge.

Nr. 38

Hotel Sonneneck

Gstehaus zur Linde

Unterstrae 84 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/53 43


Horstfeldstrae 61 31062 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/25 12 Fax +49 (0) 50 63/46 58 E-Mail hotel-sonneneck@t-online.de Web www.hotelsonneneck.de Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 10 km No. of beds: 30 Single rooms: 10 Double rooms: 6 3-bedrooms: 2 Family rooms: Central, yet quiet location Nr. 40 0,6 km 0,6 km No. of beds: 6 Single rooms: 2 Double rooms: 2

8 km

0,9 km

0,3 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR from EUR from EUR from EUR 49 70 95 95

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 25 to 27 from EUR 50 to 54

Directly at the main spa building, romantic inner courtyard C 5 Nr. 41

pension Liekefett
Birkenweg 19 31062 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/86 42 Mobil +49 (0) 1 71/2 05 14 51 E-Mail dorothea.voges@gmx.de

Haus Hennies
Birkenweg 31 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/14 51 Fax +49 (0) 50 63/22 00 E-Mail Hennies-und-Mai@online.de

C 4

9 km No. of beds: 5 Single rooms: 1 Double rooms: 1

0,4 km

0,4 km No. of beds: 1 Single rooms: 1

10 km

1 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 26 to 29 from EUR 48 to 52

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 22 to 27

Holiday flat 1 - 3 people from EUR 30 to 40 incl. bedding, utilities, excl. breakfast Close to the spa park, large garden, good hiking trails nearby


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Holiday Flats Bad Salzdetfurth Kreiswohnbau Hildesheim GmbH
Kaiserstrae 21 31 134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/97 6-0 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/97 6-66 E-Mail info@kreiswohnbau-hi.de Web www.kreiswohnbau-hi.de Your home-away-from-home in Alfeld, Bad Salzdetfurth and Sarstedt Home is where you hang your hat! Find your furnished flat as your home-away-from-home at the Kreiswohnbau Hildesheim. Exactly the way you want your home to be, designed to meet your needs. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and feel right at home in your own flat. Our home-away-from-home plan offers anyone who needs short-term accommodation, whether for private reasons or because of your job, a place to live between Hildesheim and Hannover as well as close to the foothills of the Harz Mountains and the Leine hill country. Our flats have a bed-sitter, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The furnishings are friendly, modern, and especially important, complete. They include a complete built-in kitchen incl. dishes, completely outfitted bedrooms with wardrobes and double beds, seating areas and double sofa beds in the living rooms. The flats are located in Alfeld, Bad Salzdetfurth and Sarstedt. Holiday flats: 5 65-75 m2 (700 to 800 ft2), 4-6 people 1 bed-sitter, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom price incl. utilities (final cleaning eur 54) per night EUR per week EUR per month EUR Non-smoking flats All 6 flats with a kitchen (fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, dishes, pots and pans) and a separate shower/toilet. Includes bedding and towels. Flat C: living room, bedroom and kitchen separate. Natural surroundings: all the flats look out over the garden with a covered seating area (approx. 4 x 8 m) and over the salt-water swimming facilities and the spa park. 50 m to the spa park, no inclines. 2-minute walk to the clinics (SalzeKliniken). Minimum stay: 3 nights. Long-term rental available starting from 2 months. Holiday flat B/C (2/2) Holiday flat A (2) 1 person, 1 bed-sitter, kitch- 1-2/1-4 people, 1 livingr., 1 bedr., kitchenette/kitchen, enette, bathroom, toilet bathroom, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities price per night incl. utilities 1st night EUR 30 1st night EUR 40/50 Each additional n. EUR 13 Each additi. n. EUR 18/23 Each additional p. + EUR 2 50 m to the spa park, prices for boarders on request C 3

Nr. 42

Nr. 43

Haus Felix

C 4

Soltmannstrae 3 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/51 97 oder +49 (0) 5 31/6 65 26 E-Mail info@haus-felix.de Web www.haus-felix.de 8,3 km 1 km 1 km

37.50 215.00 750.00

Good travel connections to Hannover

Nr. 44

Appartement Koch
Am Schafberg 1 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 64/96 23 98 E-Mail app.koch@email.de Web www.appartement-koch.de.to

Nr. 45

Holiday Flat Haus Wieske

C 4

Ludwig-Richter-Strae 2 31 162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/40 12 Fax +49 (0) 50 63/2 70 18 70 E-Mail dwieske3@t-online.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 5 km Holiday flat 75 m2 (800 ft2), 1-4 people 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet price p. n. incl. utilities 2 people EUR 55 Each additional p. + EUR 15 From 2 nights

6 km

0,3 km

0,1 km

1,1 km

1,1 km

Holiday flat 60 m2 (645 ft2), 1-4 people, 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities (excl. breakfast) 1 person EUR Each additional person + EUR 30 20

Double room 20 m2 (215 ft2), 1 bedroom (extra bed possible), fridge, shower, toilet price p. n. incl. utilities 1 person EUR 20 Each additional p. + EUR 20 Breakfast EUR 5 per person

Bedding & towels included, Wi-Fi available

Nr. 46

Upscale standard, SAT-TV, internet, DSL, balcony, please ask about our pet policy

Holiday Flat Fernblick

C 3

Nr. 47

Holiday Flat Heinz

Lehmkuhle 4 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/82 84

C 6

Schafweide 15 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth/Wesseln Tel. +49 (0) 50 64/5 99 oder +49 (0) 5121/92 78 58 Mobil +49 (0) 1 76/90 71 80 33 E-Mail colinasol@web.de 6 km Holiday flat 65 m2 (700 ft2), 2-3 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1 person EUR 35 Each additional p. + EUR 10 0,7 km 0,5 km

12 km

3 km

0,1 km

room 35 m2 (375 ft2), 1-2 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, shower, toilet preis p. N. inkl. Nebenk. 1 person EUR 25 Special price for boar2nd person + EUR 10 ders on request

Ferienwohnung 55 m2 (590 ft2), 1-4 people 1 living room with balcony facing south, 1 bedroom, kitch., shower, toilet (2nd bedr. and breakfast available) price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 40 Each additional person + EUR 10

Exclusive furnishings, balcony with panoramic view, bathroom with corner bathtub, DSL


Holiday Flats Bad Salzdetfurth | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

Nr. 48

Holiday Flats Wanjek

C 5

Nr. 49

Haus Burzin
Lckenkamp 12 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/14 63

C 6

Ernst-Hfel-Strae 2 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 60/60 88 12 Fax +49 (0) 50 60/60 88 17 E-Mail heike@die-schatulle.de Web www.die-schatulle.com/wohnung 7 km Holiday flat 1 51 m2, 2-4 people 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 50 Each additional p. + EUR 20 0,7 km 1 km

10 km

3 km

0,3 km

Holiday flat 2 110 m2 (1200 ft2), 2 - 6 people 1 living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 50 Each additional p.+ EUR 20

Holiday flat 80 m2 (860 ft2), 1-5 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1 person EUR 20 Each additional person + EUR 20

Beautiful garden, quiet location Nr. 50

Haus Frobse
Birkenweg 33 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/14 71

C 4

Nr. 51

Haus Habben
Lckenkamp 3 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/96 02 47 E-Mail andreas.habben@vodafone.de

C 6

10 km

0,5 km

0,5 km

13 km

3 km

0,2 km

Holiday flat 85 m2 (915 ft2), 2-4 people, 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1st to 3rd night EUR 50, each additional night + EUR 45 Can be booked as either a single or a double room: 1st 3rd night EUR 27, each additional night EUR 22 Close to the spa park, 450 m to the main spa building Nr. 52

Holiday flat 25 m2 (270 ft2), 1-2 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchen, shower, toilet preis pro Nacht inklusive Nebenkosten 1 person EUR 29 Each additional person +EUR 10 Please request scaled prices, special rates for boarders Patio and parking, located on the quiet outskirts B5 Nr. 53

Haus Mchel
Am Waldhaus 4 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/6 20 E-Mail Ursula.Maechel@t-online.de

Haus Mller
Salinenstrae 29 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/80 73

C 4

10 km

0,5 km

0,5 km

9,4 km

0,3 km

0,3 km

Holiday flat 60 m2 (645 ft2), 1-2 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1- 2 people from EUR 45 to 70 Boarders Prices on request

2 Holiday flats 40 m2 (430 ft2), 2 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, shower, kitchen, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1- 2 people EUR 30

Quiet location, no through traffic, separate entrance, conservatory Nr. 54

Directly on the spa park, salt-water swimming pool, very central B5 Nr. 55

Haus pulina and Haus Margrit

Drei Berge 9 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/14 39 Mobil +49 (0) 1 57/73 23 33 42

Haus riedel
Lckenkamp 4 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/81 33 E-Mail riedel.edda@online.de

C 6

20 km Holiday flat pulina 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1st night EUR 30 Each additional night + EUR 25

0,8 km

0,4 km Holiday flat 1 33 m2 (355 ft2),1-2 people, 1 bed-sitter, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1 person EUR 30 Each additional p. + EUR 15

10 km

2 km

0,3 km

Holiday flat Margrit 55 m2 (590 ft2), 1-2 people 1 living room, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1st and 2nd night EUR 35 Each additional n. + EUR 30

Holiday flat 2 25 m2 (270 ft2), 1-2 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1 person EUR 25 Each additional p. + EUR 12

Long-term rental on request

Special prices for boarders, 4 additional bedrooms on the top floor


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Accommodation in Bad Salzdetfurth


34. Salze Klinik, An der Peesel 5, Bad Salzdetfurth-Detfurth, S. 40, B 4 35. relexa hotel Bad Salzdetfurth ****, An der Peesel 1, Bad Salzdetfurth-Detfurth, S. 40, B 4 36. Landhotel Lechstedter Obstweinschnke ***S, Ringstrae 7, Bad Salzdetfurth-Lechstedt (1/4) , S. 41, C 1 37. Hotel Kronprinz ***, Unterstrae 105, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 41, B 5 38. Hotel Sonneneck, Horstfeldstrae 61, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 41, B 5 39. Gstehaus Zur Linde, Unterstrae 84, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 41, B 5



Nr. 56

Haus utermhle

C 4

Hans Hohlbein-Weg 10 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/87 87 oder -25 82 E-Mail gina_u_55@hotmail.com

40. Haus Liekefett (auch Ferienwohnung), Birkenweg 19, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 41, C 5 41. Haus Hennies, Birkenweg 31, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 41, C 4 Weitere Privatzimmer siehe auch Unterknfte Nr. 45 und 46. 42. Gstewohnungen der Kreiswohnbau GmbH, Bad Salzdetfurth, Alfeld, Sarstedt, S. 42 43. Haus Felix, Soltmannstrae 3, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 42, C 4 44. Appartement Koch, Am Schafberg 1, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wesseln, S. 42, C 3 45. Haus Wieske, Ludwig-Richter-Strae 2, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wesseln, S. 42, C 4 46. Holiday Flat Fernblick, Schafweide 15, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wesseln, S. 42, C 3 47. Holiday Flat Heinz, Lehmkuhle 4, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wehrstedt, S. 42, C 6 48. Holiday Flat Wanjek, Ernst-Hfel-Strae 2, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, C 5 49. Haus Burzin, Lckenkamp 12, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wehrstedt, S. 43, C 6 50. Haus Frobse, Birkenweg 33, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, C 4 51. Haus Habben, Lckenkamp 3, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, C 6 52. Haus Mchel, Am Waldhaus 4, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, B 5 53. Haus Mller, Salinenstrae 29, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, C 4 54. Haus Pulina und Haus Margrit, Drei Berge 9, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 43, B 5 55. Haus Riedel, Lckenkamp 4, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wehrstedt, S. 43, C 6 56. Haus Utermhle, Hans-Holbein-Weg 10, Bad Salzdetfurth-Wesseln, S. 44, C 4 57. Haus Winter, Ulmenweg 10, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 44, C 5 58. Haus Ziegler, Birkenweg 24, Bad Salzdetfurth, S. 44, C 4 Weitere Ferienwohnungen siehe auch Unterkunft Nr. 40. The city of Bad Salzdetfurth, with its districts of Bad Salzdetfurth and Detfurth, is a state-approved spa. To cover its expenses for building, purchasing, expanding, improving, renewing and maintaining its facilities, which promote tourism in these areas, the town requires the payment of a spa tax. How much is it? eur 1.69 per overnight stay for individuals or the first person in a family. eur 1.02 for spouses or each additional person older than 18. The spa tax is collected by your landlord. Please ask your host about what discounts are possible and under what conditions you may be exempt from paying the spa tax.



6 km

0,8 km

0,8 km

Holiday flat 50 m2 (540 ft2), up to 3 people, 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities up to 3 people EUR 45 plus final cleaning EUR 25 Breakfast and laundry services on request Long-term rental for boarders, transportation to train station available Nr. 57

Haus Winter
Ulmenweg 10 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/86 88 E-Mail herta.winter@gmx.net

C 5

7 km

1 km

1,5 km

Holiday flat 55 m2 (540 ft2), 2-4 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet, 2nd bedroom available price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 30 Each additional person + EUR 10 Separate entrance, ground level, patio, parking at house, Wi-Fi Nr. 58

Haus Ziegler
Birkenweg 24 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Tel. +49 (0) 50 63/6 92

C 4

7 km

0,4 km

0,4 km

Holiday flat 2-3 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet price per night incl. utilities 1-2 people 3 people EUR 25 EUR 30


Map of Accommodation Bad Salzdetfurth | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012



46 45 56

35 43 53 52 37 39 40 41, 50, 58 57 48




49, 51, 55


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | Accommodation in the region

Nr. 59


parkhotel Ahrbergen

C 2



Liebigstrae 35 31 180 Ahrbergen Tel. +49 (0) 50 66/70 55-0 Fax +49 (0) 50 66/70 55-79 E-Mail info@parkhotel-ahrbergen.de Web www.parkhotel-ahrbergen.de Res. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten 10 km 6 km 0,6 km No. of beds: 30

Gasthof Jrns


Marienburger Strae 41 31199 Diekholzen Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/2 07 00 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/20 70 90 E-Mail service@gasthof-joerns.de Web www.gasthof-joerns.de 10 km 8 km 0,3 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 46 from EUR 70 from EUR 80

In the Park.Hotel Ahrbergen, you can expect to find attractive double and single rooms, which are equipped with modern business components. This means that its up to you how you spend the evening: working out in the hotels fitness room, relaxing with a glass of wine on the sunny patio with the adjacent hotel bar and a view of the forest, or being productive using the free Wi-Fi in the lobby or the bar. To get you off to a good start the next day, we provide you with a hearty breakfast buffet in a cosy atmosphere. And then you can be right on your way; our car park is located directly in front of the hotel. Ideal for your business & pleasure trips!

Single rooms: 8 Double rooms: 8 Comfort rooms: 2 Half-board: EUR 10

Free parking and Wi-Fi, 4 bowling alleys Nr. 61


Hotel Weies ro
Hauptstrae 95 31195 Lamspringe Tel. +49 (0) 51 83/4 07 Fax +49 (0) 51 83/95 73 85 Web www.hr-weisses-ross.de


12 km No. of beds: 144 Single rooms: 40 Double rooms:51 Half-board, full-board on request Closed 22.12.2012 - 02.01.2013 Nr. 62 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 55 to 169 from EUR 75 to 189

6 km

10 m

No. of beds: 15 room prices incl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: 3 (shared bath on floor) EUR 28 Double rooms: 6 from EUR 32 to 50 as a single room from EUR 40 to 50 Half-board: EUR 7; full-board: EUR 11 (from 5 days on request)

Prices may change during tradeshows.

TV available in room on request

C 2 Nr. 63

Hotel Gutshof Busch

Gdringer Strae 15 31157 Sarstedt Tel. +49 (0) 50 66/7 02 10 Fax +49 (0) 50 66/6 57 90 E-Mail hotelgutshofbusch@web.de Web www.hotel-gutshof-busch.de 13 km 3 km 3 km

Hotel Landhaus Adensen

Am Pfarrkamp 13 31171 Nordstemmen Tel. +49 (0) 50 44/9 72 57 Fax +49 (0) 50 44/9 72 55 E-Mail landhaus.adensen@t-online.de Web www.landhaus-adensen.de 25 km 5 km 0,1 km


No. of beds: 68

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. EUR 50 EUR 75 EUR 85

No. of beds: 27 Single rooms: 9 Double rooms: 9 3-bed rooms: 2

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 0 to 47.50 4 from EUR 70 to 85 from EUR 90 to 99 Closed: Mondays

Single rooms: 6 Double rooms: 25 Suites: 3 for 2 people

Boarders Prices on request Half-board: EUR 9.90; full-board: EUR 16.50 No la carte restaurant, restaurant from 10-120 people, LCD TV

Family-operated country inn in a quiet location, large menu


Hotel-restaurants, Hotel Garnis, Guesthouses/Boarding houses | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE 2012 Hotel-restaurant Nobiskrug
Stckumer Strae 1 31171 Nordstemmen Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/26 79 Fax +49 (0) 50 69/8 01 72 E-Mail wknoesel@nobiskrug-hotel.de Web www.nobiskrug-hotel.de 14 km No. of beds: 20 Single rooms: 6 Double rooms: 7 10 km 0,2 km No. of beds: 18 Single rooms: 4 Double rooms: 7


C 3

Nr. 65

Landgasthaus zur Linde

Hauptstrae 14 31180 Giesen-Emmerke Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/6 22 34 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/6 08 91 E-Mail info@zur-linde-emmerke.de Web www.zur-linde-emmerke.de 8 km 0,5 km 50 m

C 3

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 2.50 to 56 5 from EUR 75 to 84

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 33 to 36 from EUR 66 to 72

Closed: Fridays

Closed: Tuesdays Veranstaltungssaal fr 140 Personen, Internet mglich

Nr. 66


Hildesheimer Hof Hotel Garni


Gerhild Gdeke Bundesstrae 7 31177 Harsum-Asel Tel. +49 (0) 51 27/93 11 07 Fax +49 (0) 51 27/93 11 08 E-Mail info@hildesheimer-hof.de Web www.hildesheimer-hof.de 0,3 km 3,5 km 1 km

No. of beds: 29 Single rooms: 9 Double rooms: 8 4-bedrooms: 1

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 35 to 49 from EUR 64 to 80 from EUR 10 bis 130 1

Special prices during tradeshows and events Boarders Prices on request Wi-Fi available, credit cards accepted, close to the Hannover Exhibition Nr. 67

energie 17
Oststrae 17 31177 Harsum Tel. +49 (0) 51 27/40 98 90 Fax +49 (0) 51 27/40 98 91 E-Mail pension@energie17.de Web www.energie17.de 3 km 0,3 km 0,3 km


Nr. 68

pension Grasdorf
Ohebergstrae 6 31188 Holle-Grasdorf Tel. +49 (0) 53 41/2 23 81 43 Fax +49 (0) 53 44/26 12 54 Mobil +49 (0) 1 70/2 92 61 34


0,5 km No. of beds: 44 Single rooms: 2 Double rooms: 21 Boarders

2,3 km

0,3 km

The stylishly decorated inn is located in the heart of Harsum in an absolutely quiet area. This pretty village is home to many historical churches. This building was originally used as a kindergarten and has been completely renovated both inside and out. The generous rooms include a shower, toilet, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi and Tel.. The caf adjoining the inn sells homemade cakes in addition to a variety of coffee specialities. Twice a month, always on Thursdays, cabaret evenings take place in the caf. The city of Hildesheim can be reached in just a few minutes by bus or rapid-transit (S-Bahn); the state capital of Hannover is only 25 kilometres away. The trails through Harsum are ideal for taking a walk or jogging. There are restaurants and shopping opportunities in the immediate area.

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. up to EUR 25 up to EUR 30 Prices on request

Common kitchen, at the autobahn junction A7/A39 Nr. 69

Fachwerkhuser Leinegarten
Leintor 4/6 31028 Gronau Tel. +49 (0) 51 82/60 63 95 Mobil +49 (0) 1 75/7 21 28 25 E-Mail info@leinegarten.de Web www.leinegarten.com 20 km 2 km 0,2 km

C 3

No. of beds: 16 Single rooms: 1 Double rooms: 6 3-bedrooms: 1

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. EUR EUR EUR 49 69 89

Holiday flats Several holiday flats in different sizes from EUR 35 to 110 plus final cleaning Single rooms from EUR 30 Double rooms excl. breakfast from EUR 45 to 60 Breakfast depending on size from EUR 7 to 12 Breakfast buffet and prices on request
Quiet, despite the downtown location, directly on the Leine-Heide bicycle path

Caf with homemade cakes


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | private rooms, Holiday Flats in the region Bed & Breakfast

Nr. 70


Kronenberg 3 31174 Schellerten Tel. +49 (0) 51 23/81 86 E-Mail rhinterthuer@t-online.de Web www.bedandbreakfast-hinterthuer.de

8 km No. of beds: 8

12 km

0,2 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 45 to 54 from EUR 22 to 27 Prices on request

Double rooms: 4 as single room Boarders and long-term guest

Double rooms can also be booked as single rooms.

Nr. 71

Bed & Breakfast Vermittlung Anders

C 2

Nr. 72

Guesthouse Kreibohm
Kirchstrae 14 31033 Brggen (Leine) Tel. +49 (0) 51 82/20 87 Fax +49 (0) 51 82/94 72 48 E-Mail info@familie-kreibohm.de Web www.familie-kreibohm.de 26 km 4 km 0,3 km

C 4

Beethovenstrae 11 31180 Giesen-Ahrbergen Tel. +49 (0) 50 66/69 27 40 E-Mail anders.regina.ahrbergen@t-online.de

10 km

10 km

1 km No. of beds: 9 Single rooms: 2 Double rooms: 4

room prices incl. breakfast Single rooms: 8 Double rooms: 4 Flats: 3 from EUR 35 to 55 from EUR 50 to 80 from EUR 50 to 80

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 25 to 35 from EUR 50 to 60

Special prices for boarders and during tradeshows on request Nr. 73

Grilling in the garden, please ask about childrens discounts! E3 Nr. 74

Lindenhof - Helmke
Schaperhof 9 31174 Schellerten-Whle Tel. +49 (0) 51 23/3 64 Fax +49 (0) 51 23/40 82 42 E-Mail info@lindenhof-helmke.de Web www.lindenhof-helmke.de 8 km 14 km 0,1 km

Familie ritter


Bernwardstrae 6 31174 Schellerten-Whle Tel. +49 (0) 51 23/74 57 Fax +49 (0) 51 23/41 36 Mobil +49 (0) 1 70/2 86 88 75 E-Mail Kfz-ritter@gmx.de 8 km 15 km 1 km

No. of beds: 10 Single rooms: 5 Double rooms: 5

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 32 to 50 from EUR 60 to 90 EUR + EUR 50 10

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. Single rooms: 4 from EUR 20 to 28 Double rooms: 2 from EUR 40 to 56 (can also be booked as single rooms) Caravans: 3 prices per person incl. breakfast from EUR 10 to 14

Holiday flat, 2-6 people 2 people Each additional person

Company rates on request, separate entrance Nr. 75

Location on the edge of the forest, pool in the garden, Wi-Fi C 2 Nr. 76

Hildegard Ziegler

Holiday Flat Fritsche

Hinter der Mainte 19 31039 Rheden-Wallenstedt Tel. +49 (0) 51 82/29 78

C 4

Im Kreuzfeld 6 31171 Nordstemmen-Heyersum Tel./Fax +49 (0) 50 69/12 67 Mobil +49 (0) 1 74/9 25 81 71 E-Mail hiziegler@web.de Web www.private-messezimmer.de 10 km No. of beds: 10 2 km 0,4 km

23 km Holiday flat 75 m2 (800 ft2), 2-4 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bath price per night incl. utilities 2 people Each additional person

6 km

0,5 km

room prices incl. breakfast p. N. from EUR 28 to 55 from EUR 8 to 100 4 from EUR 0 to 120 6 Prices on request

Single rooms: 1 Double rooms: 3 Suites/3-bed rooms: 1 Boarders and long-term guests

EUR 30 + EUR 10

Quiet location with a view of the Marienburg Castle


Holiday Flats in the region| HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 Holiday Flats on the Farm
Eikenhof 1 31171 Nordstemmen- Rssing Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/72 65

Nr. 77

C 2

Nr. 78

Holiday Flat Kaschube

C 2

Auf der Lade 14 31180 Giesen - Gro Frste Tel. +49 (0) 50 66/6 46 74 Fax +49 (0) 50 66/6 46 74 E-Mail a.kaschube@gmx.de Web www.fewo-kaschube.de 6 km 5 km 0,4 km

14 km

1,5 km

0,2 km

Holiday flat with separate entrance 80 m2 (860 ft2), 1-5 people (4 beds + 1 cot) 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities and bedding 1 person EUR 30 2 people/per person EUR 18 from 3 people/per person EUR 15 Separate entrance, balcony, garden with childrens playground Nr. 79

living room, 1 bedr., kitchen, bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 50 3rd and 4th person + EUR 15 each Quiet, central location

room Holiday flat 75 m2 (800 ft2), 2-4 people, 1 30 m2 (320 ft2), 1-2 people

1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 40

pension Kierstein
Am Schmiedekamp 4 31171 Nordstemmen-Heyersum Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/66 68 Fax +49 (0) 50 69/80 69 96 E-Mail heidikierstein@aol.com Web www.pension-kierstein.de 15 km 2 km 2 km

C 2

Nr. 80

Holiday Flat Marienburg

C 3

Calenberger Strae 15 31171 Nordstemmen Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/79 97 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/69 01 35 E-Mail renate-doelz@gmx.de Mobil +49 (0) 1 63/42 82 53 Web www.ferienwohnung-marienburg.de 15 km Holiday flat 1 60 m2 (645 ft2), 2-5 people 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitch., bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 35 Each additional p. EUR 10 0,6 km 0,6 km

Holiday flat 1 75 m2 (800 ft2), 2-6 people 1 living room,1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom price per night incl. utilities per person EUR 20

Holiday flat 2 20 m2 (215 ft2), 2-3 people 2 bed-sitters, kitchenette, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities per person EUR 20

Holiday flat 2 50 m2(540 ft2), 2-3 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 30 Prices for boarders on Each additional p. EUR 10 request

Prices for boarders and special conditions on request Nr. 81

20 min. by train to the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, outdoor swim. pool 500 m, swimming lake 1 km

Holiday flat near Marienburg

C 3

Nr. 82

Holiday Flat Familie Sander

Am Knick 3 31036 Eime Tel. +49 (0) 51 82/61 64 Fax +49 (0) 51 82/61 64 Mobil +49 (0) 15 15/7 65 78 29


Geranienweg 7 31 171 Nordstemmen Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/13 34 Fax +49 (0) 50 69/13 34 Inq. www.hildesheim.de/uebernachten

10 km Holiday flat 1 90 m2 (970 ft2), 2-7 people 1 bed-sitter, 2.5 bedrooms, kitch., bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 55 Each additional p. EUR 15

2 km

0,5 km Holiday flat 76 m 2, 1-10 people, 1 liv. room, 2 bedr., 1 bed-sit., kitch., bathr., shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 40 Each additional p. EUR 15

30 km

5 km

1 km

Holiday flat 2 30 m2 (320 ft2), 1-3 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 55 Each additional p. EUR 10

room 20 m2 (215 ft2), 1-3 people 1 bed-sitter, kitchenette, toilet price per night incl. utilities 2 people EUR 30 Each additional p. EUR 10

Playgrounds nearby, shopping centre just a one-minute walk Nr. 83

Holiday flat includes balcony, special prices for boarders on request E3

Holiday Flat Schmidt

Nr. 84

Holiday Flat Theresia Schneider

ber den Weiden 2 31171 Nordstemmen-Klein Escherde Tel. +49 (0) 50 69/83 24 E-Mail teresasastre@yahoo.de

C 3

Krugkamp 13 31174 Schellerten-Wendhausen Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/3 89 39 Fax +49 (0) 51 21/3 89 39 E-Mail reschwe@htp-tel.de

1 km

10 km Holiday flat 43 m2, 1-3 people, 1 liv. room, 1 bedr., kitch., shower, toilet preis p. N. inkl. Nebenk. 1st night for 2 people EUR 40 Each additional n. EUR 30 Each additional p. EUR 10 View of Marienburg

10 km

3 km

0,2 km

Holiday flat 80 m2 (860 ft2), 1-5 people, 1st floor, 2 living rooms, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower, toilet price per night incl. utilities (excl. breakfast) 1st to 3rd night for 2 people EUR 50 Longer stay for 2 people EUR 40 Boarders and students Each additional person + EUR 15 Prices on request

Double room 35 m2, 1-2 people 1 living room, 1 bedroom, bathroom, shower, toilet price p. night incl. utilities 1 person EUR 35 2 people EUR 50

Roof patio, panoramic view


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE 2012 | Map of Accommodation in the region of Hildesheim

62 59,71


67 66

77 63 75,79 80,81 83 64 82



Accommodation S. 31-39

60 69 76 58 72 Accommodation S. 40-45




Map of Accommodation in the region of Hildesheim | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012



59. Parkhotel Ahrbergen, Liebigstrae 35, 31180 Giesen-Ahrbergen, S. 46, C2 60.Hotel-Gasthof Jrns ***, Marienburger Str. 41, Diekholzen, S. 46, D3 61. Hotel Weies Ro **, Hauptstr. 95, Lamspringe, S. 46, D5 62. Hotel Gutshof Busch, Gdringer Str. 15, Sarstedt-Gdringen, S. 46, C2 63. Hotel Landhaus Adensen, Am Pfarrkamp 13, Nordstemmen-Adensen, S. 46, B2 64. Hotel-Restaurant Nobiskrug, Stckumer Str. 1, Nordstemmen-Gro Escherde, S. 47, C3 65. Landgasthaus zur Linde, Hauptstr. 14, Giesen-Emmerke, S. 47, C3

HO T e L S, HO T e L -r e STAu r A N T S

66.Hotel Hildesheimer Hof **, Bundesstr. 7, Harsum-Asel, S. 47, D2

HO T e L GA r N I

67. Pension Energie 17, Oststr. 17, Harsum, S. 47, D2 68. Pension Grasdorf, Ohebergstr. 6, Holle-Grasdorf, S. 47, e3 69.Fachwerkhuser Leinegarten, Leintor 4/6, Gronau, S. 47, C3

Gu e ST HOuSe S, B OA r DI NG HOuSe S

70. Bed & Breakfast Zimmervermietung, Kronenberg 3, Schellerten, S. 48, e2 71. Bed & Breakfast Vermittlung Anders, Beethovenstr. 11, Giesen-Ahrbergen, S. 48, C2 72. Gstezimmer Kreibohm, Kirchstr. 14, Brggen (Leine), S. 48, C4 73. Lindenhof-Helmke Bed & Breakfast, Schaperhof 9, Schellerten-Whle, S. 48, e3 74. Private Room Ritter, Bernwardstr. 6, Schellerten-Whle, S. 48, e3 75. Private Room Ziegler, Im Kreuzfeld 6, Nordstemmen-Heyersum, S. 48, C2 For more private rooms, also see Accommodation No. 78, 82 and 84

p r I VAT e rO OM S

76. Holiday Flat Fritsche, Hinter der Mainte 19, Rheden-Wallenstedt, S. 48, C4 77. Holiday Flat auf dem Bauernhof, Eikenhof 1, Norstemmen-Rssing, S. 49, C2 78. Holiday Flat Kaschube, Auf der Lade 14, Giesen-Gro Frste, S. 49, C2 79. Holiday Flat, Am Schmiedekamp 4, Nordstemmen-Heyersum, S. 49, C2 80.Holiday Flat Marienburg, Calenberger Strae 15, 31171 Nordstemmen, S. 49, C3 81. Holiday Flat nahe Marienburg, Geranienweg 7, Nordstemmen, S. 49, C3 82. Holiday Flat Sander, Am Knick 3, Eime, S. 49, B4 83. Holiday Flat Schmidt, Krugkamp 13, Schellerten-Wendhausen, S. 49, e3 84. Holiday Flat Schneider, ber den Weiden 2, Nordstemmen-Klein Escherde, S. 49, C3 For more holiday flats, also see Accommodation No. 73.




X Conditorei-Caf Timphus Hotel Garni Neustdter Markt 55 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/3 46 86 Business hours: Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6:30 pm, Saturday from 6 am to 5 pm, Sunday from 7:30 am to 6 pm, special business hours on holidays X eiscaf Da Lino Dammstrae 26 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/1 44 00 Business hours: Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm Closed in winter from 15.10. to 25.2.

X Caf Beste Stadtcaf Hildesheimer pumpernickel Baumkuchenspezialitten Almstrae 40 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/3 54 73 Fax +49 (0) 5121/3 54 44 Business hours: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm

X restaurant palmeras
(in the Wasserparadies Hildesheim)

X Schaper`s Krug
Alfelder Strae 36

Bischof-Janssen-Str. 30 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/15 07 24 Business hours: Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 9 pm, Saturday, Sunday, during school holidays and on other holidays 11 am to 9 pm X Landgasthof Zur scharfen ecke Itzumer Hauptstrae 1 31141 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/2 03-0 Business hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday with no midday break, closed Tuesday and Wednesday X parkhotel Berghlzchen Am Berghlzchen 1 31139 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/9 79-0 Business hours: Daily from 7 am to 10 pm X ristorante Italiano Alte Mnze Andreasplatz 16 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/13 29 01 Business hours: Daily from 11:30 am to 3 pm and 6 to 11 pm

31061 Alfeld/Fhrste Tel. +49 (0) 51 81/ 58 50 Business hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 5 pm, Sunday from 10 am (Sunday morning socialable), midday meal on request, closed Monday and Tuesday X restaurant Gildehaus
im Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim

X Hotel Brgermeisterkapelle Rathausstr. 8 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/17 92 90 Business hours: Daily from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 6 to 9 pm

Markt 4 31134 Hildesheim Tel. +49 (0) 51 21/30 06 20 Business hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:30 am to 11 pm, Sunday from 8 am to 11 pm


How to Get Here and public Transportation | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012


The small big city of Hildesheim is located in southern Lower Saxony, just 30 kilometres from the state capital of Hannover. The region of Hildesheim is easily accessible using a variety of different means of transportation.

tmund Dor

urg mb

Autobahnkreuz Hannover-Ost



A7 E 45
Autobahndreieck Hannover-Sd


E 30

Autobahnkreuz BS-Nord





HildesheimDrispenstedt Bahnhof Hildesheim Baddeckenstedt

A 39


Bad Salzdetfurth 243


Dreieck Salzgitter


Le in eb
Alfeld Bockenem Lamspringe





A7 E 45

Kartengrundlage: Stadt Hildesheim -Vermessung und Geodaten- 08/2008

H a r z
By plane: The Hannover-Langenhagen Airport, just 40 km away from Hildesheim, provides for quick international connections. The Hildesheim Airport is a Class 2 airport close to the city centre. By ship: A side arm of the Midland Canal (Mittellandkanal) leads directly to the port in Hildesheim. Local transportation: Schedules, route networks and prices for local transportation in Hildesheim can be found on the internet at www.svhi-hildesheim.de

By car and coach: From the direction of Hamburg Hannover or Frankfurt Kassel: Autobahn A7 (E4), Hildesheim-Drispenstedt exit or Hildesheim exit and from there to your destination in just a few minutes. From the direction of Berlin or the Ruhr industrial basin: Autobahn A2 to the Hannover-East (Ost) junction, then Autobahn A7 (E4) in the direction of Hildesheim Kassel and then use one of the same exits as indicated in the above. By train: Rapid connections from anywhere in Germany are guaranteed by the ICE high-speed train network. Other trans-regional connections are available using the Germany Railway (Deutsche Bahn), rapid transit (S-Bahn), the Metronom and the Eurotrain. Berlin Hildesheim in 1 hour, 50 minutes Hamburg Hildesheim in 1 hour, 50 minutes Munich Hildesheim in 4 hours, 40 minutes Dortmund Hildesheim in 2 hours, 30 minutes


HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012 | General Agency Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions apply for contracts concluded between the customer and the Hildesheimer Marketing Gesellschaft mbH, represented by tourist-information Hildesheim (TI), as agents for travel services such as accommodation and city tours. 1 Conclusion of contract (1) The booker/user (customer) sends a binding order for the conclusion of an agency contract to us for the desired services (events) using electronic booking/commissioning via the NetHotels information and reservation system. At the same time, this entails the binding order of the customer to the contract partner of the contract arranged by us (organiser) for the conclusion of the agency contract; insofar we are authorised by the organiser to accept declarations and conclude contracts on his behalf. (2) If the order is not sent electronically via the NetHotel portal, this constitutes a non-binding inquiry. The customers order is then made on the basis of documents sent to him by us. (3) Concluding a contract does not require any specific form. The declarations can be made in written, verbally, by Tel., by fax, by email or using any other electronic means. For orders that are submitted to us electronically, we will acknowledge the receipt of the order immediately; this acknowledgement, however, does not constitute a confirmation of the agency contract. (4) The agency contract is not officially concluded until we issue our confirmation. (5) There is no travel contract in the sense of the Travel Contract Act between the customer and us. We act only as the agent to close the contract between the customer and the organiser. The mutual rights and obligations of the contract concluded apply exclusively to the customer and the organiser. The agency contract concluded with the booking applies to that booking only. As a result, it is not possible to combine different travel services. An independent, separate agency contract must be concluded in each case. The agency contracts concluded are also separate from one another. The rights and obligations ensuing remain unaffected by one another. 2 registration liability If the customer registers other persons other than him/herself for the event, he/she is responsible for the contractual obligations of all the persons registered insofar as he/she has made a separate declaration as such at the time of registration. 3 Contractual obligations of the agency agreement (1) Our contractual obligations depend on the contract concluded with the customer as an agency contract taking into account these General Terms and Conditions and consist of carrying out the actions necessary to perform the agency contract, the corresponding advising and the provision of the necessary travel documents, insofar as these are not provided by the organiser directly to the customer. (2) Insofar as we provide the customers with advice, we are liable only within the scope of the law and the contractual agreements between the customer and us for the correct selection of the information source and the correct communication to the customer. The same applies for the provision of information. An information contract above and beyond this with a contractual primary obligation for provision of information comes about exclusively as a result of an express agreement between the customer and us. 4 Supplementary provisions for the provision of accommodation (1) General terms and conditions 1. The price charged for the travel arrangements is to be paid directly to the organiser. 2. The mutual rights and obligations of the contract concluded between the customer and the organiser also apply here only according to the agency contract provided by us. The General Terms and Conditions of the organiser apply insofar as these have been included in the contract. 3. The other provisions included in this section apply only for the provision of rooms of the commercial and private organisers that are connected to our booking system and for the accommodation that is booked using this system. The organisers listed on the NetHotel portal are all connected to the booking system. We act as agents for the accommodation of these organisers only. These supplementary provisions do not apply to any other agency activities. 4. The General Terms and Conditions of the organiser apply insofar as effective in the contract and the following supplementary provisions only in addition. (2) Arrival time, no-show 1. The organiser concerned is only obliged to hold the reservation for the accommodation booked until 6 pm on the day of arrival, insofar as no other arrival time has been arranged between the customer and the organiser. In the event of a no-show, the organiser is entitled to give the accommodation booked to a third party; in this case, the customer loses his/her claim to the accommodation. This does not apply if the customer has indicated a later arrival at the time the order was placed or if the order is placed on the same day as the day of arrival. 2. If the accommodation booked is not assumed by a third party, the organiser is entitled to claim a flat rate of up to 80% of the arranged travel price. The flat rate depends on the type of accommodation booked and the additional services requested. 3. The flat rate charged depends on the claim of the organiser towards the guest with the deduction of his regularly saved expenses. The customer is entitled in any case to bring evidence to reduce this claim. (3) Withdrawal (cancellation), rebooking 1. The customer can withdraw from the contract (cancellation) with the organiser at any time. 2. The cancellation is free of charge for the customer up to 30 day before the beginning of the trip. After that, the organiser is entitled to calculate the charges for the no-show. 3. Requests for rebooking or cancellations can be forwarded to us in writing. If it is possible for us to accommodate the wishes of the customer, he/she will receive a separate confirmation. Otherwise, the customer will be informed that the request was rejected. For rebooking or cancellation, we will charge a fee of 5.00 for each contract arranged and affected by the rebooking. 4. Insofar as the original contract has to be cancelled partially or in full by a rebooking, the organiser is entitled to charge the damages flat rate for cancellation or no-show. This will be charged in addition to the rebooking fee. 5 Supplementary provisions for the provision of events that are provided in the form of guided tours


General Agency Terms and Conditions | HOLIDAY MAGAZINE HILDESHEIM 2012

(1) Guided tours depend on a minimum number of participants. We take this into consideration in our role as agents. Here, we act merely as the agent for the contract to be concluded between the tour guide as the organiser and the customer for the tour in question. This contract can only be concluded when the minimum number of participants has been reached. Hereinafter, these will be referred to as closed guided tours. (2) Excepted from this are the regular city tours offered by Hildesheimer Stadtfhrer-Gilde e.V., which are mentioned separately in the agency agreement or in the description of the services provided. In this case, we are also only the agents. The contract for the guided tour concerned is then completed between the customer and the Gilde, which has its members conduct these guided tours. Hereinafter, these will be referred to as open tours. (3) Non-attendance, withdrawal (cancellation) 1. The customer can withdraw from (cancel) tours with the tour guide or us at any time. Closed tours can only be cancelled up to one day before the beginning of the event free of charge. Thereafter or if the customer is a no-show, the customer is obliged to pay the price of the guided tour in full. Any fees paid to us in advance (e.g. admission fees) or for fees paid to us for the organiser will be reimbursed to the customer if said services were cancelled in time. 2. The fee to be paid to the tour guide for these services becomes due with the conclusion of the agency contract. Any admission fees unless otherwise expressly arranged as an exception are to be paid by the customer on location and are not included in the event price. 3. We are authorized to accept fees arranged with the customer from the customer in the name of and for the account of the tour guides we represent or the Gilde. The customer receives a written receipt as proof of payment to the tour guide. The tour guide is entitled to provide services only upon production of the receipt by the customer. 4. The tour guide engaged is not obliged to conduct the guided tour, even for closed guided tours, personally. He/she is at liberty to designate a substitute, even without prior notice. All the tour guides used by our agency have to fulfil our quality requirements. The tour guide is obliged to designate only the persons accepted by our agency as a substitute. 6 Complaints (1) Any complaints or other claims resulting from the contracts for which we acted as agents are to be made directly to the contract partner of the agency contract. A notice made to us will not suffice to honour any deadlines, nor are we authorized to accept such notices for the organiser nor are we obliged to forward such documents to the organiser. On the basis of the agency contract closed with the customer, we are only obliged to supply the customer with all the information and documents that are important to him/her to assert the claim or complaint. (2) We are also not obliged to advise the customer on his/her claims against the organiser or to notify him/her of any deadlines that have to be observed. 7 Liability, limitation of liability (1) We are not liable for any claims that result from the agency contracts we provide. This also applies to the any deficiencies in

the services provided and any injury or property damages that the customer has occurred in connection with the event provided, insofar as we have not expressly declared our liability. (2) This does not affect a liability resulting from the agency contract concluded between the customer and us. For damages due to slight negligence by us or one of our legal representatives or vicarious agents, these damages will be limited to foreseeable damages typical for contracts and three times the sum of the event price. For damages that are not the result of the violation of major contract obligations, the liability is limited to intent and gross negligence. Liability resulting from the agency contract for personal injury remains unaffected. 8 Statute of limitations / deadlines (1) Any customer claims resultant from the agency contract concluded with us are to be indicated within one month (deadline). The deadline begins with the customers knowledge of the reason for such a claim, but at the earliest with the end of the agency contract term of the agency contract. (2) This does not apply if the customer is not at fault for missing the deadline. (3) Any such claims made against the organiser do not serve to keep the deadline. (4) All customer claims against us fall under the statute of limitations of one year (shortened statutory limitation). Exceptions to this are claims in tort. 9 Data privacy The data communicated to us by the customer will be collected, stored and processed electronically, for the automated process as well. We are entitled to use this data within the scope of our agency contract and to forward it to the operator insofar as this is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the contract. 10 Place of performance, applicable law, legal venue (1) German law applies exclusively to all legal relations between the customer and us. (2) For all disputes resultant from the legal relations between the customer and us, insofar as the customer is a business person, a legal person according to private or public law or persons who have their place of residence or usual place of residence abroad or whose place of residence or usual place of residence is unknown at the time of the commencement of a suit, Hildesheim is the exclusive legal venue or, if applicable, the court responsible for the city of Hildesheim. In other cases, the legal venue will be determined according to the legal regulations. 11 Severability Clause Should any individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid in full or in part, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Insofar as a provision has not become part of the contract or is invalid, the legal conditions apply.