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Objective Result oriented telecom professional with a solid track record in Integration, Commissioning and O and M of NGN and PSTN networks and Managed Services Solution design. Enthusiastic and committed team player with a strong technology focus and a passion to exceed expectations.


Over 6 years of experience in Telecommunication field Solution Architecting of Managed Services Solution for Telecom Network Operations Due Diligence of Telecom Network Operations for Transition and Process Improvements Knowledge of NGN, GSM, STP and PSTN Architecture, Operations and Maintenance System NetManager v5.1 and v6.2, Network Switching System Softswitch, Signaling Gateway, Media Gateway, MSC, HLR, AUC, VLR, STP, PSTN Commissioning, Integration, Fault Clearance and TAC1 support of Siemens NGN - SURPASS hiE 9200 Siemens STP - SURPASS hiS 700 SGW Siemens NGN Media Gateway - SURPASS hiG 1100/1200 MGW Siemens PSTN - EWSD Classic CCNC/CP113C and Powernode SSNC/CP113E Siemens GSM - R99 D900/1800 CS Core. STP Network Implementation using Cisco ITP 7609 Hardware and Software Upgrade of EWSD Classic to EWSD Powernode V13 to V16 Operation and Maintenance of Local and Transit Class-4 and Class-5 Exchanges SS7 experience for CAMEL, MAP and ISUP signaling, experience with SS7 protocol analyzers Strong conceptual knowledge of Local Number Portability LNP and Ring Back Tones CRBT Fault Management, Configuration Management, Performance Management and Charging and Routing Database Administration experience in Traffic Analysis, Traffic Planning and Routing for the Optimization of the Network and KPI Management Knowledge of Windows, UNIX, Oracle Employment February, 2009 - Present Solution Architect : Lead and participate in Telecom Network and Value added services projects for service provider clients. Understand Business requirements and build response to meet customer requirements with value proposition. Acquire knowledge of services launched over an IP and GSM/3G network. Thought leadership in network and VAS architecture, COE, Managed Services. Create domain capability in Wipro to deliver complex network consultancy and architecture projects. Enable bid win for telecom network business and manage delivery. Solution Drafting - Solution Description, Solution Summary, Services Summary. Complete Bid Preparation - Requirement Stripping, Complete Offer Preparation, RFP/RFI Response Preparation.

September, 2007 - January, 2009 Specialist : Implement, configure, support and maintain all OMCR and the associated network elements of the Motorola KDDI, Japan Network. Perform Version-upgrade of OMCR, SDU, VPU, Catalysts and Multi Layered switches in the CDMA Network. Strong engagement with the Japan based network engineering team. Create and maintain process and technical documentation for all relevant procedures. 2. Nokia Siemens Networks Formerly SPCNL Permanent Rolls

June, 2006 - September, 2007 Executive : Responsibilities Part of a Services team based out of Bangalore for Southern Region to Commission, Integrate and provide TAC-1 level support for SURPASS hiE 9200, SURPASS hiS 700 EWSD-Classic and Power Node, SURPASS hiG 1200 and MSC Siemens R99 D900/1800 CS CORE.

Commissioning and Integration of Siemens Softswitch - SURPASS with Media Gateways. Commissioning and Integration of New EWSD Node and Periphery. Expansion and Upgrade EWSD Classic to EWSD Power Node, V13/V16, CCNC/SSNC, CP113C/CP113E, SNB/SND, MBB/MBD, Mass upgrades/patches/Odagen Expansion and Disaster recovery of Node and Periphery in Live networks. Acceptance Test for Hardware, Database, Network Integration, POI, Features, etc. SS7 signaling MAP, ISUP, SCCP, INAP etc analysis to fix the problems in calls. Working with Core Network Nodes MSC/GMSC/STP/HLR/SCP/MSS/Mgw Configuration of Lawful Interception, Network Traffic recording for Call Completion Ratio, Answer to Seizure Ratio, Grade of Service etc and improve CCR. Configuration of NetManager NetM for Network Management and Element Management. Provide solutions to clients by studying and planning of intra and inter exchange traffic volume and insertion of necessary changes in the working trunks and routes. Providing methods to improve the Network performance and Network Utilization for the existing network and new network roll out. Providing support for complex SS7 signalling related issues in the network. Provide support for Routing and Charging Table administration. Installation of Media gateways for the Next Generation Network roll-out for Hutch-NLD network. Clients Handled during Project and On-call Basis Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd BSNL Bharti Airtel Ltd BTNL-ABTS and BTSOL-NLD Hutchison Essar Ltd HUTCH-NLD Switch Installation, Commissioning and Upgrades EWSD Classic to EWSD Power Node, SURPASS hiE 9200, SURPASS hiS 700 SURPASS hiG 1200. Installation and Commissioning of Media gateways SURPASS hiG 1200 for the Next Generation Network roll-out for Hutch-NLD network. NGN Roll-Out Hutch NLD Network The Hutch Network consisted of 2 Soft Switches SURPASS hiE 9200 located at Mumbai and Delhi and 23 Media Gateways SURPASS hiG 1200 located all across India. The MPLS backbone had 8 Tier-1 Locations on M40e on redundant model having VRRP as routing protocol and 15 edge Locations on M10i redundant model mapped onto VLAN s, residing over SDH. Both the Soft switches work in Geo-Redundant mode and handle the traffic from all the Media Gateways in case of any of Switch failure. The NMS was co-located with Soft Switch. The function of Core locations was to provide high bandwidth connectivity from lower Tier locations and connectivity between them. The objective of the Edge sites was to aggregate the traffic coming from the access location and uplink it to the core locations. This dual architecture provides redundancy at - Hardware Level Layer 3/ MPLS level MPLS-FRR Responsibility Conduct Site Survey, prepare Site Plan and get Site RFI. Install and Commission SURPASS hiG 1200 at Core and Edge locations of South India. Acceptance Test of the Commissioned Equipment and handover to customer. 3. Bharti Airtel Ltd Initially Associate Rolls then Permanent Rolls

May, 2003 - May, 2006 Officer : Responsibilities O and M of Siemens EWSD switches 4 MSU s, 100+ DLC s. Core and Access Network Planning and Optimization for New and Expansion hardware of the Network Node and periphery. SCP and STP configuration for Prepaid Calling Card, Local Number Portability LNP, Color Ring Back Tones RBT. Trunk Utilization Report Generation and planning and optimization of Point of Interconnect trunks for smooth flow of traffic and optimized charging. Charging Database, Routing Database and Directory Number administration. Analysis and Monitoring of Traffic using HTR Hard to Reach Destination, proper routing and distribution of Traffic using features like Leaky Bucket, Carrier Quota, Trunk Reservation, Crank-Back, Mass Calling Control, Call Gapping and Priority Routing. Call Observation Management for Lawful Interception. Analysis of call failure reasons and improving CCR. Configuration of SSP with the STP and SCP for Advanced Intelligent Network Services. Signal Trace Digit Analysis, Call Setup and Protocol analysis using K1205 Protocol Analyzer. Execution of Regular Backup Procedures and Emergency Recovery Procedures.


BE E and C with First Class from Visveshwariah Technological University in 2003 .

Training EWSD Operation and Maintenance , Classic and Power Node - Duration : 45 Days SURPASS Solutions and Product Information - Duration : 04 Days SURPASS NGN - Softswitch Operation and Maintenance - Duration : 02 Days NetManager V6.2 Operation and Administration - Duration : 04 Days

Miscellaneous 1. Wipro Technologies Permanent Rolls Creation of SS7 database and Interconnectivity testing with other basic and cellular Operators. Subscriber, PBX and Centrex Data Administration. X. 25 Link Administration for Remote file transfers. LNP Local Number Portability Testing and Implementation Bharti Airtel Ltd The proposed LNP system used Query on Release to route calls to ported DNs. This implementation of LNP was based on QOR as it would permit better load distribution between MSUs of a cluster serving same SDCA, also migration of subscribers from 1 MSU to the other. Further LNP based on QOR minimizes transiting of calls through Donor MSU. A 4 digit LRN was proposed for all MSUs where LNP was implemented, the LRN was returned as a result of the LNP query and was used for routing the call to the destination MSU. The LNP System comprised of LNP server, SSP, STP and NPAC. Responsibility Database Configuration of IN Trigger and SCCP Database at the MSU. Database Configuration for Inter - MSU Number Portability, LNP Method Activation QOR. LNP Database creation Entry in LNP Server, LNP Trigger Profile Creation and LNP Trigger Code Profile Creation. Subscriber Cancellation for Number portability and Database configuration in MSU. Make Test calls to the Ported Directory Number. CRBT Implementation Bharti Airtel Ltd The CRBT Implementation consisted of : Centralized SCP-RBT Server and Database server for Content Repository Distributed Switch locations - IVR Server and IP Tone player The following databases were used for CRBT implementation SCP Connection MTP towards SCP and INAP towards SCP Tone Player Tone Player Connection and ISUP towards Tone Player Internal Loop Database LAC from Unique to Multiple and Creation of Virtual PBX Lines Responsibility Patch Incorporation in EWSD for Call Part Handling Feature. Database Configuration for MTP and SCCP Database at the MSU. Database configuration for CRBT commands for SCCP key enabling and PBX creation. SS7 link creation for CRBT and IVRS. Physical E1 configuration at MSU towards CRBT Server. Subscriber database configuration for CRBT testing. Date of Birth : 03.03.1982 Strengths : Leading Team. Sincerity and Hard Work. Willingness to learn. Confident, Optimistic and Punctual. Flexible to work as a team member.