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Suite of

Personalized Mortgage Plan

your goals +
Integrate your largest financial instrument with
your goals

RateWatch Report Mortgage

our planning = P l a n n i n g
Maintain complete control over how your loan is

total strategy S e r v i c e s
Annual Equity Review
Achieve optimal equity through an in-depth review

Do you realize that your mortgage has a performance The Annual Equity Review service, t akes an in-depth look
record? It is either contributing to or detracting from at your complete equity and debt positions, providing you
your goals. It is either accelerating or reducing the speed with the information you need to make informed, mature,
at which you will reach your financial t argets. So why is and timely decisions that will optimize your equity for
it that most people simply view their home loan as if it short- and long-term planning.
were a financial obligation rather than a financial
instrument? One of the reasons is that the mortgage
industry has lacked the proper tools and training to give
you the information you need. That is, until now.
To better serve my clients, I have invested in training,
propriet ary tools and technology to deliver a unique set
Mortgage Plan
of services. The Personalized Mortgage Plan, the
RateWatch, and the Annual Equity Review will
empower you as my client to integrate your mortgage RateWatch
into your financial plan. As a result, you can be
confident that your mortgage doesn’t inhibit the pace at Report
which you can reach your goals.
Services provided by:
The Personalized Mortgage Plan enables you to make Ken Caiani
the best financing choice by assessing every component Annual Equity
of each loan option over a period of time. By Review
underst anding the tot al cost and tot al benefits, you will
have full knowledge to make the best decision.

The RateWatch Review offers you the opportunity to

monitor the performance of your mortgage on an
ongoing basis. You will have the information you need By choosing to use me as your Owner, you will benefit Inform Mortgage
to determine if the changes in your life or in market from each of these core services as well as my team’s p 303-830-1151
conditions warrant fine tuning of your mortgage exceptional level of execution. f 303-539-9879
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Personalized Mortgage Plan RateWatch Report Annual Equity Review
Integrate your largest Maintain complete Achieve optimal
financial instrument control over how your equity through an
with your goals loan is performing in-depth review
Your Personalized As your Mortgage It has been said that
Mortgage Plan can Planner, I believe that the only thing that is
have a powerful my work really begins const ant is change.
impact on your overall with the closing of your The Annual Equity
financial picture. loan. The RateWatch Review t akes an in-
Consumers who secure the services of a mortgage Report is a service designed to help you maint ain depth look at the various aspects of your mortgage’s
planning professional are uniquely empowered to continual control over the performance of your performance, allowing you to determine if your loan
make solid decisions. By using the Personalized mortgage. I will be proactively providing you with is continuing to contribute to the acceleration of your
Mortgage Plan, you will underst and the tot al cost information and analysis to review how your loan financial goals. If the changes in your life warrant
and the tot al benefit of every option available. compares to current options. You will enjoy const ant changes in your financing, you’ll be able to make
Whether it is optimizing equity or debt, aligning the control over having the financial dat a you need to that decision. Just as we go to the doctor for regular
determine if the changes in your life or in market checkups for our bodies, the Annual Equity Review
mortgage with your financial goals, adjusting for life
conditions warrant the fine tuning of your mortgage will empower you to optimize your equity by helping
events, or preserving cash flow, a mortgage plan
instrument. you to assess your mortgage’s “health” each year.
clarifies the decision-making process.
The Total Cost Analysis The RateWatch Analysis The Equity Repositioning Analysis

The Total Cost Analysis performs the The RateWatch Analysis captures the current The Equity Repositioning Analysis illustrates
industry’s most powerful side-by-side analysis of status of a loan’s performance (rate, payment, the value and power of restructuring debt and
a loan’s performance over time. More remaining balance) and presents it in the equity. This unique analysis helps you to calculate
importantly, it highlights two specific areas of meaningful context of today’s market conditions. the totality of your current debt structure and
the total loan cost and benefit. First, it measures If your goal is to pay off your mortgage as quickly assess how certain adjustments might support
the true financial impact for the homeowner if as possible, you can quickly determine the your financial goals. Whether it is increased
he or she were to invest the savings of a given savings achieved by doing so in varying amounts. savings, maximized investment return, or early
In addition, if you need to focus on maximizing retirement of your mortgage debt, specific
loan into an asset accumulation account.
your cash flow, that information is also at your numbers are available for your consideration.
Second, it demonstrates the power and benefits
fingertips. Because the information provided in Optimizing equity can be one of the most
of repaying the debt early. Because the
The RateWatch Analysis is timely and powerful controls for you as the homeowner. The
information provided in this unique report is Equity Repositioning Analysis will give you the
complete, you will appreciate the confidence of meaningful, you will experience a level of control
over your mortgage unique to most consumers. data you need to optimize your equity and
knowing your best interests are being served. properly manage your debt.

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