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L400 Parts Listing

Filters: Fuel filter FC1001 FF5160 Valvoline VF30 Z262/Z304 (RYCO) ($35) Mits MB220900 Donaldson P550390 Mitsubishi Diamond Spectrum M*DS000298 Oil Filter Donaldson P502008 Ryco WZ372 / Z372 ($35) Purolater L45262 ($17) Nippon Max MO-513 Mitsubishi Diamond Spectrum M*DS215002 ($28). ME215002 ME088532 ME013343 Fleetguard LF3830 Valvoline V055 Air Filter Uni-filter ULT290S Finer filter 333004 / FLT 290S A1312 MR204842 K&N E-2877 Oils/Fluids: Engine: 8 litres, 15W/40 - Caltex CXJ recommended Auto transmission fluid (ATF): 4 litres, Dexron 111 Transfer case: 2 litres, 75W80 Sump Plug MD951858 Air-con System: Compressor MB946629 Model MSC130CV Part No. AKC201A601 Air-con Compressor without the clutch assembly. MR206800 Clutch AKC272C606 Receiver-Dryer RD7037 Belts: Harmonic Balancer, Alternator to Waterpump 2 x MH014051 2 x Bosch 11A0980

Harmonic Balancer to Airconditioner Belt Series 1 1 x MR360148 1 x Bosch 13A0940 Series 2 Bosch part# is 4PK930 or in a pinch 4PK925 will fit although slightly smaller ENGINE Glow Plugs ME 201638/ ME 200970 HKT No. CP-05 Series 2 Glow Plugs. MMC part number ME203754 Glow Plug Control Relay MD337888 Glow Plug Connecting Plate / Bus Bar ME202443 Radiator MR126103 Radiator Hoses Top MB957100 Bottom MB126111 (VT V6 Commodore also fits) After Market Australian made By McKays available from Auto-Pro Top Hose CH 3096 Approx. $16-17 (made for and Labeled for the Triton 2.8DT.) Plastic expansion tank / Header Tank MB924891 Turbo Mitsu P/N ME201677 3rd party suppliers TF035 49135-03101 (stamped in the turbo housing) Alternator ME200695 A3T09199 VMN 10901101 New-Era 45-77571 MXA258 My Auto Electrician was unable to get me a MXA258 as listed in this thread at short notice. Although the supplier said they had one in Perth they didnt. He found a Hyundai unit that bolts in with just one simple mod. All that is needed is the bush in the mount leg needs removing and the other leg needs the hole drilled out to match the original mounting bolt. That done and it slips straight in and works a treat. Modification and instalation no more than 10 minutes. The Althernator is a BAXTERS A-1432Cost $290.00 aust

Regulator (Alternator) A866X27572 Rectifier (Alternator) A866X47070 Ingram 821315 Gasket O/Drain Plug MD050317 Muffler Exh Rear Section Inc Box MB957431 Small Egr Base Gasket (Exhaust Side) MR161679 12 X 40 Bolts Exhaust Fitting MF241313 Rocker Cover Rocker gasket ME200403 cover seals two of ME011282 camshaft ends two of ...ME200269...ME200270 Head Bolt Washer (4M40 Head) MD020233 FUEL PUMP (Check To Confirm Individual Types) ME201998 (for example 104741-3420) Injectors 105007-1350 (based on Fuel Pump #104741-3420) Harmonic Balance Pulley 4M40T ME 202492 GENERAL Front Shockers KYB554103 / KE08 MR112096 MR353425 (ECS Fitted) Bilstein F4-B46-2109-H0 Trackright Gas shocks 9151 Rear Shockers KYB553211 / KE16 MR1152385 MR267538 (ECS Fitted) Bilstein F4-B46-2111-H0 Bump Stop MB430156 Front Brake Pads NS177H FF Bendix DB1223/4WD ($59 at Super Cheap) Mitsubishi MR389546

Piston Front Wheel (2 Per Side) MB857837 Caliper Kits / Seals PBR kit no. K2910S (Front) MB857840 Front Disc Wheel Holder MB624908 Front Wheel Bearings INNER E32010JA1 Bearing Industries 02 9681 2100 $30 OUTER LM102949/10 CBC. $20 or Outer LM102949 $21.60 in Townsville at Associated Bearings 07 47793866. Inner NP 626468 $34.50 Rear Brake Pads Bendix DB1231/4WD Rear Coil Springs Pedders coil spring 7475 (L&R) Rear swaybar/ torsionbar Bushes MB338595 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushes MR267684 Front Lower Sus. Bushes MR112710 and MR112711 Front Stabilizer Bar Links MR267874 (City Mitsubishi Bris. Normal Price $136.65. Club members $106.25 per side thanks to Jasper) Control Arm Ball Joints Upper (L/R) MR241623 Upper (L/R) BJ275 Lower (L) MR162697 Lower (R) MR162678 Gearbox extension housing Oilseal MB 919210 Steering Rack Boots Repco RRB082 MR151976 Inner CV boots Mitsu part# DS000230 Kelpro part# CIB-503 ($25 from Repco/Supercheap etc). Tie rod ends Pedders TE 715R

Rack ends MR151971 / MR151970 Koyo Seiko 4909138 64.M032 Window Hasp Nut (aka Rear Window Nut) MB882036 ($11.60 each.) MB683097 6x10mm and were $2.23!! each. (or you can probably get these at a hardware shop much cheaper) Fixed Glass in Sliding Door MR764192 Front Seat Belts Klippan, SOB1010 Mitsubishi DIN pocket (dash) MB877180 Blanking plate for where cupholders go MR720531 Bulb For Compass MR175492 Bulb Instrument Panel (Warning Lights) MR167724 MR167725 (shorter bulb for L,2,D,N,R,P) Bulb Dash Illumination MR167722 Card Holder (fits in dashboard blanks) MR590037 Coin Holder (fits in dashboard blanks) MB562250 Light Lens For Sliding Door Footwell Lamp MB877848 Centre Console (Instrument panel surround) MR720570 Sliding Door Handle (Green) MR727040 Glass Tailgate MR764125 N/S Mirror To Door Trim (Vertical) MB952637 Cup Holder (Front) MR720572 Hazard Light Switch MR149203

"D" Light Bulb MR167725 Original Keyfob Transmitter Case MR502584 MR502590 Original Keyfob For Alarm MB942997 Centre Console Htr Radio Control MR727105 Gauge Water Temp (Dash Panel) MD727105 Handbrake Cover MR129007 Instrument Nut (Captive Nut) MB326019 650 Wiper Assembly MR192015 Headlight Washer Pump MR416912 Air Lockers ARB RD 46 Water Pump GMB Part No. W3115 'O' ring BS-157