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Le Hoang Hai Yen

Address: Telephone No.: Mobile No.: Email: 63/4 Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy Dist, Can Tho City +84 7103 886 319 +84 933 744 980 lehoanghaiyen1990@gmail.com

- I seek to accumulate, improve and enhance knowledge and skills to pursue my long-term career targets - Working in a professional environment where the faculty and devotion are preferentially appreciated - Being a successful person

Bachelor of Library and Information Management (2008 2011) Can Tho University Can Tho City, Vietnam GPA: 3.5/4.00 High School Diploma (2005 2008) Ly Tu Trong Elite High School Can Tho City, Vietnam

IELTS 5.5 5 national certificates in English and Computer (included level A, B, C in English and A, B in computer) Other certificates

Planned, organized, monitored, selected and evaluated for some performance shows (Music and fashion show) (2010) Worked as a Promotion Girl (Yamaha, Lipton Tea) Used to write some articles for Khan Quang Do, Nhi Dong and 2! Magazine in the past. Took part in a workshop about "Writing the proposal" of Ms. Kathleen Weibel (U.S) in Learning Resources Center (Can Tho University) in December, 2011. I had experience in writing a proposal when I learned "Human resource management" subject. Private high school tutor: I have widened and consolidated my knowledge in Mathematics, English, maintained the basic subjects that support efficiently for me. Helped the tutees achieve good results. Being a member of school orchestra.


Good English skills (reading, speaking and writing) A little bit French (studied in high school)
Soft skills High capability of working under pressure Good skills in negotiation to achieve specific purposes. Critically, creatively and logically thinking and conceptualizing issues. Good ability to present and express ideas thoroughly, clearly and comfortably in front of people. Flexibility to adapt successfully to changing environment. Good planning, organizing and management skills developed from taking leadership positions in assignment groups and student clubs events. Working effectively and efficiently in groups: adequately solving team problems (especially social loafing), motivating and directing team-members. Always taking the initiative, seeking and seizing opportunities. Excellent investigating, analyzing and problem solving skills. Professional skills Professional computing skills: excellent use of softwares such as MS-Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, etc. And effective utilization of Internet tools for work purposes. Have basic knowledge and skill about Web designer. Proficient application of statistical tools to classify, organize, analyze and interpret numerical data in a timely, reasonable, effective and relevant manner for strategic decision making. High level of knowledge and practical skills in Information Management and Project Management, developed through relevant courses at Can Tho University

Extra-curricular activities
Member of Skill Club (Library and Information Management Department Can Tho University) Directly aided and consulted the clubs Board of Management in planning, setting strategies, scheduling and organizing activities. Effectively participated in many shows of the club. As an Event Leader, planned, organized, monitored and evaluated the shows, which aimed to provide skills for club members and elect competing candidates suitable for the establishment of a new club steering committee . Member of Can Tho Student Union (Can Tho University) Participated and volunteered in charity activities and Green Summer Campaing

Being on top of Library and Information Management Class (2008 2011) Being leader of Library and Information Management Class (2008 2011) Certificate of Merit awarded by Can Tho University for The best student per class (2010) Certificate from the Student Assistance Department (Can Tho University) for contributions to the school activities and workshop (2010, 2011).

Certificate of Student Union (Can Tho University) for volunteering in Green Summer Campaing (2009). Certificate of Merit awarded by School of Social Science and Humanities for being an active member of the Performance Team (2011). Certificate of Merit for being excellent member of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (2011). Received Scholarship of Switzerland Viet Nam Culture Association (2009, 2010).